Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Look Like Jackie O and Stop the Show

You can’t keep fashion out of politics no matter how hard you try.
With the presidential election already over and done with, many women were fascinated by what the first ladies were wearing. This made me remember Jackie Kennedy and what an amazing fashion icon she was and still is.
Jackie Kennedy is known as the most stylish first lady in history. She is a political, social and cultural force. She has been copied and looked up to by women all over the world. She was born July 28th, 1929 in the high society of Southampton’s in New York. She grew up riding horses, and became a champion rider. She attended the top schools, living the preppy high-class lifestyle, and was a debutante. Whenever she was feeling down she would go shopping. This all influenced her sense of style over the years. Jackie is also most known for her marriage to John F. Kennedy. After the assassination of the president of the United States, she re-married to Aristotle Onassis, a Greek shipping tycoon in 1968, but the world was still fascinated with her. Jackie became a role model and trendsetter. Designer Oleg Cassini created her wardrobe for the inauguration in 1961. She told him she wanted him to dress her as if “Jack were president of France”.
The Jackie “O” style is very ladylike and appealing to women. Jackie's trademarks were the boxy jackets and pillbox hats, the three-quarter-length sleeves, the lace mantillas, the over blouse dresses and the sleeveless a-lines. Some of Jackie’s classic looks were the very popular big oversized glasses, suits in pastel colours such as pink and coral. She wore many dresses with bold colours, short jackets, and sashes, bows and ribbons were some of her signature looks. A very sophisticated look was what she was always after.

According to a book by Shelly Brand, and Sue Callaway “What would Jackie Do?” She loved wearing Chanel jackets double-faced cashmere and silk satin, A-line skirts, brooches, boat and V-neck, and some furs. She loved wearing jeans from the Gap. She loved shopping at Carolina Herrera’s stores, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Lilly Pulitzer, Givenchy, Lactose, Pucci, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Ave.
Even with so many years gone by, she still influences people around the world with her alluring, decorous style-setting.

5 Easy Steps
1. Choose clothing that compliments your body. Jackie always looked very well put together.
2. Don’t go overboard with designer labels. Jackie liked to pair a Chanel jacket with a pair of simple blue jeans.
3. Be able to match a dress and a jacket. Jackie was very good at doing this.
4. Try to mix casual and classic looks. Dress up a casual outfit with stylish shoes.
5. Accessories! Jackie loved wearing pearls, sunglasses and brooches.

Bonjour Paris! (Or maybe Bonsoir)

Ever planned to go visit the City of Light? Here are three of the best kept secrets to shine in the French Capital, selected by a real “Parisien”

Le Montclair Montmartre - 62 rue Ramey 75008 (Montmartre area)

First things first, if you want to plan a trip to Paris, you will have to find a place to stay. This city is obviously filled with five star hotels that you can find at every corner of every touristic place, but if you are a student, you will probably want a good and cheap hostel! Well, Le Montclair Montmartre might be the perfect fit for you. Located in the famous Montmartre area and its Sacré Coeur Basilica where the 2001 French movie Amélie was shot, the really helpful staff will welcome you in a typical French building decorated with one of kind designs on the inside. A night goes from $40 to $50 and there are a lot of Boulangeries (French bakeries) around the hotel to eat in the morning for cheap. 

Colette - 213 rue St Honoré 75001 -

At a few steps from the Louvre museum, in the historical Saint Honoré street, you will find the world’s most exquisite concept store: Colette, which has been the host of important events such as the launch of Kate Moss’ line for Top Shop, UK. When you walk into the doors at number 213, you don’t really know if you are in an accessory store, a gallery, a high-end boutique or a restaurant; In fact, you are in all those places at the same time! The main floor is dedicated to accessories, gifts, records, limited series of gadgets (I saw a diamond incrusted iPhone last time I went there!) etc…. The first floor is the clothing part of the boutique, with designer lines such as Fendi, Christian Dior but also street brands like Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club or limited Adidas and Nike shoes. If you still feel a shopping hunger after this, you can still go to the restaurant and “water bar” downstairs and buy a bottle of Colette’s own water!

L’Urgence Bar - 45 rue Mr Le Prince 75006 -

You don’t feel like you had enough of the Paris lifestyle and want a unique experience? You should definitely start the night in L’Urgence Bar (translate “emergency bar”) where you will appreciate great cocktails in … baby bottles and test tubes! Indeed , this bar is located in the medical Universities district and is a place known for its crowd of student doctors and nurses. Feel like a surgeon with cocktail names such as massage, mouth to mouth, cough syrup or implant!

Social Club - 142 rue de Montmartre 75002 -

 “Les nuits de Paris” (Paris nightlife) is really animated, from Sundays to Saturdays. But if you want to see the hypest parties in one of the actual best clubs in Paris, you should head to the Social Club in the Grands Boulevards area. The best French and international artists and Djs have already played there (Justice, Pharrell, Crystal Castles, MSTRKFT, Steve Aoki, Switch to name a few) since the club opened last January! 80’s and futuristic visuals, amazing sound system, you won’t be disappointed by this “party temple” opened every night. 

I bet after this you will want to wake up in the city that doesn’t sleep … PARIS PARIS!

$$ 3 Dollar Cocktails Every Friday Night!!!

From the 1920s to 2008: Why Cocktail Dresses love your closet!

Have you ever wondered how that sexy, elegant, chic cocktail dress ended up in your closet? The word cocktail dress has been defined in Wikipedia as a woman's dress worn at cocktail parties, and semi-formal occasions, but where did this definition get its meaning? Back in the 1920s, the United States came up with a law stating that all alcohol consumption was considered illegal, and anyone who put alcohol up for sale, purchased, or brewed alcohol was considered an offender of the law.

By the end of the First World War the fashion industry went through a evolution that changed many styles for the stay-at-home woman. Before the 1920s, women were used to wearing full length embroidered dresses that covered them from neck to toe, and were forced to wear confined undergarments that moulded their bodies to the silhouette of their dresses. When the First World War was over, all of the soldiers came back to their wives and families. This was when the fashion industry started producing new and fresh styles that had never been introduced before. The colours of the clothes were brighter and more elaborate, creating more of a social environment for the newly reunited couples.

Since the government had passed a prohibited drinking law, many people held private parties where alcohol was available. Over the years, these parties where given a name: Cocktail Parties. These parties eventually became very popular in the mid 1920’s, which produced a need for special attire. This is when the fashion industry introduced the “Cocktail Dress”. This dress was designed to be dressier then the day-to-day wear, yet less formal then the evening dress. Hem lines began to rise, cleavage was reveled, and women started to show their curves.

Over the past few centuries, the cocktail dress has become a staple need for a women’s closet. Some of the hottest designers in the Fashion Industry use the cocktail dress silhouette for many of there designs. One of the more popular Cocktail dress designers in New York is Manjit Singh. He has been in the fashion industry since the early 1990s, when he moved to the United States from India. He opened his own company in 2001, and showed his first collection in 2002, under his label Assar NY. In his fall collection he uses many different silhouettes, including A-line, ball gown, empire, and sheath. Manjit is also known to use luxurious fabrics for his dresses with embroidery and great detail. He likes to work with fine silk fabrics and his colors and prints are chosen very carefully. He and many others in the fashion industry included fabulous cocktail dresses in there collection for fall 2008.

Another well known Cocktail dress designer is Marc Bouwer Glamit. He is known to use extraordinary fabrics where he creates his distinctive, form-fitting bathing suit gowns include uniquely modern combinations of sensuous jersey, silk crepe, lace, and velvet with detailed beading. This fall he was known for his sexy Magenta Chiffon Cocktail dress that was glamouring on the runway.

There has been a dramatic change in the fashion industry over the last 80 years when it comes to colours, sizes, silhouette, and styles, but there are a few styles that have made a great impression and influenced us to keep them in our closets. The cocktail dress has managed to build its way from a flashy party dress, to a staple need in every woman’s closet. I have also been able to transform into many different styles such as formal, punk, vintage, chic, and sexy. It is a design that will never become obsolete.

So what are you wearing this Friday night??


Art and Sole
A Guide to Aesthetic Shoe Storage

Ladies, we all know that our shoes are works of art. Those Metallic, T-Strap Pumps, those Peep-Toe d’Orsay Flats or even our customized Chuck Taylors have a special place in our hearts, and a most protected place in our closets. So why do we keep these masterpieces concealed from view? Why do we shelter these pedestals of our personalities? Shoeboxes and shoe racks have become a thing of the past! It’s time to flaunt and exhibit our shoe collections in a manner worthy of the Guggenheim.

A Shoe Well Travelled

A great alternative to the traditional shoebox is what are known as “Hotel Boxes.” These organizational tools hail from Denmark and are available in many colours and patterns. Rather than fully encasing and concealing shoes, these boxes are designed with open, front windows for easy access, and are spatially efficient because they can be stacked (up to ten feet high) and/or slotted into each other and suspended side by side. “Hotel Boxes” are modern, stylish and a statement piece in any room; why not out-shine them with the addition of your shoes?

Treading Upward

Swedish designer, Johanna Eliason has created the “Skorder Shoe Rack”; abstract towers of assorted cubicles, constructed to house and exhibit an extensive array of footwear. The structure comes fully assembled, and pre-positioned. Each gilded “cell” is equipped to hold a single pair of shoes and allows the owner to arrange their collection in a manner befitting their personal tastes and visual preferences. The owner’s shoes personalize the sleek, modern structure and become the focal point of a larger sculptural arrangement. This eye-catching edifice will not only contemporize your living area, but it will leave you wondering what to do with all of your new closet space.


You can stack them, you can rack them, so why not spin them? The Rakku Shoe Organizer allows owners to arrange their footwear in a compartmentalized wheel that can be spun around for easy access of items placed along any point of the circle. The structure is translucent (allowing owners to see their shoes); it stands vertically and can hold up to eighteen pairs of high heels. This playful and interactive storage solution makes rummaging through your closet, ancient history. Now, selecting a shoe has become a game of roulette. After all, isn’t fashion cyclical?

So ladies, it’s time to start looking for storage solutions that are as beautiful and as visually pleasing as the shoes they encompass. Art and fashion have become synonymous, so represent your footwear in style; the future of shoe-storage lies within an aesthetic wonderland.

5 Ways to be a Better You in 2009!

Are there things about you your friends can’t stand? Do you have a closet full of (“I have nothing to wear today!”)? Are you stressed about your future?

Well alleviate some of those question marks and usher in a new year with these five, fabulous, tips!

Make Friends Outside Your Circle!

Sure it’s fun to be a part of a posse or clique, as long as it’s not reminiscent of the movie Mean Girls.
But you may not be getting everything you need out of these friendships. If you are all like-minded and enjoy virtually all the same things, you have no one to introduce you to something completely new and different.
So next time you sit beside that girl with the really unique style, or the guy who is in a completely unrelated program then yours, strike up a conversation! If you two gel, invite him or her out with your ‘posse’.
Hey, you can never have too many friends!

Do Something You Really Don’t Want to do for Someone You Love!

When Lauren from The Hills was arguing with her roommate Audrina, she made the point that she cared about her friend enough-though they have completely different tastes in music-to still go to concerts with her and “awkwardly bob” her head at the “weird shows”.
So next time your friend invites you somewhere that you really have no interest in going to, go anyway and realize she/he would probably do the same for you!

Evaluate Where You’re At!

Taking some time for your self is important! Compile a list (either mental or tangible) of things you are pleased with about your life, things you would like to see improved, and where you would like to go in the future. Having this rough road map will help you understand yourself, your ambitions, and will prevent the feeling of utter panic and pressure the day you graduate.
Warning! Do not plan out your life to the last detail or put too many specifics into your plan, such as dates or years you will have something accomplished by. This is just setting yourself up for disappointment should you have a bump in the road to success and happiness.

Get Rid of Those Outdated Clothes You Don’t Wear!

Give your old clothes the ol’ heave-ho and take them to Goodwill! Or as a gesture of good will, give them to a friend who has always complimented your style.
If you went the Goodwill route: go to the store two weeks later and see what sold! You’ll feel great that you helped someone out and that your eye for fashion is still appealing to others, even in hand-me-downs. And if you just so happen to see the ‘sweater from heaven’ on your way home, go for it! You need to replenish your empty closet anyway, right?

Ask For Honesty!

Ask a friend to be brutally honest about something that annoys them about you. Make a commitment for a few weeks to do everything you can to alter that particular grievance of theirs.
You will grow closer to your friend because they will see you are trying to change for them.
Bonus: After your friend sees your efforts, it might make it easier to bring up the fact that he or she never remembers to change the toilet paper roll or mop the floors after a drunken spillage.

Baby It's Cold Outside...

How to keep warm without compromising style.

Growing up as a kid one winter; my mother made me wear this atrocious white lamb’s wool coat with brown corduroy sleeves that could make anyone look like a walking oversized cotton ball. A nurse at work and at home, she always felt that she could prevent the cold or flu by over wrapping me in layers or big, bulky coats. It was a hideous (but warm) jacket, though at the expense of being the laughing stock of the kids during recess. For an entire winter I was known as “Frosty the evil snow woman.”

We all know how brutal the winters here in Toronto can be. Trudging through the snow, braving one’s way through stinging blizzards, slipping and sliding our way through ice, we understand how important it is to protect ourselves from the harsh conditions our city is subjected to. However for those like myself with higher expectations in sartorial taste, how am I able to accomplish both staying protected against frostbite while looking stylish at the same time?

I’ve come a long way since my snow woman days, but it still is a challenge to walk outside on those really snowy days and be concerned about whether or not I’m wearing the right scarf with the right gloves. With that being said, the best way to get the most out being stylish in the winter would be in compromise and fine attention to the details. Here are some tips for keeping it cool this winter:

1. Invest in a good coat- Outerwear can be expensive, but worth the expense if it means protecting your health in the winter. Imagine walking down the street or waiting at the bus stop, your jacket will be the first thing people see and therefore your statement piece. Look for coats that give you shape in the shoulders, waist, and arms, but not too fitted that you will not be able to wear multiple layers underneath. Wool coats are a timeless classic; they can be worn formally or casually depending on the occasion. If you prefer a sportier look, down-filled jackets this season come in many interesting shapes that can give you that fashion edge.

Another great look is one of the rich white coat. A style secret of red carpet regulars, there's something regal and fresh about wearing this luminous shade during the dark and dreary days of winter. And as an added bonus, this polished and pretty piece of outerwear will help you stand out in a sea of black.

2. Play up accessories- With a solid winter coat, you can create a number of different looks by the variety of scarves, hats, and gloves you experiment with. Vibrant coloured, classic brown and black gloves are perfect for the upcoming holiday season to throughout the entire winter. Fur hats and wool and cashmere scarves are good insulators of heat, ensuring protection when you’re exposed in the cold.

3. Thermal Wear and Layering- The best part about thermal wear is that no one sees it! Since they’re thin and discreet, you will have no problem wear those fitted knits over a stylish pair dress pants. It certainly beats wearing that big bulky sweater or snow pants everywhere.


Is it an oxymoron? Or is it possible to shop for all of your favourite items, while still protecting the environment and not exploiting individuals? The answer is Yes! Here are three ethical businesses that are located here in Toronto and North America that set the standard in Conscious-Consumerism. 
Play Fair 
Voted “One of the World’s Most Ethical Companies” by Forbes Magazine, Ten Thousand Villages is a great place to shop and feel like you’re making a difference. Merchandise carried here is made from all over the world. All merchandise is Fair Trade, ensuring the artisan groups that make the products are treated fairly. This includes, fair wages, gender equality and proper working conditions, while creating employment opportunities for those who may not have the chance to gain proper employment. Fair Trade also practices an Eco-friendly way of production. Ten Thousand Villages stores carry items such as; jewelry, pottery, home décor, rugs, musical instruments, scarves, furniture, books, toys, games, coffee and chocolate. Each item in the store indicates what country it originates from. The helpful staff is always more than happy to explain further about each artisan group, from across the world. Ten Thousand Villages is a great place to shop, especially if you are looking for a unique gift. With the majority of staff mostly volunteers at each store, you’ll feel great shopping there. The company has four convenient locations throughout the city of Toronto, making it easy to shop Fair Trade! Want even more convenience? Shop online at 
Have a Heart 
Located on the corner of Nassau St. and Bellevue Ave, in Kensington Market, Heart On Your Sleeve is an “Eco-Ethical” place to shop. This cozy boutique houses all Canadian designers and all products are independently made here in the country. Heart On Your Sleeve also prides itself on being vegan friendly! The shop carries merchandise ranging from, reusable totes, jewelry, clothing, and accessories. Carrying Canadian labels such as, Grace and Cello, Passenger Pigeon, Chopper Couture, Two of Hearts, and loads more. Merchandise is made from a wide variety of Eco-friendly fibers such as, bamboo, hemp, flax, soy, and organic cotton. Looking for that convenience factor? Shop online at and discover all the great goodies, Canadian designers have to offer! The best part? Heart On Your Sleeve has “peddle-powered delivery,” in the city of Toronto! 
Back To Your Roots 
First opening its doors in 1994, Grass Roots was one of the first Eco-friendly stores in the city of Toronto. Merchandise ranges from clothing, shoes, reusable totes, bed and bath, home décor, air and water filters, natural cleaners, household items, personal care items, and office and stationary supplies. Conveniently located in the Annex, on Bloor St. W., and on the Danforth, both stores are just steps from Ten Thousand Villages! Grass Roots is committed to making a difference, involving itself in several events and campaigns involving climate change. Also, hosting workshops educating the community on becoming more Eco-friendly and promoting positive change for the environment! To find out more or to shop online visit Toronto has many ethical stores to shop in, and it’s always fun discovering new places! Ask questions, do your research, and get the facts about different stores and the products that they carry. Support Eco-friendly, Fair Trade businesses, in the city of Toronto, and all over! As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

From A T.O. Zen

Having lived in Japan and now residing in T.O., a multicultural city, I enjoy the diversity of events, food, music and fashion. In my cosmetics pouch, many products from many countries go together like people here in T.O. so let me recommend my favorites from Canada and Japan. These are not student-friendly prices, but I am sure that their value is worth much more.

“Feeling like an artist”
Available at: M.A.C boutiques
When M.A.C landed in Japan, we were very excited! They are high quality must-haves for the professional makeup artists in the backstage of fashion shows. I am a big fan of their make-up products—especially the blushes, brush cleanser and clear Lip Glass™ are outstanding. They were among the first of beauty brands to advertise their support for the AIDS cause in Japan. Their edgy campaign VIVA GLAM™ is inspiring and motivating.

“Ever and Forever”
The Make up Facial Cotton
It is much more expensive than others; however, once you use it, you will love this! It is 100% cotton, smooth and soft, and at the same time, it is lasting and unbreakable. Say good-bye to flakes and fibers! Even when you pat your face hundreds of times, no fibers are left on your cheek. I have been using them for over 8 years, and it is still No.1.

“Not Mascara, it is Liquid Eye Lush”
Available at: SEPHORA

This unique product contains two times the fibers in the liquid, and it makes your eye lashes way longer. Also, after the liquid has dried, it transfers to film and becomes water and oil resistant. No need to worry about “panda eyes” any more. It peels off like a piece of false eye lashes with warm water. Their reputation is wide spread by word of mouth, and it has been selling well in Japan for five years. Now the brand has arrived in T.O.! When I saw it here again, I was happily surprised. And now I am spreading the word to you!

“My BFF”
The Make up Eyelash Curler
Available at: SEPHORA
Before I bought it, I used other cheap eyelash curlers and I often caught my eyelid, or could not grab my eye lashes perfectly, or they broke easily. Then I found my BFF. It was bit expensive to a young teen girl, but it was a worthy purchase. It easily grabs all my eye lashes in one time, and it perfectly matches my (almond-shaped) eyelid’s curve. I have been using it for over a decade. That is much longer than the relationships between some of my best friends. One more thing, it is durable and tough, because it has endured through the crazily crowded Japanese trains with me everyday. It is still in good shape, still making curls everyday. If the curve matches your eyes, it will be your new BFF.

Shall We Dance?

Shall We Dance?

How to dress your inner ballerina...

Edger Degas- French painter of ballerina’s

Plie, tendu courtesy!

Looking through Vogues issue for September it is hard to resist not noticing that there are many heavy influences on designers from the Ballet world.
Could it be Paris’s premier House of Ballet that is so heavily influencing designers such as Alexander McQueen this year? Or is the flood of ballerinas that look so graceful and elegant, almost dream like when you see them on stage. They are the perfect image almost angel like when they practically float across stage.

Ballerinas have such a tiny figure and most could easily pass for a working model at a fashion show just as easily as they could pass for the swan in Swan Lake, so it’s easy to say they would fit in perfectly in the fashion world.

It is the beauty and essence that is alluring to top designers in the fashion industry. Every little girl has at least once dreamed in their lifetime that they wanted to be a ballerina and what’s better then now bringing their distinct styles into our fashion industry. It’s easy to pick up hints throughout the big and small names in the industry that are being impelled by the romance and beauty of ballet.

We admire a ballerina’s life for many reasons; they live such a strict lifestyle. They are extremely devoted to ballet. Ballet is an extremely competitive, hard (physically, emotionally and mentally) and unrewarding for thousands and thousands of ballerinas’ only la crème de la crème actually become world renowned ballerina’s such as Canada’s very own Karen Kain. They must absolutely love ballet and give up everything for it at a young age to pursue there dream that may never come true. It is very much like the fashion industry we see today.

Not only is it high couture designers that we see this elegant hand made ballet inspired pieces showing up in the fashion industry but popular stores available to consumers such as ourselves. An example is American Apparel. Many of there 80’s fashions have some sort of warm-up or layering pieces of clothing that have been influenced by the dance world. Leg warmers or spandex body suits are both pieces you would find on an everyday ballerina heading to classes to practice.

Even today’s media is influenced by the dancing world. One of audience’s favourite television shows this season is Dancing with the Stars. Everyone is unleashing there inner ballerina’s.

It all started a few years ago with the introduction of the “ballet flat”. This turned into almost every woman now on the planet in North America owning at least one pair of ballet flat inspired shoes. They were a huge hit in the industry years ago and now designers and stores are motivated even more by the ballet world this year.

This season when you’re shopping for new items to update last year’s wardrobe, bring out your inner ballerina. Whether it is buying a pink item, tutu inspired skirt or even trying a take on the modern ballerina bun.

Big designer Alexander McQueen showed us this year his “Ballerina Frock” dress that was inspired directly from the Ballet in France. Its beautiful tight corset flowed by the tutu influenced bottom that bellows out from the waist.

Models in any magazine can now be seen wearing tight buns on there head showing off there angular faces. There is something both sophisticated and exquisite about these women wearing buns in there hair that draws attention to this new upcoming do. It is matched with light nude make-up. Paler skin tones which most ballerina’s have to give off that feminine romantic look.

We are even taking up the shoe industry a notch. Imagine replacing your comfortable and stylish black ballet flats that match everything with these Christian Louboutin shoes. From flats to points, it’s quit the transition some die hard fashionista’s may take into consideration!

Pucker Up!

Pucker Up!
Tips on how to achieve the most glamorous lip looks of the season…

Think that only the celebrities and models can pull off glamorous lips? Guess again, this season the bold statement lip is back. Most cosmetic launches for this season include the classic red lip; modernized, an almost black lip, and for the not so daring, a sexy nude lip. Achieving these looks is not difficult, but sometimes classics need to be modernized, and I’m here to show you how.

Classic Red
When I think of classic red lips, fashion and glamour icon Marilyn Monroe comes to mind. This look works great with any skin tone; it’s very elegant and versatile.
For any lip look always start off by lightly scrubbing your lips with a warm damp towel, this ensures that the lips are clean and free of any dry skin.
If you have a favorite red lipstick great, if not, I recommend: Cherry Lip Pencil with Kanga-Rouge Lipstick (MAC Cosmetics).
Begin by lining the lips, then filling in the color. To clean up the lip lines use a foundation brush and gently stroke around the lip area.
Tip: To modernize this classic look use clear lip gloss for a shiny polished look.
A nude eye with only mascara and some shimmer in the corners is enough to compliment this look. You do not want to over do it.

Dark Chocolate
Think: Dita Von Teese, mysterious, sexy, and glamorous, she’s exactly the kind of woman this look is for. The contrast of her pale skin with the dark pigments in the lipstick creates a dramatic, mysterious goddess.
Always begin with the liner, for this look I recommend Velvetella Cremestick Liner (MAC Cosmetics) then by filling in the lip with the lip color Bing Mattene Lipstick (MAC Cosmetics) works really well to achieve the look perfectly.
Tip: Add a lighter shade to the center of the bottom lip to add dimension and shape to the lips.

Wine Stain
If you think the Dark Chocolate look is a bit too bold for your taste there is a way to tone it down. Complete the steps for the Dark Chocolate look. When finished, take a tissue and dab most of the color off of your lips. You will notice that the lipstick has appeared to leave a stain of color on your lips. This look is less dramatic but still totally classy and chic.

Next to Nothing
Nude is always sexy, no matter what part of the body we are talking about!
This look also classic has been used for decades. It helps to emphasize the shape of your lips without the use of bold color that many women are not comfortable with.
For this look you want to overdraw your lips with a nude pencil. My favorite is Spice Lip Pencil (MAC Cosmetics). For the fill you want to remain with a nude tone as well a shade lighter than the liner, something like Quiet, please Lipstick (MAC Cosmetics) is perfect. To create a more modernized look add some gloss with a very light pink hue.

There are many different ways to achieve these lip looks, play around with different shades until you find which ones work the best for you. Have fun and be glamorous!

Bare Your Teeth

This season designers are showing you how it all comes together, and it is tooth by tooth with exposed zippers. The back zip of your dress, the t-strap of your heel, your bags, even your necklaces are all adorned with metallic fastening hard wear. Not something to be hidden anymore, the zipper has found its way into chic eveningwear as much as casual wear. So this Fall, zip up to stay warm.


It was in the winter of this year that the current crown prince of high fashion introduced us to the possibilities of the zipper. London’s enfant terrible Gareth Pugh sent Coco Rocha stomping down the runway of his Fall 08 show in a samurai-inspired dress made entirely of zippers. Each zipper was sewed tape-to-tape to create a truly magnificent (albeit impractical) creation.

Zip Drive

The trend has carried through is many subtler ways to your footwear. Like the exposed zippers running the back length of your chunky high boots. Your essential t-strap heels have a flashy gold zipper running up the front. The functionless zipper is a common trend in footwear. Taryn Rose’s now famous “Bridger” ballet flat with a rose detail made of zipper tape is seen on the feet of the fashion elite. But it is the Christian Louboutin “Rhodita” ($835 stiletto that will have heads turning. The zipper is just for show and absolutely perfect way to update the classic strappy black sandal.

Zip It Up

If zippered clothing and shoes are too daring for you, perhaps you could adopt the style in your accessories. Zipper is used in a way that function is irrelevant. The form that a zipper creates is the important thing. The Yves Saint Laurent zipper clutch ($1,595, fits with Stephano Pilati’s manifesto. It is decontextualized clothing at its height: a zipper for the sake of a zipper.

Cool Rules

The Ins and Outs of Trend Spotting and Trend Setting

We all have “that” friend. You know the kind. The friend that gets stopped on the street by strangers who ask “Where’d you get that from?” They’re not wealthy, or especially attractive, but they have a certain je ne sais quoi – it’s the cool factor. They know what’s “in” before it becomes mainstream and here’s how you can too.

Eye on the Economy

This may not be obvious, but before you yawn out loud fashionistas, take note. If we look at history, the economy has typically had an effect on fashion trends. There’s no doubt that when the economy is hurting, fashion needs to be affordable. Economic woes can mean less embellishments and more subdued colors - a reflection of the times. Ever wonder why Karl Lagerfeld chose to design a US-centric Spring 2008 line for Chanel? Perhaps he was trying to inspire an economic comeback for the Americans.

Go Online

With information being updated online at lightning speed, the Internet is an obvious fashion resource, but where to begin? Street fashion blogs are a great way to get instant visual inspiration without leaving your home. Blogs like Face Hunter ( and the Sartorialist ( give readers daily photographic updates from the fashion capitals of the world. For the more avant-garde, there are trend sites such as Trend Hunter ( ) that cover a wide range of serious to silly topics from Hello Kitty Medical Supplies and Pro-Geek Innovations to Goth Anime Fashions and Political Branding.

Take it to the Streets

The best way to spot a trend is to look for patterns. See a girl walking down College Street with a full skirt? Did you notice another girl wearing a similar skirt while doing some grocery shopping in Chinatown this weekend? Another at UNIT last night? You’ve spotted a trend! Ok, it may not be that obvious, but the point is to keep your eye on the streets and watch out for all things unique and alluring.

Play it Cool

To recognize cool you have to have a sense of style and taste. What defines a cool style is subjective, but knowing what’s out there will help you recognize a trend. Awareness of music, art, travel, pop culture, and all things around you will give you a discerning eye. Don’t have the budget to travel? Have a look at the many international street blogs – from LA to Seoul there’s worldly fashion inspiration for all styles.

Change your Ways

Being a trendy influencer means that you can change at the drop of a dime – it’s precisely what separates the mainstream from the au courant. So embrace change, don’t doubt your style, have confidence in your trend, and don’t look back! Adopting what you believe is the next big trend before anyone else will eventually have people asking YOU – “Where’d you get that from?”

That perfect little dress.

Where it came from, how to look for a perfect Little Black Dress.
Every woman’s closet reflects her personality. It may have colour, may have no colour, but they all have one thing in common – the little black dress. It is the most versatile and eternal piece of clothing ever made. It was intended by the one and only - Coco Chanel, who published a photo of the dress in Vogue in 1926, which was a big breakthrough for the dress. Through years, the little black dress has been transformed. In 1950’s Christian Dior invented a “new look” for the dress, he made it a little bit sexier than the previous versions, and the dress became a must -have item in every Hollywood star closet. If we are talking about the little black dress, we have to mention the woman who epitomized Coco’s invention- Audrey Hepburn’s character in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”-Holly Golighty. The dress became unbeatable, every woman wanted to be Holly, and wear that perfect little dress. However not a lot of people know how to choose the right dress for them. As we all know, every woman’s body is different, she may have small waist and big hips, or long torso, and wider shoulder. Everyone is different, that’s why we need some tips to help us with choosing the perfect dress. First of all woman need to define what their body shape is, then knowing what is right for them, go shopping and look for the dress that is right for them, and don’t get frustrated if it will take a little time, it is better to invest some time in finding a good dress than buy something that will make your body look unpleasant. So ladies if you are:
HOURGLASS SHAPE: women whose hips and bust are almost the same length need to choose the dress that has deep neck line, and accentuates waist. The good choice would be an A-line dress.
TRIANGLE SHAPE: women, who have wider shoulders and big bust but have slim legs, need to choose the dress that drapes at the top, and shows off your slim legs at the bottom.
SPOON SHAPE: women who have wide hips and slim upper body, need to choose the dress that will show off their slim parts, and wider skirt that will hide the spots that you don't want people to see.
RECTANGULAR SHAPE: woman whose upper body goes right into the hips, need to choose the dress that creates the illusion of waist. This includes the empire waist dresses that create a waistline and show off your bust.
So ladies, go shopping and have fun !

From Ashy To Classy

A rags to riches tale of a county kid, determined to succeed in a new industry.

Some people are destined to follow a certain path, others find theirs through circumstance, and a lucky few (like me) find their calling by accident. Those who are lucky enough to know from the beginning what it is they were born to do, will separate themselves in life because invariably they have been studying they’re entire lives for a test they won’t take until they reach college. The men and women who discover their calling later on life have the same chance of succeeding as the other half, but lose that quiet composure and replace it with stress and anxiety once exams rear their ugly heads.

I grew up in the county, hailing from a small town in the middle of nowhere that required a dedicated “trip” in order to find the nearest mall. When I did go to purchase clothes I dove towards the nearest skate shop, avoiding and ridiculing anything in between. My understanding of fashion left something to be desired, which explains why I’m so surprised that today I’d rather wear a collared shirt with tie when my younger days dictated that a skateboard tee would suffice.

I moved from my tiny town and home into a much larger house and city after graduating OAC. It wasn’t until I began to work in the service industry at a night club that I started to appreciate what being a well dressed young professional could do for a person’s confidence. Every evening I would watch men dressed in nice shirts with nice pants and matching shoes flirt with beautiful women who wore fancy flowing summer dresses that shone in the spotlights. The liquor flowed freely, but it was this new scene of style that I found so intoxicating.

After admiring the drunken crowds, I found myself buying nicer shirts. One day I looked in my closet only to find that half of it was filled with shoes and belts that matched! Without realizing it, I had begun to enjoy participating in fashion. The new fall seasons meant new sweaters; the next spring season meant more tee-shirts, with a healthy does of footwear in between. I didn’t mean for it happen, but my newfound appreciation for fashion was too strong to ignore. I continued to work until I reached a tipping point, and after two years I made a decision, it was time to go back to school.

It was time to move to Toronto! So now I’m a kid from a county, transplanted into a little city, that’s now living in the biggest city Canada has to offer. Lot’s of stores, plenty of boutiques, and (depending on the area) more well dressed individuals in one location then the entire population of Saskatchewan. This was a daunting task for me; even before school started I had to learn to become one of you. Which latté do I order, what style works on what street, what am I doing here? It wasn’t until I got a job in the industry that things began to reveal themselves to me.

I took a lot of hard work but things are finally settling down, which brings me to my motivation for writing this article. If you’re like I was fear not, just because everyone around you knows what’s up doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed in a new industry. Be prepared to dive head first into this brave new world and do it with a nice outfit on, eventually the puzzle puts itself together and you’ll have it figured out in no time. My future in fashion is bright, and I wish anyone reading and relating to this article the same success. If a hick from the county can do it, so can you!

Is your cup half empty or half full?

Is your cup half empty or half full?

Fit your form, fill your cup, make the breast selection

Finding the right bra can be a problem for many women. According to, a recent study done by Wacoal bra company, shows that about 8 out of 10 women over the age of 18 are wearing the wrong bra size. Here are a few tips on how to dress your breasts.

Leave it to Cleavage
Many women are under the impression that cleavage is all about having the perfect shirt to show off the girls. In fact, its whats behind the scenes that gives you the extra boost, what you wear on top is just the icing on the cake. Flatter your curves or just plain flat, cleavage can be worn in many different ways. Classy, sassy or trashy, get the right look with the right bra. In order to achieve the look of full lustrous breasts, you may want to select a bra with a strong underwire that will give your breasts a boost. A little extra padding can also help to give the impression of a fuller breast. Always make sure to show it off with a complimenting shirt or dress.

Compress Your Chest
Busty women can have a hard time finding a bra that fits right, giving maximum support and still showing off your curves. To find the perfect bra, always make sure you know your size, which you can do with a simple measuring tape at home, and choose a bra with a larger band or underwire and a deeper cup to ensure support. It is always important to try on your bra for size and comfort.

Breast to Impress

Matching undergarments can be a fun way to add a little personality to your outfit. After all, it’s whats inside that counts. A good bra can go a long way for an evening out on the town. Matching your bra with your outfit in terms of cut, lining, and colour can make our break your look. A bra with adjustable straps is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Adjustable straps allow you to change your bra to work with any outfit, whether it’s a halter-top, strapless, or a criss-cross back, adjustable straps will allow you wear your outfit without showing your undergarments. Something to keep in mind when shopping around for the right bra is to check if the padding can be removed. A bra with removable padding and adjustable straps is ideal for almost any look you want to achieve, someone who wants a little lift can keep in the padding while someone who might not need it can easily take it out.

Colours by Personality

Colours by Personality

Personality is to each its own, use it to your advantage, by playing with your style showing off your personality in an interesting ways

Colour me Shoes

Adding colour to your look can not only spice up an outfit but really allows your personality to shine. Using a Bright coloured heel is an awesome way to add colour to an outfit. There are a number of ways to use a bright shoe to your advantage, and make it work with you. Match a bright heel with an accessory such as a clutch, or even a colour on your shirt. You can even try to use a bright heel as the focal point and wear it with neutral colours such as white, black, tan, grey, or brown to achieve a classic look with a fresh colour to show your style. Keep in mind, style is what you make it.

Improvise colour into your accessories

Accessories are a great way to show off your personal flavour by adding colours this year. Dress an outfit up or down with accessories, or add colour to a basic outfit to get the right look. Some great and easy to find accessories include big or small belts, that can be worn around the waist or hips, loose or tight fitted, colourful big sunglasses, bright and bold watches, and even a bright coloured or printed pashmina or scarf. Mixing and matching, and add some character to your look with fun accessories.

Colours in your hands

Handbags and clutches have always been hot items, becoming more of an accessory then a necessity, and always a great way to add colour to your outfit, season through season, colour by colour. Try something little new next time your out buying a new bag pick one with colour, not the large typical everyday black bag, pick something up that is bold, with lots of fixtures and pockets, that will get you the right look to perfectly complete the outfit.

Do it with colour

Doing it with colour, is doing it with confidence. Be brave and fun, and include one bright piece of clothing to your outfit. Straight leg skinny jeans in a solid bright colour such as red, matched with a solid shirt and a fun belt or scarf is a great look for almost any season. Always make sure to match your colour to your personality, and keep in mind that sometimes its fun to stray away from the norm and try something new. If your closet tends to be full of black and white items, try a fun experiment with yourself and go for a shopping trip only letting yourself try things with bright colours, you never know what you might find.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lashing Out

Lashing Out
Finding the perfect mascara without burning a hole in your wallet.

Mascara is one of those essential beauty items. It adds a timeless statement to any look. It is a must have for all seasons, whether soft and subtle for summer/spring or dramatic and bold, for fall/winter. Finding the perfect mascara at a low cost is not difficult. Tired of the raccoon eyes? This article will help you achieve your dying obsession for amazing lashes.

Tip: use mascara in a sanitary manner. Avoid sharing this could cause infections.

To The Skies

No other mascara is waterproof, has less clumps, is contact lens safe, hypoallergenic, and lengthens all in one. This mascara will leave your lashes feeling extremely soft to the touch, full and certainly not brittle. Maybelline Full n’ Soft is a winner when it comes to sky-high lashes. This mascara is the perfect choice for those subtle, calm spring days. It is also great for a first date. Need I say more?

Maybelline Full n' Soft - $7.99

Avoid Those Clumps In Life

Looking for no clump mascara? Worry no more, this volume boosting mascara will not dry out your lashes or make you look nocturnal. Covergirl Lashblast is long-lasting mascara, it will improve the look of your lashes and best of all will not flake. It is designed to separate the lashes and create a gorgeous clump free statement.

Tip: refrain from pumping the wand too much in the tube, this will create tiny air bubbles in the mascara tube and will dry out the mascara.

Covergirl Lashblast - $8.00


Want a new bold look, or lashes resembling Marilyn Monroe? Look no further than L’Oreal Voluminous mascara. This mascara comes with a magnificent curved brush that will lengthen lashes like never before, beautifully separating your lashes, leaving a natural fan effect. It protects and conditions the lashes, while making it safe for contact wearers and sensitive eyes. Make your eyes the fashion statement of the season.

L’Oreal Voluminous – $7.99

How And Why to Achieve THE new Sexy Healthy Body

The future of fashion no longer looks fantastic on just those with a BMI of 18.
One of the biggest controversial topics in fashion is making a difference in the year 2009. When shuffling through magazines I find myself shocked to see that the new fashion silhouettes will actually look good on a figure such as mine, and I am NOT a size zero. It seems that designers are finally coming to their senses and realizing that a size zero is not the most attractive size for a woman to be.
“Milan stands alongside Paris and New York as one of the world's most important fashion events. Like the other two it has, until now, resisted demands to stamp out the waif look. Fashion labels Prada, Versace and Armani have already agreed to ban size zero models from their catwalks,” says Ashley Rogers from
Now that the waif look is out and starving yourself is no longer the way to achieve the ideal body, where do we go from here?
Eating Habits
Eat as many times as you like each day but make sure that what you’re eating has some kind of nutritional value and your portions are not larger than life every time you pick up a fork. Tip: Bring healthy and easy to prepare snacks on the go.
Mix it up by going back to the basic simple four basic food groups: carbs, veggies, fruits, and meat that way your body gets its full nutritional value from each group. Tip: Pack your own lunch. You’ll save money and know what you’re eating.
Hydrate your body by drinking lots of water. Try to stay away from sugary drinks like pop and artificially flavored juices. Tip: Carry a non disposable water bottle with you at all times.
Easy Lifestyle Changes
Try to stay busy. Lately I’ve noticed that the busier I am the less I concentrate on weight loss. While I move around all day completing the never ending list of things to do I am burning calories without even breaking a sweat. So KEEP BUSY! Tip: If you find yourself having 2 to 3 hours of spare time in a day, join a sports team, take up pottery lessons or knitting; whatever makes you happy.
Tone up baby! There is not one workout regime that works for every single person so I won’t bore you with 30 different types of crunches or how to get rock hard buns. You need to figure it out for yourself what works. Target your troubled areas by researching exercises for those specific muscles. Throw in a bit of cardio a couple times a week and you’ll be on your way in no time. Tip: Its not about being the skinniest you can be, keep it simple and you will achieve a healthy BMI.

These simple changes will help you to achieve that sexy body you deserve. A relief that has been long awaited is finally here and people are noticing, so take advantage of this skinny expectation leeway and look the best you can by following a simple diet and keep it easy by adding activities to your lifestyle that keep you moving!


A new idea has emerged. A single thread winding and wrapping its way around the female form has quickly become the remarkably versatile must-have look for any woman. A thought that first appeared for fall 08 has carried itself quite nicely into spring/summer 2009 and shows no sign of stopping. Whether it is ribbon, fringe, or string the trend is undeniable. Below we dissect the best of this look that lasts…

(Above: All Lanvin f/w 2008/9. Images via

When Alber Elbaz debuted his fall 2008 collection for Lanvin back in March it was quickly hailed by the fashion press as the collection of the season. His look was all about the little black dress. What made this fashion essential special and so revolutionary was the fact that most pieces were entirely constructed out of rows and rows of ribbon. The idea of a single thread wrapping around a woman’s body quickly spread and inspired other designers for the spring 2009 season. However it is hard to top the collection that started it all. Go for a modern take on the classic cocktail by picking up one of the many versions at Lanvin.

(From right to left: Alexander Wang, Alberta Ferretti, and 3.1 Phillip Lim. All s/s 2009. Images via

Possibly the most accessible take on the trend is the many fringed options that have popped up for both fall and spring. A versatile look that has its origins in flappers and hippies has never felt so right for right now. Take for example the rocker-chic grunge looks at Alexander Wang for spring 2009. Here fringe is taken to the hard extreme where it can be seen both on towering platform heels and adorning the back of sporty jackets and sweatshirts. But contrast this with Alberta Ferretti’s vaguely 1920s collection for the same season and the look could not be lighter or more innocent. Her modern takes on the flapper dress expresses a more elegant and feminine beauty. If these looks are too daring one can always turn to footwear. Here the options are endless. Christian Louboutin has a lovely pair of fringe-covered boots for fall/winter 08 which could satisfy the trend for any woman. Or look to 3.1 Phillip Lim in spring for pairs of fringed out sandals in both tan and black.

(Above: Jil Sander s/s 09. Image via

A quietly directional take on the trend was developed by Raf Simons. His spring/summer 2009 collection for Jil Sander further explored the idea of a single thread. Dresses constructed entirely of string. The precise use of this material allowed Simons to play with light and shadows in a new way. Has a dress ever before looked both remarkably somber and sexual at the same time? What first appears to be a simple and minimalist black dress becomes something new with every step. The fluidity of the string allows the dress to shift and move. The result is an intensely feminine and openly sensual silhouette. The trend reaches its visual epitome with this collection. Any woman with a taste for minimalism should invest now in one of these remarkably directional dresses.

Sparkle and Shine-A guide to adding a little je ne sais quoi to your holiday party wardrobe

Christmas, Hannakah, Kwanzaa and Diwali are all holiday events celebrating the festival of lights. With the holiday season just right around the corner, fashionistas everywhere are in search to find the perfect holiday look and what better way to combat the cold blistering snow by incorporating sequins into your holiday wardrobe. From trims to decorated designs to full out coverage, sequins are a sure way to stand out and shine at any holiday fete. Don’t know how to sport the shiny look? Fret not and read on to see just how the dazzling look can work for you.

A Little Twinkle
For those who have a more demure approach to their fashion choices, adding a beret adorned with sequins, a sparkly belted sash or glittery chic clutch are great ways to incorporate the sparkly look into your holiday wardrobe. When paired with your little black dress or a great pair of menswear inspired wide legged trousers, the sequins take centre stage without overpowering your assemble. Some great items to try are Patricia Field’s rainbow bright sequined beret and Proenza Schouler’s black sequined harem inspired pants.

Guiding Light
For the daring fashionistas who aren’t afraid to enter a room with some extra glimmer and glitz, why not try a full fledged sequined dress? It looks exceptionally chic when worn as a shift style such as French Connection’s Gold Sequin Row Dress paired with patent leather Mary Janes and a shiny satin clutch. Feel free to choose a dress that accents a pattern with sequins to emphasize your extroverted personality. Abstract shapes, animal prints and stripes all get an added punch when presented in sequins.

Disco Don’t
To avoid looking like a disco ball or a modern day Liberace when sporting a sequined accessory or garment to your holiday party, keep things to a minimum. If you choose to wear a sequined shift avoid accessorizing with a glittery beret and sparkly shoes, the last thing you want to do is cause someone to wear their sunglasses at night, indoors. Keep hair and accessories simple so that they serve as accents to your overall look. A simple strappy heel and smooth strands keep the focus on the sparkle and avoid sequin overkill. The sequined look is all about adding that extra sparkle to lighten up your look during the exciting holiday festivities. Don’t forget to have fun and wear what makes you feel extra shiny.

Brilliant Expectations
Fear not fashionistas, no need to stash that sequined clutch once the snow melts, for sequins were fun yesterday, continue to be today and will be tomorrow. Sequined garments were all over the spring 2009 runways including looks by Diane Von Furstenberg, Alexander Wang and Erin Fetherson. A few standout looks include a purple ombré sequined shift and an iridescent pearl t-shirt. Whenever you feel the need for a little extra sparkle throw on your favourite sequined look and have a night on the town.

-Amanda Stines

Epic Ease

Epic Ease

Even though summer’s over, we don’t need to go into hibernation!

Use these thoughts to advance into the new season with confidence

Fab in 15

We all have those nights, where there’s never enough time to get ready. Now it’s time for the crucial makeup: concealer, foundation, mascara, eye liner, blush.  Concealer, the most important item in your makeup bag, usually skin tone but use green for problem red areas. Max three minutes application time. Foundation next, a powder is better since this will make  skin look less oily, especially when dancing up a storm or just standing in a crowed bar.  Two minutes later, blush it up, smile and put a quick swoosh of powder across the natural blush area of your cheeks; max 2 minutes. Now it’s time for fabulous eyes, put eye liner; liquid liner is quicker but if this is too difficult, go for a dark pencil, this should only take about three minutes. Mascara is another important part, one should never be without it. Lash Blast Mascara parts as it coats the lashes making it quicker. This could take about 4 minutes including lash curl time. If you have time, white liner or shadow in the inside corner of the eye since it make the eyes seem bigger. Throw on a dress, and now you’re ready for an amazing night on the town!  

Night Bright

What to wear tonight? The little black dress is classic but overused, and red was last year’s attempt at something new. Black, red and white, all classic and all characterless. To make a real impression, use some colour, and I don’t mean just, browns, greys, forest greens and navys. Stay a little safe with a classic silhouette, but go for a pop of colour; bright yellows, blues, purples and greens. Feeling really daring? Go for an exciting new type of silhouette with the bright colours and people will remember you not only for your bright smile but for your bight outfit for fall. 

Sensitive Souls

Finding the perfect heels can be difficult, especially for people with fragile feet, many a night women have come home with mangled feet. This can all be fixed with careful shopping and careful wearing. If you want to stand the whole night without thinking about your feet, pick a wedge heel because your weight will be evenly distributed. As well, having some sort of ankle strap will help keep the shoe on and make sure the foot doesn’t move around too much in the shoe creating blisters. A thicker bottom to the shoe is better because there is padding between the foot and the floor. However, if the shoe you want does not have those specifications, there are always invisible inserts that go along the bottom of a shoe that give reinforcement. If you’re willing to spend the extra money to get a great pair of shoes, Cole Haan has some great Nike Air classic heels which are extraordinarily comfy.