Friday, February 02, 2007

Possible Article for New Issue?

Oh My Dog!
Seems like “naked dogs” are a thing of the past!

It must be true; dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Globally there is an emerging trend of dog fashions and it seems to have no end in sight. Dog owners are aspiring to create a statement through their pets’ fashion.

Yet dog apparel is just the tip of the iceberg. Many dog shops cater to your four legged friends every need. They range from dog jewellery stores to canine gourmet bakeries specializing in dog pastries and even a four layer birthday cake. Did I forget to mention the dog hair stylists? In fact, this whole phenomenon stemmed from the grooming shops that have been a staple in dog culture for centuries.

However dog apparel is not all about the glitz and the glam, it truly is a necessity in our country’s subzero climate. Do you really think that a Chinese Crested Hairless is a native to Canada?

Smaller breeds have less body mass and for the most part don’t have a natural coat like a Golden Retriever. This gives them less protection against our harsh winter weather. Being inches from the cold winter ground also doesn‘t help. This is why dog boots, dog sweaters and dog coats are must haves and more than a trendy decoration.

Paw Protection
Shoes on dogs? Doesn’t sound very logical does it? This is actually one of the more important pieces of clothing for your urban dog. Have you ever gotten your heel stuck in a subway grate? These paw boots can protect your dog from such a fate, which could cause serious injury. The number one reason for boots is to protect your dog from salt and other chemicals used to melt ice. They can irritate your dog’s pads, resulting in a heavy vet bill.

Hot Dogs
When it comes to dog coats, you probably would think this is strictly a trend for toy breeds. Wrong! In fact the first canine winter coat was made for Grey Hounds. Small dogs are not the only ones in need of extra warmth. Shorthaired breeds, dogs that are sick or older dogs may need a little extra help with a sweater or coat. A cozy dog sweater raises your pet's body temperature and can protect them from temperatures below -40.
However, there is a lot more selection for the little ones, dog boutiques specializing in toy breeds are popping up left, right, and center.

What Size?
1. Measure the length from the collar to the base of tail. This measurement lets you know how the coat will fit the length of your dog.
2. The girth will determine the accurate size. Simply measure the distance around the girth behind the front legs.
3. Make sure your dog is standing upright and square, not sitting or slouching. If your dog is slightly big boned and you get an odd number, your best bet is to go up a size.

TIP: Just like human sizes, there is no standard sizing for dogs either. So keep your measurements handy when your shopping with you pampered pet and you’ll be one step ahead of the game.