Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DRESS to impress

Three of Toronto’s most chic boutiques carry dresses that are nearly impossible to find is any other store.

Tired of showing up to events where you are wearing the same dress as the girl standing twenty feet away from you? Three of Toronto’s stylish boutiques carry dresses that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Out go the days where you showed up to an event in the same dress as three other people and in come the days where everyone takes notice of your ensemble when you walk in.


Honey is found in Toronto’s west end in Sherway Gardens. For a boutique that has been open for less than a year, it has created quite the stir among shoppers. At the grand opening, the news station Citytv was there to report on the new chic boutique. It is quite the breath of fresh air among shoppers at Sherway Gardens considering it offers a variety of clothes that you can be sure will not be found in others boutiques. Honey carries a wide assortment of cocktail dresses found at every price point. Even the thrifty fashionista would be able to find herself a dress at Honey. From intricate beading to electric blue silk dresses, you can definitely find a unique dress that everyone at that party will envy.


Found on Bloor Street between Spadina and Avenue Road in the Annex, this boutique has a knack for dresses. Risqué is home to several bold, evening dresses. You can expect to find all the colours of the rainbow in every possible material. Especially around Christmas and New Years, Risqué offers countless dresses for every holiday party. The boutique name “Risqué” reflects perfectly on the merchandise in store. The dresses have that extra oomph that every fashionista is searching for. If you are a trendy, chic gal who loves to be the center of attention, then Risqué’s dresses fit the bill.


If you are looking for that little black dress, this is definitely not the store for you! By far one of the most fascinating stores in all of Toronto, Peach Berserk is located on Queen St. West. This colourful boutique is home to some of the most outrageous, unique looking dresses in Toronto. Not only does Peach Berserk make their dresses but they also print the fabric the dresses are made from. Also, if you found a print you really wanted to see on your next party dress, Peach Berserk would be more than willing to make that happen. They also offer silk screening workshops so you can learn how to make that fabulous fabric on your own. The dress options are endless in this boutique. You can pick out one of their colourful creations from their racks or you can turn your favourite painting into your new favourite party dress. If you are looking for that one-of-a-kind dress that nobody else will ever have, Peach Berserk is the place to find that dress to impress.

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