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Sweat the Style

As fashion evolves, so do the rules that come with it.   Athletic wear has been embraced and appreciated both on the streets and on runways of New York, Milan, and Paris and has been a very important trend for the past few seasons.  Major fashion houses like Chanel and Prada have taken the sporty trend and transitioned it into a luxurious one with sneakers made of luxe materials and dressier sportswear. Though wearing sweatpants out of your house may have been a serious offense in past years, streetwear has broadened the opportunities for the modern fashionista.  With the rise of sneakers and stylish sweatpants, many brands have made sweatpants that are still comfortable but remain stylish and trendy.  If done properly, your cozy outfit can easily be transitioned from your couch to your workplace.

Sweatpants are so comfortable because of their loose fit but this is also why they’re pegged as looking sloppy.  To deter from looking like a college freshman, wear sweatpants that are tapered and slim fitting.  A tailored pair of sweats is more flattering and gives a more appealing and much different aesthetic than the typical baggy sweatpant.

Make sure they’re dark.  A pair of heather grey sweatpants may look better but it also emphasizes the casualness of them.  Try to opt for a darker hue – black, navy, or charcoal.  At first glance, a darker pair can pass as real pants and that’s the real goal.

Wear a dressier top to balance out your bottoms.  A top can change the entire look and it’s just as much about the top as it is the sweats.  By adding a crisp white button down or a loose-fitting silk blouse can take the look from casual to formal instantly.

Instead of pairing your sweats with a pair of sneakers, which can make you look like you belong in the gym instead of the office, pair them with a dressier pair of shoes.  A pair of pointy pumps or a strappy heel can easily dress up the look of sweatpants and can also be a look worn out into the evening.  Even a pair of dress shoes like a modern oxford can enhance a more formal look.

Keep it simple.  The athetica trend has changed the sweatpant game and now sweatpants are available in a variety of patterns and unique colours.  But if you’re trying to look professional and be taken seriously in your workplace (depending where you work), try avoiding loud patterns and bright colours.  It’s best to wear a more muted and subtle colour to draw the least amount attention to your lower half.

Want to take your cozy boy outfit to the real world?  Follow these simple steps and you can transition your lazy day outfit to your workplace (and get away with it).

CALLING ALL LUMBERSEXUALS! A Spotter's Guide to the Newest Man Trend

Say goodbye to the previously popular metrosexual, and hello to the lumbersexual! The days of clean shaving, slim-cut pants and narrow ties are long gone. We are now seeing the rapid rise of the lumbersexual. This new man trend consists of a rugged man with three distinctive features that separate him from the everyday man. He spends the same amount of money; however, he looks filthy, on purpose. And though both the metrosexual and the lumbersexual may work in the same kind of environment and carry the same things in their bags, the metrosexual is carrying ‘murse’ (also known as a man-purse), whereas the lumbersexual carries a backpack. The next time you're out and about downtown, you will be able to see these key features and distinguish the lumberjack.
Not by the hairs on my chinny chin-chin
The unkempt, shabby beard has got to be the most important feature of the lumbersexual! The beard trend, made famously fashionable by celebrities like George Clooney and Jared Leto, has gone from a 5 o’clock shadow to full blown Santa Claus lookalike. The ability to grow a beard is the epitome of manliness, so of course this craft beer sipping, wool hat wearing man would need to let his bristles grow. If you are not entirely sure whether you can pull off the bearded look, use Movember as an excuse to test it out. The good thing about the beard is if you start to grow it out and it appears to look less like the lumbersexual and more like a boy now entering puberty, you can shave it and start over, and over, and over again till you get it right!
Plaid on Plaid on Plaid   
You want to dress like a lumbersexual? Then you are going to need to step out of Massimo Dutti and into L.L Bean. Adorned with pieces inspired by mountaineering, waterproof coated flannel and nylon pants that can provide protection from a chain-saw blade never looked so good in that underground bar! But if you have no need for clothing that can protect you from a potentially hazardous accident on your two-minute walk from the subway to school, why not go for a flannel button-up that feels soft to the touch and ‘regular cut’ jeans with a cuff to exposed those RedWing 875 work boots? Flannel on its own or open to expose a crewneck t-shirt both offers lumberjack flavour. So the next time you are in the mall shopping for new digs, remember flannel is the staple of the lumbersexual’s wardrobe. If you can put an outfit together that looks like it was thrown carelessly together, and you have your beard grown in, then you have completed two of the three crucial steps to looking like a lumbersexual.
The Man Bun
Oh how popular the man bun has become. It comes in all shapes and sizes high and low. Samurai-like with a bun on top and shaved all around, or the classic messy bun once again incorporating the “I could care less…but I really do care” attitude that the lumbersexual is known for. Yes, there is a pattern to this lumbersexual man trend. You no longer need to visit your local barber or wash your hair very often because greasy long locks is essentially what you are going for here. 
Added Bonus…Tattoos!
Lastly, tattoos. Though not a staple, they add a certain rough edge. When you have your hair in a disheveled bun and your beard with a flannel, sleeves rolled up to expose tattoos of anchors and pin-up girls, the mix to drive girls wild has been formulated. So the next time you are out and you notice this kind of guy, no, he is not dirty, he probably put a lot more effort into his look than may be visible to the naked eye. He is a lumbersexual! Who knew dirty could look so sexy?

Colour Business

Unlike the old days where a suit and tie was the go to uniform of manliness, and without the simplicity of living in a black and white film where your only hard colour choices were black, white and grey, men today have a lot of options when it comes to colours and clothes. Now that most men are not dressed by their partners or mothers (most of them anyway, though we are not judging), and designers are creating options for men, they have a lot of room to play. One place where it is hard to play about in though is the job market. In today's hiring scene every interviewee has to pay close attention to everything from their answers, to their clothes, to especially the colours that the wear. What colours you choose in an outfit says a lot about who you are and what you are trying to convey at a first glance. There is a whole spectrum of colours out there, and you want to stand out at your interview so why not wear more bright colours? Limiting yourself to one bright colour is fine and can add that pop of colour to make you memorable, however on the flip side too much bright colours and they will remember you alright. Just for your clothes though not your interview.


White is a very simplistic and brightening colour that conveys a sense of truthfulness and straightforwardness. This is a good neutral to wear in any job interview, as it brightens an outfit and does not clash with any other colors that you may want to don.


Neutral though this colour may be, black has a commanding feeling to it. It is an assertive, high powered colour and is best suited when going to interviews for  equally powerful office jobs such as lawyers and managerial positions . Wearing a black suit to a more laid back environment could be too overwhelming, though black could be incorporated in small doses.


Sophisticated grey. When in doubt, this is the neutral colour you want to wear. Grey is a calm and not too overwhelming like black is, but on the other hand grey gives that aura of composure. Assuming this colour employers will get a sense that you are a compromiser and will do well in any group related jobs. If you want to convey a sense of maturity this is the right colour to sport.


Calm, credence and confidence. These three c words are what employers feel about you when you wear blue, especially in the darker navy spectrum of the colour.  Blue is the most universally loved colour, and relates to a one on one feeling of communication that is ideal for any interview.


Red, the colour of passion , is also a colour of assertiveness and high energy. This colour is a perfect pop when interviewing for positions of leadership, however it is not a suggested colour to wear when going for any other position when the employers are looking for someone who can follow the orders of someone else. Red can be a powerful but can also be seen as an unruly and obstinate colour.

When sticking to these colours as the base for your next interview ensemble you are sure to be remembered for your interview while giving off the right first impression rather than the interviewer not remembering a word you said because you decided yellow and purple polk-a-dotted  suit was appropriate.

It's raining men


                              Spectacular sights for the sore eyes

Toronto may be known for its major attractions such as the CN Tower, the shopping district, and the various museums; but the main attraction that is most often overlooked is the men. Just like the zoo there are many different creatures that need to be observed, to be appreciated. Now, you may notice strolling through the city that a lot of the men are diverse when it comes to fashion. They all have a different sense of style and those that correlate tend to group together in specific areas. Does your ideal man have a certain type of style but you don’t know where to find him? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered, get your maps ready because I have your guide to the men in the city.

The Alpha

Ruling the financial district (Bay St.) these men make their livings in the sky-high towers of banks and law firms; and feed their hunger at the hottest restaurants around. They depict power, stability, and confidence. Their style is known for always being put together with tailored suits from either Gucci to Canali, shoes made of Italian leather, and slicked back hair. Women tend to love this type of man for their ability to take charge in stressful situations or for more selfish reasons such as their financial leeway to take them on spontaneous getaways to the Caribbean.

The Wild Ones

Most often seen roaming Kensington market and the Ossington Strip, these men are known as Hipsters. They enjoy sporting Vans and Ray-bans along with cutoff jean shorts and button-down shirts. The beanie is their go to accessory and a skateboard is their preferred mode of transportation. They are laid-back and would rather spend an evening in a pub than being in a high-strung restaurant. Ladies are attracted to this type of guy because they’re guaranteed for a good night out or they want to rebel against their family who don’t exactly understand today’s trends.

The Show Stopper  

Wearing bold prints and velvet suits, strutting their fashion forward style down the Fashion District (Queen St.). These men are risk takers and don’t have a care in the world for what other people think. They prefer to bask in luxury and visit the chicest places in town than to pub-crawl or thrift shop. They also tend to allure women who love living the high life and are just as fashion forward and luxurious as they are.

 The Watering Hole

Now, just because these men can be pin pointed on a map where they’re usually located, it does not mean that they never come together in the same place. Your local cafĂ© might just be their favorite spot to wind down or your favorite Chinese takeout restaurant may be their guilty pleasure. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled ladies because they’re all travelers of the city; it’s just a matter of if they peek your interest with both their looks and personalities. They all have similarities one way or another.

Get Serious: A Men’s Guide to Essential Accessories

Every stylish man knows that the essential part to every outfit lies in the details. In this case, the details lie within accessories; they can make or break a look. Whether you follow the trends or not, the way that you present yourself is reflected in how people will perceive you. These are accessories that are key to be taken seriously in this world. Accessories can make all the difference. There are definitely key accessories that every man should have in his closet, the pieces that are worth investing in and the pieces that will, regardless of style and taste, will allow you to be perceived positively.

The Watch
The first one may be painfully obvious, but it’s so crucially important. When I asked several men what they thought was the most important accessory every man should own, this was the first thing to be listed. So don’t just take this from me. A watch is something every grown man should be wearing. While the Batman watch that your parents got you for your 10th birthday may hold some serious sentimental value, I promise you, no one is taking you seriously while it encircles your wrist. Whether your style is leather or links, an “adult” watch is something to invest your money in. Depending on your budget, a classic watch will last you for many years and can even be passed down through the following generations.

The Belt
Seeing anyone with a gaudy or adolescent belt that is out of place in an outfit, is simply unacceptable. Whether you’re a college student or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the belt you wear is a good indicator of how seriously people will take you. A leather belt is the best thing you can invest in for your wardrobe. A neutral colour, like black or brown, is always simple yet sophisticated and will match your whole closet. It’s also important to note that your belt should be doing its job, so make sure it’s the right fit.

The Wallet
As precious as it might be when you're 12 to use the velcroed wallet of your favourite hockey team, it really does not fly when you're a 20-something trying to make a mark on this world. A wallet is a place to keep your financial worth and a place many men keep memories of family. You take out what you put into a wallet, and as cliched as it may sound, it's true. The investment you make in a proper wallet, will see the return of many years of use. If you put the effort into using a sleek wallet, you will see the positive way people perceive you. Also, even if your worth is that of a Fortune 500 company, it doesn’t mean that your wallet shouldn’t reflect that. Once again, a neutral coloured wallet will carry well in your whole wardrobe and for many years to come.

If you fail to conform to every trend or refuse to be succumb to fashion, please take away this: there are 3 accessories that every grown man needs in his closet. While, you may not feel it's necessary, I promise you, accessories are crucial to every outfit. These are everyday essentials that can be fed into your wardrobe and style seamlessly. They are style necessities to be taken seriously. They are such simple fixes to any wardrobe and will have a positive return on the way that you are perceived in this world. It’s time to get serious.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Sun Kissed Summer

Sun Kissed Summer
How to stay flawless in the summer

Hot long days, and endless party nights, it sometimes becomes difficult to look flawless all day in summer.  From the sun blaring in our face in the morning, to when we stumble in at 4:00am, we girls have a challenging time looking flawless all day.  There are 3 essential make-up products to help stay flawless all day without having to touch up.

Foundation being the base of our face, its usually the first thing that starts to look oily and needs a touch up.  Using a light foundation or a BB Cream, helps stay flawless, without feeling like we are wearing a cake on our face.  NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation is the perfect medium to a full coverage foundation, without the weight of a full coverage foundation.  With 20 different colours to choose from and only $57.00 at Sephora, it is essential to have in our make-up bags this summer. 

It is hard to choose the best concealer for your skin tone and blemishes.  Regardless of the weather, it is important to use concealer that will last all day and not crease.  Picking up a concealer for you, it is important to remember that it should only be a shade or two lighter then your foundation colour.  Anything to light or to dark will not blend well with the rest of your make-up.  Urban Decay has two great concealers; the first is the 24/7 Concealer Pencil.  This small $22.00 guy will last you longer then you think.  It will stay all day regardless if you are stuck in the office with no air conditioning, or partying all night.  With only 8 colours to choose from it might be hard to find the colour you desire, however the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer has a larger palate of colours to chose from and will give you the same feel as your foundation, light weight and perfect.  

Moving on to those cheeks, I do not know about you girls, but I cannot leave the house without my blush or bronzer.  With the cold wind of the winter gone, it is hard to achieve those rosy pick cheeks without that perfect blush.  NARS Blush in the colour Orgasm, is the perfect colour for night our day.  This peachy pink blush will for sure look good on any skin tone.  And for those girls that do not have time for a tan, the right bronzer might help with that sun kissed look we need.  When trying to get that sun kissed look it is important to remember that having a shimmer in the bronzer will help when the light reflects off your face.  NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna has a great ratio of shimmer and colour.  This duo of blush and bronzer can be found at Sephora from $27.00-$52.00.