Monday, February 04, 2008

Sunless Sunsations

By Emily Felker

Longing for that summer glow, but not the wrinkles that come with it? Sunless tanners are the answer to beautiful, healthy skin to show off all summer long.


Exfoliating is essential in tanner application. You need your skin to be a smooth canvas for your tan, so put some elbow grease into it, and slough away any dead skin. Body scrubs are a great option, but you can achieve the same results by adding some salt to you usual body wash! Also, shaving your legs helps to exfoliate them and make them oh so smooth.

Choose your weapon

With all the information about the long-term affects of sun tanning, there are many great self-tanners on the market. It’s all about finding the right one for you! Moisturizers with added self-tanner are great for beginners and fair skin, and they allow you to gradually build up that naturally perfect glow. If you're choosing a total self-tanner, one with a bronzer in it is best; it will allow you to see exactly where you’ve applied it. With these tanners it is very important to get the right colour for your skin tone; dark means dark! When using self-tanner on your face, it is vital to use one that is formulated for your face; they are milder and some even have an SPF in them, an added bonus!

Get your glow on

Smooth on your tanner all over in small doses to slowly create your perfect shade. A little bit goes a long way, and too much tanner will cause your skin to look orange and streaky. Remember, you can always reapply. Also, be careful around your elbows and knees; these spots tend to be drier and can absorb more colour and end up looking spotty. Wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you are finished, blotched hands are a tell-tale sign of your sun-savvy ways.

Sit back and tan

Most self-tanners will develop their full colour in between three and six hours. Wait it out, for about twenty minutes after applying before putting clothes don’t want to stain them! Avoid showering or swimming for at least six hours; it may take your tan right off! It is best to put self-tanner on at night; this gives it enough time to work its magic while you sleep. You’ll wake up beautifully bronzed and won’t have to worry about it interrupting your day plans. If by chance any streaks or stripes appear, don’t worry; just buff it up and some of the colour will blend together leaving you just the glow you desire.

Enjoy the afterglow

Keep reapplying until you have achieved the tan you’ve been craving, and moisturize as you go; tanner can be drying! Flaunt that smouldering bronze skin! At night rub some baby oil or bronzing oil on for an extra glimmer of allure. And feel great knowing that your beautiful tan won’t be damaging your precious skin!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cheap and chic: Fabulous finds in Leslieville

Cheap and chic: Fabulous finds in Leslieville

Hopscotch Queen East’s hot spots with this introductory guide to easy living in the east. 

Queen East, also known as Leslieville, is rapidly becoming the fashionista’s destination for cool, left-of-the field finds. Art galleries, restaurants, bars and boutiques are quickly taking over grimy auto-repair shops and sketchy local bars.  For the frugal and fashionable budget, here’s a list of must-dos when you find yourself east of Broadview St on the Queen streetcar.


Value Village, 924 Queen Street East (by Carlaw).

Absolutely one of the best Value Villages in Toronto. Its accessible by the 24-hour Queen streetcar, open till 9pm everyday except Sunday (open till 6pm), and constant raiding by the stylish-in-the-know keep goods fresh. If you like a good rummage this is your zone. It stocks furniture, electronics and tons of accessories in addition to clothing for the whole family. Work your creativity on gently used garments that are cheaper than buying a roll of fabric.

Bonjour mon ami!

Bonjour Brioche, 812 Queen St East (by Winnifred)

Not exactly budget, but quality finds require quality fuel. This French style bakery has potentially the best butter and chocolate croissants in the city at $1.25 each. They also have prepackaged sandwiches for those on the go. My personal favorite, the vegetarian, is a massive, rosemary foccacia bread stuffed with olive pate, grilled peppers and mushrooms, goat cheese on a bed of fresh spinach at approximately $7. They are closed on Mondays and goods sell out by early afternoon.

Sumptious Sushi

Sushi Marché, 1105 Queen St East (by Jones)

A great sushi take-out, known only by word of mouth, lies further east. Chef John Lee has trained under the Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto and both Eye and Now Magazines have favorably reviewed Sushi Marché. He doesn’t have a big menu or seating capacity, but his quality rolls and sashimi are worth the little walk over to Greenwood Park (5 minutes) for a picnic bench. A Maki Lunch A will set u back $12, for 12 rolls of salmon and tuna, 1 kamikaze roll and a soup/salad. 

Unfurl your creativity!

Purple Purl, 1162 Queen St East (by Jones)

Knit in the shade of a tree or while you listen to your friend complain (again) about her new man. But first, learn to knit ($50)! Needle-less to say (pun intended), you'll save oodles on new clothes with your crafty new skills. Knit entrélac or even spin fibre into yarn at the Purple Purl. They sell a huge variety of yarns, books, and patterns and have workshops with materials provided. 

Style identity

Identity, 1735 Queen St East (by Coxwell)

In the grey zone between Leslieville and the Beaches, lies a stylish menswear oasis. Identity primarily caters to the stylish street-wise, from skaters to creative artsy types with some money. Carrying brands like Artful Dodger, Ice Cream and Millionaire Boys Club in small quantities ensures you the freshest threads when standing out from the crowd. It also has a womenswear section, but the menswear is where its at. Exclusive lines, limited editions (as in, 250 pieces worldwide) are at decent prices, considering the hard-to-get factor. Identity also has fantastic seasonal sales, at about 40-50% off.  

Stay in Beauty

Stay in beauty
Look Slimmer Instantly Without Dieting!

Most adult females are conscious of their weight, so here are 10 tips to look slimmer without dieting, just being careful with your option of clothes.It is a fact, that people subconsciously do an thought about whom they first run into within 30 seconds.How people perceive you is therefore vital in deriving the upper limit from both your life and calling.In today’s mental image conscious society, we all neediness to look our best and people look at your clothes before anything else by careful cosines ordination you can do yourself look slimmer to anyone’s oculus.

Here are 9 easy tips to lose a few lbs quickly without a diet.

1. One color
Monochromatic dressing brands anyone look taller, slimmer as it does not interrupt the bodyline up and shows a sleek outline

2. Exercise darker colors
it’s a fact that darker colors do you look slimmer than lighter colors do. Blackness is the most popular color and with good ground, its the best for making you look slimmer but other darkness colors work well to

3. Intensity level of color
If you are wearing multiple colors maintain the intensity level between them close. For instance, darkness blue and black or rock and white will be a best option.

4. Wear darker colors on your underside one-half
Darker color at the underside of your body tend to do you looks taller as your hips look slimmer.

5. Wear heels
Wearing high heels with a thin sole instantly do your legs look longer and you as an effect look slimmer.Always wear a neutral color hosiery or friction match your hosiery to the lighter color in the shoes. Never wear hosiery that is darker than the lightest color in the shoes

6. Don’t bisect a fuller fig
Wear a longer jacket or blouse, and wear it un-tucked. This will give a slimmer look, and deflects attending away from the problem waistline country.

7. Don’t exercise heavy cloths
Never wear clothes made out of heavy cloths, they will always do you look fatter. Take finer, silkier thin stuffs.

8. Wear clothes that tantrum
Always wear clothes that tantrum this may sound obvious but many adult females don’t. Don’t endeavor and squeezing into a size 8 if you are a size 10. Accept the size they really are and don’t sap yourself.

9. Wear clothes that balance the horizontal & vertical
you will always look slimmer if you balance your vertical and horizontal proportions of your body type.An adult female who has long body and short legs can wear a short jacket; however, if she has a large breast her jacket should be at least hip length to fend off attending away from her breasts.

By wearing clothes that are in proportion to your body type you look slimmer instantly.Today, many adult females confer with professional mental image advisors who can advice on all the above and a slew more.Not only can you slim your body, you can also slim your human face and present a mental image to affect.

Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever
Add an exotic print to embellish your outfit

I’m Loving the Leopard!
Leopard print is the easiest pattern to coordinate because it is a neutral color combination. Having a marvelous pair of leopard print shoes adds a funky and exotic punch that makes your outfit come together with “pizzazz”. It’s a fabulous pattern to wear when you are dressed in a very simple yet classy outfit. And by the time your eye is drawn to the shoes, “wow” they add that “wow factor” that makes your outfit fun and flirty. Try a red trim and leopard print shoe, it is a great contrast and is so funky. Some people love it, and some people hate it. But no doubt about, it is a fun and flirty look. And to those who are unsure whether leopard print is too “in-your-face,” maybe try a more subtle and darker leopard print shoe, it will add a more sophisticated yet stylish look to any outfit, Whether it is a corporate outfit or a night out. So don’t be scared of being “catty” be brave and try a leopard print.

A Zing of Zebra
Zebra print is a very eye catching print, though not as popular as the leopard print. It tends to be more of a conservative print. Whether it is a larger printed or a more condensed zebra print top. Sometimes Zebra print gives the illusion of stripes, which can horizontally elongate the torso. This is why some people shy away from zebra print. In this case, the sides of this top are gathered and tapered, which allows more shape. If this zebra print top is coordinated with a button down sweater of any color, it adds a “punch” to the outfit. Zebra print is also very versatile, black and white go with every color. It is always nice to have an exotic and stylish article of clothing in your wardrobe for those days when you want to add extra glamour and fun to your day. Zebra print gives you more of an illusion of jungle flavor. Some people might be intimidated by the zebra print in a top but might feel more comfortable wearing it in foot wear. It all depends on each person’s unique style. But I would definitely recommend that there is at least one article of clothing that demonstrates “Jungle fever” in your wardrobe.

Heighten Your Look with Giraffe Print
Giraffe print has become as popular as the leopard print. The caramel and white combination is again, very neutral and coordinates with any color. Leopard print has been a very popular print for the past 3 seasons or so, and many people crave originality. Giraffe print is similar in color scene to leopard print but Giraffe print is distinctively different. This is why when having a big print like Giraffe print on a hand bag is very eye-catching and distinct. Giraffe print resembles polka dots, that’s why it is so neutral and it carries more sophistication. For office wear, you cannot go wrong by walking into work with a giraffe hand bag paired with a black suite, or a brown shirt and a blouse adds elegance to your outfit. There is no doubt that you still have that professional looking ensemble. Day, night or office, try the Giraffe print. You’ll love it!

Denim Goes “Green”

… and we’re not talking those troublesome grass stains.
The biggest concern of eco-friendly alternatives are, the generally higher, prices for the items, but finally an alternative has been made were the price does not range any higher than the brand names you’re already splurging for. Who would’ve thought it’d be jeans to revolutionize this alternative? Now you can get eco-friendly jeans from Sling & Stones, for the same price you’re paying for brands such as True Religion, Rock & Republic, Citizens of Humanity, and Seven For All Mankind.
Denim is made of cotton, which causes great damage to our environment both in terms of water consumption (7000 to 29.000 litres of water for each kilogram of ready garment) and in terms of poisonous substances and insecticides. Cotton fields stand for 25% of all insecticides worldwide! There is a lot of potential in denim production to make a different for the environment.
Sling & Stones takes advantage of that potential by introducing their eco-friendly jeans. Virtually all the jeans they sell are manufactured with this eco-friendly technology. Sling & Stones denim is made of American-grown organic Supima cotton, one of the finest and rarest natural fibers on earth. These jeans are virtually pesticide-free, unlike the average cotton jeans which contain 27% harmful chemicals.
The organic Supima fiber is spun into yarn and then hand-loomed by a small family-run Japanese mill, with some fabric taking an entire day to produce a single roll. The cost of the fabric alone is more than the entire cost of producing most other ‘premium’ jeans. The jeans are dyed with natural indigo and laundered with environmentally friendly ozone washes unlike other indigos that are made from harmful chemicals that emit into the environment.
Together they burn for social change and fashion has become their vehicle. Sling & Stones offers a socially conscious, environmentally responsible denim collection which exemplifies excellence in the everyday; hand constructed pieces featuring progressive fits, world class materials, and everyday versatility. Sling & Stones represents luxury, cutting-edge style and environmental consciousness.
Sling & Stones is setting an example for all other brand name jeans; slowly they begin to join the revolution. Levis’ luxury jeans recently begin selling these eco-friendly alternatives, and are working towards making all their jeans eco-friendly.
Eco-friendly denim is a simple way for a fashion savvy individual to contribute to the well being of the environment; not having to dish-out more of your pretty pennies is also a bonus. So put your other jeans aside, slip into some eco-friendly jeans, and know with each step you take you’re making a difference for the environment.

Fashion Journalism

Feb 3, 2008

Age of the Metrosexual

Eyes coveting. Androgyny gasping. Trend setting men infiltrating the female beauty scene, ensuring a larger market for cosmetics, and redefining the importance of male style.

Where did he come from?

Fly back to the recent past and drive the 401 headed towards Toronto Metropolitan. This is where you first passed him. Spread across the highway billboard, think of his flawless beauty: defined. Against a black and white Calvin Klein underwear Ad, Mark Walberg represented the iconic bad boy with an alluring beauty. It was the end of the disheveled era of Grunge and ‘Marky Mark’ was infiltrating the minds of followers like a storm trooper armored with a futuristic codpiece. The metro sexual was outside and on the scene, causing the bird in flight to take a second look before it stopped to preen.

Who does he think he is?

This shop till he drops girl wannabe is aesthetically pleased by the superficiality that surrounds him. He revels in the idea of sharing a new world Cabernet Merlot at the trendiest Yorkville Supper Club. He can be spotted on the tanning side of the most exposed coffee shop patio, where he sits with impeccable posture as he sips a non-fat, extra foam, hold the whip, soy delicious latte, while reading a so-called hip novel such as: The fight club, starring Brad Pitt. He is the ubermensch in every gay man’s fantasy and a convoluted dream for a lumberjacks sleeping reality. This man shares a woman’s vanity and while the two sit facing the beveled mirror he will ask:”May I borrow your file? I just broke a nail”.

What does he look like?

These men gravitate towards the modern monochromatic. Sharp tailored lines stream down their pinstripe suits as they brisk by busy Bay Street catching an occasional self image from a skyscrapers reflection. While handing a pay stub at the crystal Museum on Bloor, the ticket collector will take notice to the carefully clear coated polish glazed over his manicured finger tips. Sparring application use of hair product is applied by carefully separating every low light from high. This finishing touch creates envy for every topiary shrub while walking through the vacation destination: English Garden. Pruned, picked and plucked, his low fat, high protein diet creates sleekness to his svelte muscle toned body. He is the Adonis that an obsessive compulsive woman will desire, and the eye of envy on the cover page of Esquire.

How did this happen?

Do not be taken aback by the increasing number of Metrosexuals roaming the downtown streets. They will continue to flock as long as the cosmetic industry pumps products to sustain this desired look. And why wouldn’t they? If men can share the market for cosmetics with women, it would make sense to capitalize on expensive blemish abolishers, anti-wrinkle, age defying night creams, protein rich avocado hair conditioners, quadruple -the -power aerodynamic razors, coal eyeliner, nail polish, super-lash mascara and flawless face cover up! And what is left for the future? Will the bra re-invent itself and become: the bro-zier? Will briefs become thongs? Will panty liners become clarifying facial, toner pads?

Conversely, perhaps the metrosexual is catching up with the modern woman. A woman free to dress, act and work in an egalitarian environment. Is it possible that this form of self-expression is actually the re-birth in gender balance and understanding?

You Are What You Wear

You Are What You Wear
The plain-jane tee has moved aside to usher in a new generation of personal advertisement

Vendors have ultimately given up trying to appease the masses with the same-old, cookie-cutter pieces of clothing. Instead, they’ve looked to personal style and genre to add oodles of character to classic pieces. The traditional tee shirt is no stranger to this and has been revamped to become the voice of a new generation. Here’s a look at some of the companies who have taken the icon of staples and morphed it into a modern day representation of self.

Food for Thought
Found at a large selection of Toronto retailers, Junk Food has made it their mission to put an end to the solid, boring tee by drawing upon famous characters and slogans from an 80s childhood. Taking center stage in the graphic tee department they’ve captured the hearts of everyone from your mom to your boyfriend. Junk Food tees allow you to let the world know who or what you’re feeling that day and the mood you’re trying to channel. From their Little Miss collection to the Star Wars collection, Junk Food acts as a middleman that represents not only your personal style, but also your likes, dislikes, and favorite childhood memories.

Free As a Bird
Alongside the birth of rock ‘n roll was the birth of the graphic tee. Originally worn as statements of rebellion, beliefs, and attitudes, graphic tees have defined the art of style of some pretty famous artists throughout the years. So it seems only natural that Worn Free has made it their mission to recapture some of the greatest defining moments in musical history in the past 40 years. Pulling from 70s and 80s pop culture and the artists who claimed these decades as their own, Worn Free tees have a raw and vintage sex appeal that ultimately sets them apart. By wearing a piece of history made famous by musical legends like Debbie Harry, Frank Zappa, or Joey Ramone, you can showcase your musical taste and the defining moments that have become a part of who you are.

House of the Rising Sun
Is there one album from the past 40 years that just sums you up? For some reason, it speaks to your soul and has become an essential part of your very being? Then show it off with the help of House of the Gods graphic tees. Like Worn Free, House of the Gods centers their tees around the spirit of music and musical legends, predominantly focusing on classic albums that defined a generation. These tees allow you to relive the glory days of blue eyeshadow and Blondie, or feel the beat of the Police emblazed across your chest. The brand sets themselves apart by not only using silk-screening as their main tool, but also relying on sequins, rhinestones and colourful embellishments to amp up the volume on the message you send.