Thursday, March 15, 2007


1 Crazy Model
3 Runway
6 ______ of thread
7 Ugly Boots
9 Natural fabric
13 Aka Stylish
14 Popular Toronto shopping spot
16 Instant figure
17 French Jeweler
19 60's Model
21 Christian
23 Model host
24 Fashion bible
26 Fashion staple
28 In & out of style
29 Current Versace
34 Creator- Pillbox
35 Below the bust
36 Girls best friend
37 Luxury fabric
38 Neckline sleeve
39 "Heightened Style"

2 Shoe God
4 80's trend
5 Hermes bag
8 Former Home of Tom
9 Hand held purse
10 Buy things
11 Knitted fabric
12 Hot shoe
15 One should never wear this
18 Peta's pet peeve
20 In this season
22 Stylish glasses
25 Past Versace
27 Model in trouble (2wrds.)
30 Early 90's trend
31 Suits
32 Coco ______
33 Hat with high tapering crown
36 To his Gabbana
39 Homeless bag

what's in a name

What’s in a Name?
Uncovering the world of celebrity fashion designers

It’s hard to walk the streets today and not see the image of a celebrity. Whether you’re at the news stand, walking down the street, shopping in a mall or just staring at someone’s t-shirt, you’re bound to see a celebrity. It’s getting harder and harder to determine what’s authentic with these numerous celebrity endorsements. The latest craze is the ever popular celebrity clothing line. What makes these clothing lines so special, and how can they be compared that of “non-celebrity”?
When an average person decides to choose fashion not only a career but as a way a life, they invest their all. When a celebrity decides to make a fashion a side a project, they invest what can seem like pocket change to have their line instantly in over fifty retail chains. We could boycott celebrity these brands completely, but how much damage would that actually cause? Probably more than you’d think. These celebrities employ hundreds of people within their empires, even designers to produce their good. These celebrity clothing lines can often be a stepping stone for an aspiring designer, creating a credibility that a personal line would never be able to accomplish. However, these lines also flood an already over crowded market, making it that much harder for talent to reach the mainstream.
The lines seem to get blurred on what exactly is a celebrity clothing line. It seems just about anybody in the media can slap their name on a pair of jeans or a t-shirt and call it fashion. Do any of these celebrities actually design their own clothes? It seems to vary from star to star, not only on how their clothing is designed, but who their brand is marketed to. Celebrity “designers” like Jessica Simpson tackle footwear and accessories, while Jennifer Lopez has put her name on a lingerie line. Even Britney Spears and Paris Hilton both lend their names to fragrances. It used to be that only someone of great talent and status could put their name on a product, for example: Elizabeth Taylor on perfume. Now almost any D-List star has some sort of product, the most popular being of course, the celebrity clothing line. From reality star to Oscar winning celeb, just about everyone has their own clothing line.
Very few celebrities control all aspects of their own lines. Lines like L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani and Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons are just another thing these celebrity’s can put their names on. Neither Stefani nor Kimora Lee can credit themselves for the design aspect of their collections. Both companies’ employ someone for every level of production- from the initial design, to the final sewn garment. However Kimora Lee and Stefani both have final say on what is or is not put into production. These lines not only bring in profit they can also be a credit to an artist’s image. Lines like 50 Cent’s G Unit can also just be a major cash cow. Just another thing a celebrity can put their name on and wait for the money to roll in.
There are some celebrities that claim to oversee all of their company’s endeavors, including their fashion lines. P. Diddy’s line Sean John estimates that forty-two billion dollars is spent by teenagers each year on his personal line. While P. Diddy does employ several designers, he can also be credited for most of the initial concept for his clothing, and has been embraced by the fashion industry because of this. Artists like Beyonce also claim to have complete control over their personal lines. Her line House of Dereon was started by her and mother just over 3 years ago and is already sold all over Canada and the U.S- A process that could take any other unknown designer years, if not a lifetime.
Global brands like H&M employ guest designers. Their list of celebrity designers includes Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Victor and Rolf and Madonna. These lines prove to be highly profitable, often selling out in one day, but also provide that celebrity look at a fraction of what you might pay for a celebrity’s personal clothing line.
Celebrities like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Hilary Duff have also cashed in on the lower priced market, with their focus in the children’s division. Big box stores, Zellers and Wal Mart carry both of their lines; Stuff by Hilary Duff, and Mary Kate & Ashley by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Because of the overall mass of Wal Mart and Zeller’s these lines have spread all over the world. They even branch off into smaller lines like; shoes, bags, make-up, fragrance and even dolls. Could they ever be stopped? Not only have these girls become icons to their young market, they also make millions off of them. Dualstar Entertainment, the Olsen’s personal enterprise, estimates that in the upcoming years, Mary Kate and Ashley’s clothing line will bring in over one billion dollars worth of revenue, based on the lines previous sales. The market’s continue to get younger and younger while the revenue’s continue to get larger and larger. Have veteran celebrity’s missed the boat? Or simply did they miss the mass market?
The trend doesn’t seem likely to fade away anytime soon, as long as there’s a market, there will forever be celebrity clothing lines. What’s next? We already have celebrities endorsing clothing, accessories, home appliances, cars, shoes, cell phones, fragrance, credit cards and furniture. What else can celebrities put their names on? Maybe next year you’ll receive a birthday card from the Paris Hilton collection, or a tooth brush with George Clooney’s face on it. Only time will tell…

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Toronto’s Finest Stylist

Peter Papapetrou has climbed his way to the top of Toronto’s fashion industry, but don’t call him an overnight success. It has taken years of hard work, networking and a dream to get where he is today. As I sit down and talk to the former George Brown student I can’t help but get a little star struck. His face is plastered everywhere from his own TV show “Renovate My Wardrobe” to countless other TV appearances. He is a star, yet extremely nice and down to earth.
What was your first job?
My first job was in retail at a store called Bootlegger, I was 15 at the time.

What are your greatest achievements?
I have always believed in following your passion and not the money...when you do that somehow the money just comes. You have to put in a lot of hard work and you must stay strong. Now looking back I have had the opportunity to style for some amazing campaigns, worked with some of the greatest designers, travelled to some of the most beautiful fashion capitals and styled various celebrities. I have my own TV show and now I’m the fashion editor for Lush Magazine. I could not ask for anything more but I still strive to the next level. I love being challenged!
Future Plans?
My future plans would be to create and direct a Fashion House; I would love to bring a company to life. I think it would encompass everything I’ve learned and love. Also another show is a possibility.
The best advice is to follow your instincts, be ready to work and try new things. Most of all never forget where you came from and always be willing to give back and help! Oh and every job you do, as miniscule as it seems teaches you something... TRUST ME!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh, George! Do's and Don'ts!


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This is a very healthy mullet that has excellent shape and volume. He knows it, and he's not afraid to let you know it. However I hate to be the barer of bad news but this is wrong on numerous levels and it jus will never be “right”.

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Ok, this is taking “nerd chic” to a new level.
Not to mention his bad ass lobster tan.

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Ehh. . . I don’t know quite what to say here. She looks like she did all her shopping at one of those $5 boxes at an everything must go sale. And it looks like that box was filled with second hand skanky clothing circa 2001.

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COME ON PEOPLE! Let it go! This was so 4 years ago, wait a minute. No, actually it never happened, it was all a figment of your imagination. These individuals must be stopped! Hopefully in the not to distant future people will wake up from this Ugg Boot stupor and realize the errors of their ways.

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This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S . . . . I think this guy wants to be a Harajuku girl a little to badly. From the dated trucker hat down to the ankle socks this just screams DON`T!


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The only guy that can be ok with the straight male community and bang all the ladies is this guy, super manicured, metro sexual with a intensely "graphic" tee. This guys got it all and style to boot.

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Space odyssey is back with vengeance!
Designers are translating precious metals
into wearable fashion. This is a definite must for the season.

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WOW! WOW! WOW! Could not be more impressed with this highly stylized outfit. Starting from the vintage Dior shades to the McQueen jumper down to the Burberry boots this girl has got it going on!

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This is a hot trend for spring07, the oversized slightly masculine crisp white shirt is a must have. A high waisted belt is a fabulous way to maximize femininity out of this look.

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This is classic! Elegant, chic and smart, this is how you do black justice. The Marc Jacobs quilted patent bag, with gold trim is the icing on the cake.

By: Julia McEwen & Matt Cohen