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The best necklines for your frame and what to look for when looking for that perfect plain white tee.  


There are 4 classic neckline shapes and each neckline serves a purpose and can help enhance your everyday look.

The first is a classic scoop neck- these have U-shape with the arms of the U hanging on the shoulders. A scoop is the most classic neckline as it is one of the most flattering for both men and women.

A V-neck can vary either between a Deep-V and a classic V. The shape of a V-neck t-shirt is formed by two diagonal lines from the shoulders that meet on the chest creating a V shape. This neckline has become the new classic shape that both men and women tend to go for.

The boat neck is one that is most tailored to women, however the occasional man can pull it off. The characteristics of a boat neck are similar to that of a scoop neck except instead of hanging on the shoulders, it hangs just past the collar bones just on the edge of the shoulders. The boat neck is not an everyday t-shirt style however it can easily dress up a simple outfit.

How low can you go?

When it comes to a V-neck, it is all in the length of the neckline. One should never go too low or too high when considering wearing this style t-shirt. A very low neckline on a woman or man may reveal too much and look sloppy and unprofessional, while a very high neckline on a man can make him look very constricted. While on a woman, a high neckline can either make her look extremely flat chested (if she has small girls) or the opposite; and make her look extremely chesty if her girls are larger. The best way to find the right length is to start from the middle of your chest and scale one finger up and there is where you want your V to end.

If the shirt fits!

In the world of plain white tee’s there are two classic fits; fitted and vintage fit. Fitted is a tighter narrower fit to the body that hugs your curves, while a vintage fit is a bit looser. If you are looking to cover up any problem areas in the stomach, a vintage fit may be the fit for you as it will hang loose on the body and cover any imperfections. A fitted tee allows you to show off your upper body to the fullest as it will literally be skin tight against your chest so there is no hiding anything.

The B*tch of Bay Street

Yorkville: One of Toronto’s most prominent neighbourhoods, and a concrete runway for the well-manicured, well-coiffed, and well-dressed. And those are just the pets.  

Long gone are the days when a couple designer pieces and a subscription to Vogue meant you could consider yourself fashionable; nowadays, a true fashionista surrounds him- or herself with an equally fashionable entourage, whether it be their friends, their children, or more commonly these days, their pets. 

Four years ago, Samantha Armstrong, founder of HOUND Collection, recognized a thriving trend among the fashion-forward young professionals who wanted to walk their dogs in style, so she decided to take it into her own hands to create a line of handmade, on-trend accessories for dogs. 

“HOUND was an idea I came up with when I brought home my first dog, Henry, 4 years ago. I scoured online and every luxury pet boutique for something for Henry to wear, [but] everything "luxury" really just meant kitschy. Rhinestones and hot pink weren't my thing.” 

Working at a high-end shoe store in Yorkville no doubt influenced Armstrong’s personal taste and affinity for a trendy, well-made product. Although starting a business is a daunting task (and even more so for a 23 year old), it seemed like the obvious next step for this dog-loving fashionista who was inspired by her desire to find accessories that reflected her personal style… for her dog. Armstrong decided that she couldn’t be the only fashion lover wanting her dog to be as well-dressed as she was, and after sourcing her materials, relentlessly promoting on Instagram, and putting in long hours between classes, she had a product and a name: HOUND. 

  “Our target market is the young, trendy girl with a need for staying on trend. Whether it's disposable income, or a maxed out Visa - HOUND is [a] must have in [her] wardrobe. We target the basic Aritzia customer: women aged 18-28. We'd love our customers to have to make a conscious decision between a HOUND set or a new pair of shoes come payday.”

In only 7 months, the brand has gained a substantial following, with close to 7,000 followers on Instagram, and with some of her main markets being New York, California, Melbourne, and the UK. HOUND sets can even be seen adorning the necks of pets belonging to Marilyn Denis, and a variety of fashion bloggers such as Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat, Jenny Bernheim of Margo and Me, and Vancouver-based blogger, Lily Nguyen, of Bleed for Fashion. Armstrong even requests that her customers take Look of the Day shots of their outfits paired with their dog’s HOUND set to promote the brand’s focus on being fashion-forward.

A collection of luxury dog collars may elicit an eye-roll or two from some who believe “it’s just a dog”, but in a time where “Mommy’s little princess” onesies are no longer exclusive to babies, and “s’paw” days are no longer exclusive to overworked mothers, a trendy HOUND set almost seems like a wardrobe staple for your best friend.  

Queen Street West: Beyond the stores

Queen Street West: Beyond the stores
Turn your holiday shopping into a unique experience

I decided to walk along the famous West Queen West neighborhood, recently named by Vogue the second coolest in the world, after Shimokitazawa in Tokyo. While I was walking, I slowly dipped into another world, a world where the noise of the city stopped bothering me. At that time my attention was focused in the mix of cultures, art and various styles. My senses were absorbed by the experience that many stores offer. In this space of the city the concept of buying becomes more than just something materialistic. Moreover, I would even say that each of these stores is a new story that can involves you with a unique and different theme full of passion and creativity. A lot of them fascinated me, but of course I have my favorites.

Wildhagen: Go ahead with your head!

This lovely family business on the second floor of 575 Queen Street West offers a variety of handmade hats with a vintage inspiration; this place will transfer you directly to the '20s. Their hats are authentic pieces of art that mix different materials and colors, given them a contemporary look. In addition it is a fact that hats are back in fashion; they are the perfect accessories to protect you from the cold winter, making you stand out and feel more confident. You can come in, feel free and try on all the styles that you want. Here nobody will bother you, but the sweet owners will be more than happy to help you. Are you looking to be the most original of the season? Then choose the colors, the style that better fits you and get your custom made hat!

Cabaret: Timeless Fashion

Cabaret (672 Queen Street West) is mainly a dress store, where I would emphasize its authentic vintage pieces. Most vintage dresses that can be found here date from the '20s to the '70s. Theses treats of the past times are garments that tend to highlight the feminine, making the women who will wear it especially sensual and attractive. I think is the ideal place to find the perfect and unique dress for a dinner or New Years' eve. Feel the essence of the styles that Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or Diana Ross would worn and add extra glamour to your wardrobe. These pieces are never out of fashion; they are consider as classic hot styles that they just get more attractive with the years. I will recommend this store for a special woman’s present.

PARLOQUE: Avant-garde International Wardrobe

Lastly I found PARLOQUE on 1093 Queen Street West a store for men and women dedicated to hard-to-find international designer labels, some of which come from New Zealand, Copenhagen or Seoul. This was a hard field to find arond the city, so it feels great to know about it! The collections are suitable for those who are looking for innovative pieces without limits that go beyond “everybody’s” trends. Some of the men's clothing would be extra long shirts or shirts with patterns out of usual. Women’s pullover with big digital prints, or unconventional garments with transparent plastic details will be some of the garments for her. Besides, you can also find unisex pieces, accessories and shoes. Sincerely it is a must to visit place to get involved in this out-of-the-box experience. Probably you will get excited about something for yourself or for a friend; whether or not you consider yourself as conventional many of these garments can be matched with different styles and budgets!

Leggings are really cool?

Leggings are really cool?

These comfortable pants are worn by everyone but that doesn’t mean they are fashionable.                                      
Easy grabbing 

If you are on the street for less than 1minute you can easily see ladies who are wearing leggings. It’s quite true that those pants seem to be worn by most ladies. Is there anyone who doesn’t have a pair of leggings in her closet? Maybe the answer is “nobody”. As most legging materials are spandex, it stretches easily and I think this is the reason that it’s popular all over the world. Because it’s comfortable. However, can just “comfortable” cloth also be cool? Every day we wear and see them but the following 3 reasons make me tired of leggings. Let’s talk about it.
Hard item to match one another 

First, it’s hard to match other clothes. Because leggings are very tight so the top clothes should not be as tight as the pants. If someone’s whole body is covered by very tight cloth it looks like Superman’s costume and that never looks good. Leggings are too tight so they reveal the crotch therefore the top should cover the crotch. Do they need to prove if they are a man or woman? Most leggings are black and this doesn’t make it easy to match other clothes. If someone wears leggings in white it makes her look fat or puffy. White leggings probably never look pretty. Although printed leggings look cool, tops are usually limited to basic or solid colors. Because printed leggings plus printed tops are always a no-no. 

Not that comfortable 

Women say it’s comfortable but is it really? I think it’s way too tight so the leg feels too squeezed and too hot. Especially if someone wears too small a size, see my comments earlier about the crotch. So if we compare regular pants and leggings, regular pants are more comfortable. I think legging’s biggest merit is the waist. Unlike most pants, legging’s waist has only spandex so for the majority of people these days who have a tummy is willing to wear it. Because they are stretchable. 

It’s boring. 

At last, as leggings wear by every woman, it doesn’t look fashionable. It seems that they were rushed in the morning so they are just grabbed as easy one for a day. If leggings are matched with other fashionable clothes or accessories, that would be very nice. However, leggings itself has limited to match one another they just look boring. We just need to other alternative one to grab easily.  

Most leggings are not as expensive as regular pants due to easy to product. In addition, the weights of leggings are much lighter so the wearer would feel activity. These strength may be made the wearer addictive to them. So before we are addictive them, how about regular pants or a skirt to wear today before it’s too cold? Forget about the boring leggings for a while then you can approach to become a fashionable star closer.

Everyone is welcome! My list of safe, fun and gender neutral places in the city.

Everyone is Welcome!
My list of safe, fun and gender neutral places in the city
Living in Toronto, you probably already know about its hidden treasures. I've called it my home for the last 15 years, and to this day it never ceases to amaze me. There are some places that everyone should make a point to check out. These places are filled with friendly, gender- and culture-neutral, safe and absolutely hands-down always-a-great-time people who don’t discriminate, judge or radiate negative energy. These places are my local gems when it comes to just simply having a good time.
Yes Yes Y’all
Located in the College and Bathurst area, Ryze nightclub is a new home to Yes Yes Y’all, Toronto’s longest running queer party.  Funky, fresh, with a dance-to-every-song type of vibe, YYY never disappoints. The DJs are ridiculously amazing if you’re into hip-hop, reggae and dance hall music. People are extremely positive and encouraging; it always feels like a great place to be yourself.  Bring comfortable shoes and tie your hair up; it’s going to be a wild night. The only issue with YYY is that it only happens once per month, every third Friday, definitely a treat kind of party.
 Beaver Cafe
Cafe by day- bar/dance party by night, Beaver is located on Queen West, east of Dufferin. Friendly staff, small but tasty menu; it’s great for lunch, dinner or drinks as well as dancing at night. The Beaver is truly a gender-neutral place in the city: pansexual, bisexual, cross-dress, drag queen, transgender and of coarse cisgender people are welcome. It might be a tight space, but it fits a ton of awesome people, who come to the Beaver to get away from the sometimes pretentious Queen Street area bars and clubs. Check out their Twitter for events, it’s always a fun night, not to mention a beautiful new back alley mural by Michelle LeFade, is definitely a must see!
Crews and Tangos
One of the gems of The Village, Crews and Tangos is a diverse, top party destination in Toronto. It’s safe and welcoming for people of all ethnicity, sexual orientation and culture. Crews and Tangos is going down in queer Toronto’s history as not only a great place to be yourself but a place that’s constantly helping  others by raising money for various charities like PWA ( People With Aids Foundation), South American & Caribbean Children and other local organizations. It’s also where you would go to dance your heart away to a mix of house, club, pop, hip-hop and retro music. Be sure to check out the fierce drag shows every night, it's crowned number one drag bar in Toronto for a reason!

Regardless of your sexual orientation, your music preference or interests, being able to experience something new in the city is entertaining and educational. It’s also a great way to meet people, make friends or simply take the stress of every day, out on the dance floor. I recommend everyone to try, it’s definitely worth it!

All White Everything

Top Tips On How To Wear White This Season

Be careful with that cup of cocoa, the winter white trend is here to stay! This season, get into the winter spirit by incorporating white into your outfit, and what better time to wear this shade than now? Turn your wardrobe from dark to bright with snow inspired pieces.  From casual to evening wear, there are various ways to pull off this trend. Don’t stay frozen in time, and follow these five stylish tips on how to wear white this season.


Black and white will always be classic but this season this look has gained popularity. The contrast between the two shades can be both artistic and edgy! Take on a minimalist approach by pairing a white turtleneck sweater with a pair of simple black trousers. This trend can also be worn as an evening look by wearing a black and white structured dresses or pairing simple tops with midi skirts. Mix and match with simple pieces, the classic white tee never gets old!

White Sneakers

As seen on the runway, this trend has quickly gained popularity. From Adidas to Lacoste, various brands of white sneakers can be seen trending. Show off these kicks with a sporty monochrome look. These can also be paired with boyfriend jeans or an all-black outfit. For a bold, daring look, wear these pearly whites with a casual dress to pull off a fashion forward style. This fresh shoe trend is key this season, just watch out for those muddy snow days of course!

All White

White just may be the new black! Say goodbye to colour and stand out from the crowd in an all-white look from head to toe. White-on-white can not only be worn with different pieces but different textures as well. From fur, to leather, to quilted garments, it’s easy to get creative. Indulge in striking white pieces of the same saturation to match with perfection.   An easy way to do this is to look for co-ordinates and suits as the same shade of white is used for both pieces. From over-sized white coats to white jeans, the possibilities are endless. 


Sometimes a pop of colour – or in this case a shade – is all you need. From jewelry to bags, the right shade of white can be just the thing to complete your look. Make your look pop with radiant white totes or backpacks. Simple white jewelry pieces such as pearl stud earrings or rings can also bring your outfit together. You can even take it a step further and give your nails a frosty fresh look with white nail polish. 

Layers on layers

Don’t freeze in the cold; instead layer on and on and on. This style is all the rave this season as stacking it on portrays a look fresh off the runway. Layering with radiant whites is a must-have look and can easily be done by gathering your favourite white pieces. This can be accomplished by adding a white cardigan over your top and topping it off with a chunky white scarf. Not only will you look trendy, but you’ll be toasty warm as well! 

Land of Oz

Click your heels! It’s time to shop Toronto’s lower Ossington – the strip that has quickly emerged as the city’s most sought-after destination of exclusive, designer fashion and stunning boutique gems.

Hidden within the heart of the West Queen West neighbourhood, the southern edge of Ossington Avenue boats an impressive, cultured collection of high fashion emporiums, cultivated art galleries, and fantastic food. Once an ageing, degraded strip, Ossington has begun to flourish anew with the arrival of young artists and ambitious entrepreneurs who have flocked deeper west as Toronto’s city centre continues to grow. Gallery-like designer boutiques now flourish in the area, mirroring a new culture of high fashion on Toronto’s affluent west end. So where should you shop to find that one-of-a-kind designer piece?

Au Petit Paris

Founded by passionate industry veteran Annie Mesenge, Annie Aime aspires to deliver exactly what the name itself promises – style that Annie loves. Functional, unique, and creatively designed pieces are showcased in an atmosphere that sits in parity with art itself – framed by the whimsy of a vivid, splattered mural over bright, canvas-like walls. Fashion here is about quality, function, expression, and European inspiration – merging the decadence of Parisian taste with the wearability of big city practicality. It is the perfect destination for the on-the-go, creative individual seeking unique designer looks from celebrated international artists. Notable names include Majestic Filatures, Crea Concept UAE, Herno, and European Culture. (42 Ossington Avenue).

Old World, New Man

            Nestled into an intimate, rustic space at the corner of Bruce and Ossington, I Miss You Vintage Man sits modestly next to its more famous sister store – I Miss You Vintage – which focuses solely on womenswear. The eclectic boutique is a beautiful and memorable reflection of the spirit of Ossington – a blend of taste and refinement in a package that is equally classic and current. Rare, high-end vintage finds are the norm in this treasure chest of stunning menswear; built to attract those interested in the details of fashion – from intricately engraved buttons and rings to exceptionally-designed wool coats from decades long past. It is the ideal Ossington gem for the tailored individual who values both the history of iconic design and the necessity of refined urban taste. Notable brands include vintage Givenchy, Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. (63 Ossington Avenue).

From Runway to Retail

            What exists as perhaps the mecca of contemporary fashion on the Ossington strip is Jonathan+Olivia, an expansive, airy showroom that houses some of the most famous international designers of the modern era in an organized, elegant space of understated super-luxury. Grand ceilings and bare white walls do little to compete with the massive collection of clothing this famous Toronto boutique has to offer – direct from the most current runways of Paris, London, Milan and New York. Regardless of your own personal taste, if you love fashion, your favourite designer is here. Housing a men’s section as well as an addictive sales area in the basement, Jonathan+Olivia is an invitation to ultimate fashion prestige – merging the culture of money with the culture of art. Notable collections include Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, Jacquemus, Opening Ceremony, and Helmut Lang. (49 Ossington Avenue).

New Year, New You!

Make your resolution a little vainer.

With the New Year approaching, many of us are vowing to make this year different; “I’m going to get in shape,” “no more bad boys,” “I’m not going to procrastinate,” etc. but maybe it’s time to take a break from making these empty promises to yourself. Maybe it’s time to get a new prospective and take an entirely different approach to 2015. If you agree with this notion, continue reading, and if you don’t, please continue reading anyways and check out my suggestions for reinventing yourself this year! WARNING: excessive time spent in front of the mirror may cause BeyoncĂ© level confidence.

Lust-worthy Locks

Whether you’re jumping on the bandwagon for the latest trendy haircut or maybe deciding to dance to the beat of your own drum, it’s time to transform those tousles. Be bold and try something completely different! Make sure to consult a friend or a hairdresser before taking the plunge though, I don’t want to be solely responsible for your potential hair-catastrophe, just in case.
                If you’re hesitant like I am, that’s okay, there’s always less permanent options to explore. Try a semi-permanent dye or maybe just spend the day trialing different up-dos or switching around the parting of your hair. Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate braids into your look, they’re always a safe go-to for a little something different!

Fierce Faced

Mix up your beauty routine! Switch your basic black or brown for a coloured liner. Metallic and darker tones of blue are some haute hues from the runway but, don’t limit yourself to just those! Experiment with different colours that you can even translate into spring. Also, try pairing these funky liners with a bold brow for an even more captivating eye.
            Another great way to spruce on your beauty regimen is to paint that pout. I often dress up an outfit by gliding on a fun colour of lipstick which instantly makes me feel more glamorous. I highly recommend going into a cosmetic store and asking one of the makeup artists to pick out any and all lipstick shades that they think would suit your skin tone. What’s the harm in trying them on? You might be surprised at what colours you fall in love with!

Sew Chic

Unfortunately, all of the previous beauty tips may be starting to cost you a pretty penny but my final tip shouldn't cost much. I’m sure there’s a lot of old, ugly, out-dated pieces you just can’t seem to get rid of in your closet but, I've got a solution; change them into something different. Now this may require a trip to a seamstress but don’t be afraid to pick up a needle and thread and make some alterations yourself. Whether you add material, a few buttons or even a zipper to something basic, you’ll have a new article of clothing, or at least you’ll feel like you do.
            Although this is one way to incorporate new pieces in your wardrobe, try having weekly or monthly swaps of clothing with friends! It’s a great way to create new outfits, with the addition of a few items, without breaking the bank. Of course be courteous and buy something new every once in a while so that you and all your friends can enjoy some diversity.
Hopefully, some of my suggestions have inspired a few ideas for changing your look for the New Year in a fun way but if not; maybe I’ll see you at the gym in 2015, but probably not.

Timeless Toronto

Whether you're a tourist or a resident of the multicultural haven, Toronto has lots to offer from the old to the new, and everything in-between. You must be willing to seek out the hidden gems though, don’t just travel to the common touristic destinations. To save you some time seeking, Oh George has put together a list of timeless places you must not skip.

Casa Loma

Step back in time in this breathtaking Gothic Revival mansion that has stunning gardens and inspiring interiors. Built in the mid-1910s, it became property of the city and a museum soon after, due to its owner Sir Henry Mill Pellatt’s financial troubles. Very few know that Casa Loma isn’t just the castle-style house, it also includes a Hunting Lodge and stables which are just across the street, hidden amongst other beautiful residences. There is a tunnel connecting them to the main house, as well as a secret staircase, both of which are open for public viewing. Ghost stories and several mysteries haunt Casa Loma, adding to the allure of the dark, romantic and sophisticated mansion.

Nathan Phillips Square

At Christmas time, there’s no place more magical than this outdoor skating rink in the very heart of the city. Lace-up and glide your way through all the lights and ornaments decorating the converted rink, which in the warm months is a reflecting pool. The plaza where it’s in is full of other landmarks, including Toronto’s current and former City Halls, a piece of the Berlin Wall, a Peace Garden dedicated to the bombing of Hiroshima and world peace, and much more.

The Fashion District

You are dared to find a more eclectic and colourful neighbourhood than this part of Downtown Toronto. With places ranging from hidden art galleries, homegrown label stores, products straight from the manufacturers, and Italian designer textiles, there’s lots to see and to shop in this former manufacturing centre of Canada. Recently declared the ‘World’s Second Coolest Neighbourhood’ by Vogue magazine, it might just be worth a visit.

Bata Shoe Museum

If you have a passion for shoes, you can’t pass up a visit to the this chic museum. Created by Sonja Bata in the 40s, it is North America’s only museum dedicated to the history of footwear. Although three of its four exhibitions are constantly changing, the museum does house special gems such as vintage Louboutin heels, Elton John's monogrammed silver platform boots, Queen Victoria’s ballroom slippers, Elvis Presley’s patent loafers and more. Its vast collections of footwear from around the world and from major historical periods have even included prehistoric shoes dating back nearly 5,000 years!

TIFF Bell Lightbox

This cultural centre is the pulse of Toronto’s pure passion for cinematography. It contains the headquarters of Toronto’s acclaimed International Film Festival or TIFF, five cinemas showcasing curated films, two galleries dedicated to film and art history, a three-story public atrium, three learning studios, a centre for scholars and students, a bistro, restaurant, stunning rooftop terrace and more. The main attraction each year is the film festival which happens in the Fall, where masses of industry professionals and Hollywood actors gather to screen hundreds of films from 72 countries. But don’t worry, in the wintertime this cinema harbour is just as alive and kicking as an action-packed movie.

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What’s Cooler Than Cool? (Ice Cold.)

Or How to Dress for the Season When Your Instinct Is To Wait For the Season to Be Over.

Unless you’re a Stark of Winterfell, I personally find it hard to believe that anyone of us can say “Winter is Coming” with a smile on our faces. With 2014 coming to an end, the harsh winds of the north are just starting to pick up speed and I choose to believe that I’m not alone in my daily to struggle against submitting to hibernation and staying inside with my Netflix subscription until the flowers are in bloom once more. A more responsible alternative to this common winter-phobia is to find something to make leaving the house an exciting prospect again. What better way to do this than to channel some of our favourite innovative style icons and at least look fab while we fantasize about the return of temperatures above freezing.

Tilda Swinton
Tilda sets our transcendental hearts aflutter with her androgynous style, killer cheekbones, and lack of definition of a bad hair day. Her tall stature and affinity for all white ensembles that billow as she walks gives her the title of Ice Queen of my heart, in the very best way possible. Try similarly pulling off an ivory look from head to toe; the first step to conquering the blizzard (that will surely come at the most inopportune moment because life is like a movie but rarely in the fun ways), is to become the blizzard.

An Olsen Twin, Mary-Kate and/or Ashley
When in doubt, layer, layer, and then layer some more! Some people feel like they’ve moved past the days when we ooh’ed and aah’ed over grainy paparazzi photos of an Olsen buried somewhere underneath various pieces of shapeless clothing but I for one am always in favour of ditching my more tailored pieces for the opportunity to wear a blanket over a cardigan over a sweater and calling it fashion. Of course there are those people who don’t truly appreciate the comfort that hobo chic can bring, but haters gon’ hate and you can laugh at them as you burrow deeper into the portable fort I like to call Olsen winter attire.

Kanye West

When I find myself in times of trouble, I need only ask “What would Yeezus Do?” and the answer comes to me. Sometimes his guidance leads to missteps i.e. the urge to steal the microphone from young, blonde pop stars as they receive their first awards, but most of the time it leads to amazingness like  lots of leather and kilts overtop tights, with a healthy dose of bling lest people need reminding how dope you truly are. If you’re into a more casual look, you can’t go wrong with layering plaid on top of plaid and hashtagging it #bound2.

How To… Dress for Yourself

A Guide to Wearing What You Want (and Forgetting About Everyone Else’s Opinions)

When you wake up in the morning, one task that is never forgotten is getting dressed. But if you find yourself trying on outfit after outfit thinking “This looks weird,” or “I wore this shirt yesterday,” then you might be succumbing to Fashion Peer Pressure (an entirely real term.) Rather than feeling stuck in a rut of outside opinions, we are turning the focus on you, the readers, to decide what you want to wear, why you want to wear it, and when you want to wear it. 

Step One: What do you feel most confident in?

The first step is the most challenging. The best way to find out what you feel confident in is thinking about what you wore the last time you felt really good about yourself. Now, we aren’t saying that your confidence comes solely from your clothing, or that the only reason you felt so great was because of your outfit, but if you wearing something you didn’t feel good in you probably won't have a good time.

Step Two:  Why did you like that look so much?

Getting dressed isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about why you wear it. Do those jeans make your legs look a mile long? Are the sleeves on that t-shirt you love the perfect length for your arms? Does the colour of the jacket make your eye colour look a little brighter? Once you figure out exactly what you loved so much, you can look for other pieces that fit the same bill. Try branching out from there into other similar styles that flatter you just the same.

Step Three: Accept that there are no “rules” for style.

Style is what you make it out to be. The most popular style inspirations didn't look around at everyone else for rules, restrictions, and approval. They did what they wanted to and owned a style that others may not have liked. Did that stop them? No way! So don’t let it stop you. One person’s style disaster is another’s style icon. Who knows, maybe there’s a future style inspiration for millions hiding away in your mind. The only way to find out is to forget about the “dos” and “don’ts” and, instead, do what makes you happy.

Step Four: Believe in yourself in a little!

You know your personal style. You know what looks good on you. Trust your sense of style to guide you. People are always going think one thing or another about everyone else; it’s human nature to form opinions. The difference between being crippled by it and growing in spite of it is keeping your chin up. If you think that you look great, you’ll feel great, and other people will see you first instead of your outfit.

Looking Forward To Spring: The Spring 2015 Style Study Guide

With over 390 fashion shows that previewed their spring collections, it can be difficult to pinpoint the top trends for the upcoming season. While we still have the cold winter season to suffer though, luckily designers have given fashion lovers something to look forward to. Here are some of the lust-worthy looks we can expect to see for the Spring 2015 season.

A Taste For Transparent
It appears this spring will be ultimate skin showoff as models march down the runways covered in sheer fabrics. Alberta Ferretti showcased a number of sheer dresses with strategically placed flowers creating a feminine yet daring look. A number of designers including Lela Rose, Elizabeth & James, Oscar de La Renta and Dolce and Gabbana also chose to bare briefs under see-through skirts.

Per’sueding’ The Public
Sporting suede in the spring may sound like a sweaty disaster. However, this trend was widely prominent in designer collections.  Designer Derek Lam showcased suede separates and patchwork pieces in light muted tones suggesting a '70s vibe. Gucci made suede sexy, presenting a stunning green dress with a plunging neckline and thigh-high slit in addition to a number of other suede pieces. Other designers who showed off suede include Jason Wu, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren.

The Tummy Baring Top
Alas, the fashion world is continuing to assure our abs are in top shape to pull off the ongoing crop-top trend. Fortunately, designer brands including Tibi, Morra Hoffman, and Cynthia Rowley are all pairing their version of the top with high-waisted bottoms that help conceal bloated stomachs. Contrastingly, designers liked Alexander Wang, Rag and Bone, and Marc Jacobs (who managed to craft a cropped blazer-like top) paired their style with low-slung hip-hugging skirts.

White Out
While spring is often a time where designers tend to include more colour in their collections, many opted out of colour featuring head-to-toe looks in white. Victoria Beckham featured crisp blank military-inspired sets while Donna Karan for DKNY took a sportier approach with oversized mesh tops and clean white sneakers. Perhaps the most visually stunning approach to this trend was done by Prabal Gurung. The designer had multiple white layers in each outfit creating texture with white ostrich feathers.

The Gingham Girl

Gingham is no longer just a print to decorate your table with. A large number of collections featured this picnic print in a multitude of colours. Diane Von Furstenberg featured a number of girly dresses in the pattern in a variety of silhouettes. Joseph Altuzarra’s pieces appeared conservative a first, but with added subtle slits and low necklines the pieces appear tastefully provocative. Honorable mention also goes to Michael Kors, whose pieces popped by using enlarged gingham checks.