Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Epic Ease

Epic Ease

Even though summer’s over, we don’t need to go into hibernation!

Use these thoughts to advance into the new season with confidence

Fab in 15

We all have those nights, where there’s never enough time to get ready. Now it’s time for the crucial makeup: concealer, foundation, mascara, eye liner, blush.  Concealer, the most important item in your makeup bag, usually skin tone but use green for problem red areas. Max three minutes application time. Foundation next, a powder is better since this will make  skin look less oily, especially when dancing up a storm or just standing in a crowed bar.  Two minutes later, blush it up, smile and put a quick swoosh of powder across the natural blush area of your cheeks; max 2 minutes. Now it’s time for fabulous eyes, put eye liner; liquid liner is quicker but if this is too difficult, go for a dark pencil, this should only take about three minutes. Mascara is another important part, one should never be without it. Lash Blast Mascara parts as it coats the lashes making it quicker. This could take about 4 minutes including lash curl time. If you have time, white liner or shadow in the inside corner of the eye since it make the eyes seem bigger. Throw on a dress, and now you’re ready for an amazing night on the town!  

Night Bright

What to wear tonight? The little black dress is classic but overused, and red was last year’s attempt at something new. Black, red and white, all classic and all characterless. To make a real impression, use some colour, and I don’t mean just, browns, greys, forest greens and navys. Stay a little safe with a classic silhouette, but go for a pop of colour; bright yellows, blues, purples and greens. Feeling really daring? Go for an exciting new type of silhouette with the bright colours and people will remember you not only for your bright smile but for your bight outfit for fall. 

Sensitive Souls

Finding the perfect heels can be difficult, especially for people with fragile feet, many a night women have come home with mangled feet. This can all be fixed with careful shopping and careful wearing. If you want to stand the whole night without thinking about your feet, pick a wedge heel because your weight will be evenly distributed. As well, having some sort of ankle strap will help keep the shoe on and make sure the foot doesn’t move around too much in the shoe creating blisters. A thicker bottom to the shoe is better because there is padding between the foot and the floor. However, if the shoe you want does not have those specifications, there are always invisible inserts that go along the bottom of a shoe that give reinforcement. If you’re willing to spend the extra money to get a great pair of shoes, Cole Haan has some great Nike Air classic heels which are extraordinarily comfy. 

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