Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pucker Up!

Pucker Up!
Tips on how to achieve the most glamorous lip looks of the season…

Think that only the celebrities and models can pull off glamorous lips? Guess again, this season the bold statement lip is back. Most cosmetic launches for this season include the classic red lip; modernized, an almost black lip, and for the not so daring, a sexy nude lip. Achieving these looks is not difficult, but sometimes classics need to be modernized, and I’m here to show you how.

Classic Red
When I think of classic red lips, fashion and glamour icon Marilyn Monroe comes to mind. This look works great with any skin tone; it’s very elegant and versatile.
For any lip look always start off by lightly scrubbing your lips with a warm damp towel, this ensures that the lips are clean and free of any dry skin.
If you have a favorite red lipstick great, if not, I recommend: Cherry Lip Pencil with Kanga-Rouge Lipstick (MAC Cosmetics).
Begin by lining the lips, then filling in the color. To clean up the lip lines use a foundation brush and gently stroke around the lip area.
Tip: To modernize this classic look use clear lip gloss for a shiny polished look.
A nude eye with only mascara and some shimmer in the corners is enough to compliment this look. You do not want to over do it.

Dark Chocolate
Think: Dita Von Teese, mysterious, sexy, and glamorous, she’s exactly the kind of woman this look is for. The contrast of her pale skin with the dark pigments in the lipstick creates a dramatic, mysterious goddess.
Always begin with the liner, for this look I recommend Velvetella Cremestick Liner (MAC Cosmetics) then by filling in the lip with the lip color Bing Mattene Lipstick (MAC Cosmetics) works really well to achieve the look perfectly.
Tip: Add a lighter shade to the center of the bottom lip to add dimension and shape to the lips.

Wine Stain
If you think the Dark Chocolate look is a bit too bold for your taste there is a way to tone it down. Complete the steps for the Dark Chocolate look. When finished, take a tissue and dab most of the color off of your lips. You will notice that the lipstick has appeared to leave a stain of color on your lips. This look is less dramatic but still totally classy and chic.

Next to Nothing
Nude is always sexy, no matter what part of the body we are talking about!
This look also classic has been used for decades. It helps to emphasize the shape of your lips without the use of bold color that many women are not comfortable with.
For this look you want to overdraw your lips with a nude pencil. My favorite is Spice Lip Pencil (MAC Cosmetics). For the fill you want to remain with a nude tone as well a shade lighter than the liner, something like Quiet, please Lipstick (MAC Cosmetics) is perfect. To create a more modernized look add some gloss with a very light pink hue.

There are many different ways to achieve these lip looks, play around with different shades until you find which ones work the best for you. Have fun and be glamorous!

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