Monday, October 16, 2006

submission-hip beads


Beads on the waist are becoming modish.

As we all know, culture has had a big impact in the world of fashion. Before we know it, here comes another! Did you know people wear beads around their waist? Wait a minute. Before we go there, what’s the first thought that enters your mind when you hear the word “beads”? Jewellery right? You’re right. (Pins, beaded bracelets, purses) Beads have been around for a long, long time, and have been used in trade as a form of money and wealth for thousands of years. Many countries have developed their own distinctive styles, and even wore beads as part of their religious beliefs.
Body Beauty
So if beads are worn on other parts of the body, then why not the waist? Well, Africans do wear beads around the waist; they put beads on a newborn baby girl to differentiate the women from the men. They believe that beads shape the body, adding extra beauty and expressing culture. If you ask most Ghanaians why they wear beads, most may refer you to the Bible. Here’s the most common verse in Matthew, chapter 13:45-46: “Again, the kingdom f heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it.” This shows how valuable beads are. African men respect women with beads around the waist; they think it stands out, and find it very sexy and attractive.
Coping Culture
Beads come in different sizes and colors. Imagine a nude body with colored beads on the waist. Now this is fashion for the bare body and should be worn proudly. Many cultural groups in Ghana believes that before a man asks a woman’s hand in marriage, beads must be one of the gifts given to her by the men in the process of asking for her permission. Many other cultures have begun wearing them too (Indians, Spanish, and even the South Americans to name a few) not just in African culture. Similarly, nose piercing, which is part of Indian culture, is now being practiced by others as fashion. Wearing beads on the waistline is slowly becoming the latest in fashion because they are stunningly sophisticated. There are no disadvantages; they stay on the waist until you’re ready to cut them off. It has no effect on the style of your dressing; they could be worn over your underwear. I’m sure having beads on the waist will eventually be acknowledged for fashion in the world, because it is wearable and appealing to both men and women.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

submission - Find your sole mate...

Find your sole mate…What kind of shoe are you…?

Looking for that perfect fit? We’ve got the trick. Find your true match… at least when it comes to your feet…

1. What is your ideal vacation…?
a) relaxing on the beach
b) a wild safari adventure
c) a wine tasting tour in France

2. What is your favorite kind of ice-cream…?
a) French vanilla
b) Mango sorbet
c) Chocolate

3. What’s your ideal Friday night…?
a) A hot bubble bath
b) A night on the town!
c) Watching a chick flick with your best buds.

4. Where is you favorite place to shop
a) The mall
b) Queen Street
c) eBay

5. How often do you change your hair colour…?
a) I like my hair colour…au natural
b) I don’t remember what my original colour is…
c) A few highlights here and there

6. I can’t leave the house without…?
a) A sweater
b) My cell phone
c) Chapstick

7. You arrive in style on your wedding day in …?
a) A horse-drawn carriage
b) A spicy red corvette
c) A shiny white limo

8. If you had to wear glasses you would choose
a) Wire framed
b) Cat eyes
c) Colored plastic frames

9. On New Year's Eve you would most likely be found
a) a fancy dinner party
b) New York City…Times Square
c) In a cozy cottage with your five best friends

10. Your best friend wants to hook you up on a blind date with a guy she thinks would totally be your style, you say
a) “Sure, if he buys dinner"… (McDonalds doesn’t count)
b) “Yah, he could be my Prince Charming.”
c) “No way, blind dates are not my thing”

11. One of your best gals is getting hitched. for her wedding shower you give her
a) A silver tea tray
b) Sexy lingerie
c) An Andy Warhol work of art

12. your favorite snack is
a) Milk and cookies
b) Nachos and salsa
c) Veggies and dip

The results…

Mostly A…
Classic flats
Timeless says it all! You always seem poised, and elegant. You are a true blue friend. Everyone knows they can always count on you. You know that true grace comes from being true to yourself.

Mostly B…
Sexy Stiletto
For you, there is no dress rehearsal, you’re the life of the party and you love every bit of it. Your risky and to-the-point, and your friends know there’s never a dull moment when you in a room.

Mostly C…
Comfortable converse
You bounce easily between activities just like your favorite pair of Converse. You like to stick with what you know… while adding some colour to it here and there. You love adventure and challenge; there’s another quest coming, so you’ll have new ways to stay occupied and happy.

By: Rebecca Morin