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Service Journalism Submission 10: Miranda Priestly

How to be Your Own Miranda Priestly

Get your Blog on with our definitive guide for the uber stylish and under technical.

Ever wanted to shout from the skyscraper tops how to buy the best quality cashmere, how to wear those new leggings or where to get the cheapest designer denim? No fashionista worth her American Express should be depriving the surfing class of her style or sensibility. You don’t need a journalism degree, an NYC address, an idealistic assistant or a collection of Hermes scarves to rewrite fashion. With a minimum of technical savvy and a maximum of imagination, it’s practically criminal to not have your own URL. Gear up in your Juicy Couture sweats, turn on your PC and find your fashion voice.

The Essentials: Just like any great Fashion Week party, every blog needs three things: a site, a host and a planner. The go-to gurus for easy blog design, sites like and are one-stop shops for a painless passport to the blogosphere. Here you will set up an account, choice a name and select from some basic templates for your actual blogsite. The name will not belong to you and will look something like, for example. Easy to use templates will allow you to add text and photos as they tickle your fancy with the greatest of ease and within a standard structure. These sites will host and provide the very basics for your site at no cost to you. A great option since the editor-in-chief position at this publication doesn’t start with a seven figure salary.

If your vision and your technical knowledge exceed the above, or you’re ready for the next step in self expression, consider your moving your party to a slightly swanker venue. Shopping for your own site, host and design tools can be fairly simple and cost effective and can add infinite credibility and cool to your blog. Make your way to to choice the perfect domain name and pick up a small hosting package for less than a pair of hawaiianas.. Owning the site will give you the ability to decorate as you see fit and take advantage of more sophisticated design services and templates at your disposal online such as ot that will up your ante on the web. Still on the user-friendly side, these can be easily downloaded to your site for minimal cost and are incredible tools for creating a truly professional, not to mention spectacular fashion function.

Most importantly, once the issue hits the electronic newsstands and the readers begin to arrive, become a gracious, knowledgeable, and generous editor. One of the most gratifying experiences of blogging is the social experience of sharing ideas and common interests. Keep striving to deliver the best of your own experiences to your audience and learn from theirs, no matter how long it takes for the Starbucks lattes and Fendi bags to start arriving at your desk.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Service Journalism Submission 8: Fool-Proof Trio

The Fool-Proof Trio
Three looks to save you for last minute dates

We all need a little spontaneity in our lives. One of the nicest things after a long day of work is an impromptu night out. Facing your wardrobe early in the morning is difficult enough; nothing kills the excitement of a potential soiree like having to face it for a second time that day. Like your old friends who are always around to save you in a moment of crisis, these three looks will come to the rescue every time.

“It looks better on me.”
It may be cliché, but one thing that is always hot on a woman is her boyfriend’s shirt. You know that feeling: you have just finished a hot and heavy session with your man and it is your turn to get the glass of water, so you slip on his J-Crew button-up and run to the fridge Risky Business style. Upon return to the love nest, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think: “Man, this really does work.” Well, you are right. And, if you do it properly, it can work for an evening out too. The key to this look is to wear the shirt the way you would wear it when you grab it off of the bedroom floor. Roll up the sleeves, leave several buttons open (you can even wear it falling off of one shoulder if you have a strapless on), and pop that collar! At this point you have two options: if you are feeling casual you can throw on a pair of tight jeans and some cowboy boots, or for a more sophisticated look, you can wear a cigarette pant with some pumps or even loafers. The final touch that will make you the hottest one in the room is the tousled hair. If you are going to mimic, you may as well go all the way. With the tousled bedroom hair and the boyfriend shirt, every person you see will look at you the way your boyfriend does after the big event.

The Low-Key Flapper
A second look that always comes through is, once again, based on men’s fashion. The difference is that this one takes its inspiration from the 1920s. There is something very powerful about the old-school gangster aesthetic, and it is a lot easier to achieve than you would imagine. All you need to have is a men’s undershirt (now referred to as a wife beater), a pair of suspenders, and a wide-legged trouser. The beauty of this look is that it works just as well when worn understatedly as it does dressed up. If you feel like going all out you can put some finger waves in your hair and pull it into a tight bun. Wear a big gold men’s watch and smoke a cigar. Heck, you could even throw in a fedora! Alternatively, this look works with nothing but some bright red lipstick and a pair of high top runners. Piece of cake!

A splash you say?
Stylists and fashion gurus always talk about adding a splash of colour to your favourite black outfit to give it some punch. This may sound simplistic but it is one of the best techniques for looking great in a hurry. Start by dressing in a few black pieces like a fitted skirt, a v-neck sweater, and some knee high boots. Once you have done that, all you need to add is an oversized strand of garnets, a big turquoise belt, or a colourful set of bangles and you are good to go.

So, next time your cell phone rings on your way home from work and someone invites you to go to the movies, relax and tell them you will see them in twenty minutes!

Service Journalism Submission 7: Winter Coats

Baby It’s Cold Outside
A guide to discovering the perfect winter coat

Winter is here. That might not be the most earth-shattering news but nonetheless it’s true. One of the most important items you shouldn’t be without this season is the perfect winter jacket. However, finding that ideal jacket isn’t as easy as it would seem. By putting a little time, effort and money into this you can definitely be comfortable, cute and carefree in your brand new winter coat.
Before you even step foot in a mall you should first discover your body. Every last one of us has at least one thing we hate or love. Your task now is to determine exactly what that is so we can take the steps to either accentuate or conceal them.

The Princess and the pea
For those of us who aren’t exactly hip hop video material the peacoat is a great option. The length and quality provides you with enough coverage to conceal your bum. If this isn’t necessarily a problem area for you personally, buying this coat is still a good idea. Its overall look of sophistication makes it a great pick.

Da Bomber
If you’re a woman with strong hips that you’re proud of the bomber jacket would be a great choice for you. Its length is minimal which helps to showcase your lower curves. On the other end of the spectrum, it is also great for that androgynous look. For those of you who do not have curves this jacket can still look fabulous.

The Parka
This jacket does an excellent job of creating an overall look of comfort. If you have a small frame the parka does wonders by filling you out and giving you the appearance of a thicker woman. This is a great casual piece for those of you who appreciate simplicity.

Fur and Leather
For you fabulous fashionistas who don’t have a single unlovable feature, a fur or leather coat may just be what you’ve been searching for. These items tend to symbolize confidence and status and draw attention to the wearer every time. These coats are perfect for the extravagant consumer.

Now that you know what style of coat best suits you it is time to decide which colour or pattern best defines you. For those of us practical consumers neutral is the best way to go. Neutral colours such as black, white and beige are very easily coordinated. For you unique individuals this is an opportunity to let your personality shine through. There are a wide variety of patterns and colours that will represent you the best.
Equipped with the knowledge you need to be successful, your next shopping trip should be a breeze. Remember that this is an investment. This purchase is meant to last more than one season so it is important that you pay accordingly. Quality is essential. If you have identified with more than one section have no fear because there are many combinations of styles to suit your every want and need. It’s all up to you now. Happy shopping!!!

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quiz #1

Just a reminder, if you (Sarah) can put guidelines on the blog of what we've covered and need to study for our first quiz. Thanks

Service Journalism Submission 6: Rock & Republic

Rock & Republic Renders Rears
“Victoria Beckham puts the victori in victorious by making jeans the new “it” with her line of Rock & Republic London Crown jeans”
In 2004 Victoria Beckham teamed up with Rock & Republic, better known as jeans, to make her own line of bottoms for women. The London Crown jean has been so far successful. The fit of the jean is meant to be long and slim, having a low rise waist and a tight fitted leg. The sizes range from 24-32, all having a 36” inseam; some say perfect for heels, others say a hassle to hem. Made of 99% cotton and 1% elastin, these five-pocket styled jeans have been made for comfort and long-lasted wear.
My overall destination was to find out if these jeans are all there cracked out to be, running for $300.00 a pop. So for this adventure I chose 4 well rounded and different opinionated candidates for my “do these jeans actually make my rear look P.H.A.T.?” interviews, including myself, Miss Sara, Miss Chelsea, and Miss Shallin. Arriving at the store of choice, Aritzia, Sara chose a 32, Shallin chose a 30, Chelsea chose a 26, and I chose a 28.
The first model was Shallin, coming out saying that they were “massive,” so she tried a size down, and what do you know? Too small! She found that the sizes jumped from one to another, she couldn’t find the right fit for her hips and legs, so to speak, she says, “they make my ass look flat.” Next up was Chelsea, the jeans looked fabulous. She said the fit was good, the waist was wonderful, and not only did she like them, she would spend her hard earned cash on those jeans, not because of the name, but because of the comfort. The next model was Sara, she wasn’t able to give an opinion of the jeans because the jeans were too small, very displeased to find out those jeans only go to a size 32. Comparing those of another Rock & Republic jean, they did come in a larger size, a 34, and they did fit Sara. The next contestant was myself, going in with an open mind to loving or hating the jeans. I liked the fit, but being a 5’2” woman without heels on, I found that the leg was approximately 5” too long for my leg, owning many heels, and loving a nice fitted jean, even that is too long for me. Although, this is not the first time a pair of pants has been too long, it is mostly always, so putting that aside, and thinking of a hem, I decided I did, infact, think those jeans were fabulous, although the dark wash wouldn’t be my first pick, I would pay the $300 for those jeans, and yes, it makes a fanny fantastic! So overall I found a half/half opinion of R&R’ Victoria Beckham’s jean, If the crown fits, wear it…

Cashmere Article

Just a quick note to say that today in class it was casually mentioned that we'd decide who would write the cashmere article for the magazine. It was a misunderstanding, when I mentioned the idea last week in class I was just sharing that this was my idea for my 1000 word interview piece, which I do plan on following through with. Thanks guys.

Advertising Notes

Full Page Vertical Advertisement: 150$
Half Page Horizontal Advertisement: 80-85$
1/4 Page Vertical Advertisement: 50$
Business Horizontal Advertisement: 20$

We'll be printing 1000 copies of Oh George.
Colour will only be available on the back cover advertisement and be sold at 200$ (usually to the student association)

Full Page advertisements are 5.0 x 8.0 inches
Half Page advertisements are 5.0 x 3.75 inches

When selling advertisements please request to recieve the logo or actual advertisement as a TIF file or a JPEG file. Also request that the size they give it to you be the actual size that will appear in the magazine. Pictures/logo's/any other image should be at least 300 DPI (dots per square inch)

What to do if we don't have any or enough advertisements:
1. Give space to someone that we support ( ie: city uptown or city downtown)
2. Run bigger pictures/titles with articles making a one page piece a two page piece
3. Insert a new article into the magazine

Our magazines advertisement rankings:
1. Best Position- Outer Back Cover - 200$ (usually to the student association)
2. Next best position- Inner back cover and Inner front cover (black and white full pages 150$)
3. Pgs. 5,10,17,19- Large or small ads available

-prepared by Kat Voye

Service Journalism Submission 5: Toxic Trends

Toxic Trends …
The fashion police are here to call a halt to all this season’s fashion felonies and faux pas. By: Abi Jesion

A fashion victim may be someone who is found stabbed by three-inch stilettos or suffocated to death by a corset. More often, it's someone who wants to so badly to be trendy that they’ll buy whatever the fashion authorities dictate or claim is in style. Although adhering to fashion is an admirable quality, being a slave to fashion is oft frowned upon. People like to see that you can display some initiative, rather than being enslaved, bound by the manacles of fashion. (Though, we have to admit, some guys rather like that!)

Think of the last five items you’ve purchased. If three or more are this season's must-have items, then you are in serious danger of becoming a fashion slave. Be a little more liberal and let some of your own personality shine through in your wardrobe.

The general rules for fashion pairings are simple. Don’t wear more than two of the current season’s must-have items together. This also applies to accessories. Avoid wearing more than three different accessories at the same time. A hat, necklace, large earrings, belt and huge bag are way over the top.

Fashion rules constantly change and evolve. What may be out one year may be in the next. Nevertheless there are some lines one should not cross if one’s name is not Johnny Depp.

1) Do not wear sunglasses indoors. Unless you’re holding the nut flush in a poker championship. Those of you who don’t know what a nut flush is, stay away from poker as well.
2) Don’t take your dog to your events. Please, while we all know that a dog is man's best friend, when your best friend is hairy, noisy, has bad breath, sometimes it's best to leave him behind.
3) Always wear your size. We realize that’s a do, rather than a don’t, but please, admit your size! Wearing a size too small actually makes you look twice as big.

Media, TV and magazines shouldn’t dictate what you must wear. Ask yourself if you really love all the trends in your closet. (If you say yes, go back and reread that sentence again. If you still say yes, I wonder what you think the word love means.) If you are not comfortable in the fad, then don’t wear it! If stilettos are too painful, then toss them. Are you self-conscious in fuchsia? Avoid it. Remember that you shouldn’t be sacrificing your health and mobility in order to look great. One or the other is usually enough.

Service Journalism Submission 4: Shopping

The Dark Side of Shopping
An ever-increasing addiction is being fueled by technology

Shopping is one of the most common pick-me-ups, especially for women between the ages of 18 and 25. A stressful day at home, a break-up or a bad day at work are all considered valid reasons to go to the mall and treat yourself to a new purse. For most of us, the excitement of this one impulse buy and the thought that tomorrow you’ll have a great new pair of earrings to wear is enough to lift our mood and put a new spin on the brand new day ahead of us. Unfortunately for some, this pick-me-up impulse buying is nothing but a vicious guilt-filled cycle.

Accessibility to credit cards, internet shopping and 24 hour shopping channels have given shopaholics unlimited access to their drug of choice.

The ability to purchase and receive by express delivery without actually seeing the amount of money they have available and without ever interacting with another person causes them to spin out of control. They are sent down a lonely and regret-filled path of endless debt, destroyed relationships, lost jobs and in extreme cases, the destruction of entire lives. With ever-progressing technology, for some, shopping has gone from being necessity, to a full blown addiction for some.

Compulsive shopping is categorized as a behavioral addiction and involves all the general symptoms associated with any addiction. Shopping and specifically spending release brain chemicals such as endorphins, which gives a feeling of happiness; serotonin, which in low levels causes depression, and dopamine, which is also released with the use of methamphetamine. For a compulsive shopper, the act of shopping and spending is associated with happiness and power and offers instant gratification. Shopaholics also experience the after effects of a high. They feel remorse, guilt and shame for what they have done, driving them to purchase again to achieve the brief but intense high once again. As with any addiction, the person becomes dependent on the behavior to relieve negative feelings, distress and discomfort. They feel the impulse to shop is absolutely uncontrollable. The combination of these symptoms leads to the worsening of the addiction and the need for professional help.

In the last few years, compulsive shopping has begun to be recognized by some psychologists as a genuine, destructive, and treatable disease. ALthough still doubted by some, many centres for addiction now offer treatment for this newly recognized disease, treating it in much the same way as an addiction to sex, drugs or alcohol. Recognizing that buying a new pair of shoes every time something goes wrong in one's life is a serious problem is a step in the right direction for those affected. But is it happening fast enough?

The increase in the number of shopping services available is ever-increasing and being made available to more and more people. This is a psychological disease with potential only to worsen in the future.

Michaele Laderoute

Monday, October 02, 2006

Edited Socialite Article

How to Become a Spoiled Socialite
Five social codes to join this established elite.

Elegantly Wasted : Attending social gatherings as a lady of society is a crucial part of your quest for Spoiled Socialite status. And during said gatherings, holding your liquor with poise and grace is essential, as a socialite's number one responsibility is to protect their reputation. Socialites everywhere would be destroyed if a member of the elite were accidentally to expose themselves in a drunken stupor, or be arrested on D.U.I charges. Behaviour such as this is a rarity in these social circles.

Canine Couture: As if the life of a socialite wasn't busy enough, they've somehow mastered the art of speaking pooch! And you must too if you want to become an elite member. Dogs have finally found their voice, and have demanded upper-class treatment in the form of jewelled collars and couture outfits. Also, to avoid any doggy tantrums or a smudged doggy mani/pedi, they've insisted on being carried around in designer purses. Socialites everywhere should be applauded for their triumphs on such an important discovery.

Artful Articulations: As a socialite, you must become accustomed to the idea of all eyes being on you in everyday life, at social gatherings, and most of all during a public speech. This being said, it's extremely important to develop a signature linguistic style that reflects your intelligence and oozes personal charisma. Popular examples are "that's hot" or "loves it!"

Graceful Grudge: With so many unique personalities in the world, you're bound to clash with a few of them, and that's ok - you can even make it work in your favour. The trick is to handle yourself in a manner of which your peers will approve. Most socialites remain hush-hush about their personal feuds; however, if Barbara Walters requests an interview with you and drills you about your latest enemy, by all means, dish. It's Barbara Walters. She has your best interests at heart, right?

Man Eater: As an elite socialite, it's essential that you become a heartbreaker. Attracting the man of the hourisn't always easy, so you must do whatever is necessary to lure him in. Nothing says classysocialite like a table or lap dance in the latest hot spot, or stealing your gent of choice away from another woman. But the second that he's wrapped around your pinky finger (and by this I mean he has tattooed your name on a visible region of his body) you must inform him that it's just not working out. This will instantly catapult you to heartbreaker status. And just a word of advice: any guy that's worth your time will never have the same first name as you. Do you really want to live your life married to a guy named Rebecca? Didn't think so.

*Note: "Man Eater" is a figure of speech. Don't actually eat the men in your life - they're way too high in calories and trans fat.

Written by: Kat Voye

Service Journalism Submission 2: Smokers

For all you smokers out there, aren’t you so tired of listening to people telling you not to smoke and how it’s bad for your health? Also have you wondered why the government would pay tobacco companies to put a warning message on every pack of cigarette? The pictures can be so disturbing that you might even ask for another one with a different picture.

Great, now that I’ve got your attention, you might as well read on. I am a smoker myself, but after doing a little research about the effects of smoking for women, I am trying to pass on a little more then just a message. What’s smokers face? The great wonders of what smoke can do to cause your skin to wrinkle and turn ugly like the wicked witch of the west.

First of all, tobacco smoke released into the environment has a drying effect on the skin’s surface. Secondly, because smoking restricts blood vessels, it reduces the amount of blood flowing to the skin, thus depleting the skin of oxygen and essential nutrients. Some research suggests that smoking may reduce the body’s store of Vitamin A, which provides protection against some skin-damaging agents produced by smoking. When you smoke, your mouth puckers on the cigarette and your eyes squints when you try to avoid irritation of the smoke. That’s what causes the wrinkle lines around the lips and eyes.

How to avoid deep wrinkles? Good news! A South Korean study of smokers, non-smokers and ex-smokers aged 20 to 69 found that the current smokers had a higher degree of facial wrinkling than non-smokers and ex-smokers. Previous smokers who smoked heavily at a younger age revealed less facial wrinkling than current smokers. Research has also shown that the skin ageing effects of smoking may be due to increased production of an enzyme that breaks down collagen in the skin. What is collagen? It is the main structural protein of the skin which maintains skin elasticity. Smokers in their 40s often have as many facial wrinkles as non-smokers in their 60s. In addition to facial wrinkling, smokers’ may develop hollow cheeks through repeated sucking on cigarettes; this is particularly noticeable in under-weight smokers and can cause smokers to look gaunt. Here are some other leeches that smoking can cause,

  • smokers have a risk or Psoriasis, but not life threatening
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Yellow teeth
  • discoloration of the fingers and fingernails on the hand used to hold cigarettes
  • blindness
  • early menopause
  • osteoperosis

If I were to go on about the countless effects smoking can cause, it could actually scare you. But if you’re interested in reading more, this is a good website that can

tell you more about how smoking can harm your body, and even hurting the people around you.
Personally, I think its time to quit smoking. At least try to cut down and research around for different ways to quit. There are support programs, call centers, and even online help for support. Remember, quitting is to help yourself be stronger, and healthier. Its best to get rid of toxins to prevent heart disease. Here is a website where you can find more information on how to quit.

Service Journalism Submission 1: Make-up

Make-up Your World

In our fast paced world, women do not have time to sit in front of the mirror for a half an hour doing their make-up. With a few quick steps, and some essentials, any woman can go from day to night as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Simply Irresistible
The day look is the kind of make-up anyone can wear every day to basic places like work, school, grocery store, anywhere else a woman goes on a daily basis. All anyone needs for this look is concealer, mascara, and something for the lips. Dab concealer onto any places of unevenness or redness, and tap onto the skin with your fingers until blended. Applying mascara can be personal, so experiment with different kinds and different techniques. Finish off this look by applying gloss, stick or balm using a wand, or fingertip. Every girl needs a little something to make her pout even more perfect. This look should not take longer than 5 minutes.

Glow For It
This look is for dates and other events like job interviews; when you want to look better than everyday, but still natural. To get this look, simply add blush and some neutral tones of eye shadow to the first steps. Using a powder brush, apply blush to the apples of the cheeks. Do this in a circular motion continuing into the temples, giving the skin a bright, fresh glow all women want. To apply shadow, sweep a light taupe or brown shade over the entire eyelid, then apply a light vanilla shimmer underneath the arch of the eyebrow. Adding the 5 minutes this step will take to the previous 5 minutes means you can be date ready in about 10 minutes. What guy wouldn’t love that?

Night Bright
For the night-out look, take time to experiment with new products, new colours or new techniques. The basic products needed to get the night look are darker or coloured mascara, eye shadows in different colours or with more shimmer, and a more colourful lipstick or gloss. The night look can be achieved by adding to the date look. It’s all about layers of colour. Mascara can be applied over all lashes or add coloured mascara to the tips of the lashes to make eyes seem more open. This is a good trick if you know you will be out until the wee hours of the morning. Shadow can be applied in a few ways; to use as a liner, use an angled brush to apply as close to the lash line as possible. Sweep a line across the lid until the brush reaches the end of the lash line, this can be repeated to make the line darker or thicker. To apply over the whole lid, sweep colour over the lid with a brush. To apply shadow to the crease, start at the outer corner of the eye and move the brush back and forth from the outer corner to about ¾ of the way to the inner corner. Eyes are the focus of this look, so make them picture perfect. Finish the look by applying lip-gloss or lipstick the same way as the second look, but with a heavier hand or layer with other colours. Five minutes with this step should take any woman from day to night in as little as 15 minutes.

Brainstorming Ideas from class of Tuesday, Sept. 26

Oh, George! vol. 3 no. 1 should be:

A: Serious, Sophisticated, Empowering, Professional, Inspiring, Helpful
B: Diverse, Interesting
C: Edgy, Fresh, Innovative, Flirty, Exciting, Shock Factor, Trendy, Fun + Games

Things that we would like to see involved in our issue of Oh George!:

• Sarcastic Humor
• Controversial issues
• Photography/ cartoons / drawings
• Baby fashion - what kids like to wear
• Nancy Huang interview - Winner of the White Cashmere toilet paper competition
• George Brown alumni - catching them out of their element
• Interviews of famous Toronto entrepeneurs

–prepared by Kendra Marshall

Broken Pencil reviews Oh, George!

In issue #31 of Broken Pencil, the "magazine of zine culture and the independent arts" (Summer 2006), Nadja Sayej reviewed Oh, George! vol 2, no. 1. She wrote: There are some productive folk in the fashion journalism department of George Brown College. Amazed that fashion students have extra time after the high demands of the Singer, finally fashion is about finding community again. The back-of-book reviews are fantastic, and there's a section called "Thread Count". There's rational and practical advice in here for fashion buffs, but unlike big glossies, there are no scantily clad girls that make us gag. In fact, the only photo I found amidst the text was a photo of Shirley Temple's head pasted onto Britney Spears' body. If this is what these students are writing, I'm more than curious as to what they're wearing.