Thursday, September 16, 2010

A New Issue of Oh, George!

Theme: "The Nude Issue"

  • Trendy, fresh, innovative, modern x2
  • Clean x2
  • Relevant, current
  • Diverse x2, different, original
  • Bold, controversial, tongue-in-chic, thought-provoking
  • Energetic, exciting, captivating
  • Nostalgic

Theme possibilities that were discussed:

  • Consumerism. Backlash against mass consumption. Food, energy, shopping, lifestyle.
  • Student life
  • "The Business of Fashion"
  • How to - student guide - Toronto guide
  • Increasing tendency to judge people by their fashion "First Impressions Issue"?
  • "Stretching the Limits of Fashion"
  • Self Expression - medium of fashion
  • "The Nude Issue" nude colours, naked truths, stripped-down looks - back to basics - bare facts