Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sparkle and Shine-A guide to adding a little je ne sais quoi to your holiday party wardrobe

Christmas, Hannakah, Kwanzaa and Diwali are all holiday events celebrating the festival of lights. With the holiday season just right around the corner, fashionistas everywhere are in search to find the perfect holiday look and what better way to combat the cold blistering snow by incorporating sequins into your holiday wardrobe. From trims to decorated designs to full out coverage, sequins are a sure way to stand out and shine at any holiday fete. Don’t know how to sport the shiny look? Fret not and read on to see just how the dazzling look can work for you.

A Little Twinkle
For those who have a more demure approach to their fashion choices, adding a beret adorned with sequins, a sparkly belted sash or glittery chic clutch are great ways to incorporate the sparkly look into your holiday wardrobe. When paired with your little black dress or a great pair of menswear inspired wide legged trousers, the sequins take centre stage without overpowering your assemble. Some great items to try are Patricia Field’s rainbow bright sequined beret and Proenza Schouler’s black sequined harem inspired pants.

Guiding Light
For the daring fashionistas who aren’t afraid to enter a room with some extra glimmer and glitz, why not try a full fledged sequined dress? It looks exceptionally chic when worn as a shift style such as French Connection’s Gold Sequin Row Dress paired with patent leather Mary Janes and a shiny satin clutch. Feel free to choose a dress that accents a pattern with sequins to emphasize your extroverted personality. Abstract shapes, animal prints and stripes all get an added punch when presented in sequins.

Disco Don’t
To avoid looking like a disco ball or a modern day Liberace when sporting a sequined accessory or garment to your holiday party, keep things to a minimum. If you choose to wear a sequined shift avoid accessorizing with a glittery beret and sparkly shoes, the last thing you want to do is cause someone to wear their sunglasses at night, indoors. Keep hair and accessories simple so that they serve as accents to your overall look. A simple strappy heel and smooth strands keep the focus on the sparkle and avoid sequin overkill. The sequined look is all about adding that extra sparkle to lighten up your look during the exciting holiday festivities. Don’t forget to have fun and wear what makes you feel extra shiny.

Brilliant Expectations
Fear not fashionistas, no need to stash that sequined clutch once the snow melts, for sequins were fun yesterday, continue to be today and will be tomorrow. Sequined garments were all over the spring 2009 runways including looks by Diane Von Furstenberg, Alexander Wang and Erin Fetherson. A few standout looks include a purple ombré sequined shift and an iridescent pearl t-shirt. Whenever you feel the need for a little extra sparkle throw on your favourite sequined look and have a night on the town.

-Amanda Stines

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