Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bonjour Paris! (Or maybe Bonsoir)

Ever planned to go visit the City of Light? Here are three of the best kept secrets to shine in the French Capital, selected by a real “Parisien”

Le Montclair Montmartre - 62 rue Ramey 75008 (Montmartre area)

First things first, if you want to plan a trip to Paris, you will have to find a place to stay. This city is obviously filled with five star hotels that you can find at every corner of every touristic place, but if you are a student, you will probably want a good and cheap hostel! Well, Le Montclair Montmartre might be the perfect fit for you. Located in the famous Montmartre area and its Sacré Coeur Basilica where the 2001 French movie Amélie was shot, the really helpful staff will welcome you in a typical French building decorated with one of kind designs on the inside. A night goes from $40 to $50 and there are a lot of Boulangeries (French bakeries) around the hotel to eat in the morning for cheap. 

Colette - 213 rue St Honoré 75001 -

At a few steps from the Louvre museum, in the historical Saint Honoré street, you will find the world’s most exquisite concept store: Colette, which has been the host of important events such as the launch of Kate Moss’ line for Top Shop, UK. When you walk into the doors at number 213, you don’t really know if you are in an accessory store, a gallery, a high-end boutique or a restaurant; In fact, you are in all those places at the same time! The main floor is dedicated to accessories, gifts, records, limited series of gadgets (I saw a diamond incrusted iPhone last time I went there!) etc…. The first floor is the clothing part of the boutique, with designer lines such as Fendi, Christian Dior but also street brands like Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club or limited Adidas and Nike shoes. If you still feel a shopping hunger after this, you can still go to the restaurant and “water bar” downstairs and buy a bottle of Colette’s own water!

L’Urgence Bar - 45 rue Mr Le Prince 75006 -

You don’t feel like you had enough of the Paris lifestyle and want a unique experience? You should definitely start the night in L’Urgence Bar (translate “emergency bar”) where you will appreciate great cocktails in … baby bottles and test tubes! Indeed , this bar is located in the medical Universities district and is a place known for its crowd of student doctors and nurses. Feel like a surgeon with cocktail names such as massage, mouth to mouth, cough syrup or implant!

Social Club - 142 rue de Montmartre 75002 -

 “Les nuits de Paris” (Paris nightlife) is really animated, from Sundays to Saturdays. But if you want to see the hypest parties in one of the actual best clubs in Paris, you should head to the Social Club in the Grands Boulevards area. The best French and international artists and Djs have already played there (Justice, Pharrell, Crystal Castles, MSTRKFT, Steve Aoki, Switch to name a few) since the club opened last January! 80’s and futuristic visuals, amazing sound system, you won’t be disappointed by this “party temple” opened every night. 

I bet after this you will want to wake up in the city that doesn’t sleep … PARIS PARIS!


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