Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Green With Envy- A Look at Today's Best Beauty Booty

Green With Envy
A Look at Today's Best Green Beauty Booty

Natural beauty products have made leaps and bounds since the days of hemp hand cream and henna hair colour. A look at some of the best natural brands out there today.

Face Off!
Gone are the days of natural skincare being akin to oatmeal masks. Today's eco-skincare products not only hold their own among industry standbys, but also tout many additional benefits like earth-friendly packaging, natural ingredients and eliminating harmful chemicals. After all, if you can't pronounce it or ingest it, chances are you really don't want to be massage it into your face. Try:

Dr. Hauschka: Since 1967, this Swedish brand has been delivering a holistic approach to skincare.
Harnn and Thann: Hailing from Bangkok, this line can be trusted for an environmental friendly packaging, products, and ethical manufacturing of it's products.
MyChelle: Vegetarian and vegan friendly products.

I'm Just So Fresh and So Clean!
Suds up the natural way, and start your day off right with the latest in natural body care. Loaded with natures finest exfoliants, like sea salt, sand and grains, cleansers nowadays needn't be chalk full of drying, oil-stripping chemicals to leave the skin sparkling. Work up a lather, rinse and repeat. Try:

Jason's Natural Cosmetics: Wide range of certified organic products for the whole family.
Carol's Daughter: This line made with wholesome ingredients, has a cult celebrity following.
Kiss My Face: A trusted old standby, originators in natural beauty.

I'm Ready for My Close-Up!
Flawless, luminous skin is what we all dream about. Achieving it naturally, without harmful chemicals, has become easier with a plethora of natural make-up on the market. Mineral infused foundations have the ability to transform even the sallowest sister into a glowing goddess. Chemical free powders and concealers help eliminate unsightly redness, and tackle even the ruddiest complexions. Try:

Bare Escentuals: Known for it's cult classic mineral make-up I.d Bare Minerals powder.
Cover FX: Pure mineral make-up, dermatologist recommended products.
Cargo: Ground breaking formulas, award winning products, unbeatable selection.

Pucker up!
Studies have shown that a women may ingest four pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. Considering the fact that some lipsticks have shown traces of the toxic chemical lead, there has never been a better time to go natural. Pucker up with the most luxurious lipsticks hand-picked by Mother Nature herself. Try:

Korres: Straight from Athens, Korres delivers products with top quality plant extracts, and no synthetic ingredients.
Yu-Be: This Japanese brand is high in glycerine and vitamins, making it ideal for dry lips.
Juice Beauty: Certified organic ingredients, and paraben, fragrance and petroleum free products.

High Five!
Probably the most obvious offender in chemical beauty products, is nail polish. The chemicals used to make our favourite polish, like toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthate (DBP), have all been linked to cancer. Over time, these chemicals can leach into our system, an extra we didn't bargain for with purchase. Luckily, there are some great natural alternatives, which are water-based, and water soluble. Try:

Sante Kosmetics: Phthalate-free polish makes this a safer alternative to traditional polish.
Honeybee Gardens: Water-based polish and completely odour free.
Suncoat: Water-based polish, chocolate scent and a wide range of colours.

With the abundance of amazing natural beauty products available these days, teaming up with Mother Nature has never been so alluring for beauty junkies everywhere. Whether converting completely, or simply substituting certain products for new green alternatives, a girl simply cannot lose.

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