Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Art and Sole
A Guide to Aesthetic Shoe Storage

Ladies, we all know that our shoes are works of art. Those Metallic, T-Strap Pumps, those Peep-Toe d’Orsay Flats or even our customized Chuck Taylors have a special place in our hearts, and a most protected place in our closets. So why do we keep these masterpieces concealed from view? Why do we shelter these pedestals of our personalities? Shoeboxes and shoe racks have become a thing of the past! It’s time to flaunt and exhibit our shoe collections in a manner worthy of the Guggenheim.

A Shoe Well Travelled

A great alternative to the traditional shoebox is what are known as “Hotel Boxes.” These organizational tools hail from Denmark and are available in many colours and patterns. Rather than fully encasing and concealing shoes, these boxes are designed with open, front windows for easy access, and are spatially efficient because they can be stacked (up to ten feet high) and/or slotted into each other and suspended side by side. “Hotel Boxes” are modern, stylish and a statement piece in any room; why not out-shine them with the addition of your shoes?

Treading Upward

Swedish designer, Johanna Eliason has created the “Skorder Shoe Rack”; abstract towers of assorted cubicles, constructed to house and exhibit an extensive array of footwear. The structure comes fully assembled, and pre-positioned. Each gilded “cell” is equipped to hold a single pair of shoes and allows the owner to arrange their collection in a manner befitting their personal tastes and visual preferences. The owner’s shoes personalize the sleek, modern structure and become the focal point of a larger sculptural arrangement. This eye-catching edifice will not only contemporize your living area, but it will leave you wondering what to do with all of your new closet space.


You can stack them, you can rack them, so why not spin them? The Rakku Shoe Organizer allows owners to arrange their footwear in a compartmentalized wheel that can be spun around for easy access of items placed along any point of the circle. The structure is translucent (allowing owners to see their shoes); it stands vertically and can hold up to eighteen pairs of high heels. This playful and interactive storage solution makes rummaging through your closet, ancient history. Now, selecting a shoe has become a game of roulette. After all, isn’t fashion cyclical?

So ladies, it’s time to start looking for storage solutions that are as beautiful and as visually pleasing as the shoes they encompass. Art and fashion have become synonymous, so represent your footwear in style; the future of shoe-storage lies within an aesthetic wonderland.


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