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Horoscopes and/or Fashion do's & don'ts

Hey everyone,

I am very interested in doing horoscopes and/or fashion do's and dont's for the magazine. Let me know what you guys think. Also if anyone else is interested in helping out please let me know! I would love the help.





How to get your PAWS on the perfect pet-wear.

Finding pet-wear for your dog can be a challenge, especially with all of the choices available in an ever- growing market. Although many of these pieces are extremely eye-catching, the practicality and safety features of the item should be taken into account when making a decision about what to put on your pet.

Fabric and Function
The first thing that is an attention grabber when it comes to doggie jackets is the overall appearance of the piece. Finding an appropriate fabric to put on your pet is the first thing to consider. Is your pet sensitive to the elements? Do they have allergies to anything? If the materials used in his new digs irritate Rover’s skin, chances are they wont stay on for long, and if they do, you may be looking at vet bills to clear up his itchy skin. A good route to take when looking for pet-wear is to look for natural fabrics, such as cotton or wool, on the inside layer of the clothing. This will ensure ventilation and breath ability while still focusing on insulation. By having a natural fabric on the inside, virtually any fabric can be used as an outer shell, increasing the options for patterns and adornments. A water-repellant type of fabric is a good option, especially for a dog that doesn’t enjoy the rain. Ensuring the jackets main properties are practical makes it easier on the dog, and gives you plenty of ways to show the world the personality inside of the pooch!

Comfort and Fit

Comfort and fit are important to consider when picking out the perfect outfit. You want to make sure that the dog has enough room to move around comfortably without tripping, and that he has a proper opening for him to ‘relieve himself’ when need be. By properly measuring your pet beforehand, you will be able to find something that they will like to wear just as much as you like to see it on them.

Measuring Guide
Here is a quick guide to measuring your dog for a garment. (#1) Back length. Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. (#2) Neck circumference. Measure around the base of the neck, where the collar sits. (#3) Chest circumference. Measure around the chest at its widest point. (#4) Chest front. Measure across the chest, shoulder to shoulder. (#5) Waist Circumference. Measure around the dog’s waist, just below the ribcage.
By having accurate measurements, you are much more likely to end up with a final product that fits your dogs needs, as dog shapes vary to an extreme degree.

Pet Safety
One thing people tend to overlook when playing ‘dress-up’ with their pets is safety. Dogs do not have the ability to undo latches and get themselves out of sticky situations, so before you purchase an item, consider a few things to ensure your dog will be able to avoid choking or another deadly situation. Start by looking at the openings of the garment. They need to be big enough for your dog to easily slip its head and paws through for a quick escape. The other thing to look at is the closure type. Is it a zipper? Dogs can’t undo them if you’re not around. The best way to go is a strong Velcro, or a fit that enables the dog to slip out of the jacket to avoid strangulation. Be cautious when purchasing your pets new clothes. It could mean life or death to your cherished pet.
Although there are tons of options and lots of things to consider, dressing up your dog can be fun as well as practical. Who doesn’t love to be warm and cozy in the middle of winter, or be able to stay dry while playing in the rain? Not only is pet-wear cute, but also it is a must for the Canadian climate. So get out there and GO FETCH!

How to Dress for Success!

How to find that perfect outfit for the job interview you’ve always wanted.
By: Caitlin Thompson

1) No matter how tall, short or what body type you are, you can never go wrong with a basic pantsuit. It shows you are professional and ready for whatever may come your way!

2) Punch it up! Give your outfit a little flavor by adding bright colours underneath that basic black pantsuit. It still gives off that professional vibe yet sends the message that you like to think outside the box.

3) Tailor it. Make sure your outfit fits properly. There’s nothing worse than wearing an outfit that’s too big or too small!! You probably already spent a lot on that pantsuit, why not spend just a little more to make sure it fits perfectly. Remember a good suit is an investment; it will last you forever!

4) Walk tall…but not too tall. Don’t wear those 5” spiked heels you wore out dancing last night. Pick something that isn’t going to overpower your outfit, but instead is a nice accent. Flats may also appear too “juvenile”, a good solution to that would be kitten heels; they’re comfortable yet chic.

5) Feel like your outfit is boring? Accessorize it baby! Why not add some trendy accessories to show off your style. But beware; if you’re going to do a chunky necklace, go light on the earrings. If you’re going to do a heavy earring, perhaps skip the necklace. Remember: don’t overdo it. It could give off the impression that you’re unfocused and cluttered.

6) If you’re going for an interview that requires a portfolio, don’t just throw it in any old binder. Consider investing in a professional portfolio holder, that way you’ll not only look professional you’ll also look clean and organized.

7) As women, we put our whole lives into our purses. However when going to an interview try to keep your clutter to a minimum. Opt for a clutch or a small purse rather than your usual hobo bag. Remember: be sure to always keep breath mints and lip-gloss. You never know when you’ll need freshening up!

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hey girls,
just wanted to give you a heads up about a few things .... let me know what you think..
1. i have someone interested in the back cover for advertising. not a 100% "yes" but pretty close. his name is DJ Alonso Mendez and he wants to promote for his growing business of DJing in the hippest clubs for toronto. good idea?
2. launch party for the magazine. i am extremely interested in putting this together with a couple of other girls. anyone else want to help? do we have a date for the launch of the magazine yet?
3.i want to also help out in the organizational part of the advertising, making sure everyone gets what they want and we dont promise more than one space to more than one person. anyone else interested? please get in contact or leave message here.
thanks girls
britt mills

Easy Evening Eyelashes

How to properly apply false eyelashes for the holiday season.

Have you ever wondered how to get those long, full lashes? Do you go to holiday parties and wonder why everyone’s eyelashes look amazing and yours do not? Follow these six easy steps to apply flawless false eyelashes.

1. Length Matters
Hold the false eyelashes up to your eye; making sure that the end with the shorter lashes is in the corner of your eye. Then check to see if the length of the false eyelashes are the same length of your eyelid, if it is too long then cut the excess off the end with the longer lashes.
2. Tidy Tips
After adjusting the length of the lash line on the false eyelashes, make sure you apply all your other eye make-up, except eyeliner (that is to be done after the false eyelash is applied) before applying the actually false eyelashes. This will make sure you do not get unwanted powder from the eye shadow on the false eyelashes.
3. Sticky Icky
To properly apply the eyelash glue, squeeze a little glue onto a plastic surface and with an opened bobby pin evenly spread a thin layer of the eyelash glue onto the lash line of the false eyelashes. But only put a little bit of glue onto the bobby pin because you do not want glue running down the lashes.
4. Close But No Cigar
Then place the false eyelashes as close to your own lash line as you can. Try not to get any extra glue on your eyelid, but if you do it is easy to peel off when the glue has dried. Remember to place the end with the shorter lashes in the corner of your eye.
5. Perfect Placement
Now that the false eyelashes are on your eyelid, use the other side of the opened bobby pin to push the false eyelashes into the lash line of your real eyelashes. Making sure that you cannot see the lash line of the false eyelashes on your eyelid. This will guarantee a perfect line between your real lash line and the false lash line and will trick everyone into thinking they are your real lashes.
6. Final Touches
Now that the false eyelashes are in place, apply a thin layer of mascara just to give more colour and to create depth with gives the lashes a fuller look. This will be the final step to complete the look of the lashes. If you wear eyeliner this is the time to apply it, obviously when the mascara has dried.

I guarantee that you will end up with flawless false eyelashes following these six easy and quick steps. All your friends will want to know how you achieved such a perfect lash, but do not tell because it is your little secret!


Hey guys...

I'm very interested in doing the crossword for the magazine. I know Steph wants to collaborate on doing that with me. Just wanted to make sure that's cool with everyone. I'm a bit of a word game addict, so I'm a little attached to this assignment.

-Natalie Good

J'adore les arts!

J'adore les arts!
Toronto is becoming more and more metropolitan, gaining international exposure with industrial, landscape and cultural improvements. Now that it completed it second year, the Paris-originated, all-night arts festival is getting bigger and better. Here are our top five picks to help you survive Toronto’s hip, new, annual arts and culture festival, Nuit Blanche.

1. Boots:
With events taking place all over the city, lots of walking is inevitable. Therefore a pair of great boots is essential. Go for something tall (to keep those calves nice and toasty), and a well made, comfortable sole is a must! Might as well work out those gluts as you hit the town!
Joe Fresh- $39.99
2. Coat: As Nuit Blanche is set in the ever-unpredictable end-of-summer, beginning-of-fall season; a coat is a definate necessity. Go for one that’s light, but warm enough to keep you going through all those wee-hour exhibitions.
FCUK - $150.00
3. Bag: It is said that bigger is better, and when it comes to Nuit Blanche nothing could be more true! You never know what interesting finds you may pick up along the way… whether it be a business card, bottle of water, brochure, or a new friend, make sure there’s plenty of space to keep it all!
Anna Corrinna (from Augustina) - $650.00
4. Notebook: As a night filled with art can be very inspiring, we recommend bringing a cute, little notebook to log all those interesting thoughts. With all that wonderful energy floating around, ideas are impossible to avoid, after all, a creative mind must be nurtured.
Indigo - $12.99
5. Hat: Aside from helping to prevent those midnight chills, an interesting hat can work as a great conversation starter! With the city filled with eager and enthusiastic culture-seekers, people seem way more open and friendly and anything to draw attention your way is an asset. Besides, you never know whom you may meet.
H&M - $11.99

*there's a pic, but it's of me... so i left it out since that's not anonymous.

Service Piece


Throwing parties for your friends and loved ones can be one of the best parts of the holiday season, find out how to get through this year with some hints that will award you top hosting honours.

Hosting holiday parties can be a stress-filled event, especially if you’re going it alone. As they say, the best defense is a good offense, which in party terms means be organized, prepared…and if all else fails, stocked with wine. Here are a few basics to get you party-ready this holiday season.

Dress to Impress

Beyond picking a date for the special event, the very first thing a good host should do, is decide the mood of the evening. The formality of dress you choose will set the tone for the party, and give your guests an idea of how they should prepare themselves beforehand. Don’t be afraid to be direct and tell your guests exactly what kind of dress you expect from them, it will ease your mind and make their pre-party prepping time much easier.

You are Cordially Invited…

Once you’ve decided on the style of party you will be throwing, it’s time to select the perfect invitations. It’s important to note here that less is most definitely more. Whether you’re throwing a wild bash, or an elegant dinner, a simple card with a fitting design and beautiful penmanship will get your point across without being obnoxious. Browse through your nearest Chapters/Indigo, or other specialty book store for ideas, or if you’re feeling creative make your own.

Menu Please!

Knowing what kind and how much food to serve on the night of a fete, can be difficult to measure, especially if you know a guest is a vegetarian or allergic to something. The easiest way to ensure everybody is happy, and that there is enough to eat, is to go potluck. Ahead of time, figure out what kinds of dishes you’d like to serve, and mock up a little menu to send to your guests, via email is probably the easiest. This way they can all choose something to bring, so you don’t end up with more than one of anything, and you’ll know that your guests will all enjoy at least one item.

Deck the Halls

Arguably, this is the most crucial aspect of your pre-party set up. I am of the camp that a minimalist approach to decorating is always better, and at Christmas time I think this is especially true. A beautiful way to add some fun to a formal soiree, especially if the party is taking place in a large, wide open space, is to blow up a large number of balloons and scatter them on the floor. I would also advise you to stay away from a lot of traditional Christmas decorations, like Santa, in favour of more beautiful and dynamic pieces. Think lovely homemade wreathes, and delicate white twinkle lights. Martha Stewart is a genius in this department, pick up one of her books, and have fun creating.


A Whiter Brighter Smile in Just a Few Easy Steps!

Do you ever feel as though when you smile a yellow glare radiates from your mouth? You clearly see that your smile is dull. Unfortunately that does not stop you from refusing to go see your dentist, just incase he/she actually gives you a white smile. Or maybe it’s for the simple fact that you have no time. You prefer to sleep in on a Saturday morning till 3pm then book a cleaning appointment because his receptionist has sent you many “you’re due for your cleaning” cards, has made numerous phone calls to your place and left messages on your voice mail reminding you to give them a call when you receive the message.

It’s simple: a beautiful smile consists of beautiful white teeth. This, for some, is not clear enough.

Situation One: You have a cocktail date at 8pm, you have been running around all day to get your work done and so you quickly run home and realize you have an hour before your date is knocking at your front door. You’re wearing a wonderful outfit and fabulous heels, but your smile is so dull. What do you do?

Situation two: Your out with friends and one has brought a camera to capture all your precious moments. When the pictures are developed and plastered on the latest version of MySpace™, everyone looks great but “Uh-oh” your smile. You’re embarrassed. It would have been better if you had just taken all the pictures instead of showing off that tarnished smile. What do you do?

It’s easy! A few products at your nearest drug store can simply fix this oral disaster. Must purchase; Crest spin tooth brush, Crest white day tooth paste, Crest white night tooth paste, floss, tongue scraper, Listerine whitening mouth wash and Crest whiting strips. For a constant white-bright smile simply follow these steps.

Step 1; in the morning brush with spin brush and crest white day toothpaste.
Step 2; open a pack of crest whiting strips and place strip on top and bottom teeth. Keep in for a half an hour.
Step 3; remove strips and rinse mouth with water then quickly brush again.
Step 4; floss each tooth individually
Step 5; scrape tongue gently with tongue scraper and clean.
Step 6; rinse with Listerine whitening.

Repeat steps at night also for a constant white-bright smile. Although if you feel that these products are putting a hole in your pocket then it’s even simpler.

The next time you make a visit to your dentist ask for a little bit of pumice-that gray sand like substance that the hygienist mixes with water and cleans your teeth with and while you’re at it ask if they have any tongue scrapers available. They should be more then pleased to help you with your requests. Don’t forget your new toothbrush and floss that they hand to you at the end of your appointment. With these items and a non-whitening mouth wash, which yes, is cheaper will still have an overall effect on your smile.

Step 1; dab your new toothbrush in the pumice and start brushing from the gums down on your upper teeth and from your gums up on your lower teeth.
Step 2; floss each tooth individually.
Step 3; gently scrape tongue with tongue scraper.
Step 4; rinse with mouthwash. When following either the all whitening product steps or the simple and inexpensive steps you’re guaranteed a whiter, brighter smile.

This is especially for the ladies who wonder why the red carpet high heeled glamazons have such a bright smile. Ladies, to those who are elegant in red, purchase a red and delicious apple lipstick and apply a blue tinted gloss over top to enhance that fabulous white-bright smile!

Bead It!

A how-to for the do-it-yourself diva

Have you ever looked at a piece of jewellery and thought to yourself, “I could do that myself...if only I knew how”? Well, here’s your chance. Beading is actually a simple and fun way to get nice jewellery without the not so nice price tag. To get started, all it takes is a trip to your nearest craft, or even dollar, store. So here it is; a simple how-to to make a basic beaded necklace.

What You Will Need:
To start off, you will need wire, 2 jump rings, and a lobster claw clasp. These can usually be found all together in a kit at the craft store. The only real “tool” you will need is pliers, and they don’t even have to be good ones. Now for the fun stuff... the beads! Start with a small package of what are known as seed beads. Next, get approximately 15-20 slightly larger, contrasting beads, or, if you feel like it, they could be completely mismatching. Whatever you want.

Ready, Set, Bead!
Now that you’ve got everything you need, it’s time to get started. First, cut your wire to the desired finished length of your necklace, adding about an extra inch so you can tie it off. Next, tie one end of the wire to one of the jump rings and attach the ring to one side of the clasp. String on 10 seed beads and 1 big bead. Repeat this sequence for the entire length of the wire. Make sure to leave about ½ and inch at the end to finish it off. Once again, tie the end to the other jump ring and attach it to the other piece of the clasp.

Voila! A handmade, unique necklace that was much cheaper and more fun than buying one at the store.

***if chosen for the magazine, i will be taking step-by-step pics

Halston We Have A Prada

A Look Behind the Curtain of a Copy Cat Runway

When paying extreme amounts of money for designer clothing, wouldn't one want to know they are paying for something that is relatively unique and self-expressive? Lately that doesn't always seem to be the case.

In recent seasons, as the Fall & Winter, Spring & Summer lines roll out something rather correlative is to be noticed. After comparing many outfits from many designers, it is fairly easy to recognize that some are almost too similar. Searching through countless outfits, you may also find countless familiarities. Granted however, most designers use many of the same resources for calculating their next season move. Unfortunately this does not only concern the clothing, but also the shows themselves. There are a few particular designers who set the bar much higher than others. The expectations of the buyers and the consumers are then also heightened.

Anyone attending these dramatic, international shows want to see something equally or more extravagant and intriguing than the previous, and this also goes for the designers in-store operations. Understandably, but regretably many designers use similar tactics to evoke their customers interest and desire to buy.

The photo examples to the left and below illustrate how similar the garments can be. Below the silk blue Versace has a very familiar look to the silk mauve Alberta Ferretti, not only in fit but also the colour tone. Also below, the curved Prada pump and the curved pump from Dsquared has a parallel concept.

So for all of you self-proclaimed fashionistas out there, if you're looking for a "sui generis" look, your best bet is to come up with something completely out -of-the-box. But if you're content and loyal to a specific designer or brand, than continue buying what they're showing.

Clockwise from top left, Versace, Alberta Ferretti, Prada, Dsquared

In the Hood..

An easy to sew sleeveless hoodie, that will make your neighbors come knocking on your door to find out where you got it from.

It was May 2007 when I made the discovery that it was time to take on something new. Little did I know at the time, was it a fashion show of my own. The date was finally set and I had 3 weeks to sew everything. That’s when I discovered this easy to sew most wanted piece of the show. The all time old but newly discovered sleeveless hoodie.
I started picking through all of my stuff (for my fashion show) that I had collected over the years to be sewn one day, when I found this old big 80s sweater.
Being in love with any sort of hoodie I realized this would make an excellent piece for the show.
I originally designed it as a woman’s piece and then realized that it worked amazingly on both men and woman.
All you need is:
1. One ginormous old sweater
2. One 23” or 24” zipper (this depends on the length of your sweater).
3. One shoe/drawstring.
4. Two eyelets.
5. A hoodie that you like the fit of (this is for measuring).


1. Cut the sleeves off the sweater
2. Lay your own hoodie in the middle of the sweater and draw a line with a piece of chalk from the armhole to the bottom of the sweater to get the new shape for your hoodie. Cut your new armhole and your new side seam.(leaving a ½” seam allowance for the sides and a ¼” seam allowance for the armhole)
3. Start sewing along the chalk line (with an ½” seam allowance.) from just under your new armhole down to the bottom.
4. As you sew your armhole, turn under your ¼” seam allowance to get a clean finish.
5. Draw a line on the inside of your sweater down the centre front. Cut down your line and insert zipper. (How to sew in your zipper:
6. Cut open the sleeves of the sweater lengthwise and lay right sides together. Measure the opening of your neck and trace out the shape of your old hoodie vertically on to your sleeves using the same size opening as your neck. Leave a 1” seam allowance on the opening of the hood and a ½” seam allowance everywhere else.
7. Sew the hood together leaving the front still un-sewn.
8. Place the eyelets 2” up from the bottom of the hood and over 2” from the side, and pull the drawstring through.
9. Sew the front of the hood closed, carefully holding the drawstring in place, with a 1” seam allowance.
10. Attach the hood to the neck of your sweater with a ½” seam allowance, carefully catching the top of the zipper tape in between.

This is NOT the PIC I will be using. But it's just to show you guys an example of one!!!!
Also there will be pics for every step.

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Service Journalism Piece

DIYtrends Pretty In Punk….
Toughening Up never looked so Pink!

Punk rock has always been known as being hard, loud and dark. Emerging in the 70’s with bands such as the Ramones, the Heartbreakers and Blondie, the music was extravagant and outrageous, as was the fashion. The scene was much of a DIY movement, with young kids creating their own styles as well as creating a new movement in music history. The punk scene began very trashed-out with extreme hair, accessories that could duplicate for weapons, and clothes often mistaken for rags. The late 70’s incorporated what was called American Hardcore with bands such as The Misfits, Black Flag and the Sex Pistols. The fashion at these times were shocking and rebellious, many of them based on designs from Vivianne Westwood, and modeled from icons such as The Ramones and Johnny Rotten. Main styles included band t-shirts intentionally torn, leather jackets, blazers, motorcycle boots, tapered jeans and dress shirts with symbols of anarchy and crucifixes.

The 80’s continued the Punk tradition, however becoming for mainstream and hardcore. New bands emerged as well as new fashions. Dr. Martens became a staple as well as combat boots. Jeans remained tapered, however were now adorned with chains, studs and bleach. Tartan and plaid, as well as t-shirts became the new uniform for Punk. Another evolving trend was body piercing and tattoos, as well as extreme accessories such as spikes, chokers, all adopting in a sexual style.
Modern day most of these elements still exist in the hardcore and Punk scene. Many trends are still present, with many new styles evolving. The scene these days has many different categories; punk has become more recognized in mainstream fashion, with many designers incorporating punk elements. Such designers include; Alexander McQueen, Vivianne Westwood, John Galliano, Anna Sui and Jean Paul Gautier.
This season incorporating a hint Metal, a dash of studs, and a pinch of plaid can turn any style Punk. Here are some examples of How to Pretty up Punk:

Part of the new Memento Mori Collection - "Remember You are Mortal." An update of a TARINA TARANTINO classic, this stretch cuff bracelet features lucite panels with crystal-eyed skulls interspersed with Swarovski crystals.
Tarina's new, re-designed Skull Collection is entitled "Memento Mori" - Remember You are Mortal. This gorgeously layered pendant features a lucite skull with crystal eyes framed with glass pearls, flowers, bows and crystals, on an 18" chain strung with matching Swarovski glass pearls and crystals.
3. Vivienne's Tartan Large Soft Yasmin Bag Red 3433
Outer cloth: 60%wool and 40% polyesterLining: 100% polyesterLeather finishing and metal safety pin charmSize: 45cm x 25cm x 25cm Handles: 40cmLong detachable shoulder strap also included: 122cm x 4cm
Price: £370.00 / $743.70

4. Rock & Republic
Low-Rise Skinny Leg Jean, Warped Blue Metallic Wash
5. Black And White Hound’s-tooth Scarf
Hot Topic
Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2008

Second Skin

The perfect sweater for every shape!

Now that we can no longer grip to our summer styles it is time to commit to the perfect winter sweater. Green and red reindeer jumpers given to you by your elderly aunt will no longer be permissible attire for the classy urban women. Instead, here are some fool proof tips on picking the perfect winter sweater for your shape.

Pear Shaped

Small on top and broad on bottom means that you want to bring more focus to your top half. This makes you lucky because this winter printed sweaters and stripes are all the rage. Feel free to jump on the band wagon with a cool plaid hoodie or a horizontally stripped pull-over. These prints will give the illusion of being proportionate from head to toe.


This perfectly toned body type may not be blessed with the boobage but there is always a way to enhance what you’ve got. For you ladies feel free to crawl into a comfy empire waist sweater which will give the appearance of curves in all the right places. Also, the loose fitting bottom will be a good place to hide that extra piece of fruit cake you just had to have this Christmas.


These lucky ladies blessed up top need a sweater that is made of a light-weight fabric which means no knits. Light weight fabrics won’t add bulk to a place which is already filled out nicely. When looking for a sweater also look for a v-neck to draw attention to the face and maybe even a little bit of décolletage, but a little bit is the key!


Ladies who are bigger in the middle need a little synching. Create a foe waist with a thin rap. Tie it at the narrowest part of your body to create the hour-glass figure you crave. Also, the gathering in a rap will hide any tiny imperfections and leave room for that always bigger than needed holiday dinner.

Hour Glass

Since you are all the chosen ones you can almost pull off any sweater. But to look absolutely astonishing and fit for the season a knitted belted sweater with oversized buttons down the front would be perfect. This will accentuate the tininess of your waist and the fullness of your hips and chest. To add a little bit of playfulness, the oversized buttons will draw attention and give it a subtle sexy look that is appropriate for all occasions.

Service Journalism Piece

Passion Has Red Lips……………
How to turn a classic into a modern day must-have.

Ever glanced at a picture of Dita Von Tease while flipping through a magazine and wondered “could that colour look as good on my lips?” well the truth is, it can. Red can look good on anyone and everyone; it’s just a matter of finding that ideal shade. Red lipstick is a universal classic and has yet to go out of style; it became infamous through the 1940s and 1950s with such women as Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page. It was reinstated in fashion in the early 1990s with such rock royalty as Gwen Stefani and Madonna. Red lips have been even more popular than ever; they have come back into circulation thanks to one woman who’s made it her signature style: Dita VonTeese, known as being the biggest burlesque dancer of our time, VonTeese has reinvented the classic 1950s look. Red lips are not easy to achieve; they may look flawless, but a lot of work goes into perfecting that flawless red pout. Here are the five Ps to getting that perfectly plump pout:

1. Prepare: First things first: the initial step is to find that perfectly matched shade, and co-ordination lip liner. Some of my recommended reds include: MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo and Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Crème lipstick in Red N°5. To begin, blot your lips with a dab of your foundation, then rub in to cover your entire lip area. After applying the foundation, seal with some loose powder. This allows your lipstick to stay on for hours and hours.

2. Prime: After the foundation has set for a minute or two, gently apply a lip balm to your entire lip. This will moisten your lips before application. (There is nothing worse than cracked and dry red lips).

3. Pencil: Finding that matching pencil is an essential; the best advice is to ask for help. Usually the sales associate can recommend a perfect match, and please, ladies, do not use a brown pencil! Start in the centre of your lips and work your way out. Follow the exact line of your mouth do not go under the line, you do not want to look like bozo the clown. Once around is all you need.

4. Paint: Now here comes the fun part; however this can also be the dangerous part. Make sure when applying to use a lip brush. Follow along from the outside rim to the peak of your lip; your lipstick should fill in the exact lines you’ve made with your pencil. No colouring out of the lines ladies!

5. Perfect: Done! A perfectly plump red pout. And for that added bonus of sheen, just add some clear lip-gloss!


Switch from frumpy to fab with your everyday casual look!
By Chaendra Gittens~

We have all had those more-than-unfortunate mornings that made you not even want to move from underneath your covers. It happens to the best of us. Although, the real question is whether it's a valid excuse for having people on the street wonder whether you even own a mirror in your home?

Face First
For today’s lesson, let us focus on one of the most common phrases one will find used in the fashion world, “less is more”. As cliché as it may sound, truer words were never spoken. Let us start with your beautiful face. Many people have a misinterpretation of the word “beautiful”. It does not mean that you should feel obliged to see how quickly you can apply the most make-up before you walk out the door. Applying more neutral colours and a light dab of gloss may be all you need to do to feel comfortable and look flawless for your day at school or work.

Hair Repair
Along with a fresh face, however, it would not be appropriate to have horrifying hair. Some feel that the “messy ponytail” is a quick and easy way to stay up with the trends, but it can easily end up being nothing more than just a mess. Simply pulling back your hair can be chic using no more that a brush and durable elastic. You can have a neat ponytail pulled to the centre back of your head or a cute side bun, all of which can be done with the same tiny amount of effort. Or, here’s another idea…leave your hair out for once! A plain headband in a fabulous, rich colour has the potential to brighten and highlight your pretty face.

Hit or Myth!
No one is telling you to wear a prom dress and your best pair of stilettos to school, but you can do better than your boyfriend’s oversized jersey and sweatpants.
For starters, let’s clear up one major misconception…anything that has stretch is not automatically your best bet for comfort! For instance, the whole tights epidemic that has swept the nation does look very cute, but not as an outfit all on its own. A top or a dress even can achieve that adorable look without showcasing every part of your body in a most unflattering way. You are probably thinking, “If it’s black, then it’s okay because black is slimming!” Wrong Again. Black can be slimming, but not in any type of fabric (especially not spandex). Fortunately, it takes the same amount of energy and time for you to just simply throw on a cute pair of jeans with a more loose fit that may not be as confining, and a cute cardigan or zip-up hoodie to help you have a more comfortable experience.

Treat Your Feet
We have reached the end of our tour…shoes! What is a cute, casual outfit without complementary cute and casual footwear? Once again, heels may not be for everyone, especially when dealing with the hustle of everyday city life. Consider a cute, yet durable sports shoe that could go with a wide selection of your closet. Or, maybe even comfortable and chic flats that could double as daytime and evening shoes depending on your style and the occasion.

Ending off today’s lesson we have covered the key tips to remember when attempting to find a casual look that works for you everyday. Keeping things simple with your look will keep your day just as simple and fabulous as you.

I said “NO NO NO”

The cocktail you’re holding is now a fave fashion accessory – not a trip to REHAB.

What do Lohan, Spears, and Winehouse have in common? Simple! They went from standing on the red carpet to laying on it. Come on, a pretty martini deserves a better rep than this! It’s time we drop ‘Drinkalluwood’ like a Jager Bomb and sip our way back to a Candy Apple Hollywood.
A fashionista without the right accessories is like an angel without a halo. The way we dress and accessorize communicates to the world around us. What if there was a different kind of fashion accessory? One that borders between fashion and a social interaction and exchange? Face it, we all love 2-for-1s. As a modern fashionista, you need to think outside of the 6-pack. Like Audrey Hepburn and her signature long cigarette, let the cocktail in your hand be an extension that emanates your style. This puts a new spin on the common phrase, because now you’re all dressed up, and have everywhere to go!
Although you may not see the models at New York fashion week strutting down the runway with cocktails in hand, everyone knows that the ladies from Sex and the City made the Cosmopolitan a girl’s most sought-after accessory. But let’s get creative; knowing how to liquefy your style is this season’s must-have knowledge. Cheers to liquid fashion being IN and rehab being OUT!

Fashion Mixology 101

Your Fashion Liquefied: Which drink are you?

Coco Channel

Your Style: classic, elegant, French, expensive simplicity

Fashion Liquefied:

* 1 oz Gin

* 1 oz Kahlua

* 2 oz Cream

Mixing your Liquid Wardrobe:

Combine ingredients over ice in a shaker. Gently stir in a circular motion to mix and chill. Strain into a chilled Martini Glass.

Baby Doll

Your Style: childlike, delicate, ruffles, ribbons, and lace!

Fashion Liquefied:

* 2 oz Brandy (Courvoisier)

* 1 1/2 oz Grand Marnier

* Juice of 1/2 Lemon

* Ice cubes

* Sugar

Mixing your Liquid Wardrobe:

Moisten rim of glass and dip into sugar. Combine ingredients over ice in a shaker. Gently stir in a circular motion to mix and chill. Strain into a chilled Martini Glass.


Your style: attitude, attractive, malicious, foxy

Fashion Liquefied:

* 2 1/2 shots Frangelico

* 1/2 shot Grenadine

* 1/2 shot Kahlua

Mixing your Liquid Wardrobe:

Combine Grenadine and Frangelico over ice in a shaker and shake vigorously until frothy. Strain into chilled Martini glass. Slowly add the Kahlua and garnish with cherry or Hershey's Kiss.


Your style: outstanding, popular, prima donna, rare, divine

Fashion Liquefied:

* 1 1/2 oz Vodka

* 1/2 oz Passion fruit juice

* 1/2 oz Limejuice

* 1 tbsp. Maraschino cherry juice

* Fill with 7-Up

Mixing your Liquid Wardrobe:

Build ingredients over ice. Fill with 7-up. Garnish with cherry and lime. (Highball)

Blonde on Ice

Your style: girly, flirty, fun, spontaneous

Fashion Liquefied:

* 1 oz Crème de Banane

* 1/2 oz Peppermint schnapps

* 1/2 oz Vodka

* Fill Cream

* Ice cubes

Mixing your Liquid Wardrobe:

Build ingredients over ice in the following order: crème de banana, peppermint schnapps and vodka. Fill with cream. (Highball)


Your style: you’re a baby doll one day and a vixen the next!

Fashion Liquefied:

* 2 oz Vodka

* 4 oz Orange juice

* 4 oz Strawberry juice

* Fill with 7-Up

* Ice

Mixing your Liquid Wardrobe:

Build ingredients over ice. Garnish with a cherry or lime. (Highball)


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Chill Out- Service Journalism Assignment

Look chic and be warm with these trendy scarves, without breaking the bank!

Winter is around the corner, which can leave you feeling sluggish and dull. Try one of these fashionable scarves, to put you straight in the festive mood!

Strawberry Shortcake
Give yourself a treat; satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt or the calories! This scarf is sure to keep you warm even on the coldest of days. Girl Grenade $2.99

Splendidly Striped
This classic scarf is sure to turn heads, and will leave you looking sophisticated. Stripes are in this season. Try pairing this scarf with a pair of your favourite skinny jeans. H&M $10.99

Urban Decadence
A staple scarf, every city girl should own. Who knew walking down those city streets with this could be so hot?! Costa Blanca $12.99

Where to find a bargain:
Good places to find a trendy, inexpensive scarf would be to:

· Go to your local thrift store or flea market. They carry unique, one of a kind items, so you’re sure to be the only one with that scarf. It is all about being at the right place, at the right time.

· You can also find many of discounted scarves online. For example eBay. EBay is a great place to find the scarf you’ve been thinking about, at a low cost!

· Usually end-of-season sales carry a lot of items that they weren’t able to sell during the season. If you shop for winter clothes in March or April, you’re sure to find something great, at a fraction of the original price.

Keep your eye out for these different types of hot scarves this season!

· Stripes- stripes add instant fun to any outfit!

· Earth tones or neutrals- you can wear earth tones and/or neutrals with pretty much anything. These types of colours will look great, with any outfit.

· Fringes- fringes give any scarf a traditional look. You can play up the outfit whether it’s just a basic tee and jeans, or even a party dress.

· Materials- If you are willing to pay more for a scarf, try a luxurious material such as cashmere. Not only is it super soft, cashmere is always in style! You can find a great cashmere scarf ranging in price from $39.95- $225+. You may be able to purchase the scarf when the season is ending, at a bargain basement price. If you’re lucky!

· Two Toned- A two-toned scarf is great to wear with a plain black tee. Not only will it add emphasis to the outfit, you will light up a room as soon as you walk through the door!

· Metallics- Metallic adds a certain type of edge and glamour to any outfit. You can also try jazzing up your business attire with a hip metallic scarf, to take you after hours.

Stuck without a gift?
Buy a scarf! It’s a perfect gift for you or your loved ones. It is great to keep you warm or even to be used as an accessory. You can wear a scarf to customize your outfit. Even wear it all year around!

The White Way - Serive Journalism Piece

You think plain white blouses are boring? Think again!
Here are a few funky ways to dress up your white blouse.

This look is very simple and can work for everyday outings. Grab your favourite t-shirt that has a punch of colour and your favourite pair of jeans, mix it together and what do you get? A chic, casual outfit! Don’t be afraid of layers, it makes the outfit more appealing. To accessorize this look just remember “too much is never enough”; add chunky jewelry such as bangles, rings and necklaces.

You don’t want to go to work wearing the same matching pants and blazer everyday. Try this more updated and fun look. Find a colourful sweater that is flattering to your skin tone and makes your eyes pop. Spend a little money on those perfect dress pants. A cool grey or black pin stripe always matches well. To accessorize this look add a classy ring or watch. If you want to be a little more playful with this look you could even add a scarf.

For a night out, you always want to look your best. This style is all about being daring. Show a little more skin but not too much, keep it classy. Try a skirt or even better a cute jumper. Pair it up with those sexy knee high boots in leather or suede. Not too much accessorizing is needed because the outfit can speak for itself but there is still no harm in adding a small necklace or ring. You’ll have those heads turning.

Your Roman Holiday - Service Journalism Piece

A quick, simple, and inexpensive way to get the Audrey Hepburn look just in time for the holidays!

The holidays are here and everyone knows that means finding the perfect look for all of those formal evenings, and who better to model your look off of than the glamorous Audrey Hepburn. Remember, it’s not all about the dress; it’s about the entire look. Hair, make-up, dress, accessories, EVERYTHING! Don’t be afraid though, this look can work on several body types. Just follow these tips and you will be the most elegant chick at the event.

The Dress

Everyone knows you can’t match something to nothing, which is why you need a dress. Hepburn’s look is incredibly chic but her dresses are really rather simple. Take her most famous look from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. All it was was a thin-strapped, floor-length black dress with a sexy slit up the leg. Sure she was thin, but black dresses come in all shapes and sizes, the only challenge is finding one that is flattering to your body type. I realize that black is a very simple colour, but this outfit can be achieved with several different festive colours such as red, blue, grey or whatever you can think of. As long as it’s all one colour (to attain the simplicity and chic look) you are well on your way.

The Accessories
After the dress, you need to shop for accessories. Since Audrey Hepburn’s look is so simple, she jazzed it up with some chic accessories. A few strands of pearls (or imitation) around your neck that just graze the neckline of your dress really creates a focal point for your outfit. Matching earrings is just a given. Whether or not you want ones that dangle or simple studs, as long as they match, you’re good to go. Lastly are the gloves. Hepburn was famous for her elbow-length gloves and they really add that touch of class. A simple pearl bracelet over top of one of the gloves really sets them off.

The Face
Now to set your eyes ablaze! This outfit really craves the sexy smoky eye look. So first you need to line and soften both your lids with black eyeliner. Next add some black eye shadow to the edge of the top lid before applying a soft neutral colour all over the lid – even a touch underneath the eye – but don’t forget to blend! After, you’re going to add mascara to curled lashes (or put on some fake eyelashes if you’re really daring).
For the lips, all you need is a neutral lined lip and some lipstick that’s just a tad darker than your natural lip colour. You don’t want to go too dark, because the emphasis is on the eye. Also, stick to colours that compliment your skin tone.
Lastly, you’re going to want to add a touch of blush to your high cheekbone area and set your face with some loose powder.

The Hair
This look, though it looks rather finicky, really isn’t. Now not everyone likes the incredibly short bangs, though your hairdresser can create these by texturizing them when they cut them. Instead you can vary on the look with longer bangs – or no bangs if that’s what you prefer. Basically, to get the Breakfast at Tiffany’s hair all you have to do is:
- Pull your hair back in a high ponytail and give it some added fullness by teasing it.
- Pin the ends of your ponytail under and spray with some extra-hold hairspray.
- Last you’re going to want to hide that unsightly hair band by wrapping a piece of hair around and pinning it (somewhere inconspicuous) or by using an ornamented barrette. One with pearls would be exquisite.

If you have shorter hair:
- You will have to make a second ponytail and hiding it under the first.
- On even shorter hair you can buy a hairpiece (in the shape of an elastic band) that will fill out the crown of your head rather nicely, but be sure to match to your hair colour!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Possible content idea?

Hey friends,

I was thinking that perhaps we could add a section to the magazine. has a section called 'the sartorialist', which is a section devoted to fashion on the streets/at events, which is made interesting since the subjects of the photos are generally not well-known celebrities or style icons of the fashion world, but regular, stylish folk. My thought was that perhaps we could incorporate a section like this in the mag centred around George Brown students. Essentially we walk around the school with a camera over a period of time and take pics of GB students with style. We can compile the pics, choose the best ones, and put them in. I feel as though this would be a fantastic addition to the magazine, because by incorporating the rest of the student population we have the chance to increase readership/interest in Oh George! Let me know what you guys think.

Also, I am incredibly interested in the art direction aspect of the magazine, so I'd love to be a part of that...are there any others interested in that area? Maybe we should discuss in class? Thanks.

Laura Hart