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Coffee with a Toronto Fashionisto

Coffee with a Toronto Fashionisto
“Favourite fashion magazine?
Don’t have one, I find they are all doing the same thing now! #basic” - Christopher Mello
I had the pleasure of sitting down with an up incoming Toronto fashionisto, where I got to hear about some of his up and coming projects as well as steal some advice for anyone who wants to tackle the fashion industry. Christopher Mello is a recent graduate from The Academy of Design and Technology; there he studied Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. Of course this isn’t where his passion for fashion started; Mello’s interests for the fashion industry began at the tender age of 13 while modelling for various companies such as Hollister and Abercrombie. “When I would be on set, I would watch the artistic director, PR person and stylist closely as they would do their job, which lead to me always asking them questions, and helping them out whenever I wasn’t needed on set.” Soon after Mello found himself drooling over the stylish clothes more intensely, which lead him to move more and more towards the fashion industry. During his years at The Academy of Design and Technology Mello was able to work with many fashion forward/ well known people and companies. There he had the opportunity to intern for Fashion Weekly Magazine, SCPR, Hil & Gertner Capitol Corp along with Ink Entertainment and more recently Conde Nast International, at Vogue Brazil. This was only the beginning of Mello’s inspiring journey to success. He was fortunate enough to have also worked and learned from some of the biggest names in Toronto such as Farley Chatto, Stephen Cara, Christopher Bates, Jay Strut, Greta Constantine, Keith Richardson, Doris Montanera, Jennifer Dares and Mark S Doss. Having been able to learn/ work closely with such big names, Mello decided to continue his education further and now studies Public Relations as a post-graduate at Ryerson University. He has also started a new project, his very own company Nudite Communications which has slowly been appearing around the Toronto Fashion scene. This busy 22-year old took time out of his hectic schedule to sit down with me and answer some questions about his personal style, fashion in Toronto as well as advice for any aspiring fashionista or fashionisto.  First off I couldn’t help but burst out and ask Mello wear he shops, his style is so unique and ahead of the time that I had to make sure that I could share with you guys where his cool threads were from.  Mello stated that he generally shops online, random stores on Queen or with the designers themselves; he does this because “I find retailers are basic and boring, carrying the same pattern, cut and drop over and over again. So going directly to the designer like Som Kong or NARCES, makes life easier and gives me a sense of couture like garments, where the piece is made to measure for me”. Mello also shared some trendy places in Toronto to shop “ best places to shop in Toronto I would say are Serpentine, TNT, Jacflash (online), Lavish & Squalor, SSENSE (online) and of course those random little boutiques on Queen West”.  Mello’s style is so unique that I wasn’t surprised that this fashionisto doesn’t subscribe to just one brand, but dabbles in many different stores that have many different styles. This trend setter describes his style as a “city slicker” meets a “bohemian grunge” type with an occasional “smoking jacket” look in his words “If it’s not black or white, it’s not for me.” Mello continued talking about his style, touching base on key pieces in his closet such as his black YSL destroyed jeans and his Bottega loafers, where I interrupted asking him about up and coming trends and fashion must haves for his closet. “I can’t say I know what my next must have item is, since I’m generally changing up my look and wants daily. Generally if I want something, I get it if I’m still still thinking about it, after a few days.” a rule personally I think we should all follow. Mello’s unique style and mature attitude towards the fashion industry is what keeps him fresh and successful. At 22-years old Mello has already created a name for himself. With the amount of experience Mello has you’d think he would be confused as to where he sees himself in the future. I had asked Mello what his dream job was and with no fear he confidently responded saying “My dream job would be a trend forecaster for a big company such as Pantone or WGSN, or working for a fashion brand such as Oscar de la Renta under their PR team or even under a fashion based PR agency.” This guy has no fear and is definitely aiming big in terms of his future career.  Christopher Mello claims his inspirations and passions came from his elders who raised him to have the beliefs and strength he has today, that has also helped guide him to become who he is in the Toronto fashion industry. Mello continued on to speak a little bit about Toronto’s fashion industry and why he enjoys being a part of it “Ideally what I love most about the fashion industry in Toronto, I guess would be the fact that for such a small city, that does not really implement or care much about fashion or arts, it seems to always be doing just fine. The fact that Torontonian’s seem to always be turning heads in a good way, even during the recession. But who are we kidding, I love the industry parties, nothing like being young and being able to enjoy the pressence of others like you, loving what you love and partying the way you do. Plus VIP on a invite or pass always makes you feel better, but don’t let your ego grow!” After a long coffee break from Mello’s busy schedule he concluded the interview by sharing some advice for up and coming fashion gurus “Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! Volunteer, until they tell you, your past that point and then note that it is time for you to make something from that name you created, and know that everything has its timing. Getting a job in your industry and field is a little bit of timing and hard work. Luck doesn’t exist!” Christopher Mello is definitely someone we should all keep our eyes out for, this fashionisto is a face we will all see around for while! Best of luck to him and his success!

The Up and Coming

Every year the fashion industry is on the lookout for the fresh-faced designers that meet their standards. Adrian Arnieri a young Ryerson student has a presence like no one I’ve ever met. He is able to walk into a room and make it a little bit brighter with his award-winning smile and bigger than life personality. Even though he is young in age, he is fiercely passionate for design and is continuously thriving to become better with every stitch he makes.

His passion started earlier than most, “As a young boy around the age of four I would spend a lot of my time drawing, not that I was any good at it! Most of the time I would go through my younger sisters Barbie doll magazines and try to redraw the gowns Barbie would wear. That is were it all started I guess.” Surprisingly enough, although he started sketching at a young age Adrian didn’t start sewing until his later years in high-school when it was time to apply for colleges “I had less then two months to learn how to sew and create these outfits.... I worked really hard and learned super fast! I got my three outfits in and ended up getting into the fashion program.”

And it is looking as though that hard work has paid off. Without a thought he and a friend joined a fur design class not expecting anything to come out of it; but it took a turn when he submitted his sketches along with other designers to the Remix-Canada fur design competition. With an imagination that would give well known designers a run for their money, his designs has earned him a well deserved winning title in the international fur competition. Representing Canada he will be headed to Montreal for the display of his fur coat. For some it is art and other it is architecture. No matter what you do in life there is always something or someone that inspires you, that makes you see even the tiniest of creations in a whole new light.

For Adrian he is constantly being inspired either from the classics with eye-catching colours such as the Little Mermaid to the very famous musicians ranging from Spice Girls to Lady Gaga. “Lady Gaga’s clothing choices have opened my mind to a whole new level of fashion. She sees fashion as a form of art and I couldn't agree with her more. There are no wrongs or rights when it comes to designing clothes and Gaga has helped me express myself though my designs.” Even with the hustle and bustle of the busy campus my focus was solely on Adrian.

He spoke with such enthusiasm and love for what he does it made me happy to think there are still people with a fire inside of them that drives them to become who they’re meant to be. As he was showing me his designs I noticed that they were bold and inventive, piquing my curiosity how he dealt with given school assignments that often have specific guidelines and may limit his creativity. “[…] When it comes to assignments I often bend the rules because I feel my designs need to be taken to another level. (…) Because my designs don't follow the guidelines of the assignment I end up having to take a mark deduction. I wouldn't have it any other way, if I changed my design I wouldn't be happy with it and it would no longer be my vision.”

If I could, I would have given him a standing ovation but a verbal appraisal would have to suffice. There are so many artists that lose the passion for their art that they started with because they feel the need to conform to what is said to be right or wrong. Although being in a design program can be restricting, it gave him the ability to learn how to bring his designs to life and make them into tangible pieces of clothing. Which in my opinion is the most rewarding part of the process, the finished product.

Humble as always he explains to me that yes school can help you create something from nothing but you can also learn a lot from yourself. People need to continue to try new things even when they may not turn out to be what they expected and learn from their mistakes. Every single one of them. Despite having two more years of school get through mentioning the future and working for a fashion house earned me a bright smile.

“I would absolutely love to work for any fashion house that would take me! That would be a complete dream to work for one (fashion house). It would also be a dream to create my own fashion brand, which I would love to do one day. It kind of seems funny to say but my ultimate goal is to keep making my visions come to life and to expand my creativity. I know something amazing will happen if I make myself happy by doing what I love. Which is fashion!” Nothing seems funny to me, only inspiring.

For someone that is nineteen years of age he truly is wise and when asked about the best advice he’s ever received, I couldn’t have asked for a better answer. “(…) I feel like in a way I give myself the best advice. I think it's important to be your own cheerleader and to make yourself happy first before anyone else. If I'm not happy with my design or with what I'm doing at that moment then I'm not going to give 100%. I know it sounds like I'm full of myself but I just feel very confident with my designs. If I didn't feel confident with what I create then I wouldn't be creating them (…).”

With his drive for success and positive attitude that has the ability to fuel the sun; I’m certain that we will be seeing Adrian Arnieri in a few short years from now taking over whatever area of fashion he wishes to claim.

Weiming Yuan

For my interview I decided to interview AEON Attire. It is a small up and coming company that is beginning to grow and spread throughout the country. When I first asked about the interview, they seemed excited that I had wanted to get to know more about the company. The company mainly consists of three people. However, due to their busy schedules I was only able to speak with one of the three.

Weiming Yuan and I had decided to meet at a local star bucks where the interview would take place. I had arrived a couple minutes early in order to review the questions I had prepared to ask before the interview. Upon his arrival we introduced ourselves as we both waited on our orders by the counter, before settling down to begin. Finally sitting at the table, I began asking him questions. The very first question was about the company, and who started it. He told me, he as well as his twin brother Weidong Yuan, we're working in the same company together along with a very close friend of theirs, Patrick. He apologized for their absence, and spoke about how they wished they could have joined him. “As owners of a business, we really have to do all jobs. We all do marketing, sales, design work, some accounting, you name it!” Having heard that the three of them were closely involved with the company, I began to get curious about how they we're so close. He explained to me how they are all bboy’s (break dancers), and they had met through an underground breakdancing scene back in 2009. Since then, they practiced their art together, which brought them closer together over the next couple years. I was surprised when I heard about their interest in dance, It made me wonder about what inspired the three dancers to begin a business in fashion. “What was it that made you three decide begin this business, I understand the three of you are close but what made you guys suddenly turn towards the Fashion industry?" I asked Weiming. He laughed at the amount of questions I was so eager to have him answer. He took a sip of his coffee, leaned over and said "Let me tell you a story."

I fell back into my chair in silence as he began to share. He began by telling me it started at home, alongside his brother, Wei Dong Yuan. One night they had got into an argument with their parents and had no choice but to leave their home. With no place to go, they decided to call their good friend Patrick. He let them stay the night, but when the following morning came Patrick was unaware that he had no food so they decided to head out. The three friends ventured off to Walmart, and somehow made their way through to the bedding aisle. “I spotted an invention used to keep bed sheets securely fastened to mattresses: a plain, white strap attached to a clip. After fiddling with the item for a few minutes, I held it around my ankle and found that it could be used to effectively taper my pant leg. I suddenly had this idea of wearing these to slim down pants, and that is where the idea for AEON Taper was conceived,” He laughed. “I can't explain how the idea came to me exactly, maybe it was the lack of sleep or lack of food which made me delirious… whatever the reason was, I was happy it came to me because that idea grew into something larger than we could’ve ever imagined.”

As the interview continued I began to figure out the whole backstory as to the history of the boys had been through. Being kicked out of their home must have been difficult enough, I thought, how were they able to start a business after realizing they lacked the necessary fundings? That is where they put their talents to good use, by purchasing a busking license. Day by day, month by month, they set up speakers and began to dance along the streets of Toronto. After months of hard work they were able to secure manufacturers for the components, taught themselves how to sew, created dozens of prototypes, and conducted over 300 consumer research surveys at malls. “We used our dancing to finance and fund AEON Attire. We launched our first collection without getting into any debt” Weiming laughed.

Being a new company, I asked him if there is anything new about their Aeon Attire besides the tapers. He began to tell me about a new project they've been working on called, The Full Circle Project. “In terms of the AEON Full Circle Scarves, it’s not only a scarf. People don’t only buy what it is, they buy the why,” he explained. For every scarf purchased, a donation of their scarf is made to many homeless shelters around Toronto. Places which include Convenant House, the United Way and many other people who are in desperate need of warmth. They are also working on new accessories which include launching their touch screen leather gloves, and Nimble wallet which are available on their online website for orders. “We want to create more products that are drastically different than what people have seen before, we want to push fashion, function, and innovation as far as it can go!”

I was amazed at how it had turned into a positive result. How being kicked out of their house they understand what it is like to roam the streets with nothing but each other by their sides and by using their company they are able to give back to those who aren't as fortunate as they were. After an hour of questions, it was finally time to call it a day. I thanked Weiming for taking the time to come out and share his story with me as we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.


Issue Based Assignment


For my issue based assignment, I decided to interview a local young Toronto designer, that goes by the name of Miada, who I have known for quiet a while. I chose to interview Miada for many reasons aside from personally knowing her.  She is a young female who has found her passion at a young age and is doing everything in her power to make sure her creativity comes to life. Miada made sure she put her self out there by networking and going to amazing events. Leading to meeting new people and other local designers that have more than enough experience so that she could grasp more knowledge from them. I wanted to know more about her journey and how she got to where she is now.

According to the ANNAFORA website:

Created out of passion and love for art, ANNAFORA understands that every piece in an individuals closet should be viewed as aventure into self-awareness. With a keen sense of design and quality, ANNAFORA created high end and ready to wear attire for men, women, and gender nonconformingindividuals. It is believed that clothing should not be defined by gender, but instead by fit. ANNAFORA erases the barriers that gender conforming clothing had brought about bycreating designs that can be worn both by men and women. To do so, sizing in women and men’s will be available in order to cater to each fit. Inspirited by multiple artistic mediums, ANNAFORA is a comprehensive representation of present times through fashion that feeds the public with cutting edge and avant-garde clothing, and is a means of expression for the wearer.”

The first questioned I asked was, why design? She looked and me and smiled and said “why not? I have a lot of thoughts bouncing around my head, and some times there’s no way for me to kind of relax and clear my mind, designing does that for me. It helps me sort of clear my head and only focus on what’s in front of me. Also as far back as I could remember, I always had a thing with putting outfits together, I would cut up shirts and make something out of it, althought I wasn’t that good I always had a drive to make something, to be creative  

Maida is a very straightforward person from what I came to know about her after years of knowing her. She is also very unique and has a sense of sureness about her self. So my next question was how she felt about being young and already figuring out her life’s passion and actually being able to do it. According tomaida she felt like she was one of the lucky ones “because not a lot of people my age or even people in there 30s, 40s, have found their purpose. When I was about 15 years of age I wanted to start my own line, but I clearly didn’t acquire enough knowledge to do so, I didn’t have the resources to do much except an old sewing machine. I didn’t have a job to buy a bunch of fabrics to start bringing my designs to life.” I then asked Maida how she started. She laughed and said “ I worked, worked, and worked, I told my self the only way I could do all the things I wanted to do, (have my own line and establish my own company) I had to invest time AND money, which meant that I had to find a job save money and try to bring my designs to life. I worked mostly in retail for about 3 years, starting at the age of 16, I am 20 now and even though I am more accomplished I still have a long way to go.”

The above part resonated with me the most about the interview because it is true; you have to invest time and money into whatever it is you want to do in order for you to actually get there. You need to be willing to sacrifice and push hard to get there. My next question for Maida was if she felt in any way that maybe her dream may not happen. “Of course, I think everyone has a low point in their journey where they feel like its just not going to happen for them, and I feel like that’s a normal stage. You will always have a low point which will result in a high point, giving up should never be an option though unless its not a passion of yours anymore because people do change, and their ideas of happiness changes with it.”

What’s interesting and really different about ANNAFORA is that her line is inspired by the universe and nature. Maida touched on this more when she said, “I like to think of my self as a spiritual person, I am self aware and I listen to the non existence”, I asked what she meant by that,
I mean, I meditate a lot, I do a lot of yoga, like I said before I have a lot of thoughts, I am an over thinker, doing yoga and meditating helps me get in my zone and its in that moment that my creativity is at its peakest. As soon Imeditate and do yoga, I run and grab my sketch book and just draw and I am then able to design crazy things.”
Maida went on to say that her style/line is inspired by the universe, and eclectic things, its very out of the box and not everyone would be able to pull it of, not everyone would even be to much into it because its THAT different from what’s out there now. ANNAFORA is minimal when it comes to the outfits all around look, but the fabrics and execution is very much far from being minimal.

As to what’s next for ANNAFORA, amazing things I must say. Tomorrow actually, March 6th 2015, Maida will be a showing her line in Paris at the Capsule Paris Showroom! “I am supper duper excited about this, I mean Paris? How amazing, it hasn’t sunk in yet, I’m sure it wont sink it till the show starts, I will be along side BLANK BLANK, EYGLO, KENAX LEUNG, LEAF, and so much more!”
As a young female designer, a lot of locals in Toronto would generally look up to Maida so I asked what advise she would give to the ones trying to make it or to the ones who have no idea what to do for the future.
My only advise really is to just follow your heart, might sound cliché but it really is true, don’t let others dictate your plan and mindset, just focus on exactly what you want to do, stay humble, do the right thing, don’t let money be the focus, always stay true to yourself, speak with integrity, and don’t assume, don’t let what others think get in the way, what people think of you is not your business and last but definitely not least, always have fun”
As this interview came to an end, I learned a lot more about Maida and her brand. I have so much more respect for her and her work, and I am proud. ANNAFORA will definitely soon be seen around the world, and Miada will only grow smarter and more creative, who knows what she will bring to the world next.

When Fashion Hits the Spot


       Being a fashion student you always want to consider all your options within the fashion industry.
Recent Ryerson University graduate, Amanda Stines, has been in the position most of us are in now. She currently has Bachelor of Arts in English and Arts and Contemporary Studies with a honours diploma in Fashion Business Industry from George Brown College. She has gained experience within the Fashion Industry by having internships with Holt Renfrew, Seventeen Magazine, LOULOU Magazine and the digital magazine, The Kit. I was also an online fashion contributor for the GUESS Watches fashion blog, GUESS Access and currently run my own fashion blog, Amanda's Fashion Spot. By having these opportunities Amanda was able to have a career and basically live out her dreams. Through this Fashion Business Industry program, mainly the Fashion Journalism elective, Amanda was able to utilize the skills and use the information given to her to start her own blog and be successful at what she does.

       With being a fashion blogger you obviously have to know about fashion. The in's & out's. What's trending at the moment, what's coming back into style...etc. “Fashion is the something that I have always loved. When I was younger, I always expressing myself and fashion a way for me to do that”, says Stines. “ I used to enjoy spending time with my mother and aunts who loved fashion, shopping and reading magazines so their interests
rubbed off on me, “ she adds.  As a blogger their is more to it then what meets the eye. A fashion blog can be about many different things such as different types of clothing and accessory pieces, celebrity fashion statements and urban fashion trends. Most fashion blogs cover fashion from the biggest designer brands to an average bloke walking down the street.


       Amanda started her blog almost six years ago. She is still shocked to this day about how much time has passed.  “I started Amanda's Fashion Spot because I really wanted to obtain an internship and I struggled to find one so I decided to start my blog.” “ I felt empowered when I started my blog because I felt as if I had my own special place in fashion,” she states proudly.  Starting something that you feel strongly about can give you a sense of entitlement. When putting your all into everything there is an element of risk-taking. With Amanda's blog she's simply sharing her interests with other individuals. While having true personality.


       Everyone that knows the fashion industry well enough knows that there are perks when it comes to being a fashion blogger. “The perks of being a fashion blogger include having your own voice and creative freedom to write about and feature whatever you choose,” she says humbly. Thoroughout the duration of Amanda being a fashion blogger she has been able to preview select fashion collections before anyone else. “ I have received free products and it is always flattering when companies reach out to me and ask me to blog about them,“ she says. With Amanda being a fashion blogger it also helped her get chosen as one of the Canadian finalists for GUESS Watches One To Watch worldwide contest.


        Stines, gives credit to George Brown College and acknowledges that particular courses that were mandatory to the program helped her for the long run in the career and more importantly helped her with her career as a blogger. In fact, it was the Fashion Journalism course with Sarah Hood that awakened her passion for fashion journalism and inspired her to write about fashion. “I actually started my blog while I was taking the Fashion Journalism course! Being at George Brown College, I was able to learn to so much about the fashion industry and that made me want to have my own voice in the fashion industry which my blog allowed.” Her advice for someone who wants to be a succesful fashion blogger is firstly to determine what your intentions are. What do you want to do? Do you want to share your favourite outfits? Discuss fashion news? Write about the latest trends? Of course do what you want to do but be sure to have a main idea. Have a clear focus for your blog and stay consistent with your blog is the best way to have success as a blogger. “If a young fashion student would like to start a blog, I think that they should go ahead and do it! Right now, is a great and easy time to start a blog with the popularity of social media there are so many ways that someone can start a blog and express their fashion point of view.” she says. “Instagram is a great way to show your daily outfits or daily outfit inspirations and Twitter can also be used to write about your fashion points of view,” she adds. “Most importantly, no matter what profession you're in make sure that your always having fun and staying true to yourself.”  “Be who you are! Accept yourself as you really are, not as someone else thinks you should be. Do not take action or pretend to be someone else for the sake of gaining acceptance. “


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Thank You Toronto: Home is Here

          We’ve all heard of ProductRED or FEED, but have you heard of Neil Wong and his company Thank You Toronto? If you haven’t, you’re about to find out about how they are making a difference in our community. Thank You Toronto is a cause-based apparel company that is supporting making a change in our city. For every purchase made, they feed a homeless person in Toronto. The company's founder, Neil Wong explains, “You may not know their situation; maybe they choose to be homeless, maybe they suffer from something, but it doesn’t mean they have to go hungry. With the luxuries some have, Thank You Toronto can be the medium by providing fashion for a greater good. It’s also very important to me because I have lived through similar situations with my family pushing through poverty and with the help of friends and family, a little positivity can help you get past a negative situation,” he says.
            There has certainly been a rise in cause-based brands over the years. What drew me to Thank You Toronto was the fact that they branded themselves on being proud Torontonians. Torontonians are proud of all things Toronto; just ask any of our city's sports fans, despite their win/loss record. But in all seriousness, as someone who grew up outside of the Greater Toronto Area, one thing I have always noticed is the pride amongst its citizens. I don’t know that I’ve ever met someone who lives here, who isn’t proud to tell people that. Wong will be the first person to tell you that. “Torontonians bleed Toronto, and they’re proud to show it.” In fact, the first time I ever encountered a Thank You Toronto cap, I was working and noticed a man wearing a hat that said, “Thank You Toronto: Home is Here” and my initial thought was, “This is so typical Toronto.” But the hat struck a chord with me, and I had to find out where it was from. Finding out that not only did Thank You Toronto carry fashionable caps but they also were doing it to make a difference in our city, and trying to combat a growing social issue on our streets left me with some Toronto Pride. Wong figured out that he could combine his love for fashion and conquer social issues all at once, “I saw this as a great tool to help conquer this social issue because someone now has something to show for their positive purchase, and be proud to wear it” he says. As a consumer, knowing that you can help make a difference through initiatives like Thank You Toronto, but also seeing a benefit to yourself is a rewarding experience.
            It’s not just about selling merchandise with Wong and his team, “We’d love to be remembered as the company that kick-started a positive movement. Not just with products to sell or a cause based company, but kick starting a 'Thank You Toronto' movement of showing another side of your business, whatever your business is,” says Wong and kick-start they have. Thank You Toronto has launched campaigns with Breakfast Television, BikeShare Toronto and Fran's Restaurant. They encourage others to join their campaign about making a difference in our city as well through Instagram (ThankYouToronto) and Twitter ( where they encourage the use of their hashtag, #ThankYouToronto.  The Thank You Toronto team looks forward to doing big things with their futures and also enacting a positive change within other companies as well. Wong explains: “We’ll definitely be scaling Thank You Toronto to do more than just feed people. You’ll have to wait and see what we do. We plan to expand and collaborate with small to large companies and help them make a positive change.” Thank You Toronto is also doing a good job of raising awareness of other companies that are trying to make a change in Toronto as well. They recently blogged about The Warehouse Group (El Furniture & Queen St. Warehouse) how they have an option on their menu to purchase a meal for underprivileged and that they also donate meals every week. They are also helping bring attention to other individuals who are trying to spark a change, like Jessica Canzanese, a George Brown College graduate, who spent her birthday last year handing out food, hats scarves and gloves to the less fortunate.

            Thank You Toronto isn’t just an apparel brand; they are a movement. They are looking to spark change in this city and encouraging companies and people to make positive changes. The city needs more souls like Wong and his team, people who don’t just toss a dollar or two into a crumbled Tim Horton’s cup. Even though it is kind act, we need people who are willing to dedicate their lives to making a change. People who notice that change must be made and know that we have the capacity to make a difference. That is why Thank You Toronto is an important movement that needs to be heard.