Friday, March 03, 2017

East Meets West: An Interview with Eske Schiralli

index piecing jacket
Toronto can be described as a melting pot of cultural diversity. Being an extremely diverse city offers countless fashion trends to draw inspiration from. Cultural diversity enables individuals to become inspired and create their own personal style. Taking it a step further, creative individuals are designing and producing their style for a wider audience. One extremely dedicated individual that turned his dream into reality is Eske Schiralli.
Schiralli is someone who dreamt big and went on to accomplish his dreams. He is part of a group of like-minded individuals who are pioneering a style that can only be described as a ninja-esque aesthetic in downtown Toronto. He produces small accessories such as fanny packs and shoulder bags as well as offering a full garment customization service in lieu of higher-end techwear brands. Aside from balancing a full-time job and working on small passion projects, Schiralli is the co-creator of the Japanese-influenced clothing brand Index.
index passing jacket & coupling pants
Schiralli draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources such as clothing brands, fashion designers, movies and television shows, magazines and even video games. He describes his personal style as “eastern culture meets western culture.” One keyinfluence him is the renowned Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. He draws from Yamamoto’s incredibly well-crafted designs and projects it into his own work. Another influential designer is Aitor Throup, the executive director for G-Star Raw, who is known for incorporating technical fabrics to create outstanding silhouettes. As for influential movies, he highly recommends the documentary Abstract: The Art of Design, which showcases
small shoulder pack
extremely talented creators in all fields from around the world. Art in general also inspires his work, be it more traditional works and photography or costume design for films and concept and graphic designs for video games. Schiralli is also heavily influenced by the people around him. Being surrounded by friends and like-minded individuals who share similar ideas and can see his vision pushes him to achieve success. Apart from successful designers and close friends, Schiralli is inspired by the world around him. He is always in a constant state of creativity thinking and simply observing the world around him for ideas. Even walking to the fabric store, he gets inspired by by his surroundings and jots down every idea that pops into his head to work on when he has the time available.
customized nike sock darts & index pants
Schiralli’s motivation to pursue his work stems from finding what you want to do, then committing to achieving that goal. He began his career studying industrial design, which he found didn’t suit him. He then began incorporating clothing influences into his design assignments with his professor's approval. From that point forward he decided to pursue fashion design. Fully committing to his work, he managed to successfully start up his own brand. With Index, he wanted to offer people his personal designs that work with the expensive techwear/ninja style, while at the same time try to do it better. Having his own brand and being able to fly someone into the city to model new collections offers a feeling of accomplishment. His drive is to turn his concepts into reality, even if they don’t end up being successful, because at the end of the day he is having fun doing what he wants to do.
customized arc'teryx coat
Schiralli plans to draw upon his countless inspirations and flawlessly blend them together into one style. For example, he takes a pair of classic Dickies work pants and creatively customizes them to his liking with his influences in mind. Schiralli’s creative ability has given him the opportunity to work with the very same brands that have inspire have inspired him to do what he does best, which is a massive accomplishment that many young designers dream of one day doing.
customized dickies work pants

Eske Schiralli is one of the many talented individuals in the city of Toronto. He shows that anyone has the ability to turn their vision into reality as long as they fully commit to achieving it. Check out his Instagram page at to see his current and past projects and check out his brand at