Monday, February 11, 2013

Service Pieces Chosen for the Magazine

Lip Service (Kate Putnam)
Fabulously Funny (Ashley Lesiak)
Colour Me Confident (Michaela Pescatore-Tardioli)
Beaing Healthy is the New Fabulous (Paige Gellineau)
It's Always Nice to KISS (Katie Maguire)

Edge of 70's

Edge of 70’s

The Spring/Summer 2013 trends reflect the effortless styles of the 1970’s (the decade that is THE definition of cool). We’ve put together a collection of looks that will have you feeling like you just jumped into the modern world straight from 1973, along with beach wave hair and all of the season's must-haves.

Free Bird

Summer brings us long days of relaxing on the beach watching cute surfer boys, which evokes a desire to appear effortlessly glamorous and obtain the perfect beach wave hair. But before you get carried away with all of those hot curlers and sticky products, follow these very simple steps for that perfect free-spirited beach hair.

1.     Marc Anthony ‘Dream Waves: Amplifying Lotion’ OR Marc Anthony ‘Dream Waves: Beach Spray’ (Available at Shoppers Drug Mart)

2.     CONAIR Volumizing Diffuser ($14;

Step 1: Apply the Amplifying Lotion or Beach Spray to damp or dry hair, working thoroughly through hair with fingers.

Step 2: Using the diffuser tool on your hair dryer, separate the hair into large sections, rest the hair section onto the diffuser and bring diffuser up to the scalp. Repeat until finished.

Step 3: Get out there and make all the boys stare.
Walk this Way

The perfect pairing to a maxi dress is a light leather or denim jacket, especially for a Spring afternoon or a chilled Summer evening. To amp up the cool factor for this look, add a jacket that has been distressed, a pair of oversized sunglasses, a few vintage accessories and a sandal with detailing. You’ll look like you just strutted out of a Janis Joplin clothing auction adorning a few of these yummy buys.

Hot Child in the City

This season it’s all about getting graphic! Invest in some radical graphic print garments and you’ll be sure to be the talk of the town (in a good way!). Whether it be a pair of wide-leg pants, a maxi dress, a blouse or even a jacket, go big or don’t go at all!

How to Rock It

If you’re wearing a dress, go graphic all the way! For separates, be sure to not be caught by bloggers snapping your photo, which will soon be posted and captioned as “How NOT to Wear Graphic Prints.” A hodgepodge of graphic prints is a big never. Don’t do a graphic top and bottom that absolutely do not match. Instead, pair a printed top with a solid-coloured bottom, or vice versa.

And don’t forget the 1970’s inspired jewellery. Pair a colourful graphic print with some like-coloured accessories. For example, if the print has the colour turquoise in it, add a turquoise necklace or bangle. If the print is neutral, such as black and white, incorporate in multiple coloured accessories, especially a shoe or bag with a pop of colour.

Old Time Rock and Roll

Who doesn’t love the crackling sound from a record player as the needle rests delicately on the spinning vinyl? With vinyls becoming increasing popular in the past couple years, it’s easy to get your hands on a modern record player (they also come in trendy colours) and vinyl records, even from present-day artists. For a summer day while tanning poolside with your girlfriends, toss on a record and let the music do the talkin’.

The Player


Portable USB Turntable by Crosley ($160; -available in teal, navy, olive, brown, and black.)


The Tunes


Our top 5 must-have vinyl’s for this season are:


1. The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers - Legend

2. Mumford And Sons - Sigh No More

3. Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

4. The Beatles - Revolver

(all records available at