Friday, February 25, 2011

Love is in the Where...

Everywhere you look around, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and you just need to get out. When it comes to dating, it’s easy to catch a flick and dinner. But April showers bring great date options for you and your beau (or boo). Try these picks and you’ll be sure to feel the summer lovin’.


For those on a group date, try bowling. My favourite is “The Ballroom,” located at the corner of Richmond and John. The brand new venue means that you won’t have to wear the same smelly bowling shoes your grandma did. With 9 lanes, 52 HDTVs, 7 projection screens, ping pong and pool tables (and a beer list that rivals a pub’s) this isn’t any old alley. Top of the menu is the pulled pork sandwich; yes it’s messy, but well worth it. If you’re on a budget, weeknight lanes are less expensive. Planning a Saturday night bowl? Call ahead to reserve a lane; otherwise you may be facing a two hour wait to hit some pins.

Bear Hug

You probably haven’t visited a zoo since your field-trip years. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a tan, exercise and even learn a little about the creatures that share this Earth. With TTC access you can’t go wrong. Try packing a lunch and a blanket―there are plenty of places to lounge out and enjoy the sun amongst the wild. Plan to spend the day, even if you get stuck last-minute babysitting your little sister can tag along guilt-free.

Island Retreat

With just a short ferry ride you can visit the city’s jewel. Campgrounds, theme parks and sporting opportunities are abundant on the Toronto Island. For great fare stop off first at the St. Lawrence Market―pick up ingredients for a picnic and plenty of liquids to keep hydrated out in the sun. Renting a bike on Centre Island is the perfect way to explore the trails and with bikes made for two there’s romance in the cycle. Be sure to pick a sunny day and pack layers so you can stay long into the night (even camp out) and light a fire by the moonlight. The breath taking views of downtown and sand underfoot create the perfect recipe to bring you close.

Courting Chemistry

Not a science buff? No problem. The Ontario Science Centre is ideal for curious minds and the kid in all of us. With so many interesting topics to discuss, the date conversation can never get dull. Catching an IMAX film as it was meant to be seen is a must. With on-site eateries, there’s no need to plan ahead. April boasts the natural disaster exhibit, with artefacts and models to avoid a disaster date. You’ll have fun exploring all the exhibits and you’ll even learn a thing or two.

Buy me some Peanuts

A little birdie told me the tickets for the Toronto Blue Jays cost as little as $11! That’s less expensive than catching a movie. Go all out and make sure to get popcorn and even sport your blue and white for the home team. Since baseball is a fairly slow sport, there’s plenty of time to make conversation and a large crowd for distraction should conversation run dry. Arriving early is essential if you’d like to eat at a local restaurant as they tend to fill up quickly on game days. Even if you finish eating before the first pitch you can marvel at the CN Tower. If this date doesn’t win him over it’s a shame.