Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hello Up There!
Its a BIG world for the smaller sized people...
By: Melissa Ferrao

The population is growing - weight wise that is. The sizing of clothing has evolved, and vanity sizing is often used, but where in the world does that leave the smaller people? The people who have smaller body frames, the people who are under 5'4” tall, the people who don't weight over 115 pounds. Somehow in this big mess, it seems they have been forgotten.

Small Person, Big World

Sizing evolves, as do people, but what happens when it abandons some people? Finding clothes in smaller sizes can be a mission for smaller people. Smalls can be too big, even extra smalls can be too big! Companies that use vanity sizing cause quite a problem for smaller sized people. If a size 2 is really a size 4, no way is that item going to fit! Excluding all of the companies that use vanity sizing and the companies that make bigger sized clothes in general, smaller people are still left with few shopping options. If these select stores do not complement your tastes, you better crack open another tub of ice cream, because you have got a long way to go!

Jeans the Size of Jellybeans?

The most abundant problem for smaller people is finding a pair of jeans that fit. Finding jeans is a difficult job anyways, but for smaller people, its even harder. Jeans will never fully fit; if they fit in the waist, they will not fit in length; if they fit in the thigh area, they will be too big in the hips, and so on. Hours and hours of time need to be alloted to find a pair of jeans, and if this small person finds jeans that are actually in their size and fit at least decently, there is always the problem of style. If the style is not to their taste or does not flatter them, sometimes it will just have to do anyways. It can get very frustrating trying to find a pair of jeans that fit, and once they do, you do not even like the style of them! Although the person may not like the jeans, its been a good day if a pair that fit decently are found.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Although small people cannot always find the perfect clothes, there is always a positive outlook to it; you save money! If smaller clothes cannot be found, at least there are no shopping sprees in sight! While others are trying on clothes and spending money like there is no tomorrow, you can save up and use your money to buy other things, such as your tub of ice cream. This way, someday in the far future after eating all the tubs of ice cream, the small people can have a future including fashion apparel they like without any trouble finding clothes that fit!

Friday, February 23, 2007

George Brown's Next Top Model!

Be the next George Brown top model!
Auditions begin at 10:00am; Friday, March 9th, 2007 in the B building, room 202.

Most gowns will approximately be sized on a smaller scale.
Dresses are student designed and one of a kind!
Have a photo shoot with a professional photographer to win the chance of being on the cover of "Oh, George!" magazine.

Questions or comments can be posted here.
If you cannot make this audition please feel free to post a comment letting us know when you are available.

Good Luck!
"Oh, George!" Magazine
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Becoming the Ultimate Trendsetter

Becoming The Ultimate…
With just four easy steps, you could transform
your plain Jane self to the ultimate trendsetter.

A trendsetter as defined in the dictionary is “One that initiates or popularizes a trend.” Are there really any trendsetters left? Or has the industry fooled us to thinking we are tren setting when really sub-consciously we are just imitating each other? None the less it is fun to think we are leaders so why not become the ultimate trendsetter, (or at least think we are) here are four easy steps to becoming one.

If you're handy with the sewing machine you could get your old purple t-shirt from grade nine and sew it together with your brand new jean vest and secretly sneak into your mother’s jewellery box for her vintage broaches and viola! You have yourself a one of a kind fabulous vest that your friends will soon imitate.

To be a trendsetter you have to not only like attention, you must demand it. You have to walk straight and have your head held high. You have to market yourself not only to your friends and family but a true trendsetter is admired on the street, by complete strangers who go home that night and try to emulate your outfit.

It is so easy to put together an outfit and suddenly realize you look exactly like five girls in your textile’s class, so for this step you have to dig deep way back to that place that scares you sometimes in your head and get inspiration that only you could get access to. With a little bit of crazy mixed in your wardrobe you will no doubt create something spectacular.

A true trendsetter always goggles fashion icons that lead the way before her. From Brigitte Bardo, to Madonna. A little research will inspire you to create classic and unique looks that will grace you with the Hollywood glow. Every trendsetter knows that the past will always reinvent it self, so to stay on top of the trends you will have to do your research that will put you ahead of everyone else.

Now that you know all the steps to be coming the ultimate trendsetter, you now have the responsibility to live up to these expectations. To make the whole experience a success
The key secret is to make it seem effortless to everyone without them knowing that you really have calculated every outfit, for every event.

confessions of a sneaker addict

service journalism piece

I can’t help but check out people’s shoes when I meet them. Yes, I know that this is not something that I should admit, but…… it is true! I consider myself to be a somewhat reforming ‘sneakerholic’ and don’t think that my traits and impulses will be dying anytime soon.

The worlds best known shoe collector and former Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos’ shoe fetish confirms that the average ‘sneaker addict’s problems could be much worse. The abundance of specialty stores such as ‘Goodfoot’ in Toronto and magazines such as ‘Complex’ are now dedicated to this culture and are fueling the industry, which is now becoming out of control. There has been a 350% increase in sneaker sales in the last two decades, and it is not about to slow down anytime soon. This commodity product has reached fever-pitch, as ‘sneaker-heads’ consistently camp outside their favorite store to be the first to grab the latest limited edition pair.

Though I have not been ‘under the influence’ for quite that long as some people, I am starting to feel the effects of exploitation. Companies such as ‘Nike’ and ‘Bathing Ape’ are to blame. The countless styles of bestselling models such as the “Dunk” or “AF1”, that are introduced each month are hard to keep up with. The marketing strategies of these companies prey on the innocent consumer, and drain the wallets of those that are addicted.

“Rules of Attraction”

I have to admit that the right pair of sneakers on the opposite sex (or the same) can be the quite an attraction. The shoes can not be cheap; however, this can be excused if they compliment the rest of the outfit. I love a guy in rare sneakers; this can be the greatest of all turn-ons; However, the wrong pair will put me off to superficial proportions. As soon as I see pair of ‘K-Swiss’, or ‘Sketchers’….it’s over before it begins!!

Though usually applied to the classic stereotype of stiletto-obsessed women, this fetish, I would say, is more prevalent among the ever-growing sneaker community. These are the new fashion-savvy shoe aficionados, and they are being watched by the corporate giants in the fashion industry.

LVMH, an international luxury conglomerate, are the owners of many luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Givenchy. One of their heavyweight brands is Fendi, who recently approached the Japanese streetwear designer Nigo (A Bathing Ape/ Ice Cream). The two fashion empires are clearly from different worlds, though they are both purveyors of high quality garments that are produced in limited quantities. Fendi’s goal is to establish an “ongoing personal and professional alliance”.(the Independent online news source) This, for example, is the coming of luxury and street/sneaker culture at its finest.

Sometimes fashion can surface from functionality; such examples include apparel for sports and the military, and in this case we are talking about sports. This brings me back to being your humble host. Yes, I have fallen victim to fashion a consumerism, but isn’t admitting ones afflictions the first step to recovery?