Monday, February 03, 2014

Great influence of street fashion

  Spring is only less then season away, but we’ll be at no loss for what this season prepared to offer. Even though there may be a couple months before you can wear anything, however it’s always very tempting to run out and buy the first spring looks you see. The Fashion in a way went a bit crazy this year. With longer summers and winters, we’re looking for coats in May and float dresses in September. It is good that nowadays we’re more focused on our individual look than ever before The street influence became more important that any runway, or designer who tries to set his collection up as a trend.
  Instead of having been styled by models and designers who stands in front of the boards of directors, street fashion got most of the attention. It became more import in young culture, which makes designers to work harder for their collections in order to get attention. Street styles doesn’t have specific look, instead it has a bunch of different styles, all unique in the fact that the young people created them. Somehow, most of the designers started to check street style as well, young adults figured out the way to inspire high fashion designer based on their own style. The tight-fitted jeans once favored only by those wearing street fashion known as punk or emo nowadays became a common element in high fashion industry. Other example is hippies; loose-flowing dresses with filmy material became one of the most common styled these days. Hip Hop dancers and singers where the first rebel people who decided to start some action on the street. They converted their fashion style and habit into multi-billion dollar industry. Where does Hip Hop style came? It was created in African American urban movement and filtered into music industry and right now most of the most talented singers recognized because of that style.
  Some of the high-class designers took street fashion ideas for their collections. Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein always check up street fashion to implement in their collection.  These designers, managed to bring the style to another level by adding elegancy and formal wear. The most interesting street style was Japanese. Japan had a large influence in American young society. Underground club scene was the main influence to Japanese teenagers. Japanese street style had a big influence to Hip Hop culture.

  Street fashion, it’s something what we can rely on. It has individuality and self-impression by so many stylish individual. There is a reason, why no body from the industry tried to lock them up. They inspire people; give them ideas in what people can feel comfortable. Most of the designers influenced by street fashion, using looks for their collection.

Bum or Boho?

Bum or BOHO?
How to pull off the latest bohemian trend this spring, without looking sloppy.
Flowing Lace
Lace and flowered blouses are everywhere this spring. From tunics to kimonos to eyelet patterns and lace inserts these shirts give off a hippie vibe that anyone can pull off.
Rompers and Maxis
A favorite new label ,Stone Cold Fox is where we first spotted these super cute rompers.   An easy, quick way to pull off the boho look.  Great for travelling and easy breezy for those hot summer days, yet can easily be dressed up to wear into the night with the right accessories. Maxi skirts are everywhere. The long flowy skirts are so comfortable and can look stylish day-to-night.
Hair and Accessories
The boho look is definitely a relaxed look, so just letting your hair air dry isn’t only good for it but gives the beachy look.  Or braiding your hair, sleeping until the morning will also give you this look.  Head bands and jeweled head pieces are very popular with this trend.
Lots of rings, lots of bracelets and lots of everything goes with this trend.  Antiqued pieces, crystals and tourquiose stones are everywhere. Long chains, braided leather and even feathers are perfect for the boho

Vegan Vogue

Most women want to appear attractive, and these days that came come at any cost. I’m not talking about monetary cost; many beauty products and clothing items we have today come at a large cost to the environment and animals. Whether it’s your new fur jacket, makeup tested on animals, or that bear skin rug in your living room (okay, I realize that last one may be a stretch); innocent animals are suffering for now reason. There are many more options today to live a glamorous, chic life and not harm anyone in the process.

Beauty From Within

Most women are unaware of the fact that many of the big name brand beauty products test their cosmetics on animals, at no less than one stage of their development. Some of these companies include: Almay, Avon, Calgon, Chapstick, Dove, Herbal Essences, M.A.C., and Suave. It’s quite shocking, and many of these companies are hard to avoid when you are a stylish woman. However, there is hope. These days, there are just as many companies that do not test on animals and they advertise on their labels. Some of these cruelty-free companies include: Burt’s Bees, Conair, Crabtree & Evelyn Cosmetics, E.L.F. Cosmetics, Earth Science, and the Body Shop.

Compassionate Clothing

The most obvious way to be animal friendly in your fashion choices is to stay away from fur. Nonetheless, if you simply must sport the Cruella De-Ville look, second hand store usually carry fur coats. Since they have already been made long ago, it’s much better to purchase a second one because you won’t be supporting the current fur industry and at least the coat will be put to use rather than hanging in a store. A vegan fashionista would also want to stay away from silk, wool, down, and leather. Many synthetic alternatives are easy to find and are labeled as such: faux fur, faux leather, etc. If ever you are unsure, ask a sales associate if the particular material is ‘real’ or synthetic.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

The only involvement animals should have in a vegan home are as pets – and they are the best accessory of all! However just as with beauty products, it’s surprising to many that numerous household cleaning products are tested on animals. Always check the label to see that it says “not tested on animals”. Also, when choosing furniture, stay away from the cashmere throws, sheepskin rugs, and leather sofas. Instead choose cotton, polyester, or ‘faux’ types of fabrics.  With simple switches and being mindful, you can make your vegetarian way of life extend past your dinner plate. With so many animal-friendly cosmetics, outfits, and couches, you can live a beautiful, vegan vogue lifestyle.

How to wear prints in SPRING-SUMMER 2014?

Dare to Be BOLD
From galactic graphics, dainty delicates, to pretty polka dots, we’ve seen it all.  This time around, prints take on a bolder, louder feel for the season.  An organic mixture of fresh, flirty prints and vibrant hues were emphasized down the runways of many designers’ spring-summer 2014 fashion collections. Simplistic, geometric prints are one of the top 2014 trends you should be wearing right now, as seen on the runways in Valentino and Carolina Herrera collections. These designers opted for strict geometrical patterns in neutral shades for an autumn-winter trend, and migrated to colourful, unique patterns for spring-summer.  In addition to geometric prints, plaid, stripe, and houndstooth patterns are also trending for summer. Love prints? What better time to indulge yourself into this season’s most popular and playful trend?

Garden Fresh
That’s right, it’s florals once again! Camouflage yourself with tropical textiles and the elements of nature around you. Brilliant bundles of floral patterns have all been featured on the runways of D&G and Oscar de la Renta for the spring. Inspired by European folk prints, floral prints are the perfect way to complement the budding beauty of spring in your wardrobe.  In fact, a must have for the season is a basic floral print skirt.  Take note ladies! The key to pulling off any print is with confidence is to know your body type. When selecting a floral print, remember that light colors and small patterns are best for a petite body type.  On the contrary, if you have more of a curvaceous body type, you should pay attention to the large, bolder patterns and focus on the darker shades.
Fierce & Feminine?
Animal print also continues to be quite trendy for spring. Stirring away from traditional, natural coloured prints, this spring takes an innovative approach to neon brights and unusual tones. No matter what animal print you chose to rock, keep in mind the features of your body shape.  For instance, a light pastel or vibrant coloured leapord print instantly attracts attention, and emphasizes the body. However, realistically we are not all a size two runway model...This being said, if you are the average real women with feminine curves, it is better to select a print in classic dark colours and pair it with a  bright or light coloured top, creating a feel of balance for the overall outfit. Without a doubt, the animal print trend is sure to keep you fashionably fierce this season.

Mixin’ N  Matchin’
What used to be a fashion DON’T is now a fashion DO! Mixing stripes with plaid? An absolute YES! Or what about cheetah print with floral? Why not? It’s an eccentric take on prints this season with a daring message. Create your own dynamic style and feel free to combine all of this season’s hottest prints. Done the right way, fashion blogger Olivia Palermo who wore her leopard print heels and floral trousers took a chance and hit the mark.  Ladies, don’t think that trousers must always be basic black or beige. The all over print motif is definitely not an easy look to pull off, but the spring-summer 2014 runways showed us exactly how it can be done. Many people may find mixing and matching quite a natural thing to do, but worn the right way can look oh so chic! Horizontal stripes and patterns will suit women with petite figures providing emphasis on their delicate frame and vertical patterns will create a long and lean look for a fuller figured woman. Add a little bit of contrast and incorporate your favourite prints into your wardrobe. Stay fun, flirty and fashion forward this season.

Grabbing Fur by the Foot

The ins and outs on wearing the fur trend this spring

Word play, futuristic tendencies, and luxury were all present on the runway for Spring 2014.  But one trend stood out: fur.  Designers flirted with the idea of summer furs, from shaved minks to alpaca, from pastels to brights.  The fur trend was seen at Dennis Basso, Gabriele Colangelo, Atelier Versace, Prada, and Fendi. The issue is not the presence of fur on the runway but how the luxurious trend can be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe.  It is very simple and very easy as long as you follow a few basic rules.

Rule #1 - Fur of choice

When integrating fur into your spring wardrobe, you want the pieces to be lightweight and fresh.  This is no time to be wearing a full length fur coat.  Any and all heavy furs must be stored in a cool, dry place until the colder winter months.

Rule #2 – Layer, layer, layer

When the weather starts to shift from colder days and nights to warmer days and colder nights, layering is your best friend.  Scarves, stoles, lightweight vests and cropped jackets are the key pieces to keep in rotation when layering fur and your spring basics.  Even small, chic pieces such as fur key chains and charms can instantly add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your spring.

Rule #3 – There is no end to the fur trend

Fur has appeared on at least one runway every season.  Seasonless is now a word that can be applied to this trend.  With new innovations and techniques, fur can be worn to keep you warm in the form of a scarf or a wrap, or to add glamour to your classic LBD for a summer cocktail party, and with air-conditioned buildings ruling the day in the summer, a fur vest is the best way to keep warm.

Rule #4 – Lighten up

As the season turns to summer, you want to keep in mind that lightweight fur is key.  Fur should be used as an accent and not as a main attraction.  Wear a scarf as a piece of statement jewelry, or a vest over a tank and shorts.  Minimalism is very important when selecting your summer basics to pair with your fur.

Rule #5 – Be your own stylist

It’s time to break the rules.  Don’t be afraid to go outside the box.

Fashion is always moving forward.  With new techniques and innovations every season, it’s comforting that trends are on an eternal loop.  They come and go, every season better than the last.  Fur has always been know for its glamour, its sophistication, its luxury, and wearing it in seasons other than the winter is further proof that it is seasonless. 

Devil in the Details

Advice on making your outfit greater than the sum of its parts

    A few years ago, I was invited to a wedding and bought a dark pink and gunmetal diagonal-striped skinny tie to go with a white shirt and my dark grey, three-piece suit. Everything seemed to look great together, but after the ceremony I went to the washroom, looked in the mirror and felt that something was wrong. Uncertain of myself, I spent the rest of my day with my hands in my pockets and my head down.

    What went wrong? I realized a few months later that not only are matching colours important, but so are the smaller details, in my case, having a collar with an inappropriately sized tie. Colour and pattern matching can also be complex, but I think most of it is up to personal preference and there’s lots of room for interpretation. Hopefully you're not part of the 8% of men that are colourblind, but if you are, get a fashion advisor.


     My first tip is seemingly obvious, but eludes most guys: match your smaller items to your larger ones. For example, buy a tie to match your shirt, and buy a shirt to match your suit. It's easy to get caught up on imported silk ties with high thread count and insane patterns, but remember, if you wear a skinny tie with a wide-lapeled blazer, you could weigh 142 pounds and look like Rob Ford.

Tie a tie

     My second tip is to be aware of different collars; there are a ton of different collars on the market, but the following are the three that you'll regularly encounter: the spread, the pointed, and the button-down. [Have pictures of collars and tie-knots here] The spread is the most formal and works well with wide knots, like the Windsor; you'll probably see Bay Street lawyers and businessmen wearing these. The pointed is the most common and goes well with a Pratt of Half-Windsor knot, your supervisor is probably wearing one. The button-down is the most casual and can be worn with a Four-In-Hand knot, just make sure you always keep your button-down buttoned down. When in doubt, use this rule: match fatter ties (and fatter knots) to wider collars and wider suit lapels.


     My third tip is to not forget the final touches, like the pocket square and cufflinks. Your pocket square and cufflinks are accessories and logically should complement your whole outfit. Don't be that guy that bought a box set that has a tie with matching pocket square and cufflinks. It doesn't look good and everyone will know you bought it from Sears when it was on clearance for $14.99. When in doubt, just go with a white cotton square and simple black-headed cufflinks, it's safe and
you’ll look damn good.

    Use this advice to your advantage and I guarantee you won’t just look better, but you’ll devilishly stand out from the crowd.