Wednesday, October 01, 2008

From A T.O. Zen

Having lived in Japan and now residing in T.O., a multicultural city, I enjoy the diversity of events, food, music and fashion. In my cosmetics pouch, many products from many countries go together like people here in T.O. so let me recommend my favorites from Canada and Japan. These are not student-friendly prices, but I am sure that their value is worth much more.

“Feeling like an artist”
Available at: M.A.C boutiques
When M.A.C landed in Japan, we were very excited! They are high quality must-haves for the professional makeup artists in the backstage of fashion shows. I am a big fan of their make-up products—especially the blushes, brush cleanser and clear Lip Glass™ are outstanding. They were among the first of beauty brands to advertise their support for the AIDS cause in Japan. Their edgy campaign VIVA GLAM™ is inspiring and motivating.

“Ever and Forever”
The Make up Facial Cotton
It is much more expensive than others; however, once you use it, you will love this! It is 100% cotton, smooth and soft, and at the same time, it is lasting and unbreakable. Say good-bye to flakes and fibers! Even when you pat your face hundreds of times, no fibers are left on your cheek. I have been using them for over 8 years, and it is still No.1.

“Not Mascara, it is Liquid Eye Lush”
Available at: SEPHORA

This unique product contains two times the fibers in the liquid, and it makes your eye lashes way longer. Also, after the liquid has dried, it transfers to film and becomes water and oil resistant. No need to worry about “panda eyes” any more. It peels off like a piece of false eye lashes with warm water. Their reputation is wide spread by word of mouth, and it has been selling well in Japan for five years. Now the brand has arrived in T.O.! When I saw it here again, I was happily surprised. And now I am spreading the word to you!

“My BFF”
The Make up Eyelash Curler
Available at: SEPHORA
Before I bought it, I used other cheap eyelash curlers and I often caught my eyelid, or could not grab my eye lashes perfectly, or they broke easily. Then I found my BFF. It was bit expensive to a young teen girl, but it was a worthy purchase. It easily grabs all my eye lashes in one time, and it perfectly matches my (almond-shaped) eyelid’s curve. I have been using it for over a decade. That is much longer than the relationships between some of my best friends. One more thing, it is durable and tough, because it has endured through the crazily crowded Japanese trains with me everyday. It is still in good shape, still making curls everyday. If the curve matches your eyes, it will be your new BFF.

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