Thursday, February 16, 2017



Spring 2017 is purely the period of the plaits and braids. Erdem, Valentino, and Kenzo redefined the braid. Channeling seventeenth century society girls, you will find braided buns entwined with ribbons by Erdem; Valentino darlings swayed their long tresses, weaved in loose braids, exuding roses, romance, and royalty; all while Kenzo models strutted fiercely in Paris with colour block eyes and one mean, tight, slick braid. Showcasing the braids in different styles and eras truly shows the historic element of the braid—the adaptability and timelessness of it. You can wear it so elegantly on a late-night stroll with your date or to a special event. The year 2017 is an ode to the Dutch Golden age, the Victorian era and the Parisian nightlife. In honour of our runway, we have rounded up a few of our favourite braids to wear this season.

1.     Double French Braid Bun

What is better than one, but two! The double French braid can turn the sweet look of one French braid into a sophisticated yet fun up-do. This look gives your face a clean finish, yet dazzles it with a braided garden when turning your head. TIPS: Divide the hair into three sections, twist the middle portion and leave it out.  French braid the other two sides aligning it around the neck and then wrap it into a bun with the rest of the hair.

This look is a twist on the causal fishtail as lets you bring the runway to the office by keeping your hair sleek, tight and put together. This slick look highlights your cheekbones and gives a serious sexy vibe to your overall appearance. TIPS: Before tying your hair, part it in two and apply some hair gel on the top section of your hair, smoothing it out to give you a sleek look. Bring the two sections back together and tie your hair into a low pony tail, leaving a lock of hair aside which will be used to cover the hair-tie. Proceed by making a tight fishtail that is about 10cm long.  To finish and tighten the appearance of the look gently rub moose to push back loose hairs. 

3.     The Side Braid

What feels better than looking effortless? Be effortless with the allusive side braid. This easy-to-do look is both youthful and edgy. Depending on how you style it, it will accentuate the outline of your face and soften your features. TIP: Wave your hair before braiding for extra texture. Keep loose ends loose and use styling crème to loosen apart the end of your braid.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Service Pieces

  • Get Your Creep On by Amanda Demeku
  • Cleaning Out Your Closet by Karlee Conlin
  • Sneaker Shopping by Sean Karim
  • Makin’ Green Love by Lakshmy Subramoniam
  • Music Recommendations by John Obmerga