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Get the Boot

Get the Boot
How to Wear Different Heights of Boots
“The (Ankle) Boot is on the Other Foot”
            The ankle boot, otherwise known as “the bootie”, is a great shoe that can be paired with almost any outfit. Your “bootie” is a match made in heaven with either long or short skirts. It’s perfect if you’re looking to raise the hemline and show off a little leg, while still being able to sport sturdy and warm footwear for the weather. If you want to wear pants in cooler temperatures, do not worry about finding the right style of pant. With ankle boots you can tuck in your tight pants without worrying about the bulk and bulge of a knee-high-boot and the wider-legged pants you own look stylish over the top of the ankle boot. But just remember wide legged pants don’t tuck into your booties.
“Tough as an Old (Above-the-Ankle) Boot”
            The middle of the calf can be an awkward place for a boot to fall, but to prevent this style of boot from looking rough and tough, try pairing it with a more feminine silhouette. Look no further, the perfect match for your above-the-ankle boot is your cropped pants. The incredibly slim fit of the shoe gives you that contoured shape of the pant leaving you with a season-less clothing item. If you are dying to wear a skirt with your mid-calf boots, stick with the rule of making sure the skirt ends at the knee.
“Shaking in my (Knee-High) Boots”
            When worn well a knee-high boot can be shear elegance. Its ability to almost be paired with anything makes it desirable for your closet. Worn with any skirt that is long enough to cover just the top of your boots is a very flattering look. However, if you find yourself wanting to wear a short skirt, it’s a great way to get to wear your mini in cooler weather since you get to cover most of your legs with the boots. Or this look can be very cute with tights. Skinny jeans or wider legged pants are both great looks with a pair of knee-high boots. Looking to elongate your legs? Tuck in your skinny jeans and have legs for days! Or wear the boots under wider legged pants for a stylish look. (This look is best with a heel on the boot.)
“Die in One’s (Above-the-Knee) Boots”

            If you are looking to rock a confident and eye-catching look, you’ll want to own a pair of thigh-high boots. A very common look with above-the-knee boots is a short dress or skirt. The tall silhouette of the shoe brings the eye up and adds a flirty touch. Try wearing your thigh-high boots with sheer, black tights and a pair of shorts for a fashion-forward look. For a more elongated look, pair your above-the-knee boots with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. Your legs will look super long and it will enhance your look! However, be sure to not wear pants that aren't tight enough or you’ll get unwanted bunching in your boots. 

My Eyelash and Eye

My Eyelash & Eye
How to make your eyes pop with false eyelashes

Why bother?
The obvious answer is that it helps to bring out your eyes more. This is especially helpful during the winter when your face may be buried in a bundle of scarves and hats. Or, if you have poofy or curly hair, this also helps to bring your eyes out from under the shadow of your hair. Your hair, your hat, and your scarf should all be accessories that help enhance your look, not something that steals the spotlight and you want that spotlight to be on your facial features.

Lashes Vs. Liners
You may be wondering what false eyelashes can do that eyeliner and eye shadow can’t already do for you. The answer is that they can help to bring your eyes out even than eyeliner or eye shadow can without looking too ridiculous. We all know that as unique individuals, people have different shaped eyes. Many people have a fold of skin above their eye that can sometimes make it hard to apply eyeliner. The fold will cover the eyeliner and won’t be seen when your eyes are open. However, you don’t want to apply eyeliner all over your lid because it will end up looking like too much eyeliner when you blink or close your eyes. In other cases, you may be going for a more natural look, and you don’t want to go too heavy on the eye shadow. False lashes can come in handy because you can just apply a bit of eyeliner and then stick the lashes on. The lashes will go over the folds of your eye and won’t look like too much makeup whether your eyes are opened or closed.

Which kind should I buy?
This really depends on the length of your natural eyelashes as well as how exaggerated of a look you want to achieve. If you already have long natural eyelashes you wouldn’t need to buy very thick or very long false eyelashes. You may not even need to buy them at all if you make use of some good mascara. On the other hand, if your natural eyelashes are next to non-existent, you may want to get something longer and thicker. But again, what you should buy also largely depends on the kind of look you want. You may like the fake look that falsies can provide. For this you want to get a set that is relatively even on the ends and rather long and thick. If you prefer your lashes to be more natural, you should look for a pair that is not as even on the ends and thinner looking. These may look almost like what real lashes would look like, except longer. For a more exaggerated look that isn’t too fake, look for a pair of lashes that are uneven on the ends, and are long and thick. These will usually have sections of lashes that are long and sections of lashes that are short that appear in an alternative manner. These may look too fake and neat at first, but they look quite natural when applied correctly. The sections of hair that are long serve to make the eyelashes look more prominent. You can see the separation between the hairs even from a distance because the groups of long hairs together make them thick enough to be seen.
Still not sure what to get? Try looking up different pictures and videos on the web. Experiment with different lashes to see what looks best! Even if you’re not going out, it’s always fun to just test out new styles of makeup that will keep your face looking fresh everyday!

It's a A Man's World

The Girls guide to dressing like a man

Four comfortable and surprisingly sexy  Menswear staples that every girl should own or steal from the men in their lives.
      1.The Basic T Shirt
This cornerstone of any dude's wardrobe is a simple and versatile way to inject some boyish charm into your wardrobe.  You can wear men's tees with skinny jeans for a cool and laid back look  or with a pencil skirt for a sexy and chic boy meets girl twist. The longer length means it's perfect paired with tights and shorter ladies you can even belt it and wear it as dress. 

       2.The Straight Leg Jean
Although wearing a men's pair of jeans can be undeniably cool this is one style that maybe best to buy in the women's department. This menswear inspired denim, or "boyfriend jeans" as they are often referred to, perfectly mimic the menswear looks without sacrificing too much sexiness and are also available in more girl friendly size ranges. They are often 100% cotton and thus have no stretch therefore the slouchier fit tends to look best worn lower on the waist. Wear them with a Breton stripe shirt or a white t shirt for an effortless look or take a risk and wear them with a crop top to ramp up the sultriness. However you choose to wear them make sure to roll them up to at least your ankles for a true borrowed from the boys feel. 

      3. The  Brogue Shoe
This popular men's style goes well with a wide range of looks from short skirts to patterned slacks. Brogues look great paired with very feminine pieces such as flouncy skirts or fit and flare dresses.  These shoes are also a great way to dress up the standard jeans and a tee. The dressier versions of this style can even be worn to office. For girls wanting to keep thing feminine and not sacrifice height try a high heeled oxford version that pairs menswear details with height. Wanting to stay more comfortable and willing to take a little more of a risk? Try a monk strap version and keep things more unique.

      4. The Button Up Shirt
Take a page from Coco Chanel, whom famously borrowed her beau's white shirts, and try out a classic men's button up.  The key to pulling it off is to balancing the silhouette, the boxiness on top should be offset by a more tailored and fitted look on the bottom. Try it with cropped and tapered trouser and flats to evoke a gamine Audrey Hepburnesque feel.  A wallet friendly way to get this look is to shop the boy's department. Many stores, such as Ralph Lauren or J Crew, that carry men's shirt also carry boys. These shirts are priced much cheaper without sacrificing quality and have the added bonus of not being taxed as much as adult apparel.

      5. The Classic Suit
For those really willing to commit to the menswear look nothing beats a perfectly tailored suit. Fit is key to pulling off this look. Watch out specially for shoulders, make sure they don't stick out and fit too large. A one button jacket is the most universally flattering look and crop trousers give this classic a feminine and contemporary feel.  Try it in one the classic menswear prints  like herringbone, tweed,  or window pane for the ultimate dandy look. 

Looking Chic for Cheap

Looking Chic for Cheap!

When you feel bored with your wardrobe, and stuck because you show up to school or work in the same outfit everyday, you’re not alone.  As a student, it can be hard to keep up with today’s fashionable trends.   The cost of living, as well as school expenses, can be rough on our wallets—our part-time job paychecks can only cover so much.  Luckily, there are simple ways to fix this problem.  Read on to find out how to dress fab on a budget!

1.    Trends don’t have to cost a fortune

Just because right now you can’t afford those Isabel Marant heeled sneakers or that Margiela jersey dress does not mean you can’t get the look for less elsewhere.  Many stores, such as H&M, Zara and Topshop, sell their own version of current styles at affordable prices (think, $40.00 for a jersey-style T-shirt instead of $700).   Flip open any fashion magazine to get an idea of which styles you want to wear, then look for similar options at inexpensive stores.   Also, many style magazines usually suggest where to find looks for less, from regular retail stores to fab shopping websites!

2.    Invest, invest, invest!

If there is a style you absolutely love and know you will wear forever, this could be your “investment piece”.  Usually an investment piece is practical and well made.  This could be a great pair of leather boots, or a versatile bag.  Try not to invest in clothes or accessories that will go out of style or can’t be worn often.  A pair of good quality faux leather leggings are a great staple that can be worn forever (even on a daily basis), and can be dressed up or down.  However, a piece more “obvious”, such as a Givenchy graphic T-shirt, might not get as much wear.  When choosing an investment piece, go simple.  Simple styles are much harder to get bored of, and can be worn regularly.  Think of a plain black cocktail dress, a pair of jeans that fit like a glove, or a stylish leather jacket.  Most staple pieces can be worn as a day look, and convert into a night look with the right accessories!

3.    Thrift it

“I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket.” Rapper Macklemore certainly said it best in his popular tune, “Thrift Shop”.  You might not believe it, but a lot of today’s styles can actually be found at your local thrift store!  For example, plaid is back in.  You could pay $50 for a plaid shirt from trendy stores such as Aritzia or Urban Outfitters, but you are also most likely to always find one at Value Village or Goodwill.  And, a fabulous thrift store find is much more interesting to talk about! 
TIP:  if you are a small girl, check the kids’ section.  Some of my favourite plaid shirts were found in the boys’ section, and fit perfectly!  I have also found some great graphic T-shirts, button-ups and jerseys—all of which are in style this season!

4.    Have a “go-to”

While it is fun to dress up everyday, sometimes we feel lazy or too tired to put effort into our outfits. It might seem tempting to reach for those comfy sweat pants, but don’t! This is why a go-to outfit is crucial.  You can put on an effortless outfit, and be comfortable while still looking fab.  On a lazy day, I usually throw on my faux leather leggings (my investment piece), a plain white T-shirt, a plaid or denim button-up worn regularly or tied around my waist, and white converse slip-ons.  This outfit makes me seem put-together and caught up with the trends, but it is completely effortless!  Other times I’ll replace the T-shirt with a drape-y, long-sleeved V-neck.   Usually a go-to outfit is simple, yet still chic.  Try to create your own go-to outfit using the following: dark denim or black leggings, a plain shirt, an over-layer such as a blazer, plaid or denim button-up, and slip-on sneakers, flats or loafers.  Add some accessories and you’re set!

Now that you know how to dress on a budget, get planning! Dig through your wardrobe and find pieces that you can incorporate into your outfits.  A lot of fashion is recycling old looks—you might find something from a few seasons ago that you can wear again.  Check stores that are within your price range to find the styles that you want.  You don’t need to be a big spender to look like a million bucks—follow these tips and turn heads this season in your trendy new wardrobe.

GORGEOUS HAIR for the tres social, very busy fashionista.

On the go? Feeling your boring hair is dragging down the look of your thousand dollar jimmy choos? You’ve come to the right place for hair tips & tricks for the always stylish you. Every girl knows that the finishing touch to any fabulous outfit is the overall portrayal of her hair. We all envy the cover girl models whom have had hours to spare all morning designated specifically to glamifying their hair. However, back to reality; us girls always have something to do and finding the time to perfect our hairstyle does not always fit into the schedule.

Gorgeous Hair Tip #1: Dry shampoo. This product is a gift from the hair gods. A couple quick sprays at the root of your hair and you look like you’ve just come from a fifty dollar blow-dry. Proceed to taking a few minutes to style the ends with a curling iron, or straightener and you are camera ready for a fabulous day of working and meeting your girlfriends for drinks.

Gorgeous Hair Tip #2: The essential chic hat. Try floppy or fedora for most envy. Although baseball caps portray laziness; the trendy hat worn by a fashionista is known to turn heads. Simply top off your designer outfit with a hat after brushing your hair, or placing it into a low bun and you are ready for a golden day.

Gorgeous Hair Tip #3: Investing in a hot roller will be the icing to your low-fat cake. We all know that sleek, straight hair does not take much time. Therefore, every girl envies the full-blown, volumous waves that are sure to boost your level of confidence. Simply twist your hair into the rollers as you wake up, enjoy your morning coffee and apply your Dior mascara as the rollers glamorize your hair. Simply spray some hairspray after the rollers have sat from 20-45 minutes and you are done. Feeling great; you are bound to enjoy your day.

Gorgeous Hair Tip #4: Braided curls. The braid can be worn so many ways and always gives you great volume. Simply braid your hair before bed when the morning comes untie your elastic, brush through your hair and give it a spray with your John Frieda Luxurious Volume hairspray for extra hold and added texture. Apply your makeup, dress yourself; put on your favorite Michael Kors watch and you are ready for a fabulous day.

Always be as on trend as you are with your fashion with your hair and increase the amount of envy you already receive from your Jimmy Choo shoes by fellow fashionistas passing by. First impressions always count and you never know whom you’re going to meet. Top off your fabulous outfit and glamified hair with a smile and some gloss and you are bound to have a very enjoyable day!