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How to create this season’s look’s with last season’s colors. Spring cleaning in a new take!
*I hook up with Mac’s product specialist Michelle Los at Young and Bloor to get the latest scoop on what we will be expecting on the counter this spring and how to incorporate last season’s colours to generate the hottest trend.

Eye Spy...
Slate grey, vibrant green and violet starlet are just a few of the colors that are making an appearance this spring for the anonymous Smokey sexy look. Pairing multi coloured eyes and bright lips is usually a no-no, but the bold look of both are working this season on all faces. Strong bold shades such as passionate, purple haze, and electric eel are just a few of the flashy colors to load up on. Michelle says “Indulging in a vivid bold eye will be a definite trend that will represent the eighty’s”. Also incorporating softer colors will take the standard smoky eye from dramatic to delicate.

Quenching your thirst...
Golden nectar, Cherry Kracker, and Rock-a-dile red may be a few of the refreshing flavours from the early nineties, but lips this season are taking the juiced up shades from the original kool-aid! These bright colors are making an appearance this season and I don’t think anyone will mind. Punchy pouts are irresistibly sexy and can also act as an accessory for your outfit. Wearing just the lip colour or mixing it with a smoky eye is shaking up this spring. “We will also be seeing the usual nude lip, but this look is always a trend. Adding a bright gloss over-top will enhance the nude” says Los. Colours like MAC’s pink poodle, pink lemonade, and lychee lust are some of the popular shades to help to create this juiced up lip.

Cheeky Attitude...
Who said being a bronzed beauty is only for the summer? Not this season; no more April showers, the sun is peaking through. Having an ‘accidental’ sun kissed face is the new approach of the seasons look. Out with the (c)old, and in with the bold creates a fresh start to a fresh face. MAC make-up professional and product specialist, Michelle Los mentions that spring/summer is going to be very bright and romantic. No more of this wilted vampire look, instead we will be seeing a lot of warms, bronzes, and highlighted sheer tones for the face. Applying medium dark powder around the temples and the T-zone will perfect a flawless tan. Using your summer color lightly this spring will accumulate some extra cash as well.

Ace of Base
Acing the nearly naked look can somewhat be a challenge, especially in the brittle and dry weather, however using a moisturizer with soft diffusers and iridescent pigments will craft a soft, radiant light on the skin. Los recommends using MAC Strobe Liquid Moisturizer, “this product will reduce the imperfections on the skin and will provide it with a natural glow”. Sounds like this product will give your skin a boost in all the right places. Also an easy way to produce this look without having to spend the extra cash is to add a few drops of a sheer highlighter into your daily moisturizer and ta-da, iridescent beauty.

Oh La-La Lash...
Light up your eyes with cool tinted mascara. We all know that mascara is a must have every season, so why not spice up the day with blues, violets and plums! This look will enhance the natural eye color and give your eyes a natural luminosity.

The Trends of Time

How to revamp retro for 2010

We’ve all heard the classic cliché that “history repeats itself” and the fashion industry is no exception. We are constantly reminded by previous generations that they too “used to have one just like that”, and so they did. Our grandmothers were the first to wear micro-mini’s, bright colours, and mix matched patterns, our mothers went from bell bottoms to shoulder pads and acid wash jeans, while we have seen a combination of them all. The circle of fashion will continue to rotate throughout the years while each designer will continue to bring their unique style and interpretation to the mix. Here we will show you how to wear and pair some of 2010’s hottest trends in order to keep you looking fresh and chic throughout the year.

1. Prevalent Prints
More is more in 2010. We will be seeing bold, bright prints of different colours and patterns paired together to create that unique edge. In order to avoid the awful flashback of the 60’s go-go dancers and the 90’s “fresh prince” be sure to take extra caution with this trend. Choose graphic prints that complement one another. For example pair prints from the same colour family or balance brights by adding neutrals. Pair prints of similar emotional value and opt for quieter patterns and colours for a more sophisticated look (shopbop.com). Stripes, polka dots and florals are some of the most common combinations for spring but for those who are fearless fashion leaders try tribal and geometric designs.
Celebrity icon often seen in this style is Whitney Port.

2. Elegantly Exposed
What was once considered provocative and daring is now fashionable and chic. Exposed lingerie has hit the runways for the 2010 seasons. Drawing inspiration from the Victorian era with delicate fabrics, lace, and corsets this peek-a-boo style of the 80’s has been revamped to define the ultra feminine look of the year. The best way to wear this trend is with a sense of elegance. It may be the lace back showing on a lower cut dress, or a solid bra under a chiffon shirt. It is important to keep this look understated not overexposed. The idea is to create the look of confidence and strong femininity (Vogue).
Celebrity icon often seen in this style is Sarah Jessica Parker.

3. Minimal, Masculine, Modern
This mature style of plain neutrals, clean lines, and architectural silhouettes was brought to New York’s runway by some of the most well-defined, classic designers including Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, and Rag and Bone (Style.com). This look resembles the men’s suiting of the 90’s yet is now more refined to incorporate both masculine and feminine features. With this trend minimal is key. Limit accessories; keep hair simple and makeup basic. This style is uncomplicated and perfect for those who are not fussy but want the current fashion (Flare).
Celebrity icon often seen in this style is Gwyneth Paltrow.

4. The Denim Shirt
For those that desire the effortless, bohemian style your go to item this upcoming season will be the denim collared shirt (Flare). From country cowboy to city chic the return of the denim shirt will become a staple of 2010’s spring/summer season. It is best accompanied by girlie equivalents of pearls, soft pastel colours, florals, dresses or fitted bottoms (Club Monaco).
Celebrity icon often seen in this style is Mary-Kate Olsen.

Steer Clear for Sheer

Steer Clear for Sheer
This season’s hottest trends are soft, clean, and ready to be seen! Don’t be shy to flaunt those looks with spring/summers top five must-haves.

I Can See-Through
Get ready to shed those layers and show off some skin! Sheer dresses, tops, and bottoms are this season’s top picks. Light and blissful makes sheer an everyday easy to wear item. See-through doesn’t have to be tacky, just stick to soft neutral colors like blush, ivory, and ecru. Sheer garments are easy to work with, adding layers under or over shows the versatility sheer garments have to offer. Mixing and matching these pieces with denim, leather, and lace prevents sheer gone wild.
The Look: Topshop (www.topshop.com), H & M (www.hm.com), and Forever XXI (http://canada.forever21.com)

Pretty in Peach
Let’s welcome the new season by painting the town with flirty shades of peach, pink, and lavender! These sweet hues are the perfect accent to this seasons look. Start off by puckering up those lips with a playful pink lipstick, a dreamy peach color for those cheeks, and a luscious lavender eye shadow to make those eyes pop. Be creative and mix and match these hues for new everyday looks. To top it all off, paint those nails with your favorite flirty shade for more fabulous fun.
The Look: Smashbox (www.smashbox.com), Benefit (www.benefitcosmetics.com), and M.A.C. (MACCosmetics.ca)

Step out of the winter blues and into some peep-toe shoes. Peep-toe pumps are this season’s go-to shoe. Pairing these with skinny jeans during the day, and a mini-skirt at night show the versatility these peep-toes have to offer. For something more comfortable, try peep-toe flats. Shorts or a summer dress are this flirty shoes perfect match. Get out of the ordinary and find some bejeweled peep-toe shoes with sequence and studs for a more daring look.
The Look: Aldo (www.aldoshoes.com), and Forever XXI (http://canada.forever21.com)

Go BOLD or go home

From simply classic to sexy statement, these bold accessories will be popping up everywhere this season. Chunky bracelets and statement necklaces will be every fashion lover’s accessory this spring/summer. Don’t just stick to the basics; try something more flavorful with a little touch of color such as purple’s or blue’s. A statement necklace with a plain T-shirt or thick bold bangles with a tube dress are great ways to put these must have favorites to good use. For more of an edgier look, try a chunky cuff or chained necklace. A single shot of color with one of these bold accessories spices up an all-black outfit.
The Look: (www.shopbop.com), and Aldo Accessories (aldoshoes.com)

Let’s spring for drawstring
Every perfect outfit needs to be accessorized with the perfect bag. The stylish and roomy drawstring bucket is the bag of the moment. And don’t be swayed, there’s nothing wrong with an oversize bag: the bigger the better! Whether it’s the simple skinny jeans with your favorite T or a cute summer dress with peep-toe flats, the drawstring bucket is everyday must have. During the day it’s perfect for carrying around your make-up, agenda, and whatever else you can find to throw in there. Change it up a bit at night for a more eccentric color like metallic. Every girl could use an oversize bag, but the drawstring punches up the look with a little bit of flare. It also adds just the right amount of edge to go with those soft summer silhouettes!
The Look: Shopbop (www.shopbop.com, Michael Kors (www.michaelkors.com)

"But Mom....."

When it comes to high waisted denim shorts and jeans, or as we call them “mom jeans”, there has always been a conflict as to whether or not we love them or hate them. When this style of denim started to pop back from it’s obsolete fashion cycle in 2007, and was seen more on celebrities and fashionistas, there was a huge acceptance of the trend, and many fast fashion brands like H&M, Forever 21 etc. brought this style into their stores. Urban Outfitters had a smart idea and sold their mom jeans under a label called “Urban Renewal”, where they take old jeans and alter them into a more stylish and fashion forward look. These come in and out of the store as one of a kind DIY pieces sold at a retail price that is up to $58.00!

During this winter slump get ahead of the unpleasant recession, and fill out your free time by going to the nearest thrift store across the street, or even your parents closet for a pair of flashy old denim high waist that best fits you! Get creative and look for patterns that that reflects this spring's earth blend colours. Pick a shade that is different and stick to neutrals that go with the colours of spring. It’s time to flee from the conservative darker tones and try something different! Picking floral and unique designs may also give you a more stand out look.

And now the fun begins. Cut your jeans to a length that is just a inch below you want it to be. Fold a half an inch along the hemline and topstitch around to give your new pair of mom jeans a bit more pizzazz!

Pulling off mom jeans isn’t the easiest thing to do. To look as good as Farrah Fawcett and Goldie Hawn back in their era, choosing the right top to go with your pair of newly personalized shorts is not difficult. The best thing to do is to go with a looser and subtler top that will give you a more chic and clean appearance. With the warmer breeze and colour of the growing leaves go with a cropped top that will show a bit of skin just to get a sense of summer that is coming right around the corner.
For a bohemian look go for a sheer beige skin tone blouse that blends with the season’s naturals. Pick something that does not over power your shorts, or go for a large oversized sweater (from your dad’s closet) that still keeps you warm.

To go for a more sophisticated look, pair your jeans with a smart white blazer and floral, stone/acid washed, or patterned jeans. The shape of the blazer will not only help add to the look, but at the same time give you more curve, this way you won’t have to worry about the distinctive fitted shape of the jeans.

With your new look, a few last things you have to worry about are your shoes and accessories. Stick with the basics, and go for a simple pendant or bangles that will make your look less casual. Whether you are going out to a party or just walking around the city, a pair of slouchy ankle or over the knee boots will look great with this look. Always remember that the most important thing is feeling comfortable with what you’re wearing. With your personalized shorts, you can always add to it with embroideries and a belt that defines your trend. Fashion is always being recycled but these mom jeans are not just a fad, but they are here to stay. Now you can be ahead of the trend and budget in this starved economy at the same time!


Shopping Rehab

Finding the loopholes

Spring is here, time to hide away the old and bring in the new. No more bundling up its time to shed it off and show some skin!
Before you decide you’re going to spend your next pay check at the mall, think about if you really need to. Maybe you’re still on a budget and can’t afford to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for the new season... But who really wants to wear all of last year’s gear when new and exciting trends are coming into the picture?
Ok, this is where we all confess and own up to our shopping addiction. Don’t you remember all the sweet clothes you bought last year, and the year before that? Chances are most of them are still in great condition. It’s time to revamp your style, get creative and have some fun! Maybe you will end up spending a little bit of cash on some new accessories or key pieces, but definitely a lot less than usual...

On the road to recovery

First things first, if you plan to save money you must make some rules for yourself. Set a weekly spending goal (less than you would regularly spend in a week), and track everything you buy in a notebook. This will help you realize where you’re spending the most money, what are necessities and what can be sacrificed on your list.

Wardrobe Revamp

Now that were saving money and getting into the habit of avoiding the mall, we need to start concentrating on getting creative with the apparel we already have. Classic pieces like a white button-down shirt or a sophisticated blazer are trends we saw in the fall but can also make stylish spring ensembles. Why not try belting that oversized t-shirt dress from last spring and pairing it with some fun coloured tights and knee-high boots? Bust out those scissors and a needle and thread to add some details to clothing that are usually blah. You can buy lace or beaded trims at fabric stores for very cheap that are really easy to sew onto tops or cardigans by hand. And isn’t it about time you got those vintage pieces you found at the thrift store tailored to your perfection. Don’t let them collect dust any longer; it’s very inexpensive to tailor a garment.

Spring Cleaning

When styling yourself it really helps to remember that less is more. Not speaking in terms of layers but what you have to choose from. For example have you ever spent hours searching for that one particular shirt only to find it days later in a pile that's been growing in your room. It was the last place you thought you’d find it. My point is putting together an outfit can be stressful if it involves searching. This is another good reason to clean out your closet for the new season. Recycle everything you haven’t worn in longer than a full year by donating it to your local thrift store. One man’s junk is another’s treasure. There are even some places you can sell old garments that are in good condition to like myexcloset.com. You simply tell them how much you want for it and they sell it for you online. In order to achieve a fresh start you must get rid of clutter. Another possibility is to have a clothing swap with your friends. Every one brings a bag of clothing they no longer want and trade it off with their friends.

Finishing Touch

Another good idea is to not only organize your closet but your jewellery box as well. You’d be surprised at how many accessories you’ve forgotten about over the months that are probably timeless and will work with many outfits. With a little accessorizing you will be able to make any old wardrobe look new. The key is to remember that fashion always repeats itself.

A Common Thread

Whether you’re interested in helping, or interested in fashion, clothing for a cause is something that everyone can get on board with. It is a movement that is going no where, and helping everywhere.

Everyone has an innate desire to help. It is a void that, as humans, we all need to fill. Whether you equate philanthropy with compassion and the desire to help others, or you see it as an act to self fulfill, philanthropic fashion can meet your craving to commit to a cause. And with so much focus on fashion being superficial; an industry obsessed with shallow appearances and material goods, it’s surprising what can be found when you take a closer look.

For the past four years Naomi Campbell has worked the catwalk in collaboration with top international faces in fashion, music, film, and television in a show featuring glamorous clothes created by world renowned fashion designers. Her project, Fashion for Relief™, chooses a different cause every year to raise money for. In its first year alone, Fashion for Relief™ raised over one million dollars for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

In 2009, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bloomingdales, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation teamed up to create a line of t-shirts and bracelets whose profits would be donated to charity. The “Miss Marc Cure” line featured cutesy images of a girl with boxing gloves on, boldly stating that she “fights like a girl”. The success was overwhelming and the line continues to flourish and expand.

Fashion has the ability to cross boundaries and cultures, and the capacity to undermine language, race, and colour. Fashion evokes an emotional reaction; something that can be shared by everyone. What makes philanthropic fashion ventures so unique is that they go one step further. It is not only the ability to find common ground among complete strangers, but to help them unite for a common goal or cause that they are passionate about.

Finding common ground is what Gap (PRODUCT) RED™ is all about. It is viewed not just as a charity, but an entirely new way of doing business. Committed to giving back to the communities where they source from, all items from Gap’s (PRODUCT) RED™ line are made in Africa from one hundred percent African cotton with half the profits going toward The Global Fund, an organization based on helping women and children affected by AIDS in Africa.

I recently spoke to Jordy Beale, cofounder of Rock Your Cause™, a cause-related apparel company with everything from t-shirts to scarves that can be customized to represent whatever cause you wish to raise money for. When asked why someone might be interested in philanthropic fashion she responded, “To say that people are interested in fashion for a cause might be a bit of a generalization. I think that it is more accurate to say that people are interested in helping, and doing so through fashion allows them to do this in a way that goes further than sending off a cheque or giving out a credit card number.”

Beale and partner Mara Sofferin started Rock Your Cause™ in 2008. The pair’s personal and hands-on approach to philanthropy is a proven success. Whether you are planning a fundraising event or simply looking for a cause to support, Rock Your Cause™ will assist in reaching your fundraising goal, in a trendy fashion.

Beale later stated that she thinks “fashion speaks louder than words” and I couldn’t agree more. It matters not if it’s through a celebrity endorsed fashion show, a bracelet by Marc Jacobs that could save a life, or a full-circle feeling; knowing that the (PRODUCT) RED™ shirt you’re wearing will help give something greater back to the person who made it for you. It’s about being able to make a difference. In Beale’s words “fashionable philanthropy inspires people young and old to become socially conscious agents of change.”

So I say, keep conscious, keep coming together, and keep changing the world… one cause at a time.

Off With Your Pants!

Top Spring Trends to Make You Take Off Your Tired Trousers.

Spring is a great time to free your gams and get rid of the routine boot cut jean from your winter wardrobe. Take it from a girl who hasn’t worn a pair of pants in public in over two years, this season’s pantless offerings are a must-have for any fashion maven.

Here is a list of four fresh fashion trends to get your “pants on the ground!” Includes tip and tricks on how to wear them with this past winter’s staples and some Do-It-Yourself ideas for the savvy sewer.

The Jegging: The Ultimate Hybrid

The name says it all: one part jean and one part legging. Usually made of really soft and form fitting fabric, this new favourite has the comfort of leggings with the look of jeans – contrast topstitching included. Available in all different kinds of washes and colours and just like regular jeans, this non-pant option will go with anything you have in your closet. Pair it up with a long v-neck tee and a Boyfriend blazer for those misty spring mornings. Or with a flirty, floral chiffon top and metallic flat for weekend walks in the park or coffee with the BFF. Try on Current/Elliot or Citizens for Humanity for this season’s Jegging styles. (www.aritzia.com)

The Collage Dress: The Mash-Up

Whether it’s the mixing of two different fabrics, or five, the collage dress has the perfect combination to stand out this spring. Look for silk and lace pairings in the same colour, like peach or mint green, or play with bold mixes of colours and textures, like chiffon and sequins. This trend also makes for a great DIY weekend project. Try mixing a simple solid-coloured dress with sections from an old floral skirt for a fresh new look that’s easy on the wallet. Use 3.1 Phillip Lim’s collage dresses as inspirations. (www.31philliplim.com)

The Tie-Dyed Tunic: The Flashback Friend

Tie dye always seems to be a part in every season’s trends and for Spring 2010, the perfect way to tie dye is in the tunic. With many different hem and sleeve lengths and different fabrics, tunics are great for dressing up or dressing down. Find the tie-dyed Tunic in lightweight cottons, jerseys or silks. Makes for a great top to wear with your new Jegging obsession or by themselves with a pair of sky-high strappy heals to show off your legs. This makes for another great DIY project, but remember to wear gloves or face purple hands for a week. Try to get your non-purple hands on Acne’s long-sleeved tie-dyed tunic. (www.acnestudios.com)

The Feathered Skirt: The Party Animal

The mini skirt that we’ve been seeing for a few seasons now has been revamped and ruffled – this time feathers are involved. The alternative to winter’s faux leather mini, you can find this feathered skirt in peacock inspired jewel tones, with multi-tiers or without. Pair it with cut out leggings and a motorcycle jacket for a chic rock look that’s perfect for Rock’s spring tours or a night out with the girls. Also amazing with a simple solid silk tank top for a romantic dinner in or out with the boyfriend. Use Proezna Schouler’s fantastic feather mini as the guide. (www.proenzaschouler.com)
Through the Looking Glass
A glimpse of the 5 essential trends that should live among every man’s wardrobe this season.

If fashion movement is any indication that the recession may be a thing of the past, then that end just may be near. After a season plastered with grays and blacks, the fall 2010 menswear lines are shaping up to be a much needed style boost to our closets – with bright-hues, knits, and impeccably tailored suits, this season is sure to not disappoint. So listen up fellas, here are the 5 trends to keep you looking fresh when updating your closet for the coming fall season.

Get ready to hit the trails, the hiking boot has gone high-fashion! Remodelled after the Swiss ski-trail original from the 1950’s, these hiking boots were seen on the D&G and Dunhill runways in brown and black leather, and featured braided nylon cord laces and D-rings that provide comfort and make for an authentic Alpine-like appearance. For a more rugged look, try pairing them with a pair of slim or straight leg jean tucked into the boot or with a pair of neutral or striped wool socks.

This fall, the staple item in every man’s closet, the fall coat, comes in many different varieties. From casual, daywear looks to formal, business wear attire, you should have no problem sorting through the abundance of choices at your fingertips. For a cool, sporty look try a rich, wool down jacket or a military, bomber-styled shearling that for an urban, street edge. For a formal occasion, a neutral tweed blazer with accentuated shoulders makes going from daytime to night time wear a piece of cake.

With every F/W season comes an array of black, gray and charcoal suits matching the dreary, depression inducing weather. But oh, how the season has changed. Pinks, blues, red, greens, and purples – you name it, the colour made its way to the runways this season in the form of bright-hued cashmere sweaters and merino wool cardigans that make for a brilliant contrast. Mastered by Hermes and Prada, the trend featured highlighter pink sweaters dressed under dark gray suits, red cardigans paired with charcoal striped blazers, and indigo v-necks with a chunky, light gray tweed knit. Rule of thumb: Pair it under a jacket as an accent to really make your look POP!

Think Egyptian sand on a hot, Sahara desert night. The warm, neutral camel shade was seen all over the European catwalks in blazers, raincoats, and suits, by high-fashion design houses such as Prada. Not only does the shade flatter many skin tones, but it evokes a clean, sophisticated look that will compliment bold, bright-hued accent sweaters when paired with a camel suit.

This trend is back from last season in a big way. The Nordic knit is a graphic, geometrical sweater that evokes a bold, masculine look. A myriad of knits showcased in the form of scarves, sweaters, cardigans appeared on the runways of Paris and Milan, most notably, by Bottega Veneta, Gucci, and D&G. Keep it simple and pair a chunky sweater with regular to dark washed denim and a throw on a pair of hiking boots to achieve a rugged and effortless look.

Jump For Your Life!

The All In One That's All That & More!

This season’s ultimate must have is an All In One or simply put, in one, the Jumpsuit! That’s right, the look of the crazy 60s is back again this season and in full swing but not so psychedelic.

The iconic look is represented in a variety of ways. Whether it be in a flowing, printed silk chiffon, or a sleek body suit, or cropped, the jumpsuit can take you from day to night in a matter of, oh let’s see, 30 seconds! This may just be the staple piece in every woman’s wardrobe. How can you make it work and look simply timeless?

Escalating Heights

A beautiful jumpsuit to really consider this season is the gorgeous Escada ‘Bird of Paradise’ All in One. This flowing beauty is a must have for the fun at heart. A gorgeous treat to either wear on a sunny shopping excursion on Bloor Street or to pack away for a trip to Maui. It’s simply perfect to wear anywhere, and can make a hurting head halt when faced with a crisis such as to what to wear to a friend’s poolside soiree. Cocktails anyone? Partner this enchanting Jumpsuit with a silk satin blazer or a lux cardigan.

Little Black Dress….move over.

Contrary to popular believe, the Little Black Dress does not have to be your only go-to piece for a chic event. The Hugo Boss All In One fits the bill with a cowl neckline and ultra wide leg with a satin sash belt. The wide leg, and plunging neckline can make for a dramatic appearance and is a fantastic alternative to the Little Black Dress, and did I mention it would be in black? All eyes will be on you as this flowing silhouette glides through the room. Being fashionably late never looked so good. Complete the ensemble with a gorgeous pair of chandelier earrings from Tiffany’s and strappy pumps from Christian Louboutin. They’ll all be asking ‘Who is She?’

And Then There Was One.

Now, it doesn’t all have to be about the gala or the resort, it can be for everyday! The beauty of the DKNY All In One is the neutral color and body conscious cut that not only extenuates a woman’s natural curve but also allow her to appear comfortable and ready to take on the days tasks effortlessly. Simple, practical and ergonomic. Stella McCartney also has a rendition of the one and only, in a breathable linen and cotton blend. Those sultry summer nights will be beyond bearable and you’ll coax them in style. Partner this look with a pair of comfortable flats and a convertible handbag.

Romp Around

Cut the cake and pretend like you were 6 years old running around in your backyard birthday in your romper. Now add 20 more years and you’ve got one fun look. The romper makes a comeback, no deprived childhood memory necessary. My recommendation is the Alice + Olivia romper. In a playful water colored print the muted tones and subtle airiness make this look the ultimate in girlish fun. Taking this look outside the backyard will call for a beautiful sun hat and Troy Burch flats.

Yes, the Jumpsuit is your iconic piece for this season and the seasons ahead. Make this a staple piece in your wardrobe and wear it well.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Active Wear From The Bedroom

It seems as though edgy has found a new name for itself this season: Raunchy. Every season we itch to see what’s next, and it never surprises up that what we end up seeing are the same trends from previous eras only more extreme and recently more bedazzled. This spring I was surprised to say that the glitter is gone and has been replaced with sheer fabrics, silk and bottomless one pieces. If sex was still even an ounce taboo, fashion designers have definitely contributed to the demise of that.

"Ou sont mes pantalons?"
When I first saw “day lingerie” on the runways of Givenchy, Alexander Wang, D&G and even our own Jason Meyers, I couldn’t help imagining myself rolling out of bed, throwing on a cardigan and heading off to work. As fantastic as that sounds, I don’t think the general public would appreciate it. Seeing these very sexy trends on the runway and in editorial spreads is an absolute dream. The idea of a nylon body suit with feathers covering all the right places or a leather corset wrapped over short nude dress is extremely intriguing, and who doesn’t secretly love the thought of looking like a Parisienne mistress. But how realistic is it really?

I then began thinking as a buyer. If I worked for a trendy suburban store, how would I react to these risqué trends? How could I convince a sixteen-year old girl in a city like Oakville to buy a pantless bodysuit or a slinky silk dress with a lace trim? Its easy to say that stores such as American Apparel and H&M could sell these items because they are low priced and considered a “fast fashion”, but to any other retailer, bodysuits and day lingerie are really every buyers nightmare.

Not For Sale
So how can we wear these risqué trends without looking like ladies of the night? Bodysuits and corsets are quite easy to master. Bodysuits are great for anything that is fitted, for example a pencil skirt or a pair of high or low waisted jeans and the proper accessories. Sheer blouses have the most simple solution: a tank top. You will lose the effect of the shirt this way, but again you can play around with accessories to make it work. If you have the courage to sport the sheer blouse with just a bra underneath, accessorize enough that you do not draw too much attention to what’s under the blouse but so you also don’t take away from the effect. A long multi-chained necklace would work best. When wearing a silk and lace trimmed dress, no matter how you wear it the “lingerie” look to it will always be quite obvious. Pairing the dress up with a casual blazer and a great pair of wedges will give the dress a more flirty summer look.

So for how much longer will we be seeing these revealing looks? As long as we have celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce and Katy Perry baring it all and taking risks with their clothing designers will continue to keep the “spark” going.

Fake It 'Til You Make It

How to dress for the job you want, not the job you have

Let’s face it, work apparel can sometimes feel like a uniform. Many women in today’s workforce are sporting the same, standard outfit Monday to Friday with little to no thought put into it. However, for someone who strives to climb the corporate ladder, this is a major faux pas! It should be no surprise that, when you dress like a pro, it conveys that confident, professional image that the boss is looking for when searching for a candidate to fill the posh position that just opened up. The following are our tips for dressing the part...

Look Up, Get Ahead
When striving to dress for your dream job, look to the ones who hold those positions and take notes ladies! They all started somewhere and definitely know a thing or two about dressing to impress. Look for features like cuts and lines and where they hit the body. Take notice of the hems of their skirts and the height of their heels and ask yourself how you can translate this into your personal style. Look at the type of fabrics and colours that the higher ups are sporting as well and see where it fits into your own wardrobe. Make observations like are they wearing separates, suits, cardigans, dresses or skirts? You also have to pay attention to the details. Little things like jewellery and accessories make a big difference in a professional wardrobe and it is important not to overdo it. A simple thing like grooming habits can also be a factor. In terms of makeup, go with the old saying “less is more”. Blue eyeshadow may look hot at the club but, in the office, not so much. A new, sophisticated hairstyle could be all you need to become the more professional version of yourself. But remember, the idea is not to dress for work as if you are dressing for a costume party, but rather to look at these achieved women and strive to put together a similar professional image that still reads “you”.

Be Classy, Not Flashy
When attempting to become your new, professional self, it is important to keep consistency in mind. You do not want your boss and fellow employees suddenly wondering where your newfound fortune came from. Your best bet is to put your money into some key investment pieces that can work together and as separates. When searching out these new, sophisticated items, it is wise to go with basic colours in classic cuts. Jumping on trends is fine in moderation, but you should not base your work wardrobe on trends because they will not last. If you buy a few fun garments here and there to spice your basic suits and pencil skirts, you are on your way. By doing so, you can make your professional wardrobe last throughout the seasons and, when you get that big promotion, it will pay for itself!

Look Professional, Feel Confident
Everyone knows that, when you feel good about yourself, the confidence just naturally comes pouring out. Once you have taken notes from the ladies at the top you will be feeling like a million bucks (and hopefully making that soon too!) and your superiors will most definitely be taking notice. This new spring in your step can affect all aspects of your work performance. It may give you the confidence to bring up that new, brilliant idea you have been toying with or to approach your boss about that promotion that you know you deserve. You will be remembered for being the assertive go-getter who takes her job seriously and does not just consider her position a temporary nine to five. Upper management will love the effort you are putting in and inevitably take you more seriously and all there is left to go is up!

Leather Looks To Love

Five Lady-Like Ways To Mix Bad-Girl In To Your Wardrobe, Right Now!

Every girl wants to feel a little rough-and-tough once in a while, and leather is definitely the best way to get there. Girly-girls can get an edge with this staple, while the ultimate bad-girl knows that there truly is no substitute for it. From boots, to jackets, to shirts, there’s always something for everyone. Here are five classic, yet fresh ways to use leather in any outfit this upcoming spring and summer.

Let’s face it, once the tiniest hint of cooler weather comes, who isn’t dying to throw back on their oh-so-comfy, super worn in, never go anywhere without them, leather boots? Well, keep them around this spring! Pairing your favourite slouchy or structured, or studded boots with a pretty floral or sorbet shade dress will keep you from overdosing on sweet by adding a dash of spice.
Find the perfect well-worn pair at Aldo (www.aldoshoes.com)

When in doubt, belt it out! It’s common sense by now that wrapping a belt around any top or dress instantly pulls a look together, while showing off your great waist! Brown or black, wide or skinny, leather belts are always a must, but this spring and summer try something candy coloured! Whether around your waist or slung through the loops of your favourite skinny or boyfriend jeans, a belt is an anchor to any outfit a-drift.
Pick out a classic or bright coloured skinny belt this season from The Gap or J.Crew. (
www.thegap.com) (www.jcrew.com)

Everybody knows that it’s very much impossible to leave the house without your entire life shoved in to your bag – you never know when you may need a sweater, water, spare shoes, two pairs of sunglasses, your cell phone charger, and of course a first aid kit! (Hey, you never know when you may need something in that jungle of a city.) Fortunately this season, there are tons of great options to choose from that come in a durable enough material to withstand our tumultuous social lives. Not a fan of real leather? Opt for faux. There are tons of choices available, so take your pick, just make sure it holds all the “essentials”!
Grab a vegan handbag from Matt & Nat, while still sporting the leather look. (www.mattandnat.ca)

Even though leather jackets have been popular since the 80’s, they’re still not going anywhere. They can toughen up any look, while still looking pretty with great details that can make any jacket special. Like boots, a great worn-in jacket will always be your best friend. Throw it on over classic spring and summer prints, and you’ll look like a modern day James Dean... in floral.
You can always pick up another version of the classic from Urban Outfitters. (www.urbanoutfitters.ca)

A true fashionista knows that without risk there is no reward, and this season a new emerging trend never rang more true. Designers are taking the ultimate risk by ditching comfortable cotton in the rising temperatures and swapping in leather. A new way to infuse your wardrobe if you already are full to the brim with leather pieces, a leather shirt is the ultimate fashion statement. Worn with torn skinny jeans, a pastel pencil skirt, or denim cut-offs, this new version of the classic tee could be this summer’s substitute to the leather jacket.
Caution: Not for the faint of heart, as you might overheat in this look.
Gawk over the new cropped version of the leather tee by 3.1 Phillip Lim at www.style.com

Haven't we Met Before?

The 2000's. A mashup of fashions past.

It has been said that History repeats itself. Well, the same can be said for fashion, especially in the 2000‘s. As we look back over the past ten years, there have been no major fashion breakthroughs that truly define the new millennium. Have fashion designers and trendsetters reached their innovative peak? Or has recycling become the future of fashion? The 2000’s covered fashion trends from as early as 3000 B.C.E all the way to the 1990’s. Here are the top 5 most prominent fashion rebirths of the past decade.

1. Grecian Glorification

They’re feminine, eye catching and completely practical on a hot summers day. One of the earliest forms of footwear ever created made its return to fashion in the Spring of 2008. First spotted on the Spring/08 Balenciaga runway, these ankle (and sometimes leg) hugging sandals soon exploded on the fashion scene in a wide variety of shapes and colours. Worn with a floor sweeping maxi dress or basic jean shorts, the gladiator sandal became a summer staple for shoe lovers everywhere.

2. 1950’s Retro Rejuvenation

The rediscovery of form fitting clothing and femininity emerged in the mid to late 2000’s. High waisted pencil skirts, bustier like tops and A-line dresses were giving women back their shape, while men could be seen in cardigans, slim trousers and horn rimmed glasses. Designers such as Dsquared, L.A.M.B by Gwen Steffani and of course Betsy Johnson all zoned in on the decade of reconstruction and rock and roll. Hair styles grew higher and vintage stores grew richer as people gained inspiration from Celebes like Amy Winehouse and the cast of Mad Men.

3. Seventies Resurface

The bohemian chic faze of the 2000’s may have been one of the longest and most wide spread fashion craze of the decade. Mostly adopted by young Hollywood, this trend was a direct through back to Woodstock and the relaxed vibe of the late 1960’s/early 1970’s. This trend resurfaced and peaked in the mid 2000‘s. Long flowing skirts, vests, floppy hats and fringe bags could be seen everywhere, and were perfectly showcased by celebrities such as Kate Moss, the Olson twins and Nicole Richie.

4. Eighties Evolution

The 1980’s made a massive comeback in the 2000’s. Leggings, Neon colours, acid wash and more recently the structured/padded shoulder have all resurfaced over the past 10 years. Designers such as Alber Elbaz (Lanvin), Henry Holland and Matthew Williamson have all showcased 80’s inspired silhouettes and colours over the past few years. We saw the body suit/leotard adopted by celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce, the Harem pant originally made popular by MC Hammer and his Can’t touch this video, and the jumpsuit all make their war back on' the fashion scene.

5. Rock Restoration

Though the grunge trend only peaked in the early 1990’s it's already back in street and runway fashion. Inspired by bands like Nirvana, The Pixies and Pearl Jam. Plaid flannel shirts, tattered running shoes, ripped jeans and loose fitting t-shirts have all made their way back to rebellious teenagers and fashionistas everywhere. Typically characterized by dark muted colours and an overall slouchy silhouette the grunge trend has been recreated by such designers as Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang.


What Works for Work: Get Your Closet Ready For Work.

As graduation is quickly upon us, some may wonder which of the latest trends are office appropriate. You want to be unique and show your own style; however you do not want to be uncomfortable and seem out of place. Follow these simple rules and you will have no problem dressing and accessorizing for the workplace.

Around the Neck

Picking jewellery to go with an outfit can sometimes be a task and picking jewellery for work can be even harder. To choose the right piece keep in mind you don`t want to be distracting with your jewellery, by being too flashy or with loud sounds it may make. You also want to be wary of long pieces where you may get caught on a co-worker; which can be awkward! Just remember to leave your big chunky or long necklaces at home and opt for more subtle pieces. You can get great pieces for a good price from Forever 21. Or for simple more expensive jewellery Tiffany & Co. might be the right place for you.

Back to Basics

Everyone needs that great basic suit, which never gets old. Because the suit is a staple item and you can get your use out of it season after season, it is an item you can splurge on. The three essentials you need in your basic suit collection are: a well fitted blazer, trouser pants, and a at the knee pencil skirt. How the suit fits is very important. You want a blazer which reaches the hip-bone or a little below, one where the button does up at the smallest part of your waist, and that the shoulder seam runs across the edge of your shoulder. There are many possibilities when it comes to trousers. Here are some tips for your body type. To balance out wider hips and thighs, look for straight legs to create a longer line. To look taller, go for straight or boot cut trousers for an elongating effect. To hide a tummy, look for a trouser that sits right below the belly button. If your budget allows it, invest in a great tailored suit from Holt Renfrew.

Inject personality

Now that you have all your basics you can add in tops with colour, textures, and patterns. This is an easy way to add your personal style. Because trends only last one to two years you don`t want to make a big investment on these pieces. Try H&M for some inexpensive feminine tops.

Low, High, Thigh

When it comes to your feet, you want to find something comfortable and something you can wear all day. You don’t want to be at work thinking, “I can’t wait to take these off!” The essential shoes everyone should have in their workplace wardrobe are: a pair of flats, classic high-heeled pumps, and a mid-calf boot. Flats are great for a position where you are on your feet a lot. They can be both particle and stylish. Wearing heels probably is not for the person who is on their feet all day. When wearing heels in the workplace, try and stay in neutral tones, nothing too flashy. When winter comes around a popular choice for footwear are boots. Just because you think UGGS are comfy and warm for winter does not mean you should wear them to work. Keep those for the weekend. Instead go for a simple leather mid-calf boot. You can go to Town Shoes to find all your basic shoe needs.

Painfully Pretty

Imagine what your beauty is doing to your body?

As ladies we've grown up with the saying “Beauty is Pain”, not realizing that this is unfortunately true. Now a days were thinking of beauty before our body. We go on with our beauty routines not realizing the harm we could be causing. Who ever said beauty is pain was saying it lightly. The effects of plastic surgery are known, but what about the everyday stuff that is missed. We as ladies probably cause more harm to ourselves then we know. For instance plucking your eyebrows, carrying that brand new BIG “IT” bag, or wearing those fancy new Manolo Blahnik, things we do everyday to be pretty.

The Big and Bold eyebrows are a thing of the past, now its all about the thinner the better. This is where plucking comes into play in woman's lives. Plucking your eyebrows may be doing more damage then you think. As we pluck each week we are not noticing the damage that plucking may be leaving. As we continue to pluck to be pretty we are causing our skin to become dry and terribly more harsh looking. Karen Eldridge, an esthetician says “ As customers come in we see a lot of attempts gone wrong at plucking that have caused the area to look dry, with pores being enlarged and ultimately not appealing”.

Don't get me wrong I love this trend, but just like every other women I pack way to much in my bag from books to a full size meal. The big bag is all the rave and continues to grow in popularity. The big bag unfortunately causes BIG problems. Women seem to follow the trend of the bigger the better, but this trend is leaving us with more lifetime effects then noticed. We are constantly carrying these bags on our shoulders causing our muscles in our shoulders to strain as well as causing terrible posture. Ending up like the hunch back of Notredome isn't what we want.

Imagine not being able to walk in the newest trend of high heels. Imagine not being able to place your foot into that new cute shoe. To most women this isn't a possibility and obviously for the most part high heels just cause us blisters, and the inevitable sprained ankle. Here comes the true, a common problem for women who decide to wear high heels everyday for most days is “Hallux Valgus” - described as being the condition where the big toes is inclined to curve towards the other toes ( emaxhealth.com ). This is due to the fact of our toes being pointed downwards with the pointed tips causing a crunch of our toes. Unfortunately no matter how gorgeous our feet look in the newest Manolo Blahnik, no band-aid can fix this and no pedicure can make it look pretty.

I'm not saying that we should stop following these trends, but i am saying that we should do it more safely. Why not go back to the BIG and bold while giving your eyebrows a break from the undeniable pain tweezers cause. Give that big bag a rest, retire it for something that is simple yet stylish like the crossover bag which are cute and doctor recommended. Another tip is to stay grounded ladies – I do mean in the area of shoes. Choose a more fashionable shoe statement like the flat. Take my words I have shared and maybe try to be healthy in body and beauty. Fashion hurts, but it doesn't always have too.

Back 2 the Future .. of Fashion

Rewind back the past to remix 2010’s Hottest Summer Trends

This Season, fashion is bouncing back from the dark ages of recession with powerful looks, and total romanticism. Borrowing from the past for fashion inspiration, and inventing a futuristic surrealist view on clothing, brings this season’s threads to an all time high on the style meter. It’s the turn of the decade and it means change. This year the trends are sexy, and they mean business. Here are some ways to get the look this spring/summer season.

Wear the pants this summer!! This season, Bottom’s are bar none. Fantastically, they’re showing that every silhouette has a place. Bloomers are back and taking over the lower half of the fashion courageous body. Floral patterns, Lace, and soft jerseys are perfecting this comfortable, blooming trend. Doll up a pair of bloomers with an interesting pair of tights, or a chunky decaled belt. For a more fitted look this season, riding pants are breeching the fashion scenes. This year’s tight trend is isn’t just for the equestrian, it’s also a beautiful alternative to the stretched out legging phenomena. These make a great couple with a pair of rhinestoned combat sandals, or spike stillettos.

Rewinding back to a time where music was still live… for the Hot Pants. This summer the shorts arent afraid of heights, so they’re making the leg the focal point this season… Ladies if you got em’, flaunt em’. Shorts are also taking an all time high with a new full look, faking the skirt, so pretty up your pair with a thin patent belt, or a chunky broach, because being sexy is in this season… Don’t be afraid to show some skin!

Go batty or have a fit. Soft collars, blown out sleeves, and firm shoulder pads are defining the jacket standard this season. Before the big thaw, fly high in batwing jackets, or cropped shawl coats featuring soft romantic florals and icy toned palattes. Pins are big this spring, so grab a cameo, or flower broach to accessorize your jacket! Cropped fitted jackets are all the craze in 2010. Taking a tip from the 80’s powersuit, this seasons jacket has tightened up the waistline, and padded up the shoulders, to bring a new shape, and excentuate the natural waist. These jackets are great with a pair of hot pants or a sexy dress, and accessorized with a simple waist clinch belt.

This season the top trends are flouncy chemises. From underwear to outerwear, these flirty tops are detailed and decaled in bold rhinestones, beading, and metal studs, for an edgy feminine look. Lace is taking the lead as this summer’s favourite fabric. Not just used for subtle detailing anymore, this year the lace chemise is finding its way into every collection. Full sleeves and structured shoulders are another way to be top notch in 2010. From the simple short edwardian puff sleeve, to a more futuristic boxed shoulder, this year the exaggerated sleeves are a gotta have item!! Accessorize this look with a bold crystal necklace or belt to balance out the dramatic sleeves.

Alice in Fashionland

How the new 2010 Alice in Wonderland film inspires designers.

There is one name in 2010 that will not be forgotten as an inspiration to fashion; Alice. Who would have thought that Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland film would spiral out into the fashion world and become the newest trend? Many designers have taken this little girls fantasy world to the next level by designing a fresh new look for 2010.

Designers all want a piece of Alice. Designers such as Alexander McQueen, Ann Demeulemeester, Bernhard Williams, Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney, and Sue Wong (who has designed more than ten dresses), have all made their own Alice inspired collection for spring 2010. Each designer has taken a little bit of each character from the film for their inspiration which include: Alice, The Red Queen, The White Queen, and the Mad Hatter.

Clothing is not the only place to find Alice. Jewellery and accessories have also made their way into the trend. Swarovski and Tom Binns have designed a wonderful collection of necklaces’, earnings, rings, bracelets, pendants, and broaches. Some of their featured designs in their collections include: hearts, spades, tea cups, muffins, watches, keys, rabbits, and flowers. Each piece has its own unique style and is sure to stand out in a crowd.

No Alice look is complete without the hair and make-up! Following the Alice apparel, many websites are offering tips on how to created waves in your hair like Alice, or how to do your make-up like the White Queen. Not to mention OPI that made their limited addition nail polish colours featuring: “Off with Her Head!” and “Thanks so Muchness!” shades of red, “Absolutely Alice” in a glittery blue, and “Mad as a Hatter” in a black-multi glitter. Other Alice style items include: a pink Heloise shoulder bag, green Casadei heels, red Lancome lipstick, and Nina Ricci – Nina Precious Eau De Toilette. Alice in Wonderland has also become a popular theme for Weddings, Baby Showers, and Birthday Parties.

How to wear the Alice look: Taken an interest in this new trend and want to try it yourself? It’s Easy! For starters, the Alice look can be interpreted in different ways and you can pick one that suites you! The gothic look which features the Victorian period style, includes designs such as lace, bows and ruffles with vibrant details through the use of as red and black inspired by the Red Queen, or white and black inspired by the White Queen. Not interested in the gothic look, then the baby doll look is the perfect fit. Baby doll dresses in pale colours such as red, baby blue, yellow, and especially pink is the way to go. If you are looking for a crazier way to show off your Alice style, using Tim Burton’s abstract film ideas is a perfect use of inspiration. Sharp styles in a mixture of bright colours with black, such as green, gold, orange, and purple are signature looks inspired by Johnny Depp’s character the Mad Hatter. Looking for another interesting look? Try your own look with inspiration from other characters such as: Tweedledee and Tweedledum who wear a black and white striped shirt with red suspenders, the White Rabbit who wears a white blouse and blue jacket, or the Flowers which can be interpreted into classic outfits with purple, green, and yellow.

We can’t seem to get enough Alice! What began as a novel in 1865, followed by a classic Disney animated film in 1951, and is now a fashion icon film for 2010, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland film has certainly created a whole new outbreak of the Alice craze in the fashion world. And it is certainly true that we just can’t get enough Alice. Her fantasy world has made a great impact on fashion and beauty while she has taken all of us under her magical charm to create for us a Wonderland of fashion.

Jean shopping doesn’t have to be hell

Denim Heaven is just Over the Rainbow

The famous denim wall consisting of over 1500 pairs of jeans can be found in the quaint shop on Yorkville Avenue. For over 35 years Joel Carmen has been selling denim and building relationships, while ensuring to find the perfect pair of jeans for everyone that walks through those whiny wooden doors. For those new to the world of denim, you will learn everything you need to know about your perfect fit when visiting the store, from pocket placement to colour stories. And for you denim experts, you can explore the destroyed skinny jeans, dry Nudies, raw Naked & Famous, salvage AG’s, or the hottest jean on the market, the 4-way stretch Citizens of Humanity.

This Spring/Summer season denim is everywhere, we’ve come to a time where rips are hot and bell-bottoms are not! The destroyed skinny jean is being seen everywhere from top celebrities to the Milan Spring 2010 runway. Over the Rainbow can make this seemingly impossible trend possible, as they carry many brands in the latest cut for every body type! Denim is being seen in everything from button up shirts, boyfriend cut jeans, baggy shorts and even jackets as D&G displays in the ready-to-wear runway show for this season!

The vintage fixtures, old building, rainbow coloured lit sign and jar of jujubes all remind customers of when they were younger, which was Joel’s intentions when creating this store. The atmosphere of the store makes denim shopping enjoyable and of course indulging in jujubes isn’t so bad either!

Over the Rainbow ensures your jeans compliment your behind while also complimenting your lifestyle. There are many different washes of denim that can still be in style and fit your day-to-day schedule. There are many dark washes for evenings out that are also suitable for your workplace. They also stay up-to-date with the trends in fashion so where you can get your office wear you can also get your light wash short for your vacation. The fashion savvy staff will match you two different looks of denim with a James Perse button front blouse that can be worn at all times of the day!

Next time you think about shopping for jeans, take a deep breathe and head over to Yorkville, take a couple (or a few!) jujubes and trust one of the sales associates to fit you into exactly what your looking for! They will be hemmed and tailored exactly to your body with their in house tailor and you will walk away with fashion-forward jean to fit your body and lifestyle perfectly!

Good Luck!

Big Shoulders


Big shoulders were extremely popular in the 80s, and now they’re back; still making you look chic, sexy and tough. It’s a spicy combination! Here you will learn about how to easily handle the big shoulders trend. Bubbles, ruffles, epaulettes – you choose how to spice up them big shoulders this summer! This trend will make you the one in control. It’s time to show the world that you are the leader!

Power Dressing: The 80s
In the 80s, the role of women in the workplace increased tremendously. Their status raised and they now had more power and control. This of course affected women’s fashion and resulted in a new look: masculine blazers with oversized shoulders. Just wearing such a blazer made a woman look and feel fierce. Shoulder pads became an irreplaceable and a must-have part of women’s wear. This look was also widely spread among artists who combined it with big hair and heavy makeup to create this strong, rebellious in a way, image.

Big Shoulders’ Comeback
Big shoulders stayed in style until mid-90s. However, after that they became reduced to smaller and smaller shoulder lines. The trend to shrinking the shoulders in the last years resulted in the ridiculously tight-fitting jackets. I even remember myself a few years ago looking for a professional blazer and finding nothing but shoulder-padless jackets! But as it always happens, fashion has made its comeback! Big shoulders are in again and we see them everywhere! Especially on celebrities. Beyonce has embraced the whole Viking-diva image. Her latest tour I Am...Sasha Fierce outfits were all about showing the woman’s power by emphasizing her shoulders. Rihanna’s on it as well. She’s been numerously seen wearing blazers and jumpsuits with oversized shoulders. Anne Hathaway has even pulled it off with a dress which looked quite chic.
The point is: the 80s look is back and improved. Big shoulders are hotter than they’ve ever been!

Bubble Sleeves For A Bubbly Personality!
Here is one version of the big shoulders: round puffy sleeves which look like bubbles. They are great on tops, blouses and dresses. You can wear your puffy-sleeve top with anything you want: a skirt, jeans, or formal pants. Rihanna smartly combined her puff-sleeved purple top with a pink bubble skirt, and looked absolutely phenomenal in that outfit! What’s great about this kind of shoulders is that they may look formal and playful at the same time! Perfect for a formal dinner, a date, or a girls night out!

Romantic Ruched Shoulders
Ruched sleeves are cute and girly. They are made by ruffling the fabric and result in a “princess” look. Ruched sleeves work great for women with all body types, because the volume of the sleeves instantly makes the waist look smaller and balances out the hips. Very flattering! Ruched shoulders are especially nice on cardigans with mid-length sleeves or dress shirts that could be worn to work.

Epaulettes for Miss Tough
Epaulettes are ornamental shoulder pieces which show the rank in armed forces. They are also part of fashion! You can see them on blazers and jackets. These shoulder pieces look especially hot on leather jackets. And they sure do show your rank, Miss Tough! If you’re wearing an epaulette jacket, remember to keep it simple: epaulettes speak loudly for themselves. They are big and shiny enough to get all the attention, so there’s no need for heavy jewellery. Enjoy, officer!:)

Less is definitely more!

Are you brave enough to bare? Or have things become a little too transparent for you? Either way, sex is in with a bang.

We are all familiar with the motto “sex sells” and in this case, sex is selling fashion. Long gone are the days of seeing your favourite celebrity in floor-length Oscar de la Renta ball gowns at the Grammys and forget about flowy Valentino dresses on the red carpet. The hemlines have risen to an all-time high. It seems as though everywhere you look, things are getting sexier, from mini-dresses to lace, knee-high boots to nude-colour fabrics. Innovators are bringing the bedroom to the bar.
Dolce and Gabbana have been doing sexy for years but now you can find amazing looks from couture designers such as Jean Paul Gauitier as well as hipster designers including Alexander Wang and Jason Wu. Lots leg with hot pants ruled the spring/summer 2010 fashion runways. Blame it on Lady Gaga. Her creative individual style has made her a fashion icon in her own right and designers have taken notice from the songstress. Armani designed all three of Lady Gaga’s dresses for this year’s Grammys. A scan of John Galliano’s 2010 Haute Couture shows the designer is also a fan of Lady Gaga and her high sex appeal look. For Christian Dior’s Haute Couture 2010 collection, he mixed old school class with pantless and topless models. Dior’s spring/summer 2010 collection continued on the underwear as outerwear trend, offering a mix of sheer fabrics, lace and corsets. And designers hope all women unleash their inner lady of the night, pairing black bras under sheer white tops and mini skirts above of over-the-knee boots.
While Rihana can pull off wearing nipple pasties and a blazer, novices should start slow and let the look grow on them. The most important thing when you wear anything is to be comfortable enough to work that look to the fullest. For beginners, you can start by wearing sheer blouses under your blazers for a sexier look, or lace cocktail dresses with opaque tights. Corsets look great paired with a skin-tight pencil skirt and killer heels for a night on the town. And there really is nothing hotter than working your inner Carrie Bradshaw strutting in skin tone numbers. Flat over-the-knee boots look great paired with jeans for a more casual vibe, while high-heeled thigh-highers are best left for an evening out.
Trendsetters everywhere are having fun with fashion, loving the free spirited essence designers are sending down the runway. But remember, less is more. Edit is the operative word here. A lace nude-coloured dress with over the knee-boots is overkill. Finally, there is only one Lady Gaga (thankfully!). So fashionistas everywhere, take note: hot pants are one thing but please leave the bodysuits to the dancers.

Heaven Scent

A guide to all the top perfume scents for the new season.

As we go into a new decade, many young professionals heading out into the work force are interested in finding their signature scent that will be both memorable and reflective of who they are and what they want to be.
Flower Power
Floral fragrances are young and fresh and the ultimate in feminine fun. Women who enjoy flowery notes are more in touch with nature and demonstrate a very carefree and joyful attitude. Try Lola by Marc Jacobs ($85). This perfume has notes of rose, fuchsia peony, and geranium, which travel from day to night and are trapped inside an adorable flower bottle for a little extra charm.
Sweet Surrender
Women who enjoy smelling sweet like candy are fun and youthful and enjoy spending their time remembering their youth. These women attract men like a bee to honey (or a cupcake!) and enjoy being a girl. Try Aquolina’s Pink Sugar ($59). This perfume smells like vanilla and caramel with notes of raspberry, licorice, strawberry, and cotton candy. The playful bottle is decorated with pink ribbon just waiting for you to unwrap it and spray yourself with glee.
Modern Mystic
Today’s modern woman is full of layers and dimensions. She is hardworking and determined, yet sassy and full of life. She needs an equally multifaceted perfume that will take her from day to night and last in between. Try Dior’s Hypnotic Poison ($68). This perfume, like its wearer, is full of contrasting notes that entice anyone to learn more. Smells such as bitter almond, caraway spice, cinnamon, vanilla, and musk all blend together in this beautiful perfume that bewitch the minds and the noses of everyone around. The opaque red bottle is sleek and sexy while still being minimal and instead letting the scent do the talking.
Classic Cinderella
The process of getting ready to go out can be quite an exciting and fun way for today’s woman to spend her time. She loves to pick an outfit and make sure that the end look is put together in such a way that will make heads turn. She is confident in who she is and what she wants and needs an equally strong perfume to stand up along side all her charisma. Try Stella by Stella McCartney ($98). This beautiful perfume encapsulates all the smells that a woman wants when she is the princess for the night. This perfume includes notes of rose, amber, and mandarin which combined a equally feminine and elusive. This perfume’s notes, found in a deep purple crystal-like bottle, continue to change throughout the day, emphasizing different parts and encouraging everyone to take a large deep breath in and enjoy the ride.

Health Hipster
Many women today are concerned with their health and wellbeing and are looking for a subtle perfume that will remind them of fresh breezes and the sweet smell of grass and rain. These girls are not looking for any type of smell that seems too manufactured or artificial. They want to be natural. Try Be Delicious by DKNY ($70). This perfume has a refreshing and unique scent that will perfectly complement the wearer. It includes notes of apple, cucumber, grapefruit, rose and violet and held in a apple-shaped bottle for the ultimate in fresh style.

Whatever your ultimate style is, make sure you have the matching smell to go with it.


Extreme Minimalist

Put the spring back into your step— with less fashion pain for more fashion gain.

Fashionista’s do not fear, although we will continue to remain gaga for Gaga and her severe style spasms this spring will turn over a fresh new leaf of trends. Minimalism is back and rocking the runways in a big way. The issue of “dull and dreary” is finally laid to rest as an ongoing fashion query by proving us wrong with delicate yet dramatically delicious silhouettes. Make sure to push all excessively over the top outfits to the back of your closet as you’ll need room for a new collection of straightforward staples to take you through the spring. After all, having rung in a new decade why not start with a spotless slate?

Although we may be hesitant to admit, any true style savvy seeker looks to at least one reliable fashion muse. This spring put your faith (and your Visa--gulp) in the hands of designers such as Celine, Chloe, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein or Donna Karan and they will be sure not to disappoint. For those having frightful flashbacks of the minimal and unfortunately masculine look that lurked during the 90’s do not let them scar your spring. This time round will be a sexy, yet classy take on minimalism. Think clean lines amongst curious cut-outs, and subtle draping, all presented in an array of pretty pastels.

Burdened by a budget? Don’t let this bring you down; after all the true talent of a trend setter is the ability to make a weary bank balance seem like a million bucks. As much as we would all love to depend on the true divine designers responsible for this minimalist daze we are still among our trusty (and affordable) mundane stores. Zara is bound to offer you the perfect casual trouser followed by Club Monaco with their highly reliable straightforward separates, and finally diverting off to Holt Renfrew for a slight splurge on the must-have slinky yet structured Calvin Klein boyfriend blazer. Chances are this plan will be crushed all too soon by a sudden grasp of reality causing you to cross the street to that frequented H&M in search of something similar. Despite the prognosis of your bank account the beauty of going minimal this spring is that it is achievable by all; which is almost as refreshing as the trend itself. So, take a big sigh of relief and indulge in all that this season has to offer as your wardrobe and you for that matter, are in need of some well deserved spring renewal.

For those still not sold on the fresh idea of a naturally effortless wardrobe as opposed to over the top trend screaming garments consider this a challenge for you to evolve and truly adopt the theory of less being more. If need be take baby steps, remembering that you can always turn to accessories for quick colourful fixes if suffering from attention seeking withdrawal due to evolving into a new tasteful, yet stylish minimalist. Once you get the spring back into your step it is smooth sailing onwards among topes, pale shades of blush and soft neutral hues.