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Escaping the hype in Canada’s fashion capital

For a vast amount of the fashion elite, having something that virtually no one else has, yet is still highly sought after, is often seen as a symbol of status or, at the very least, signifier of great taste.  For example, brands like Supreme have become streetwear heavyweights by releasing just enough product to satisfy some while leaving others thirstier than ever for their goods and driving up the hype factor behind their brand. Buying into the hype however, isn’t for everyone, and so I release to you, our loveable reader, the most low key Toronto shop guide for escaping the hype this winter.
            If there was one shop that could manage to go unseen on the popular Queen Street West, it would be Sydney’s.  It has no shop sign above the door and no sign out on the street telling people where it is.  They are the definition of low key style in Toronto.  Sydney’s started as a made to measure suit maker, but has since started two of their own clothing lines (Kin, and United) and began carrying other high quality labels such as Jil Sander, Marni, and Mismo.  Every Fall/ Winter season their Kin line releases beautifully minimalist winter coats that are sure to keep you warm and off the typical wave of Canada Goose wearers the city usually has.  The next time some eighteen-year-old man child in his dad’s E Class Mercedes tries to flex on you with his Supreme X Louis Vuitton collab, you’ll be able to go home and sleep easy knowing that your United oxford cotton shirt was domestically produced with fair labour, and won’t fall apart after three washes.
            Contrary to popular belief, Over The Rainbow is not the only place to find raw denim in the city.  Just down the street from Sydney’s is a denim collectors dream called Dutil.  The small shop has an almost ludicrous amount denim stuffed into it that showcases brands from all the denim havens in the world.  You can start off with Canadian denim mainstay Naked & Famous, then hop the border into the US for some Levis Made and Crafted, take a flight to France for some A.P.C., and then somehow make your way to Japan for Iron Heart, or, you could just visit Dutil and shop all of those collections at once.  My personal favorite detail about Dutil however is that they offer in house alterations that are free with purchase of a pair of jeans to make sure they fit perfect every time.

Last but certainly not least on this list is Capsule which has three locations in and around Toronto, each specializing in something different.  The three stores carry a very unique combination of brands that I feel like most wouldn’t expect to see together.  Their two locations in Yorkville specialize in workwear and techwear where they put together the likes of Carhartt Work in Progress and Engineered Garments, alongside Canadian brand, Arc’Teryx Veilance.  The contrast of heavy American made canvas next to the sharp designs of Engineered Garments, which give way to the light, Canadian designed Gore-Tex garments feels like a coming together of the past, present, and future of practicality.  Their third store is in downtown Markham and this is their holy land for sneaker heads.  This location is certainly a destination store but well worth the pilgrimage for an unparalleled selection of NikeLab releases        

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Baby, it’s cold outside

Spice up your cold weather wardrobe this winter by mixing in these hot trends.

Green with Envy
We all love our blacks, greys, and navy in the colder months. They look great with everything and hide the dirt from the hustle and bustle of winter. Even wine and camel have become closet staples for fall and winter. If you’re looking for something a little different this year, go green. There’s just something about green that’s calming and peaceful. A great alternate to the same old and just as versatile, green in natural shades like earthy forest is an easy style solution for those of us looking for something unique but not over-the-top.

Florals for Winter… Groundbreaking.
That’s right, florals are here to stay, beyond the sunny days and warm temperatures of summer. Take your outfits up a notch from the tried and true solids and dark hues by adding the winter floral, inspired by vintage prints from your grandma’s wallpaper or your aunt’s living room drapes. Florals are everywhere, from casual tops to outerwear. If playful floral print blouses and dresses aren’t your thing, try a floral embroidered bootie for a more subtle yet statement-making on-trend look.

Plaid is Rad
In Canada, we tend to wear a lot of plaid in the winter. The red and black buffalo check is pretty popular, but you don’t have to look like a lumberjack. Think outside the flannel button-ups. This season, plaid is vintage and formal. Try a checked suit or dress for the office, or perhaps top off your outfit with a plaid coat. If you aren’t fond of patterns, pick a plaid in a neutral colour palette for an elevated but not boring look.

Go for Glitter
It’s the holiday season (the holiday season!) and we love everything that sparkles and shines. Glitter and metallics always get our attention, whether in silver or jewel tones. It also looks great against the winter staples of black, grey, and dark blue. So grab a pair of fabulous glitter boots, or stand out at the party in a liquid metallic frock. You’ll look and feel like a million bucks.

Red About Now
Red is never dead, but it was all over the Fall 2017 runways, and not just in pieces. I’m talking head-to-toe red in long dresses, suits, hats, and boots. Red is bold. For the loudest look, go monochromatic. Choose a more toned-down shade and mix in other colours for a less obvious look.

O Canada
The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang are right around the corner! Cheer on Team Canada by wearing the official gear unveiled by Hudson’s Bay, the official outfitters of the Canadian Olympic Team. Red, white, and black make up the colour palette for this collection, as in years past. The 2018 collection also features a new iteration of the iconic red mittens. If you like colour blocking, soft-shell jackets, maple leaves, and of course, supporting Canada, this collection is right up your alley.


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, if the eyes are the windows, then the brows are the curtains and the struggle to keep them in check has been real since the beginning of time. Brow shapes and trends are constantly changing - thin, thick, bushy, natural, and my personal least favourite, DRAWN ON brows. What never goes off trend is the perfectly groomed brow. One thing to remember is that not every brow trend is for you – your brows have to be specific to your face. Knowing what suits you is half the battle. The other parts include a great esthetician and a brow routine that works for you.

There are tons of ways to remove hair but there’s a bit of a science to removing hair from your face. The most common ways to remove brow hair are to thread or wax – both of which can do the job on their own but work well together to give you a clean look. Threading is definitely the more painful option however; many would argue the benefits outweigh the pain. The process allows the esthetician to pluck the hairs individually – giving them more control and less room for error. Waxing, while equally as effective, will just not be as precise and can leave you with irritated skin. I say start with threading and if you can’t handle the pain, move to waxing. I know – it’s a lot but not to worry; this list of one-stop shops will help you pick a place that will get your brows in check and on fleek.


80 Scollard Street, Toronto

2614 Yonge Street, Toronto

793 Queen Street West, Toronto

2 Roxborough Street West, Toronto

162 Davenport Road, Toronto

We have only tackled half the battle, what you do at home is just as important as the hair shaping and removal process. With so many different brow products to choose from it can be confusing what to use and how to use them. Here is what you need to know;

…should be used to change your brows shape or correct a bald spot. Just like pencil on paper, you can draw right onto your face.

…are best for a finishing touch of colour and holding your brow in place all day. The gel applicator will look like a mascara brush and you can easily apply straight onto your brow.

…should be used to add a little colour or volume to your existing brow. Powders can be applied using an angle brush and making hair like strokes on your eyebrow and skin.

…can be used the same way a pencil is used to fill in a bald spot, or with a lighter application the same way a powder is used to add fullness. A pomade is a gel-like substance that you can easily apply with an angle brush.

Products will be your eyebrows best friend but always remember; brows are sisters, not twins. Use the products as you see fit. If you don’t know what you should use then you can experiment. The key is finding the right shade and then using it the best way it will work for you. Look to Benefit Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills for your entire brow product needs. Both companies specialize in making the best when it comes to brows. Check out their entire lines and mix and match products to create your complete brow kit.

A Sweet Escape

Every Canadian student at some point during the school semester moans something along the lines of “I wish I could escape”.  Dealing with the stress of the school year and on top of that, the extreme Canadian winter, causes us to yearn for a warm getaway.  Wouldn’t it be nice to hop on a flight to Europe, either solo or with a group of friends? And say, attend a music festival? If you answered yes to both of those questions, read ahead for five music festivals throughout Europe.

Lost & Found Music Festival is located in Malta, a southern European island in the Mediterranean sea. Irish DJ, Annie Mac is the festival’s organizer. The 2018 dates for Lost & Found are May 3rd to 6th.  Malta has a warm climate during this time of year. The festival is located in a “secret corner of the island” as stated on their official website. They boast one of a kind venues, such as boat parties and castle raves. What is a castle rave? Well exactly as it sounds, a rave in an ancient Maltese castle. Enjoy European sites while partying the night away. The festival is mainly electronic music and UK based  MC’s, some of the previous year’s DJ’s include Skream, Justin Martin,  Giggs, Seth Troxler, D Double E, and Annie Mac’s partner, Toddla T.

Next stop on our European music festival tour would be Primavera Sound. The festival is located in Barcelona, Spain at the Parc del Fòrum. As described by Barcelona Tourism, the park is situated on the waterfront at the northernmost end of the city but should not be confused with a luscious green park. The architecture of the venue is breathtaking, each stage is different and unique. Primavera Sound will take place from May 30th to June 3rd 2018. The festival hosts the latest music with a mixture of genres from rock to indie and hip hop to electronic. Despite the festival being in a concrete park, you are in Barcelona, a wonderful city that includes breathtaking architecture, history and beaches.

Imagine wandering a park roughly three times the size of New York City’s Central Park. Amsterdam’s Dekmantel festival is situated in Amsterdamse Bos Park. Although the festival dates take place in August, (2018 dates are not yet released) for those of you who do not enjoy the heat, this festival is for you. The park is a forest boasting plenty of shade and grassy areas. Dekmantel festival provides a wide spectrum of experimental electronic, techno and house music. If you have a love for art, fashion or anything quirky and creative for that matter, you will love being in Amsterdam. Besides attending the festival, you can visit many of its museums including the Van Gogh museum, which staying true to its name is the world's largest collection of works by Vincent Van Gogh.

Last stop, London’s Notting Hill Carnival. A street festival that celebrates London’s caribbean communities and has taken place since 1964. Flights to London from Toronto can range anywhere from $450.00 to $1300.00 but despite somewhat steep air fares, this next festival is free! This three day festival will take place from August 25th to 27th 2018. Enjoy delicious Caribbean food, beautiful parades and world class sound systems in the heart of west London. With an arrange of reggae, garage, dancehall and bass music played on some of the world's best sound systems. You can expect surprise guests and MC’s appearing on stages throughout the festival.


Battle through the long winter months with these essentials beauty products.

A familiar chill is in the air as Autumn comes to a close. Whether you want to admit it or not, winter is right around the corner, and sadly it’s time to say farewell to your sun-kissed skin. However, this doesn't mean we have to accept a dry and dull complexion. From luminous blushes to ultra rich moisturisers and even hearty, healthy foods, these products will help you reinvent your winter skin routine.

With the bright lights and festive music playing in every mall, it may be tempting to run the nearest department store and grab every triple-hydration cream in sight to restore your skin. Have no fear, with the help these foods can keep your skin clear and hydrated. Cooking with antioxidant and vitamin-packed veggies are a wonderful substitute for some beauty products. Kale, for instance, has a super high sulphur content that can reduce skins flakiness and redness. For those who rely on bronzers, try snacking on cantaloupe. Like carrots, cantaloupes are rich in carotenoids which give a tan-like effect making the pigment of the skin darken!

When it comes to our frigid winters, we know wind and flurries are NOT friends of our skin. Moisture is quickly snatched from our cheeks the moment we see the first snowfall. A product that is sure to bring life back into drained faces is NARS Luminous Moisture Cream for instant skin repair. One thing is clear in cold weather—hydration is key. Something to keep in mind is to dress your skin as you’d dress for winter. Don’t be afraid to add more layers—in this case, layers of moisturiser.

Don’t fret over losing your glow come winter. Blushes will become your best friend and bring back life to your cheeks. Peachy tones will warm up any pale winter skin, if it nots there naturally from the icy breeze. Try Glossier’s Cloud Paint in Beam or Puff; these shades will give you a smooth transition into the winter months. This new way of blush looks illuminates every skin tone, bringing out your personal glow. The best way to apply this pillowy product is with your fingers, with a few effortless dabs your cheeks will go from fair to fab with a seamless finish.

In the lucky events of their becoming a snow day, what better time to focus on those time-consuming beauty details that we love so much. If your moisturiser isn't cutting it, hydrating face masks are sure to do the trick in one single use. Aloe vera is known to be a healing plant [in gel form] said to help fight ageing, redness, and showers skin with moisture. Kiehl’s Calendula and Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask will rebalance and brighten wind-burned completion in just 15 minutes. A perfect amount of time to finish that mug of hot cocoa.

These beauty methods are the ultimate guide to self-care. Flawless face masks, rosy cheeks and even rich veggies will inspire you to get through the long winter months [that were all dreading]. Escape this season and be ready to take on whatever the winter weather throws at you!


With the a stressful season approaching its end and you realising you spent hundred of dollars on presents, you’re broke, stressed, and need a release. How would you go about destressing and escaping life without spending more on a getaway or a destressing shopping spree? Easy. Stay at home, away from the cold, and play some games! Not games with the family (because sometimes you want to get away from them too), but I am talking about video games. They’re at most $60 and they last a lot longer than the memories of sunny beaches! The idea of losing yourself in a virtual world would be the best way to get away from everyone and stay in your own safe bubble. Focusing on just PC, Xbox, and Playstation platforms, here are just a couple of categories and games in that category that you should try out just to see which can relax you.
First Person Shooters – Battlefield
The most obvious stress relief in the field of gaming is the first-person shooter; it’s a way to get rid of those trigger-happy thoughts without doing anything violent or incriminating in real life. The Battlefield series are great games where you can not only shoot other people on foot, but you’re able to shoot from above in a jet or an attack helicopter and blast from tanks. There’s even an armoured train! The game is simple – take over an enemy objective. You barely need to stress your brain!
Life of Crime – Saints Row
Another shoot to thrill category is where you indulge yourself in the life of crime. In the Saints Row series, you’re the leader of a gang and you basically terrorize the city with your antics. Though the first two games (Saints Row and Saint Row 2) weren’t up there in terms of graphics, Saints Row the Third added more to the player customization. The game series is in no way a serious affair, with it’s over the top humour and NSFW content, which can help you break through that serious façade you’ve had to hold in the conference room.
Open World Fantasy – Skyrim
If the aspects of your daily and modern life are just too much to handle, escape with dragons, swords, and magic. These types of games let you relive that Lord of the Rings life that you’ve so been dreaming of (without having to get up and move). The fourth installment in Bethesda’s Elder Scroll series, Skyrim is an oldie, but a goodie. The game is in its own very developed world, which will take you away from your own not so developed life. You have the freedom to be a swordsman, a mage, a thief, or all of the above. You can join guilds, make friends with NPCs, and even care for children! It’s exactly like the real world except you don’t have real responsibilities and you can wield magic.
Horror – Amnesia
As if watching scary movies weren’t enough for your heart, take it a step further by putting yourself inside one. Not only would these games scare the stress out of you, you’ll have more reasons to not sleep! Amnesia is a perfect game when you are still trying to figure yourself out because the player’s main struggle is to figure out who they are by finding evidence inside a house. The catch is that there’s a monster in the house trying to kill you and you have to hide from it. It’s a hide-and-seek game that will ask the developers why the game wasn’t a first-person shooter.

Whether you prefer the mouse and keyboard method or the feel of the controller, gaming will find a way to make sure that the stress that you have been feeling these past months gets released in a nice and legal manner. Just be sure to get up (and shower) once in a while, and interact with people this holiday season!

Winter is here

Winter is here

To be a fashionable in winter, do we have to stand harsh winter? No way!

Countless festivals, hiking, going to the beach, and so on. Sometimes these events could be a pressure that to go out and enjoy the summer as many as you can. Why? People who live in Canada know what it means. The climate is getting changed, for instance, South Pole glaciers are gradually melting, because of global warming, and Toronto’s winter is not cold like minus 20 or 30 degrees as it happened before. Nevertheless, occasionally people still ask us “Cannot live in Toronto without Canada goose?” It could be a truth, and at the same time, it could be an untruth. After checking this article out should change their mind! How people live well and stylish without heavy winter.  

Use down jacket

Excuse me? Who does not know about using down jacket during the winter? Do not use as an outerwear as people do. It is not funny at all. Please do not forget, we have Uniqlo in Toronto from the last year. This company is launched in 1974, Japan. Usually, they produce basic items; t-shier, jeans, knits, down jacket, special clothing for winter, etc. Especially this company’s down jackets have a better quality than their prices are. Trench coat with down vest, inner down jacket or tailored jacket with simple belt. Wool cardigan paired with down vest as an outerwear. Moreover, the inner down jackets and the down vest outers are also lightweight and warm look.    

Layered, layered, layered

Heavy knit is the best way to protect from the freezing outside. No, it is not the best answer. For example, a light knit is not enough for winter; therefore, we need two, three or more clothing, instead of the one heavy knit. Cotton shirts wear with a light knit, a down jacket, and then a coat or any jackets can make you perfect for the chill windy. Second, try to match diversity length of apparel. Sleeveless mini-dress can wear with long sleeves knit or a knit vest. For the long sleeves, it does not matter, if you wear the knit inside or outside of the dress. Both directions would make your special night. Third, buy one size bigger or smaller than your size is. It depends on the what style you want to wear. Think out of the box! A bigger button vest can use outer, wear the coat and then put on the vest. When the inside is too warm, just take off the coat and dress vest again. You can get a different look in the same day!   

Where can we find a warm and cozy winter? 

Eaton center and Yorkdale shopping center, if you are a Torontonian, you have heard at least one time about that places. Most of the fashion brands are in that malls. With a small budget, can go to SPA brand such as Zara, H&M, and also Hudson Bay has their name brand with proper prices. However, to be layered with any winter items, we need a basic design. The best place is Uniqlo. In Ontario, there are two Uniqlo stores in those places as well. Having an enough budget? Moncler where is in Yorkdale also has a technical light jacket, but the price range is higher than SPA brand. However, this brand use mink or high-quality fabric.

    Do not afraid of winter anymore and how to mix the apparel suitably. There are no right methods. Creative your new way that how to be unique and warm too. Just try it!      

Escape the winter chill

                                                   "Escape the winter chill”

The winter can get extremely chilly but by following two fashion ideas you can escape the cold while looking fashionably ready for anything. This article will give you the in fashion for winter apparel like the perfect jacket to wear to keep the cold out and the style in, also the best pair of winter boots that will be sure to keep your toes feeling warm and your feet looking cute.

It's a bird! it's a plane! oh, wait it's just an Aviator Jacket! Aviator jackets are great for looking stylish and keeping warm in this Toronto winter, there so so many different kinds of style you can find and choose from, you have some with a lot of furs and less fur there also some with wool, they can come in the original leather or faux suede. These jackets come in so many different colors that you can find that suits your personal style, but if your looking for a jacket for the winter the color black is the way to go! Aviator jackets were founded in WW1  because the pilots had to wear something that would keep them warm because the airplanes did not have enclosed cockpits, so they had to create a jacket for the pilots to do their job. Obviously, they have evolved to become a very stylish trendy winter jacket. The jackets usually retail from $100 to $100 to $1000 but worth the buy because how warm they will keep you and these jackets will never go out of style.

If its good enough for the outback its good enough for the Toronto winter! Blundstone's are very appropriate for the winter weather, they last longer and they will keep your toes so nice and warm! Blundstone’s are also very stylish and they come in a few colors, there also a bit on the pricey side worth the investment because how durable they are. With them being weatherproof they are also waterproof so good for when the snow melts and turns into slush, you don't even have to wear then in winter, you can wear them throughout the seasons. They are also a good pair with the aviator jacket. Blundstone's are usually worn for hiking and just rug and tugging around, so it makes perfect sense that it would be able to handle the cold icy winter. The winter boots will never go out of style. They retail for $200 from SoftMock or other shoe stores.

With both of these fashionable items, you will be one step closer to staying warm, while looking fashionable while doing so. So why not go out and buy an aviator jacket and pair of your very own Blundstones, this style can be for both Women and Men so the style is very versatile. I suggest pairing your favorite pair of gloves, scarves, and a nice wool hat and you're ready to escape this winter chill. How would you style your Aviator jacket?