Thursday, November 30, 2006

Guest Speaker!

I'm pleased to announce that Leslie Wu, the editor of the Canadian trade pubications Style and Canadian Jeweller, will be visiting out class after the quiz on Tuesday, December 5. She's a senior, savvy fashion journalist, so think of some great questions to ask her about what fashion journalism is really about!

– Sarah

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cashmere CD

Hi Sarah, just a reminder if you could bring the cashmere cd to class next week so I can return it to my friend. Thanks so much.

Kat Voye

Table of Contents Headlines

CIAO! TO SIZE 0: Bigger finally IS better!
or The bigger the better!
or Bigger is beautiful
or Beauty isn't a number
or Beauty is no longer defined by a number

HOW TO BECOME A SPOILED SOCIALITE: Tips on being attractively asinine.

-Kat Voye

Cashmere Couture write up

This past September, second-year George Brown student Nancy Hoang, 20, proved that bathroom tissue isn't only a household product by winning the White Cashmere Student Design Competition (outfit pictured left). With 3 colleges participating, more than 100 hopeful student designers experimented with Cashmere toilet paper in hopes of creating a runway ready outfit, and to win a substantial cash prize. Because of George Brown's fashion masterminds, our peers rounded out the top 8 with 4 finalists. The other finalists were (their outfits pictured left to right) Caroline Rosenberg, Steph Paczay and Stephanie Kidd, who's hard work won't go unnoticed as it also demonstrates a considerable amount of innovative talent.

-Kat Voye

Oh, George! Launch

Here’s the list of tasks that people have volunteered for. If you weren’t in class and want to add something to the launch, log on and add your name.

The launch will take place Tuesday, December 12, 9-11 a.m
4th floor - Fashion Dept.

Sharrine Francis

Joyce Asubonteng

Coffee/hot chocolate – Abi Jesion and Rebecca Morin
Pink drink -nikki
Cookies- jill
Cupcakes – Victoria rumi
Fudge – Michaele Laderoute
Candy canes-siobhan coleman
Fruit platter- jill

Design poster - Matt
Get poster stamped - Stephen
Put up posters

Donation box - Kat Voye

The Toronto Star Children's Charities
One Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1E6

Each box includes a hat, mitts, a warm top, socks, a book, candy, a toothbrush kit and a toy.