Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rock Out Knock Out

Rock Out Knock-Out!
How to Dress Like a Rock Star

Combat Baby
Put a twist on the old school, punk style combat boots by adding rhinestones around the ankle for a night out to catch the eye of the lead singer. The classic black boot will always be in style, but why not try a flat grey or jewel-toned purple to add that rocker flare. From ankle to knee high, a pair of black leather (faux or not) boots will always be a staple in your wardrobe. Remember, the thigh’s the limit!

Pump Up the Volume
Tired of flat, boring hair? Kick it up a notch with an edgy, ultra short cut or an extremely layered look. Going short? Cut the back of your hair to about an inch long, while razoring your front ends to get a choppy slice to slightly cover your eyes like Rihanna’s new do. Not ready to chop it off just yet? You can still have the rock star look just by adding texture. Think Nikki Sixx minus the scary 80’s glam-rock wardrobe. Keep the locks long; just add lots of uneven layers around the side. Then razor choppy layers near your crown, tease and spray with an all-night hold. Still not convinced to chop? Add some chunky, fluorescent extensions to stand out in the crowd.

Back in Black
The most obvious colour to choose when picturing your fave rocker’s style is black. Slimming, classic, and sexy, this colour can look good on anyone. However, this shade can be played loud by adding a note of colour. Try a vibrant legging in either shocking pink, punk-rock purple or an electric blue. Don’t forget to apply this to jeans. A pair of scarlet red jeans will make you the rage off-stage. Not ready for exploring the rainbow? Break up black by wearing hot, zebra-stripped leggings with your hottest black dress.
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Of course you can look the part by rockin’ a studded leather bracelet, but consider being the girl glowing in the spotlight. Add to your rockette attire by wearing rhinestones on your shoes, on your fab clutch, your rings and necklaces. Just don’t overdo it. Take advice our out-of-control rock stars should’ve listen to; “everything in moderation!”

Be the girl all the groupies are jealous of. Create that sexy bedroom eye with these easy to-do tips. To keep eye shadow from melting in the mosh pit, keep your lids oil free by using a primer over your lid before applying the eye shadow. Use an iridescent colour under the brow and the inner corners of your eyes. Take a smokey, charcoal colour and apply it with a thin to medium brush starting at your lash line and blend up. Apply eyeliner above the upper lash line and just below the lower lash line. For fun, use a bright purple, blue or deep green line to make your eyes pop. Finish off with a volumizing mascara, like Cover Girl’s Lash Blast. Don’t be afraid to go a bit darker than usual; just don’t go Marilyn Manson on us!

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