Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Accessorize! Accessorize!

We all love to dress up and look our best, but when your outfit goes from just right to your inner thoughts telling you “just one more bracelet!” things can get a little crowded. Use these tips to figure out if less is really more.

Child’s Play
Remember the days of playing dress up? Well, for some this is still a daily occurrence. Try to refrain from piling on everything in your closet. It may have been fun when you were a kid, but doesn’t seem to transcend too well through the ages. A helpful way to ease your way into minimizing your look, is to follow the simple rule of taking off the last piece you put on (keeping in mind that the last thing put on was an accessory of some sort).

Bo-ho to Hobo
We may all secretly (or openly) wish to dress like one of the Olsen twins, but even they can sometimes over do the Bo-ho look. The key to pulling this look off with out over accessorizing (which with this style is way too easy to do) is to pick out garments that already have that theme “built in.” One example could be as easy as a great floral dress complemented with a large floppy hat and boots. Those pieces paired together alone scream bohemian chic. But if you just can’t help yourself, a few bangles on your wrist would also give this outfit the right vibe.

Everything in Moderation
With the winter season upon us, we all have the tendency to throw on the layers. Though keeping warm is a priority, there are always ways to do this while still showing off that great figure. Still a hot trend for the Fall/Winter season is scarves. They come in so many wonderful colours, patterns and fabrics that you could virtually wear one every day of the week, and still have your style look new and refreshing. Pair a cozy wool scarf with a form fitting long sleeve shirt and jeans, and you have that highly sought after, easy going outfit for those seemingly endless days of school.

When you just can’t seem to Play well Together
Picking which accessories to go with what you want to wear can be the best part to putting together an outfit. But you have to be careful when coordinating each piece. Some accessories just don’t work well with certain garments. A halter dress for example, should be left alone when it comes to necklaces. The neck line of a halter dress is perfect just as it is. There’s no need to clutter it up with anything. Though, if you are feeling a little bare, slipping on a flashy ring or skinny bracelet could be the finishing touch to this ensemble. And just because it’s the winter, doesn't mean you have to put away your dresses either. Simply put on a great pair of tights or leggings to chase away that winter chill.

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