Saturday, October 20, 2007

advertising sales...
does anyone have any hot leads yet?
britt mills

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sartorial group

Hey guys,

Could everyone who's interested in taking pictures please send me your email address so I can send you the permission form, I figure that will be the easiest way to get it to everyone in a timely manner. Take as many pictures as you can and we'll bring them all together the second week back after reading week and decide which ones should be in the magazine. Thanks guys!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Circulation & Distribution

Hey Ladies.....

I was wondering if anyone has set up a circulation team, Im really interested I have some awesome ideas of places. I know there was a post a while ago about circulation, but im not sure whos involved, let me know what I can do, and we can talk next class.

Ashley Soutar

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sartorial group

Hey guys,

This post is for the group who's taking pictures of people with wicked style. I was supposed to make up a permission form to give you guys to have your subjects sign before you take their photo, but I completely forgot...I'm so sorry! I will make that up tonight and hopefully I will see most of you at school tomorrow. Nobody will probably be taking pictures next week since it's reading week, so if not tomorrow, then the first week back I will hunt you guys down and hand them out then. Sorry again friends. Talk soon.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Simple Bare Necessities

Every woman has a closet filled with clothing from throughout the eras, different fads and fashions long passed and current. Why clutter your closet with fashion statements that change as quickly as a woman can change her mind? Why not fill your closet with items that never go out of style. These are the 10 essentials that should complete every woman’s closet.

The Little Black Dress
Sexy, classic, and always in style-these 3 words perfectly define the little black dress. The LBD is essential for an evening out on the town or to be worn to a gala. It is always dependable and always chic.

The Trench Coat
The trench coat is a great way to keep your outfit versatile and polished. Wear it with anything and change your outfit from drab to glam!

The Staple Blue Jean
An absolute comfort pant, the one item you can always rely on. Wear them with heels or running shoes, these jeans are the perfect wash and cut and fit you in all the right places.

The Classic Dress Pant
Smart and stylish is how you would describe these pants. Wear it with any outfit; these pants are interchangeable with any outfit. This is a great look that can take you straight from the office to a night out with your girlfriends.

The Khaki Pant
A little fancier than your blue jeans but more casual than your dress pant, this item of clothing is neutral and can be worn throughout every season.

The Seamless Knee Length Skirt
This skirt can be worn to the office instead of a pantsuit or it can be worn out and about. This skirt can make you feel feminine and sexy without showing off too much skin.

The White Blouse
The white blouse is a classic piece. It can be worn with any outfit and is very versatile. Wear it dressed up or dressed down, accessorized or worn alone. This white blouse always looks great.

The Black Pump
These are an absolute must in every woman’s closet. The black pump is your pair of transitional shoes. They will take you from day to night without ever having to take them off.

The Sneaker
Wear them on a casual stroll or to the gym, this shoe is a great way to look dressed down without looking sloppy. It is a youthful look and finding one to fit your personality will be a cinch.

The Leather Bag
This purse will always look amazing. It can be worn during the day or at night. It is a staple in your closet one you can fit the kitchen sink and more into it.

With this list of items in your closet you should never have a problem finding something to wear. Wear them together or separately these essentials will be in style forever. Reinvent them with accessories and handbags and you will never have a problem staying in style and looking well dressed.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Service Piece

Become a fashion forward fashionista!
Boutiques around Toronto that will have everyone staring-at you!

With so many trend setters, looking chic and original can be a tough job in the city. Look no further for one of a kind and limited edition pieces from the hottest boutiques in Toronto! We have searched high and low for the best quality, styles and looks exclusively for the fashion forward clientele of Toronto. Each boutique offers something wonderful and exquisite to enhance your wardrobe and compliment your style!

Looking for a funky, one of a kind shoe that will have everyone’s head turning? Balisi is the store for you! Only the best in leather and suede from London, Portugal and Spain your feet will thank you for entering one of the hottest boutiques in Little Italy! Carrying brands such as Colcci, Fly London and Portia, fashion and comfort will soon find your feet. Whether you are chic, modern, woman or a student studying to become the next Donatella Versace, Balisi will make your feet sparkle.

Tired of seeing the girl across from you on the subway wearing your same necklace? Look no further! Located on Queen Street West, Made you Look is an independent jewelry making facility with 12 self employed jewelry designers who manufacture on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Offering every piece of jewelry you could imagine, Made you Look has something for every taste, gender and budget. The Jewelry is made from numerous materials including glass, wood, feathers and silver. Not only is this jewelry boutique trendy, it also caters to the classy, business woman. The owners have expanded their sales to the internet and now you can shop in the comfort of your own home for that one of a kind fabulous accessory everyone will be talking about!

Whether you want a party dress or business clothes, Boa is the boutique for you! Opened in 2001 by twin sisters, Boa targets to the fashion forward, price conscious and chic urban female. Their pieces transition from business day to party night. The use of bold prints, satin cocktail dresses and gorgeous wool sweaters are only the beginning to this unique boutique. Their collection comes from Los Angeles, Montreal and they even carry local designers. Impress your colleagues, friends and everyone on the street with this one stop boutique shop!

Handbags anyone? Girl Friday not only carries great clothes, they carry beautiful, unique handbags. Imported from overseas, Girl Friday offers the season’s hottest colors and styles. Stocking limited amounts, you won’t likely see anyone around Toronto wearing your new shoulder candy! Prices are moderately ranged and the quality is exceptional-especially for those fashion savvy students who use their handbag as a book bag! Located on Queen West and in Little Italy, Girl Friday clearly caters to the trendy, stylish and well dressed females of Toronto!