Friday, February 08, 2013

How to Find Your Inner Geek

Everyone has an inner nerd somewhere inside them; with these easy steps you’ll be able to let your geek-flag fly!
Remember the days when television shows and movies portrayed the nerdy kid walking down the hall? They would get the books knocked out of their hands and everyone would snicker at the way they were dressed. Well a lot has changed. Geek fashion has come out of the computer-lit basements and science labs and onto the streets of the most fashionable cities in the world.

What’s Your Geek Style?
Whether you’re a gaming god, totally tech savvy or a pop culture connoisseur, there’s a geek style out there for you.
Geek fashions can be categorized into two different types of styles: true geek and chic geek.
 If you consider yourself a true geek you can be spotted with an array of techy gadgets and your go to fashion items include superhero and cleverly phrased t-shirts. The chic geek gravitates towards fashions inspired by the nerd culture, including; pleated skirts, collard shirts, suspenders and eclectic accessories.

Shop The Stores
For the True Geek:
1) Think Geek (
The ultimate destination for all things geek! The website started as a way to serve a market that was passionate about all things technology, and they have stayed true to their geek nature. They offer t-shirts, apparel, toys, gadgets, and stuff for the home and office in a range of geeky topics from gaming and IT, to science and math, and television and movies.
2) Snorg Tees (
Home of all things t-shirts. Snorg Tees “specializes in pop culture inspired, random and all around funny t-shirt designs,” says Matt Walls, CEO, which as we all know, are the staple for any true geek. From storm troopers to math puns, this site has a t-shirt for every type of geek.
For the Chic Geek:
1) Topshop (
Topshop always has one foot in the geek chic door. Recently, they ran a campaign that mixed comic girl with geek chic that had everyone discovering their inner nerd. The collection included pleated skirts, knee high socks, t-shirts and sweaters with graphic writing, cartoon graffiti prints, pixelated jewelry and even beanies adorned with comic book slogans like ‘Kapow!’ and ‘Bang!’
2) Kate Spade (
This spring 2013, Kate Spade’s collection of Pop Art clutches and handbags is the perfect accessory if you’re not ready to go full geek. The assortment includes designs that range from the word ‘PoP!’ in graphic comic book print, a clutch made to look like a box of candy bow ties and oversized metallic sunglasses hailing a taxi.
3) Any Eyewear Store
Eyeglasses are the perfect go-to accessories for any geek chic style. Even if you don’t need prescription glasses, this add-on works with plastic lenses or without any lenses at all. Vintage-inspired shops like, the one’s in Kensington Market, have a wide range of style to choose from. For the ultimate nerd-inspired style think: large, square, black rimmed glasses, a la revenge of the nerds. 

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Being Healthy is the New FABULOUS

Being Healthy is the New FABULOUS

Be the Healthy, NEW You
Who doesn't want to look good this spring? By following these 5 steps, not only will you be on your way to a healthy lifestyle, you’ll also be on your way to a healthy, fabulous looking body! Look marvelous in those trendy spring pieces, fit with the perfect shoe and accessories, while enjoying a night out with your friends with the spotlight being on YOU, of course.

Five ways to lose weight this spring

The Less calories the Merrier
Everyone loves tasty food, but “the better tasting, the unhealthier it is”. Stay away from foods such as packaged easy-cook meals, fatty products and fast food restaurants, fried food, extra sugary products and unhealthy carbs because they are NO GOOD! Incorporate low fat products, protein such as beans and soy products, whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating at night and try eating dinner earlier in the day. Eating when you’re most active and giving your digestive system a break helps to regulate your weight.
Home Is Where the Health Is
If you are someone who enjoys the luxury of eating out at restaurants then only do it once a day. If you’re out for breakfast, then lunch and dinner should be eaten at home. At least 2 meals should be a home-made meal so that you’ll be able to monitor the ingredients going into your food. Think smaller portions when eating out or at home. Order an appetizer instead of a main dish or split a meal with a friend while eating out. At home, use smaller dishes and think of serving sizes realistically. You can always go back for seconds!

Positive Energy Is the Best Energy
Being healthy isn’t only about what you eat; it’s also about your mental and emotional well being. Surround yourself with PEMS energy- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. Exercise regularly, focus on optimism, refrain from email, social media & text messages once a day, track your food intake, chase your dreams, be more appreciative, eat slowly, stay energetic, sustain a healthy eating plan, practice awareness, keep a journal, do one thing at a time and take a power nap.

Nothing Beats Exercise
Set fitness goals and act on them. By incorporating exercise into your daily schedule such as 30-45 minutes of cardio and strength developing exercises at least twice a week, will help get rid of those extra pounds once you’re eating well. Keep track of your fitness activities and as time passes you can adjust your workout to your preference and ability. If you’re having trouble planning an exercise schedule, contact a Personal Trainer for assistance.                      

Water, a Thirst Quencher
Not only is water a thirst quencher, but it also helps with weight loss, energy, healthy skin, digestive problems, the risk of cancer and better exercise. In order to prevent dehydration, drink a glass of water when you wake up, with your meals, in between meals and during and after exercise.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Vintage Treasure = Fashion Forever!


Does Vintage Bring You Back to Life? 

Why does an old, classic pair of loafers coordinated with a warm knit grandpa sweater catch your eye? Why do mom jeans accessorized with a classic pair of cat eye sunglasses suddenly attract you....MAYBE BECAUSE YOU’RE SURROUNDED BY IT! Don’t deny it. It’s everywhere you go. Almost every Fashionista in Toronto is Vintage inspired whether through movies, music, clothing, or the media.

How did this look evolve?

Ever seen your grandparent’s black and white photo albums of their parents or possibly their grandparents? If so, you have now seen the original Vintage look. That’s right, Vintage was first introduced in the 1920’s just before the Great Depression. In this time, Vintage was not a fashionable trend; it was all they could afford. From velvet barrettes to feathered head pieces, this generation had it all.

What has inspired you to shop vintage?

Take a look at our society, especially the media that we obsessively follow up on almost every day. What inspires consumers to shop Vintage?

Could it be the movie GREECE?

The gorgeous yet shy Sandy played by Oliva-Newton John blown the audiences’ away in the last scene of the movie where she proved to Danny that she isn’t this shy, fashion outdated girl everyone thought of her. In this scene she wore Black shiny high-waisted pants, and a simple off the shoulder knit top with her hair done beautifully curled like our Curley Sue, and to top it off, hot red lipstick to match her slim fitting outfit. GREECE was an inspiration that has not only captivated us consumers, but for retailers as well. Think American Apparel. Observing there store, could you find clothing you would see in GREECE?

What about our famous Downtown Toronto?

Observing the lifestyle Downtown is the most inspirational natural setting you could ever observe. People from different races, sex, and cultures have all developed their own sense of style which has embraced the fashion industry. 
And how couldn’t we become inspired without our social media?
Thanks to all our entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, social media networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Pintrest, has enabled us consumers to follow current fashion trends, blogs, and even designers in order to keep up with the industry.

But wait!... what about That’s 70’s Show? ...Just kidding J

Tips for Shopping Vintage
1)    Know where to shop:
     This is the most important tip for shopping Vintage especially in today’s society. Let’s face it, going to your local shopping center for a pair of Levis Is not cheap! However, if you come across thrift shops such as Kensington Market, you will defiantly feel more satisfied in terms of cost.
2)    Mix your current wardrobe with new vintage finds
      This is a smart trick if you want to hide the fact that you wear the same outfit twice a week. Maybe change it up with vintage accessories which could change you whole look.
3)    Think outside the box:
Never shop with only a certain look in mind, broaden your style selection. No one wants enjoys wearing the same outfit as another person, so be creative!
4)    Don’t be afraid of alteration:
If you find something you like and it happens to have a certain trim on it you don’t like or the size is a little off, get it altered! Just because it’s not the perfect item you pictured doesn’t mean you can’t buy it!

Cutting T-shirts like a Boss!

Cutting T-Shirts like a Boss!

They’re James Dean, Marlon Brando, Debbie Harry, and Joan Jett.  Paired with jeans, a skirt, or
tight leather pants; t-shirts have proven themselves to be a staple in the fashion world. So why not try your own DIY tee?


An awesome starter into t-shirt DIY is the off the shoulder look, because it is so simple. Just grab a pair of scissors and you’re set.

1. Lay your t-shirt flat and cut off the edge of each sleeve just above the hem stitching.  Do the same to the bottom hem of the T-shirt.

2. Cut out the collar of your T-shirt. You can either take a piece of chalk and draw a line, or cut two slits at the sides of the collar to help guide you when cutting.

3. Try on the shirt. The neck should slide nicely off one shoulder. If it isn’t scooped enough, cut out more fabric until you get your desired look. It is better to cut less than you think you should. You can always go back and cut more.

Change the look. Get creative. Cut it shorter for a crop top style or if it’s long enough, tie the bottom into a knot at your hip.

Fab Fringe

Coined from Native Americans, fringe has made its way through countless generations and numerous styles; so pick your look, pick your era, and shimmy to your heart’s content.

1. Put on the t-shirt you wish to cut, and measure out where you think the fringe should start. Mark this point with chalk on both sides as a guide.

2. Lay the T-shirt flat and cut off the collar below the seam. Cut the sleeves and bottom of t-shirt just above the hem.

3. Start from the bottom edge and cut strips ½” wide. Making sure that you cut both layers of the shirt. You may prefer to measure with a ruler and mark out the ½” lines before cutting.

To make this look more interesting, try tying knots in random places on the fringe. You can cut the sleeves into fringe as well.

Spine-Chilling Skull

The look of the cut out skull t-shit is huge right now; it’s also relatively easy to do. All you’ll need is a pair of scissors, a piece of chalk and a flat surface. A picture of a skull may help too.

1. Determine whether you want your skull face to be on the front or the back of your t-shirt. Lay it on a flat surface with the preferred side facing upward.

2. Take a piece of chalk and draw two large oval shapes slightly below the neckline to create eyes.

3. Draw two smaller, thinner oval shapes side by side underneath the eyes. The tops of the ovals should point close together to look like a nose.

4. Draw two rows of small rectangles in a curved line under the nose, starting from the edge of the left eye to the edge of the right. This will create the teeth.

5. Once you have the look you prefer, cut out the shapes. Remember to only cut one layer of the t-shirt and keep fabric between the two shapes of the nose and the spaces between the teeth.

For this look, it is better to go with a loose, over-sized t-shirt. For an easier design try a heart or flower.

There you have it, a few simple ideas to revamp your wardrobe. So before spending $50.00 on a vintage ACDC t-shirt at Urban Outfitters, why not just create your own?

“Take the D train”

Puttin’ on the ritz with Dean and Dan’s latest extravaganza at Milan fashion week

We all know and gush over Canadian fashion veterans, since the mid-80’s, Dean and Dan Caten. The Toronto-native twins have been involved with Milan fashion week for more than the last decade. This year represents a new era for the brothers behind ‘Dsquared²’ as we watched their Fall/Winter 2013-14 Menswear collection strut down the runway. And boy was it spiffy!
This season, the Caten brothers took men’s fashion from its Toronto roots and threw it into the swanky Parisian jazz clubs in the 1940’s. The show ‘Nouvelle Noir’ consisted of a cast of all black male models attired in a series of urban chic meets jazz club sleek garments. Accompanying the elegant and sophisticated clothes was a preshow video of some back stage moments set to jazz music. Also, the backdrop was constructed into a Parisian club in the 1940’s featuring models playing saxophones, a vintage piano complete with une chanteuse.
            When it comes to a runway show, menswear often takes a seat in the row behind womenswear. The press has a longstanding affair with elaborate gowns, which tickles feminine fashion fantasies for both men and women. This affair tends to give womenswear front row seats for the press. With the last runway show, ‘Dsquared²’ has implemented a theatrical presence in menswear shows, perhaps giving them a new face. From the preshow video, the saxophones and the music, the theatrical aspects of this Fall/Winter show allow the audience to truly understand the inspiration and origins of the designs. This enhances the sheer appreciation for the garments and the story behind them. Once the audience can understand the designer’s insight to the collection they will eventually configure an interest in the possible theatrics and magic that is often overlooked in menswear collections. There was very little, if anything, in the show that could have left a bad taste in the mouth of the audience. This was one of the first shows the Caten brothers have orchestrated that has predominately tailored garments. They wanted the show to have a “chic, sleek and sexy” feel as they stated in an interview. The garments consisted of tailored jackets; suits partnered with a few sets of casual jean and sweater combinations. The outfits were accessorized with two-tone dapper hats and stylish scarves. This new style projected by the Caten brothers is a fantastic platform for a fresh and new level of designing for the ‘Dsquared²’ label.
            Dean and Dan have proven themselves as innovative and creative thinkers with their latest theatrical and sophisticated menswear runway show. If they continue to parade down this road with such a presence in their shows, they could be looking at a revolutionary step towards grabbing a more pronounced interest in menswear. So the question now arises for the Caten brothers, could they pave the way for Canadian designers taking credit in menswear accepting the same media attention as womenswear this year and in future years to come?

Fabulously Funny

Fabulously Funny
Fashion has a history of being made fun of and of giving itself a few self aware jabs. From Funny Face to Ugly Betty, having a sense of humour has always been in style. Now in the internet age, the next generation has taken the sartorial shenanigans online. 

P'Trique C'est Chic []
Who would have ever guessed that a slightly overweight bearded man would become the next IT girl? When YouTube was going through a massively overblown “Sh*t People Say” phase, the fashion channel, The Platform, took the opportunity to burst on the scene. The video “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say” launched both The Platform and P’trique. Right now the video has over one million views. Most of it consists of P’trique spouting slang and fashionable phrases, most famously “#totesamaze”. After the success of the first video, P’trique went on to do more. Coining phrases, wearing incredible outfits, and making surprisingly insightful runway reviews has made him something of a fashion celebrity. Just recently he did a number of cameos on America’s Next Top Model. The most intriguing thing about P’trique is how, after watching his videos, you start to forget that he is in fact a man. With his mad slang and insane style you’ll find yourself asking the question, “should I grow a beard?”

Model Files/VFiles []
Focusing on the comically selfish and inept casting director, Preston, this mockumentary style web series is perfect for anyone who wants to laugh at beautiful people. The seventeen episode series follows Preston as he gets into ridiculous situations; from stealing a model’s skinny jeans, to fighting for camera time with nodels (not models). The rest of the channel, VFiles, is a collection of man-on-the-street interviews, satirical news round ups, and short interviews with various cool weirdoes. Everything on VFiles has a teasing, self aware humour. Sometimes, especially with the short interviews, it becomes hard to tell what is acting and what is genuine.

 Emotistyle []
Got a problem? Shamikah and Molly will try to solve it sartorially and satirically. The comedy duo sing and banter as they style an outfit tailored to your life problem. Every episode, they are joined by their mannequin friend Patricia. Together they dole out such wisdom as “shy guys are like Pound Puppies, they never stop being grateful for your love” and “there is a fine line between fashion and instability.” Emotistyle also does themed hauls and OOTD music videos. Shamikha and Molly are everything you could want in a life coach; funny, adorable, and most importantly, stylish.
Look TV []
Look is a YouTube channel with a variety of different shows. Much like VFiles, all of Look’s videos have a sense of humour running through them. The channel has different shows with different personalities hosting them. First off is Sally Lyndley, whose topical fashion rants give off a Kelly Cutrone vibe. On Bedford Avenue Street Style, Daniella Pineda hunts down hipster style in Williamsburg New York.  Pineda also co-hosts Look Weekly with Valentine Bureau. The show is basically an open forum for fashion, beauty, and trends. Look also has a number of other styling and beauty videos. If you only see one of their videos you must see their musical review of 2012 trends set to Carly Rea Jepson’s Call Me Maybe. They basically took the melody of the song and changed the lyrics to make fun of everything you wore last year.

Mock Up