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What are you Wearing?

The unwritten rules for dressing for success, from socially acceptable to social acceptance, because knowing what to wear is half the battle.

Let's face it, we all do it! Whether its the last minute phone call to your friends to decide what dress to wear, or the fashion faux pas that has everyone saying "what are you wearing?!"

The Job Interview
With graduation around the corner, it has us all thinking about our careers. While many of us have been subjected to stresses of the job interview, you have to admit when it comes to your career it's a whole other level of stress. Thinking about what to wear to the interview shouldn't be one of them.

According to Canadian Living magazine, before you decide on what to wear, you should investigate the companies corporate culture and learn about their dress code.

What you decide to wear says a lot about you but also how you view the company and how you will approach the job, which is the basis of the advice provided by the Student Affairs at Virginia Tech University; that you should be memorable and not your outfit.

The First Date
Going on a date with someone for the first time is full of uncertainties, but the thing you can be certain of is how to dress to impress.

Patti Stranger, famous for Millionaire Matchmaker, is an expert on first dates.

From Shape Magazine, some of her best advice includes, don't overdo the accessories, the details like a pearly white smile won't go unnoticed, stilettos will make your legs look longer, dress up a little even when the date calls for casual, wearing red will be sure to get his attention, and suggests that wearing your hair down will make him want to run his fingers through it.

The Cocktail Party
While you might not think that you'll be going to a cocktail party anytime soon, consider the weddings of your friends you'll be attending in five years. The perfect cocktail dress is just what the occasion calls for.

Of course the little black dress, LBD, always works but if you willing to be a little more adventurous try colour with a bit of sequins. For great ideas check out Vogue's online article on Cocktails dresses with over a hundred ideas for your next cocktail dress.

The Night Out
Ever wonder why some get by the red rope of the hottest night clubs and others don't? It might be what they wear.

The NY Times investigates some of the snobbiest clubs, notorious for their dress code, where for the women it's all about the shoes, the Christian Louboutins and the Jimmy Choos, with a minimum 5 inch heal.

Then across the city, The NY Times noted, at the hipster bars it's patron prefer the look of tighter denim.

One interviewee commented that "today (clubgoers) dress in costume," like the "guidette" trend, based on how the want to be perceived, but no matter the look it's all about how you "rock it!"

The Family Function
Tired of your mother’s nagging comments about dressing appropriately in front of Grandma and the Aunt who has an opinion about everything?

Ever notice how well you know your Mom? That you probably know what she’s going to say before she says it? Use that to your advantage when you go shopping and before getting dressed for a family function. Think, “What would my mother want me to do?”

Let’s face it you’re going to give in eventually, so it might just be worth sacrificing your individual style just this once for your Mom.

It might just save you from the argument all together and the looks from your meddling family members.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Help Your Body Blossom Into Summer For a Beautiful You!

Spring has sprung while summer lingers just around the corner – time to tune-up your body in preparation for feeling fabulous as we slip back into sexy skin-baring dresses, shorts, and tees. Whether you’re planning on dusting off the old itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenie-yellow-polka-dot-bikini for a victory lap or you just want to feel a surge of spring vitality – here are three top suggestions to bring out your beautiful natural beauty:


Follow these simple, yet powerful eating tips to spring your metabolism into action, cut out the toxins, and increase energy. Keep it simple by choosing a variety of natural whole foods to feel and look radiant.

Some red flags to watch for: If it comes in packaging plastered with health claims then put it down and walk away! If it looks too good to be true then there’s probably a lot of money to be made at your expense – after all, many of the biggest bang-for-your-buck nutrient rich natural foods don’t need a convincing package to demystify its contents. The farther away a food is to its natural state, the more it should be avoided – or at the very least, be sure to really enjoy it!

The information available can certainly be overwhelming and confusing but fear not – this is not a diet, just a simple reminder to be mindful of what you put into your body to feel and look your best.


Seasonal Spring Asparagus, Spinach, Peas, and Strawberries – all great sources of anti-oxidants and bioflavonoids - to slow down the aging-process by eliminating free-radicals and keeping inflammation in-check, vitamin C - essential to building collagen, and carotenes – essential to building connective tissue throughout, and those are just a few of many benefits to keep your skin, gums and eyes looking young and supple.

Wild Salmon, Nuts – excellent sources of omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids which are amazing for your skin and is also known to give your brain a boost – not just another pretty face!


Surely, you already know that drinking water is essential merely to stay alive but did you know that it is the best skin beauty treatment around? Besides hydrating skin from the inside out to keep the cells plump rather than wrinkling and sagging - water assists with just about every vital bodily function. Keep all your cells plump and juicy by simply drinking enough water to feel and look healthy.


- Fatigue and loss of concentration - instead of caffeine, try water for a lift.
- Dry, parched skin and dull eyes.
- Feeling hungry – yes, sometimes you’re just dehydrated.
- Headaches.
- Feeling thirsty is a sign that you are already quite dehydrated.

Best solution is to keep a water bottle with you and sip from it throughout the day. Nothing fancy –luckily we are blessed with clean drinkable tap water and it’s free!


This one is so easy and gives back countless benefits both physically and mentally – simply embrace some modest and regular exercise into your daily routine - a little goes a long way!

Moving your body increases circulation, flushes toxins, releases endorphins, tones your muscles, increases cell turnover and feels great while giving you a youthful healthy glow – highly effective and it’s free – what is more beautiful than that!


- Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator.
- Ride a bicycle for transportation – no gas or parking required and can actually save time and money. Pick up a free City of Toronto Bicycle Route Map in any bike shop to plan your route.
- Walk whenever you can - even for 10 minutes – it all adds up.
- Sit on an exercise ball at work (instead of a chair) as an effortless way to work your core and keep your spine straight while you balance your body.
- Do a little stretching periodically throughout the day to give your circulation a little boost and distribute some extra oxygen to your cells.
- For the more adventurous: Dance like nobody’s watching!


Don’t underestimate just how amazing your body truly is – expensive lotions and potions, make-up and designer clothes sure are nice but pale in comparison with the sparkle of vivacity. These basic healthy habits are guaranteed to make you feel and look great plus offer the added benefit of more restful sleep –and it’s not called beauty sleep for nothing - regular restful sleep offers major health benefits and looks great too.

Tame your Mane

Tame your Mane

This season's top trends for managing your mop.

Front and Center

The center part is a quick and easy fix for those in a time crunch. This versatile style can be worn up in a messy bun or slicked back, and can also be worn down either straight, wavy or in curls. Try adding an accessory like a headband or hair clip to finish off the look.

Off Balance

The side part is an easy and stylish alternative to the center part. This look can be worn up or down, slicked back or curled. Wither you have bangs or not this is a style that will never fail. Try braiding the side with the least amount of hair and securing it at the nape of the neck with bobby pins or a decorative clip for an interesting twist.


-Create a part at any point along forehead (be sure the part is nice and straight)

-experiment with different variations of the style, try gathering all the hair into a loose bun at the base of the neck

Birds Nest

Just rolled out of bed with ten minutes to get out the door? Toss up this quick do for a messy on the go bun that works with any outfit.


-pull all hair up into a ponytail on the top of your head.(you can also place it off to one side)

-*optional* if your looking for a sleek look, try spraying your pony tail with hairspray and comb through to reduce frizziness

-wrap all of your hair around the pony tail

-secure with bobby pins (be sure to criss-cross pins to secure them in place)

-gently pull on hair to create a messier look

-*optional* if you want your hair knot to have more volume, try curling and teasing your hair prior to step one

Be Bold

Bright, bold and outrageous hair colours are shining through this season. Blue, pink, and purple are just a few of the many colours and shades available. Experiment! Use different colours for a layers look. If you have bangs, try dying them a different colour for the rest of your hair!


Manic Panic hair dye is the most well known semi-permanent hair dye on the market. Available at most local drug stores and online at: Average price: $13-$15



How to shop for clothes on ebay like a pro.

Ebay clothing shopping can be an absolute joy allowing you to find hidden treasures that you simply couldn't otherwise obtain. Using ebay you can source items from all over the world, acessing literally millions of people's closets, finding unique, one off designs that nobody else will be wearing. Ebay can also allow you to buy things of a quality that perhaps you could not normally afford or to buy the items that you normally buy cheaper.

However, be warned. As a novice buyer many of my first ebay purchases were sources of huge disappointment. That beautiful Diane Von Furstenberg dress which arrived with ripped seams, the tiny Tocca dress sold as new without tags, but which arrived pre shrunken from a hot wash. There are many traps that the novice buyer can fall into but which are easy to avoid if you know just a little bit about ebay. Here are six tips to shop eBay like an pro.

1. Be specific

To save time scrolling through pages of fashion, keep a wish list of must-have items and store it on your cell phone or computer. If you would not compromise on the size, color, or fabric in the store, you don’t make the same mistake online.

2. Do your research

Knowing your fashion history will help with shopping for major fashion labels; consider buying something from an earlier season. Tomas Maier–era Bottega Veneta bags aren’t cheap, but one from before his tenure at the house may have the same signature intrecciato leather weave but should be more reasonably priced.

3. Check seller feedback

If you are considering buying an item on ebay the first thing to do is to check the seller feedback. This quickly tells you the number of transactions that the seller has been involved in and how their customers have rated their conduct in these transactions.

As a rule a feedback score of 98% positive plus shou
ld make you reasonably comfortable, over 99% should make you completely comfortable. If it is lower than these levels you should read what people have had to say. Sometimes lower feedback is not the fault of the seller, but of buyers who have not read the auction terms such as delivery times correctly.

4. Read the measurement

The thing to remember with buying clothes on ebay is that sizing varies dramatically between stores and designers. If you purchase something that is a size 6, because that is ordinarily your size, and it doesn't fit you will not be able to get a paypal refund. In this case it is not the buyers fault.

The way around this is to take a similar piece of clothing that you already own. Carefully measure any parts that are important to you. Compare them to the measurements listed by the ebay seller. If there are no measurements listed contact the seller and ask for the specific measurements that you want. Remember: no reply? Don't buy.

5. Jump on a trend early

As soon as a collection is posted on sites like, get a head start on the trends by looking at vintage versions of what’s feeling new. Chandelier earrings are set to be big for spring (Dolce has good ones) and are a very easy eBay get.

6. Ask for more photos

Not every seller knows the power of taking the perfect product shot, so don’t be deterred by a poor set of images. Contact the seller for more options if you feel that you’ve found what could be a diamond in the rough.

One Stop iShop!

Be in-the-know with the three top tech-savvy Fashion apps

Shopping has evolved with a combination of advancements in technology and our social media saturated society. As shopping will continue to evolve, we fashionista’s shall adhere to the new ways of staying on top of your fashion game. The market for Smartphone Apps is one that is not faltering, hence the abundance of mediocre fashion apps floating among cyber space. No need to be overwhelmed; because here are your top three tech-savvy apps that will have you on trend with the latest fashion and biggest deal.

This multifaceted website made the brilliant move of creating an app for any Smartphone. It took no time at all for devoted website-shopping enthusiasts to fall in love with this efficient fashion engine. The design of the app is run on an ‘event’ basis where all merchandise being sold is categorized by designer/brand and only available on the website for a predetermined amount of days. The HauteLook app will send your phone an instant notification when an ‘event’ has started so you can be the first to purchase and be on trend. The variety of categories is really what gives this app its integrity. You have everything from eye shadow, teeth whitening kits, to Steve Madden shoes and Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses. HauteLook is an affordable fashion accessory that will never go out of style.

This brilliant website has started the revelation of iWindow shopping. is also a online fashion website that accumulated so much popularity that once they created their Smartphone app it instantly was accompanied with a cult following. The high-fashion magazine inspired app design allows you to get lost in a fashion induced day dream. The main page acts as a cover page that is constantly changing and always adorned with a sassy one-liner. The main page consistently has five different categories, What’s New is a compilation of all the newest garments in the fashion industry, the next three categories are always changing and titled in correlation to the trend they are displaying, and the last category is always Magazine which is a look book inspired creative haven. Net-a-porter uses a crisp white background that completely compliments the artistic fashion, also the brilliant lay out they designed so you can see a close-up picture and further information on any garment you are interested in is so well done it feels like you’re playing a game.

This fashion app takes on a different angle then the two previous. StylishGirl is legitimately the new-age Clueless electronic closet organizer, which was only just a dream back in 1995. This app is created to be your personal fashion assistant. The main page layout has adorable visuals that go along with each category. Add Item allows you to take pictures of any of your personal wardrobe with your phone, which is then stored in My Closet. My Closet is literally your own electronically organized wardrobe, helps you put together outfits. The actual category Outfits lets you shop/iWindow shop and put together outfits with your dream pieces and garments you already own. Wish Bag lets you organize all the items you wish to purchase. The Calendar category will remind you when you need to make certain purchases like for a friends birthday or if you got paid. The ingenious category Suitcase lets you virtually pack a suitcase using Mycloset before you go away. The Fashion Mall category lets you shop by accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags or clothing; this stands out because it allows you to shop online without having to filter through the surplus that is on the web. Finally the Fashion Lounge, this interactive category contains a blog, and personalized videos of other stylist giving tips and ideas. Within Fashion lounge you can also design, search latest look that people have put together, search most wanted items and get tips on any style inquires.

HauteLook, NET-A-PORTER.COM, and StylishGirl are all free apps, so indulge your fashionista eyeballs on these savvy smart phone apps and never feel deprived of your fashion fix again.

Baby, It's Bold Outside

Now that the winter is gone for good, here are 4 ways to liven up your look for socializing this spring.

After winter, it can sometimes be hard to put away our dark colours and embrace spring style. After dressing in the dark for all those months, it is time to back away from the black and get out of the grey. Spring is here, and with it comes the opportunity to show off some of the seasons best trends at any and every event on your social calendar.

Flower Power

Ditch the dark colours and step into something patterned. These aren't your grandma's florals either. This trend is about going big. Punch up your look with a vivid piece and defy expectations by trying a tropical island colour pallet. Whether you decide to go all the way, in a floral dress, or to keep in simple with just one part of your outfit, like a great pair or floral shorts, this trend is sure to get all eyes on you.

Shine On

High tech fabrics are big for spring. After a holiday season filled with head-to-toe metallics and sequins, this is a more subtle way to light up the night, without looking like you've been glitter-bombed. Fabrics with a slight sheen give a sleek and modern edge, without being too harsh. When wearing fabrics with a shimmer, don't over accessorize. Pair a piece that has sheen with neutrals. These two things will keep you shining without pushing you over the top.

Daisy Who?

Put Miss Buchanan to shame by trying out some 20's style elegance this season. With the new version of The Great Gatsby on its way, everyone wants a piece of the jazz age. Silks, feathers, and beading are among some of the deco details that are part of this trend. Don't go full-on flapper, though. Try a dress with a dropped waist or a fringed skirt, but leave the headband at home. You'll be garden party ready in no time.

Tribal Beat

This trend is sure to keep you on the island, no matter what the council says. Tribal influences are new for spring. Animal prints are still in. For those of you who are willing to be bold, try a flowing maxi dress in a large cat spot print. Not quite ready for the safari? Try pairing an earthy colour with a geometric print for a look without the claws and teeth. And don't forget to mix up your textures. Try some wooden jewellery, and look for beaded details to add some depth to an outfit.

Now that the world is done hibernating in their down filled jackets, it's time to show off your style savvy. So whether you decide to go bold, travel back in time, or across the world, these Spring trends are sure to have you turning heads and dropping jaws wherever you go.

Fashion 101 for Spring and Summer!

Get ready for a fashionable season!

We all dread the winter season. Everyone’s cold, miserable and all bundled up from head to toe, which makes it hard to make a fashion statement. Well, spring is here, and summer is right around the corner. It’s time to take off all those layers, bask in the warm sunshine and show everyone what you got!

Bright vibrant colours, and colourful spring/summer patterns are in, it gives a fun fresh look. The colour that will be a very popular is the colour red! Red clothes, jewellery, purses anything red is in fashion!

Skinnies, Baggy, boyfriend, wide leg, leggings (tights) and jeggings are the pants to wear. Skirts can be worn as casual or dressed up. Slim fitted skirts are very popular right now, especially the high waist fitted skirts. But did you know that long skirts can be worn as a dress? It’s true you can! If you see a nice long skirt, you can wear it as a dress and no one will be able to tell the difference, but you! Dresses are always nice to wear casually or dressed up. What’s in style for this season are fitted dresses, gathered waist dresses, belted dresses, fringed dresses, pleated dresses, a line dresses, long slim fitted dresses, flowing dresses. And last but not least dresses that have a printed pattern on them, they set a great look. Crops tops, graphic shirts, bra (crop tops, structured, and bandeau) are great with jeans, tights, skirt or shorts. It just depends on your sense of style.

Accessories play a big part in an outfit, to make it better and stand out more. Clutches, long strap, and big purses are the ones to be wearing this season. Chunky “bracelets” (or bangles), also cubic zirconia gems earrings, bracelets; necklaces have slowly made its way to being popular again. Costume Jewellery with a vintage look is another way to stand out this spring. Last but not least pearls have been on and off in fashion scene, earrings and a simple pearl necklace can be added to your outfit for a classy look. Big; earring, necklaces, and rings are a great accessory to wear with an outfit. Nail polish on your nails can help make you stand out; the colours to get are bright coloured nail polish. Also a nail polish craze is going on its called “crackel”, its fun and gives an edgy punk look. Make up plays another important part to standing out in the summer. Pink and red lipsticks are the colours to wear. The “natural” look is becoming more a popular look to just put on cover up and mascara and maybe a little blush on. Or if you wanted to stand out with your makeup, you can put on eye liner (preferably liquid) and a colour shimmering eye shadow to make your eyes pop out more. Either of the looks you choose for this summer, you’re guaranteed to catch some or a lot of attention this spring/summer!


What compels individuals to post their daily outfits onto online communities?
Perhaps their goal is to spur inspiration in others, or to share a common aesthetic: an expression of creativity. Or, maybe, it’s a desperate appeal for daily affirmation of one’s self-image.

To name a few:, The Fashion Spot, Styleforum, Superfuture, blogs, youtube videos and even instagram – have all been used to connect the fashion conscious with the fashion curious. Although these environments all differ from one another, and cover a vast array of topics respectively, the common thread that ties them together is What Are You Wearing Today? (WAYWT).

A WAYWT post can include carefully curated, well made garments with complimenting fabrics, style and fits; or can be nothing but an extreme example of brand synergy with ill-fitting pants and a Supreme hat. A WAYWT post can be an eclectic mix of vintage and ASOS (I’m looking at you,, finished with a pouty lip and an “antique” edit over the photograph.

Despite what’s in it, that photograph is a self-submitted daily diary of your clothing decisions. So why do some people choose to post them (and sometimes cross post them on different forums)? The answer is not black and white. Perhaps the people posting have not thought of it themselves, but what does it say about them? Who are they to think that what they wear is so important to anyone else, that they should take the time and energy to capture a decent photograph, upload, edit, and post it? What drives them to dump their bags in front of our eyes on YouTube? Or to post a picture of themselves on their tumblr between Freja and Moss.

Is it selfish?
Is it creative?
It can be.
Is it purposeful?
Maybe, maybe not.
However, it is still well received. It get’s attention. Hype. Rep. Internet recognition.

Thousands of WAYWT posts are made each day, followed by encouraging words (“LOVE YOUR WANG BAG!!” “Dope fades, bro” “Your look is so unique! Is that skirt from Urban Outfitters or AA?”), or criticism. This attention is maybe what encouraged the person to post in the first place, and to keep posting.

We are the Internet Generation. We grew up with the Internet. But some people are growing up on the Internet. Call me old fashioned, but I remember when 13 year-olds just got dressed and … then they were dressed. Now, they are posting their adventurous and confusing outfits and becoming Internet famous (Hi, Tavi!).
While I’ve never posted a WAYWT, I do often scroll through them. Which is just as big of a mystery to me as why people post them.

Personally speaking, I guess I look to them for inspiration; how to dress, or sometimes how not to dress. Even if I can’t agree, or understand the mentality it takes to post a WAYWT, they can be refreshing. Fashion is fed to us on towering stick-thin models, in glossy fantasy editorials, so it can be encouraging to see how clothing takes form on real people, and how real people can take fashion and convey a truly personal style.



Fashions outfitted from head to toe brought to us by our favourite celebrities using social media! How to be everyone else’s fashionista using social media trending above all the others!

It has been evident that since early ages of our time that we as a society have been influenced by what was the hierarchy of our society to power what was worn during a certain period of time because of the idolized status that showered upon from that certain public figure. Whether it was a king, a queen or a movie star we have strived to mimic the look and style that they portrayed. Speaking in the context of today’s’ celebrity influence we are bombarded with the effortless access of seeing what a celebrity wears on a daily basis, thanks to social media and technology. Admissions to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and blogs, just to name a few of the big social media outlets today, have granted us the accessibility to be able to mimic our favourite celebrities styles within days, let alone hours. So why can’t we be the influencers and no longer the influencees?

Facebook, was one to of first world wide known social media outlets that conducted as an easy way of keeping in touch with family, and friends overseas or close by, just by the click of a mouse you can share your selected information with your “Facebook friends”. Then, followed twitter which documents momentary comments about what is currently going on, pretty much creating history for the future, everyone’s own public journal with a limited 140 characters. Along came Tumblr which is a more visual alternative to what blogs are, instead of more writing, its more pictures. Finally, blogs which majority of us have knowledge of what they are. A site dedicated to documenting our opinions and ideas on a certain topic that we display on the internet.

We take all these different versions of social media and mix them with celebrities and fashion, the result of that will be our own style icons on the go. From the tap of a screen or a push of a button on our “smart phones” we have access to all these social media and celebrities that take part in them. If not only celebrities but retailers and designers do this social fashion influencing, we can too. The trickle up theory can possibly happen because of you. It is as simple as using the camera you have on your phone and finding inspiration where ever you go. Then, posting it to social media like Facebook or Twitter, someone else sees it mimics it and then it becomes a domino effect. That is how it happens when a celebrity does it.

Social media has become the newest and hottest accessory to have along with your handbag or shoes. It’s dazzled with photos and quotes that identify your social fashion stance, whatever it may be. The technology we use today has not just become a tool for socializing with one another but as well as a fashion accessory, whether it is designed with only black, grey and white categorizing that as classic or if its elaborately decorated with colours and glitter that would be considered to be outgoing or eclectic. It all stems from our own personal style and expressing it through the social media tools we use on a daily basis. That is what celebrities and fashion icons do and so can you.

Dancing With Daisy

Take part in the revival of an era known for extravagant evening dress, excessive parties and an all-around “live for today” lifestyle.

With the remake of The Great Gatsby coming out later this year, a resurgence of the most lavish decade of the last century hit the runways for Spring 2012 - The Roaring 20’s. It was a time to be care-free and leave any worries at the door. Now, almost 100 years later, extravagant and excessive merely reference our technology habits while our lifestyle has become so fast-paced and future-focused that we all live in the “five minutes from now.” So instead of simply reviving the fashion of that era, perhaps we can borrow a bit more. These are some tips for throwing the best damn cocktail party this turn of the century!

All That Jazz

Music is an important part of any party and especially so when setting the mood for this one. A large influence throughout the 1920`s became the rising popularity of music and dance. Entertainment became a main focus for any good party. The playlist for this cocktail should consist of Jazz music and that alone (a live entertainer will really make you the cat’s meow). You can look to any great Jazz musicians throughout history, though Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington are specific to that era. Feeling extra adventurous? Try learning the Charleston to show off to all your guests.

Fabulous Frocks

Designers ranging from Gucci to Ralph Lauren, dropped waistlines and 1920’s glitz popped up all over the Spring runways. Using inspiration from original Flappers, guests will easily find updated versions of the iconic look in many of their favourite retailers this Spring season. Typical Flapper dress consisted of:

Glitzy, beaded drop-waist dresses, strappy shoes, adorned head-pieces, strings of pearls, bobbed locks or finger waves, and dark makeup. Girls get ready, you will be dressed to impress and mingle the night away!

Speakeasy, Old Sport

During the times of prohibition, all drinking was done in residential parties or seedy bars (Speakeasy’s) making atmosphere another important aspect of capturing the roar of the 1920’s. Most suggestions include hosting the party outdoors, at night – very Gatsbyesque. The idea is to create a sensual, dimly lit-setting - letting the décor speak for itself. Gin was typically the alcohol of choice; martinis the drink of choice.

In terms of décor, only lavish will do –glitz, glamour and anything with a sparkle. Decorations should emulate the dresses your fabulous guests are wearing. Accents done in colours of golds, silvers or any brights will work smashingly. In the 20s, the guests enjoyed their surroundings to look as done up as they did.

It is now time for the party to start. "The bar is in full swing, and floating rounds of cocktails permeate the garden outside, until the air is alive with chatter and laughter, and casual innuendo and introductions forgotten on the spot, and enthusiastic meetings between women who never knew each other's names" - The Great Gatsby.

Treble in your closet?

If you’re experiencing the wardrobe blues, take some cues from your favourite play-list.

Whether it’s rhythm and blues, or metal grinds that get your feet tapping, your head banging, and your booty shaking; everyone has a beat that they can walk to. Music and the fashion industry are synchronous more than ever now, so it might be a good time to let your melodic tastes shine through your style. You don’t have to don a cone shaped bra like Lady Gaga or tattoo your face like Lil’ Wayne to do this. There are plenty of individualistic [yet slightly more conventional] ways to show your music preferences when dressing.

Nuthin’ but a style thang

You commemorate Biggie Smalls’ death annually. You think Jay-Z is God. You still like the word “swag” and aren’t afraid to say it. For Hip-hop lovers today a sweat suit is no longer the uniform of choice. Take a note from Beyoncé who is always on fashion’s radar and show some skin, not too much, with a little sheen and shine. To get the “swag” that you so perpetually rep, mixing sporty classics such as the Adidas stripes, with tough textures like leather and bold statement jewelry is a good way to start. Get the look: leather shorts, denim buttoned-up shirt loosely tucked in, “fitted hat”, high-tops, and chunky gold or silver necklaces.

Papa was a Rolling Stone

You grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and Neil Young, but since then you have progressed to the dark side of the moon and beyond. You definitely don’t fear the reaper and if you did, you’d tell it to shove off (in a British accent because you’re totally into London’s post-punk psycho-billy movement lately). Last but most certainly not least, you’re into leather. So what would someone so strongly opinionated musically be into wearing this spring? Well, leather is a given, but what you might not know about is that creepers and beetle boots are the best shoes for you to pair with any roughed-up denim. If you really want to opt for the band t-shirt, please make it vintage or authentic; no one wants to see the letters H&M on the bottom right of your “Harley” t-shirt. Get the look: leather pleated mini-skirt, white cropped lace/textured top, cross choker pendant, and Doc Martins.

Teenage Dream

Growing up you always wanted to be “Baby Spice”. Your favourite food is cupcakes. You’re secretly disappointed when pink isn’t the colour of the season. And you swear you only started liking Justin Bieber once he was of age. Well you’re in luck my material girl, this spring your favourite colour can creep it’s way into your wardrobe once again. But get rid of that neon pink crop top you wore last season…it won’t fly this time around. Spring 2012 runways have forecasted pastel shades of salmon, peach, and light bubble-gum pink. A great way to make this colour trend look polished and fashion forward is to do tone on tone. Opting for fabrics such as silk, chiffon, twill, and woven cotton are a good way to make the top and bottom differentiate from each other; you don’t want to look like you’re wearing pajamas. Get the look: cropped salmon twill pants, lighter salmon chiffon button up shirt, simple beaded necklace peeking out under the collar.

Old fashioned walk

You came out of the womb wearing red lipstick. Polka dots and vinyl are your best friend. When you hear Flo Ridas song Good Feeling, all you hear is Etta James. To say you are a fan of vintage music is an understatement. As luck would have it, there is a modernized retro trend brewing for spring/summer 2012. Pair a colourful bra/bikini top with a high-waist circle skirt or pencil skirt to get that 50s look down pat. Or wear a drop-waist sailors dress to the beach a la Coco Chanel in the 20s. Try playing around with different fashion eras this spring. You dont have to have only one love, after all, Sinatra didnt. Get the look: sweat-heart neckline bustier, high waist circle skirt in a tropical print, strappy espadrilles, and heart shaped sunnies.

Whats your age again?


Every girl has that dream of being on the cover of a magazine or walking down the runway wearing beautiful clothes by the biggest designers in the world. We are familiar with the eating disorders and body image problems that come with this industry, but what we don’t realize is how old these girls really are. Modeling agencies like to snatch girls up young while they are still thin and tall , and toss them into the cut throat world. The girls are told they have to keep up a certain weight if they want to book the jobs. What we don’t realize is what their bodies actually go through. Yes these girls are mostly genetically thin and as Michael Vollbracht the creative director of Bill Blass says “ Thin is always in, its how you show clothes”, and it is true that is how the world sees these clothes we buy displayed. Standards that are formulated need to start being enforced. The American Fashion Industry is expressing more concern regarding the models in the industry so they have said that they want models to be ‘healthy, not anorexic, bulimic or chain-smokers. On January 12th 2012 the Council of Fashion Designers of America whos’ President is designer Diane Von Furstenberg released a set of guidelines just in time for New York Fashion week that starts February 2nd . The guidelines go as the following:

• Keep models under 16 off the runway and don't allow models under 18 to work at fittings or photo shoots past midnight.

• Educate those in the industry to identify the early warning signs of eating disorders.

• Require models identified as having an eating disorder to receive professional help and only allow those models to continue with approval from that professional.

• Develop workshops on the causes and effects of eating disorders, and raise awareness of the effects of smoking and tobacco-related disease.

• During fashion shows, provide healthy meals and snacks, while prohibiting smoking and alcohol.

Having the major designers behind these guidelines will really start changing perceptions not only of models, but of the way young girls and even woman see themselves. We went from having regular , shapely woman in the 80’s and 90’s like the Cindy Crawford to heroine chic Kate Moss. Just like the weather it’s a progressive cycle that will eventually come back around.