Friday, October 12, 2007

Music Reviewers Only!!!

Good afternoon people!! I just wanted to let all the music reviewers know about a few things actually.

First off, I got the band to agree that I was talking about. They said, and I quote, "We'd be totally stoked for that. Thanks for thinking of us!" So they're in. Also, I'm getting a picture from them. It's definitely in the works.

Second, in order to get the ball rolling, we need some questions. Just a set of 4 or 5 questions (not unlike the George In The City format) to send out to our respective bands. Now I don't know if anyone's opposed to emailing them, but I'm all for it (seeing as it's the only way I'll get to them in time).

Lastly, I can't remember her name off the top of my head, but there was a girl who wanted to be part of this too, and that's totally great. Basically what we decided was to do a quick interview/review on a band of the underground variety. We're sick of magazines telling us that Justin Timberlake has a new CD out and we need to buy it. Everyone knows!! So we decided we wanted to introduce our readers to a different level of music. So far, I've got a rock/alternative group, Lisa's got a hip hop type group, and I can't remember if Sam told us what she was doing. We're trying to mix it up anyways. The reviews will be about 100 words in length, seeing as we have to fit 4 on one page. :( And I don't know if we'll be able to get 4 pics on the page, but that's what we're aiming for.

So ladies, we need some ideas for questions. ANYONE MAY SUGGEST QUESTIONS however, we will have the final word.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

How To Dress for Less, Without Breaking the Bank

Doesn’t it seem like these days it is all too effortless to go to the mall and spend way more than you had originally budgeted for, or an outfit that you thought was going to cost half of your pay cheque turns out to be double? If these scenarios seem all too familiar, than you need to put down your credit card and forget your debit pin for a few minutes and take the time to read this article and let us help you stop breaking the bank and to start dressing for less, while still keeping in touch with what is the latest trend.

We are constantly being influenced from what we see on TV and in magazines to the enormous; in your face billboards of what are currently trendy in today’s fashion forward society. Trendsetters from actors to musicians are constantly setting the bar of what is currently popular and what we should be wearing, everywhere from their jewelry to their shoes. But why can’t we look the same without putting a huge dent in our chequebooks? The answer is we can. With a generous amount of time and a trained eye for bargains, any fashionista is capable of finding the trendiest look for a fraction of the cost.

A handbag to a woman is like a hockey stick to a game, it is an essential key component to an outfit. Handbags, such as the classic clutch are what every girl needs to add that va-va voom to their outfit. Sienna Miller was recently spotted with a jewel embedded black clutch, retailing for approximately $400, however you can get the exact same look from Aldo Accessories for $40 and still have money left over to buy it in more than one colour.

For the cooler days of the fall, every girl must be seen with a Miss Porter’s Peacoat. Nothing says “Fashion Forward” more than the comfortable, yet sleek look, of a confident woman, bundled up in her fall attire more. Urban Outfitters carries the latest trends found in all the up-to-date fashion magazines and the Peacoat is defiantly a fashion must for their fall selection. The jacket fits “true to size” and comes in a variety of shabby chic colors, retailing at $125.

The crew neck sweater has gone and come back for this seasons look once again. Angelina Jolie was spotted walking in Central Park, cozied up in her earth tone, oversized sweatshirt from Channel. The exact same sweater, in the exact same color is available at Old Navy for $29.99 and looks fabulous paired up with a long-dark pair of skinny jeans of your choice.

And finally, a fabulous boot is the best way to rev up your shoe closet this year. Last week, on the runway of Dolce & Gabbana nothing was bolder than the antique military style boots, with doubled-sided decorative ‘DG’ embedded buttons up the side of the boots. Nine West has an exact replica of the same boot costing ¼ of the price, featured online and also available in stores. But girls beware; one step in that store and you may splurge on more than you bargained for.

As you can see with a little bit of help and a push in the right direction, any girl is capable of dressing her best without having to break a sweat over it. Shopping should be a form of relaxation, instead of a pain in the butt. Take the time to shop around and give yourself enough options to compare prices instead of signing your life away. And trust me, if the celebrities weren’t so famous, I bet they would be reading this too! Shop ‘till you drop!