Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cool Rules

The Ins and Outs of Trend Spotting and Trend Setting

We all have “that” friend. You know the kind. The friend that gets stopped on the street by strangers who ask “Where’d you get that from?” They’re not wealthy, or especially attractive, but they have a certain je ne sais quoi – it’s the cool factor. They know what’s “in” before it becomes mainstream and here’s how you can too.

Eye on the Economy

This may not be obvious, but before you yawn out loud fashionistas, take note. If we look at history, the economy has typically had an effect on fashion trends. There’s no doubt that when the economy is hurting, fashion needs to be affordable. Economic woes can mean less embellishments and more subdued colors - a reflection of the times. Ever wonder why Karl Lagerfeld chose to design a US-centric Spring 2008 line for Chanel? Perhaps he was trying to inspire an economic comeback for the Americans.

Go Online

With information being updated online at lightning speed, the Internet is an obvious fashion resource, but where to begin? Street fashion blogs are a great way to get instant visual inspiration without leaving your home. Blogs like Face Hunter ( and the Sartorialist ( give readers daily photographic updates from the fashion capitals of the world. For the more avant-garde, there are trend sites such as Trend Hunter ( ) that cover a wide range of serious to silly topics from Hello Kitty Medical Supplies and Pro-Geek Innovations to Goth Anime Fashions and Political Branding.

Take it to the Streets

The best way to spot a trend is to look for patterns. See a girl walking down College Street with a full skirt? Did you notice another girl wearing a similar skirt while doing some grocery shopping in Chinatown this weekend? Another at UNIT last night? You’ve spotted a trend! Ok, it may not be that obvious, but the point is to keep your eye on the streets and watch out for all things unique and alluring.

Play it Cool

To recognize cool you have to have a sense of style and taste. What defines a cool style is subjective, but knowing what’s out there will help you recognize a trend. Awareness of music, art, travel, pop culture, and all things around you will give you a discerning eye. Don’t have the budget to travel? Have a look at the many international street blogs – from LA to Seoul there’s worldly fashion inspiration for all styles.

Change your Ways

Being a trendy influencer means that you can change at the drop of a dime – it’s precisely what separates the mainstream from the au courant. So embrace change, don’t doubt your style, have confidence in your trend, and don’t look back! Adopting what you believe is the next big trend before anyone else will eventually have people asking YOU – “Where’d you get that from?”

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