Wednesday, October 01, 2008

5 Ways to be a Better You in 2009!

Are there things about you your friends can’t stand? Do you have a closet full of (“I have nothing to wear today!”)? Are you stressed about your future?

Well alleviate some of those question marks and usher in a new year with these five, fabulous, tips!

Make Friends Outside Your Circle!

Sure it’s fun to be a part of a posse or clique, as long as it’s not reminiscent of the movie Mean Girls.
But you may not be getting everything you need out of these friendships. If you are all like-minded and enjoy virtually all the same things, you have no one to introduce you to something completely new and different.
So next time you sit beside that girl with the really unique style, or the guy who is in a completely unrelated program then yours, strike up a conversation! If you two gel, invite him or her out with your ‘posse’.
Hey, you can never have too many friends!

Do Something You Really Don’t Want to do for Someone You Love!

When Lauren from The Hills was arguing with her roommate Audrina, she made the point that she cared about her friend enough-though they have completely different tastes in music-to still go to concerts with her and “awkwardly bob” her head at the “weird shows”.
So next time your friend invites you somewhere that you really have no interest in going to, go anyway and realize she/he would probably do the same for you!

Evaluate Where You’re At!

Taking some time for your self is important! Compile a list (either mental or tangible) of things you are pleased with about your life, things you would like to see improved, and where you would like to go in the future. Having this rough road map will help you understand yourself, your ambitions, and will prevent the feeling of utter panic and pressure the day you graduate.
Warning! Do not plan out your life to the last detail or put too many specifics into your plan, such as dates or years you will have something accomplished by. This is just setting yourself up for disappointment should you have a bump in the road to success and happiness.

Get Rid of Those Outdated Clothes You Don’t Wear!

Give your old clothes the ol’ heave-ho and take them to Goodwill! Or as a gesture of good will, give them to a friend who has always complimented your style.
If you went the Goodwill route: go to the store two weeks later and see what sold! You’ll feel great that you helped someone out and that your eye for fashion is still appealing to others, even in hand-me-downs. And if you just so happen to see the ‘sweater from heaven’ on your way home, go for it! You need to replenish your empty closet anyway, right?

Ask For Honesty!

Ask a friend to be brutally honest about something that annoys them about you. Make a commitment for a few weeks to do everything you can to alter that particular grievance of theirs.
You will grow closer to your friend because they will see you are trying to change for them.
Bonus: After your friend sees your efforts, it might make it easier to bring up the fact that he or she never remembers to change the toilet paper roll or mop the floors after a drunken spillage.

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