Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Natalie Wilmot
I brought cookies for the launch!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Guest Speaker!

I'm pleased to announce that Leslie Wu, the editor of the Canadian trade pubications Style and Canadian Jeweller, will be visiting out class after the quiz on Tuesday, December 5. She's a senior, savvy fashion journalist, so think of some great questions to ask her about what fashion journalism is really about!

– Sarah

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cashmere CD

Hi Sarah, just a reminder if you could bring the cashmere cd to class next week so I can return it to my friend. Thanks so much.

Kat Voye

Table of Contents Headlines

CIAO! TO SIZE 0: Bigger finally IS better!
or The bigger the better!
or Bigger is beautiful
or Beauty isn't a number
or Beauty is no longer defined by a number

HOW TO BECOME A SPOILED SOCIALITE: Tips on being attractively asinine.

-Kat Voye

Cashmere Couture write up

This past September, second-year George Brown student Nancy Hoang, 20, proved that bathroom tissue isn't only a household product by winning the White Cashmere Student Design Competition (outfit pictured left). With 3 colleges participating, more than 100 hopeful student designers experimented with Cashmere toilet paper in hopes of creating a runway ready outfit, and to win a substantial cash prize. Because of George Brown's fashion masterminds, our peers rounded out the top 8 with 4 finalists. The other finalists were (their outfits pictured left to right) Caroline Rosenberg, Steph Paczay and Stephanie Kidd, who's hard work won't go unnoticed as it also demonstrates a considerable amount of innovative talent.

-Kat Voye

Oh, George! Launch

Here’s the list of tasks that people have volunteered for. If you weren’t in class and want to add something to the launch, log on and add your name.

The launch will take place Tuesday, December 12, 9-11 a.m
4th floor - Fashion Dept.

Sharrine Francis

Joyce Asubonteng

Coffee/hot chocolate – Abi Jesion and Rebecca Morin
Pink drink -nikki
Cookies- jill
Cupcakes – Victoria rumi
Fudge – Michaele Laderoute
Candy canes-siobhan coleman
Fruit platter- jill

Design poster - Matt
Get poster stamped - Stephen
Put up posters

Donation box - Kat Voye

The Toronto Star Children's Charities
One Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1E6

Each box includes a hat, mitts, a warm top, socks, a book, candy, a toothbrush kit and a toy.

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For the feature issue based article - Pain in the Back - I am looking for a cartoon, drawing or graphic that would be appropriate for the piece. Contact me if you have any samples. Thank you. - Abi

Monday, November 06, 2006

feature article submission

Staining your Mane…?
Hair affairs 101… Colouring concerns

“Today, about half of all North American women color their hair”

Dying your hair, it has been around for centuries. Ancient Greek heroes dyed their hair into a fiery symbol of courage, while Romans used natural dyes to darken their locks. During the 1700s, French women used powder to tint their hair to shades of blue, yellow, pink and white. Today, about half of all North American women color their hair. Weather staining your mane is to cover those unwanted grays or just to have fun… how safe is it…

“A small percentage of hair dye is absorbed from the scalp and passed into the bloodstream”
Recent studies have proven that a small percentage of hair dye is absorbed from the scalp and passed into the bloodstream where it can travel to other organs and tissues, and may be cancer causing. The scalp is the most sensitive part of the human body. The scalp is a part, where the blood supply of our body is high. Most hair dyes have carcinogenic components and people who are using these chemicals for coloring their hair, are at higher risk.

Long-term use of permanent hair dye in dark colors doubles a person's risk of certain

blood cancers, bladder cancer and may link to a disease known as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma rates are up all over the world. It is hard to pin point the reasons behind this growth. Hair dying has increased and dying chemicals may be toxic to users.The increase of this desiese was noted in women who dyed their hair with permanent colouring and in darker shades. There was no increase that was noted in women who used semi-permanent dyes or rinses. The cancer-causing chemicals linked to hair dye are members of a class of chemicals known as aromatic amines. The human body is able to detoxify these compounds. But because of their genetic makeup, some people can't detoxify the compounds. The risks are stronger for women lacking working detox genes, but women who think they are not deficient should not assume that they are not at risk.

“Hair dye may not be fully related to increased risks of cancer.”

To prove that hair dye is cancer causing, researchers must test the hair dye at a greater level then what would be normally be used. To prove this, they would have to alter the consumption in another way such as ingesting the dye. But the dyes may react differently in a stomach rather than on a scalp. Most of the studies that related to prove that hair dyes

were cancer causing failed. This is because the small amount of dye that is absorbed into the blood stream when dying hair is so minute that it is difficult to form a relationship between the two. Studies have suggested an assocation between expecting mothers hair dye use effecting the unborn child. These risks could lead to an increses in childhood cancer.

To reduce the chance of allergic effect, before dyeing your hair, test the product by patting a bit behind your ear. Don't wash it off for two days. If itching, burning, redness, or rash occurs, don't use the product. Consumers might also want to consider using henna to colour their hair. Henna is plant material based and it is not harmful to hair and does not link to any possibility to cancer causing variables. Henna products on the market can give a range of colors, from dark brown through various reddish-brown and lighter red to reddish-blond shades. They cannot, however, lighten hair. None of these colors may be used on eye-lashes or eyebrows.
Looking after Your Lovely Locks:
The golden rule of maintaining color is to take care of your hair. Be sure to avoid excessive brushing, too much heat…. (Keep your use of the blow dryer and the curling iron to a minimum) Over perming, or over straightening, and over washing… keep in mind that chlorine in pools can dull colour and dry out hair, you may want to consider wearing a swim cap to protect your curls.

You are what you eat
Specially fortified shampoos and conditioners with vitamin E and aloe are great, but it is most important to take care of things from the inside out. You are what you eat. A Proper diet is vital to a health head of hair. You want to aim for a balanced diet of proper water intake, natural oils, minerals and proteins and like your mother always said “be sure to take your vitamins.” Water is a basic component, and without enough to hydrate your body your hair may become dry, lifeless and brittle. Drink up to eight glasses of water a day to maintain overall health. Vitamins and minerals are also an important factor in proper amounts. Your hair craves copper to keep lively color, iron for strength, and small amounts of zinc & magnesium for growth. Vitamin E is known to increase circulation and blood flow to hair, and vitamin B-6 and B-12 are important in hair growth & color. So make sure you're either getting them in your diet or in a daily vitamin supplement. Omega-3 fatty acids have also been shown to be a key factor in skin, nail and hair health, so include these in your diet, as well - in the form of salmon, tuna or other fatty fish. Flax seed oil, walnuts and almonds.
It is important to keep in mind the risks that can occur if you use an excessive amount of hair dye in an unsafe fashion. Even still, dying your hair can be fun and sometimes helpful… just remember, everything in moderation.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Posted by:Siobhan Coleman
Hi Sarah Hood, i'm taking care of the student association back cover on the mag, and im trying to get the $200 cheque. Im having trouble with it because i called the guy that is supposed to take care of it weeks ago, and then he never called me back, so 2 weeks later i decided to give him a call back, and he said that hes new at this job and he doesnt really understand what im talking about(the mag) and he would like to know who handled it last year and any other info to help him figure it out. I told him i would show him a copy of a previous mag and come by to ST. James to see him, he said that wasnt necessary. So i was wondering if you knew who handled it last year so i could give him a call and tell him, other then that hes not sure what to do, so hopefully i can get it in on the due date, thanks sarah

Feature Submission Article

Where art thou white?
White, vanishing in closets all around the world…but only after Labor Day and before Easter

Some, and many, often ponder the question “is it appropriate to wear white in the winter?” Over time there have been reasons and speculations of why white should only be worn before Labor Day, it seems everyone has made it a fashion faux pas. Some don’t even know why they don’t cross this line, but they go by this rule anyway.
One of the factual reasons has to do with temperature. Dark colors attract heat, and trap it into the skin, thus, some avoid wearing black throughout the day during the summer. White reflects light and heat, which means that it would make you cooler in the winter, so logically this seems like a great reason to avoid white during those chilly days.
Another reason dates back to the 1950’s, more and more people were entering being middle class society “nouveau-riche folks.” These people were unaware of the guidelines to follow for fitting in with the high end fashion looks, so there were rules made up to follow so that it would make it much easier to fit in, on of the rules happened to be no white during the winter.
G.R.I.T.S-“Girls raised in the South” have been tagged as refraining from using bad manners, fashion is said to be more formal, and it is rude to wear white before Easter, and after Labor Day. Star Jones is a home-grown girl, and has quoted white shoes, “are for Easter Sunday and not the dead of winter.”
To some, accepting the rule of this white category was descent, but to exempt some of this rule, white tennis shoes and off-white boots have been the exception. Crème colored shirts have sometimes been under the wind, but some don’t even want to touch the subject of white pants, that is absolutely niche’ kit for some.
Have we forgotten about L.A., Florida, and all of those hot cities that get a massive amount of heat during our winter, some that barely require wearing a coat during December. What rules do they follow? Tampa’s Kim McGanty says “I ignore those rules and wear white all year long,” but furthermore she quotes, “but in my native Virginia, I would have died before wearing white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day. It just isn’t done.” Spoken like a true Southern Belle. So, I guess it is remotely decided that it depends on where you’re from, or where you live.
As it seems, each year this rule gets smaller and further away. People are now sports long white coats, knitted soft white sweaters, nicely done white stilettos, although pants aren’t yet worked into the mix.
As for men, a man pondered the question on askmen.com “I’m debating the questions whether or not I should be wearing light beige and white pants during the winter.” Askmen.com responds, “I’m personally strict on this, unless you’re lucky enough to travel to a tropical paradise where the weather is always sunny and warm. If you’re a really stylish fellow, then wearing white pants in winter might not be completely out of place. Some guys can get away with wearing things as silly as aluminum foil pants and still end up looking great. Alas, for the rest of us, darker colored pants are considered the proper choice for winter.” Therefore, it goes to show not only do us girls have our own little rule book of fashion, apparently men keep an agenda on the whether and faux pas as well.
There has been a definite increase in breaking this rule. There has never been a rule more focused on by society than a color, white being deemed unacceptable and being so widely embraced. In The Hilltop, 2002 newspaper article, it claims that designers such as Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Channel, and Versace, are on there way to break and make a new rule, having crisp white staples in their fall/winter collection. They call people who “dare” wear white after Labor Day innovative, creative and bold.
I found a list of new rules on a website called Downy.com, referring to this old school white rule, they believe that this white rule has been long gone, as long as you follow a new list of rules on how to wear it right, such as, “Take a classic white t-shirt and pair it under an oversized chunky grey or black sweater with a black pencil skirt or skinny jeans for weekends,” or another example, “It’s a cinch! Try on a waist defining belt to create an hourglass curve. Show off your shape and draw attention with a wide white leather belt.” Then again, why can’t we just wear white, with white?
When will it be socially acceptable to trash this rule, maybe it will go on for centuries more. All I know is that those crazy fashion designers will sometimes ignore, and go by there own book of rules, which in some cases, includes white apparel for winter wear, black jumpsuits for summer, and neon green leg warmers.
As shocking as this sounds, some people have never been aware of this rule, some don’t even know it ever existed. I wonder, is that a good thing, or a bad thing? Everyone has there own opinion on fashion faux pas, and yes’s, but sometimes the average Joe doesn’t care. In a way this is wonderful, some people just rock whatever, and others are out to make a statement, I’m sure some people used to wear white just for the oh so shocking effect on people, and some could possibly have not been aware. Don’t always accuse someone of wearing white wrong, they might possibly be from that hot city, and woops, forgot. As much research as I did, the wires still aren’t touching, I am clueless as to whether we have agreed on making a new white rule, it seems everyone’s opinion is totally opposite.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Feature Article Submission

Plastic Surgery
Are we as a society obsessed with our looks?

It seems like everywhere you turn, whether it’s in the magazines or on television, we see celebrities with the “perfect look.” They have the best bodies and are camera ready all the time. Though it is often reported that these beautiful faces and figures, aren’t always 100% natural. Many celebrities go under the knife to achieve, what they call perfection. In recent weeks it has been said that Ashley Simpson has received a nose job. She has responded to these accusations by saying “maybe I have, or maybe I haven’t!” Though she isn’t alone, because there are many other celebrities, who have also been accused of having cosmetic surgery such as: Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Catherine Zeta Jones and Nicole Kidman. However they have denied these allegations. Tara Reid a Hollywood actress on the other hand, confessed to having cosmetic surgery, when it went terribly wrong. She admitted to getting liposuction and breast implants, but both surgeries didn’t go as planned, and she was very unhappy. She then had to undergo more surgery, to correct it. Tara Reid then vowed to never have cosmetic surgery ever again.

There is a certain amount of pressure these days to look perfect. Though celebrities are not the only ones, who are feeling the pressure. More and more, everyday average people are having cosmetic surgery, to enhance their looks. It has become so acceptable to society that it is almost considered normal. Girls as young as 18 are, getting cosmetic surgery everyday. What is the reason for this sudden urge to be perfect? It is now said that if you don’t like something about yourself, change it! Get a new one. Remove it, enhance them, it’s all completely okay, though is it? Is it okay to change your look if you’re unhappy? Apparently a growing number of people feel so.

It seems as times change, so does the trends in plastic surgery. There have been an increasing number of rhinoplasties in clients under 30 years old this year. Doctors have stated the trend used to be almond shape eyes, and then it was the pouty mouth. Now it’s the thin nose. It was reported that 300,000 rhinoplasties were performed in 2005. Thankfully rhionplasty surgeries have shifted from the one size fits all, to a more individualized refinement from person to person. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), over 1 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in 2005. Liposuction led the way, with Rhinoplasty (nose job) and Breast Augmentations following closely behind. There is such a high demand for cosmetic surgery these days, waiting lists for certain doctors, are over 1 year. The clients are mostly women between the ages 18 - 35. Though there are an increasing number of men customers getting cosmetic surgery as well. They too are feeling the pressures of looking perfect and being accepted. The cost isn’t cheap and liposuction can cost from $2000.00-$15,000.00 depending how much you’re having done. Rhinoplasty surgery can cost you $4500.00-$13,000.00 and Breast Augmentation, $5000.00-$12,000.00. These costs are very high, yet that hasn’t seemed to discourage these clients. There are many other procedures that are popular and they are: tummy tucks, brow lifts and face lifts. The healing time for these surgeries varies depending on the person. It is said that a nose job can take up to 1 year to heal and set properly. Botox injections are also the new craze among the stars. However they are not the only ones heading out to their doctors office, for the quick fix. It was reported that their were 3.8 million uses in 2005. Botox injections stop the aging process and help to find the fountain of youth. They smooth wrinkles in the face, raise/arch eyebrows and injections in the end of the nose can slightly lift the tip. This procedure has become so popular because there is no downtime, low cost, and minimal discomfort. Though botox is not a permanent solution, treatments must be repeated every four to six months to maintain results. The upside is that these minor procedures are harder for the untrained eye to spot. Injections are usually $500.00 a pop.

There have been many debates on whether plastic surgery is right or wrong. Some feel if you are not pleased with a certain feature or body part, you have every right to change it. They argue it’s their money and their body and they can do as they please. While others argue that plastic surgery is wrong. They believe that you should be happy and accept what you were born with. They also feel that if everyone gets cosmetic surgery to resemble their favourite celebrities, we will all eventually look the same. There won’t be any individuality from one person to the next. Though who is right when it comes to this argument. With shows like Extreme Makeover, Swan and Skin Deep encouraging cosmetic surgery, it’s kind of hard to not question your own looks. These shows basically take people who are very dissatisfied with their appearance and change them from head to toe. Sometimes at the end of the show you can barely recognize if it’s the same person. They seem happy and so does their family who is seeing them for the first time in several weeks, at their big reveal. Though are they really, once the cameras stop rolling. It can be quite an adjustment to the participant and their family. The person they’ve seen and grown to love, looks completely different. They often look overdone at the end, sometimes looking very unrealistic or too perfect. In some cases people can have excessive plastic surgery and it looks awful afterwards (ex .Michael Jackson). Usually they do this to correct a previous surgery they are unhappy with. Though they tend to never be satisfied resulting in more surgery, and the vicious cycle continues. We as a society have become so desperate to look beautiful, that we would go to the extremes of auditioning for a makeover on national television, for all to see. Forget being private or secretive, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, which is how it was back in the day. Apparently we don’t care if everyone knows we got a new pair of breast or a new nose, as long as we get them.

Paying for these procedures is sometimes hard on the pockets, but there are many forms of payment available. Cash, credit card, certified cheque and money orders are all accepted. Now financing is also available to you if you can’t afford it. So if you want a procedure done, and you don’t have the money, you can still get the surgery. No need to save up anymore. Doctors are making it so easy for you to be able to afford it. You are basically given the option of putting yourself in debt to get your dream surgery. It almost seems like they are encouraging you to have cosmetic surgery, and why wouldn’t they, it’s more money in their pockets. There are also many dangers involved when getting cosmetic surgery. Doctors are required to inform you of all the possible complications that could occur. Though these danger warnings are not persuading the minds of these determined clients.

At the end of the day, the big question is “Why are we so unhappy with our appearance?” Is it because many of us grew up teased as a child, or did someone call us ugly recently. Maybe it’s the picture perfect role models we look up to, who give us the desire to change our looks to imitate them. Or, could it be that it’s just so darn easy and accessible to us, so why not give it a try. Being socially accepted these days, is so important to us, that we will go to extremes to look perfect on the outside, but does it change who we are on the inside. Some feel that it does because if you look better, you’ll feel better. While others feel, if you are unhappy with yourself, no matter what you do to your appearance you’ll never be satisfied. Unless you take care of what’s on the inside first. Cosmetic surgery, is it right or wrong? There is no correct answer because it all depends on the individual. If you are unhappy with your look, should you be able to change it?

Issue Based Assignment-Fashionable Feminist

Fashionable Feminist

“It’s an issue that has divided women much more than it has aided their cause”. The author Linda Scott, who also describes herself as a feminist, wrote these words. There has always been dissimilarity between women who are fond of fashion and women who believe that putting effort into the way you dress is a sign of low self-esteem. Can a woman put effort into the way she looks and still advocate women’s rights?

Feminism is something that the majority of women believe in and fight for on a daily basis, yet not always consciously. I believe that every woman has the right to be anything she wants. Still, not all women will agree. The harsh reality is that feminist women who care for their appearance are often not taken seriously or even scolded by fellow feminists.

Modern feminism is divided into two different categories, the “true” feminist and the “fake" feminist (the more common of the two) and this division is a gross hypocrisy. By definition, a feminist can be either gender. The definition of feminism has been so misinterpreted that it is like a secret society where only certain women can join. In the early days of feminism when women first started to work outside the home, feminists were displeased because some women still chose to stay home. “A housewife is a parasite”, writes Betty Freiden who describes herself as a feminist writer.

Feminism has helped women all over the world become their own person, through voting, and demanding to be viewed as equals to men. On July 19th, 1948, a resolution was passed that women had a right to vote, thanks to one woman who had the courage to stand up and be heard, her name was Elizabeth Cady Stanton. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, Stanton and Susana B. Anthony, together became the driving force for the Women’s Rights Movement. Back when women were viewed as the property of men and a value of their home, these women, and women after them stood up and demanded rights. These rights now give us the freedom to become who we want and they give us equal opportunity. But this wonderful movement, taken to the extreme, can be counter productive and take away freedoms. They shun any woman who dyes her hair or paints her nails. It is wrong to say that feminism is bad, or has not helped our grandmothers, mothers and our children in the future generations. Modern women today choose to be married, while some are single parents and others live on their own. We have equal rights as men, and sexual harassment laws are in place to prevent mistreatment in the workplace and in society in general. Women are leading ladies of Canada, and many aspects of businesses around the world. Michaelle Jean is the Governor General of Canada, Anna Wintour is the editor in chief for Vogue (one of the biggest fashion magazine’s around the world), and Kimora Lee Simmons is the CEO of Baby Phat (one of the most successful female hip-hop clothing brands). These women would not be able to become these huge successes if it wasn’t for the women’s movement that began many generations ago. These women who came before us, through their act and struggle have created limitless opportunities for women to follow.

The “anti beauty” ideology that has dominated feminist thinking about dress and personal appearance for 150 years is something that modern women have to struggle with. There are many aspects of the feminist movement that are also not fair, and are creating two types of women. Women, who do not color their hair, shave their legs or follow fashion. On the other hand there are women who find pleasure in “girly” things, such as manicures and facials. Who gets to draw the line of where a true feminist is, and one who is a plaything on a man’s arm? Instead of women joining together and standing in unison, certain women are delegating who is who. A woman who gets breast implants, or buys a coat that is worth more than her car, is more likely to do that for her self-confidence rather than to attract the opposite sex. But if a woman does get breast implants for more male attention, who has the right to tell her that she is in the wrong? Isn’t feminism about women feeling good about them and being confident in their skin? Women who are feminine and are into fashion and appearance should not be punished and looked down upon, they should have the right to dress and feel the way they want. Deep down no woman really dresses for a man anyway, it’s for women.

A well-known feminist author Jane Smiley was a feminist who believed that true feminists did not show themselves from the outside, and always had her hair cut into a short boy style. After many years of living her life this way, when she reached her mid forties she realized that she was not getting any male attention from the men she wanted. She went to see her therapist, who in turn sent her to his colorist. Standing in front of her mirror admiring her newly colored honey blonde streaks she realized that she would hate to give that up.

Feature Article

Skinny Minnie

In the world of fashion, does it make sense that designers are making clothes for a population that only exists on the runway?

There has been a lot of controversy this past year surrounding celebrities and models looking deathly ill due to their weight. The amount of pictures that have been made public of actresses like Kate Bosworth, Keira Knightley, and Hilary Duff looking too skinny for words has put pressure on the fashion industry to stop putting so much emphasis on the weight of models. But is the answer to this problem making models eat a few “Big Macs” or is there more than one view to this issue.

People who are familiar with the fashion industry and fashion shows know that the average model is anywhere from a size 0 to a size 1 as well as being around 5’9” to 5’11” in height. But what some people and most designers forget is that the average woman is around 152 pounds and is roughly 5’3.7” in height. The clothes that a designer is making for a model cannot be the same cut and style for the average woman walking down the street, it simply does not work. Despite the fact the styles and trends are adapted for the regular world and changed for average people does not mean that a size 16 woman should be wearing the same type of clothing as a size 2 woman. Trends should not be universal for all sizes because it makes people either afraid of fashion, which is a horrendous thought, or it makes them look ridiculous just because they want to be trendy, and what is wrong with wanting to be trendy? One of the things that has been said a lot in regards to models and designer garments is that the clothes would look better on women with a little more “meat” on their bones, girls who have a healthier appearance and a curvier body. But the women who are saying that are the women with the curvier bodies. Those are some of the reasons why designers and models are getting such a bad reputation; they are ignoring the public’s needs and wants.

Another issue with underweight models being highly viewed in the public is the effect they have on the younger generation. Little girls are seeing super- skinny models and actresses on television and are looking up to them and all they see are the things they want to have when they grow up; fame, fortune, beauty, and a weight less than their age. Although there is some controversy in whether the fashion industry is solely responsible for the increase in eating disorders with young women; they are definitely a contributing factor to why things like dieting and exercising to the point of exhaustion are becoming increasingly common.

The other side of the spectrum deals with more of the opinions of the designers and the modeling agencies. One of the biggest reasons why designers make clothes for rail thin women with seemingly large heads, otherwise termed “lollipop girls” is because they are the ones with the money to buy the clothes in the first place. Most of us “average people” do not have to money to buy the clothes, let alone the body to fit into those clothes. Really the designer is marketing towards the audience at their shows who will order something right off the runway and who will make them the most money. The designer is not targeting the people who will wear their designs after they have been adapted and stripped of their designer name. To a lot of designers their designs and clothing is an escape; it is a way for them to express themselves without too many repercussions. So a lot of them believe it is their right to display their garments on whatever size a model they see fit. Some people also think that fashion and especially runway shows are a kind of fantasy so in a way it makes sense to have the clothing on people who look like they would only appear in the movies and on television. So in this way fashion goes hand-in-hand with people who play different characters as their career.

With the events that occurred this year in Madrid, another opinion in this everlasting debate was opened; is it alright that models are super skinny so long as they are healthy? During Madrid’s fashion week the organizers decided they did not want the typical “lollipop girls” to be modeling the clothes on the runway, they would rather portray a healthier image of beauty. According to CNN.com the organizers used the body mass index or BMI to decide which girls would walk and which ones would sit this one out. The body mass index uses a persons height and weight to determine if they are underweight, overweight, or at a normal, optimal weight. This was a very good thing for them to use because it makes it less about who looks too skinny and more about who can actually be that skinny while maintaining their health. The reason why the organizers did this was due to protests about younger girls wanting to look like models and eventually developing eating disorders.

These issues have come to the forefront in recent years but they have been a part of the fashion industry for decades. So will the fashion industry ever change, should it change, and who’s right is it to make some changes happen? In the fashion industry there are 2 kinds of people the super thin and the plus size; there is no middle ground for the average person. Should there be an average sized model? Is that how everyone will finally be happy with the fashion industry or will it just cause more problems? This is an issue that does not have an easy answer; it is up to the individual to make their own judgments and come up with their own conclusions. The only sure thing is that so long as there is fashion there will be controversy.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh, George! deadlines are looming!

Please note that next week in class (November 7) will be the deadline for many things!

-You must read the feature articles posted on the site so we can choose two or three for the magazine in class on the 7th.

-Ideally, you'll have your Fashion Week reviews and your George in the City interviews ready to e-mail to me on the 7th. If not, we must at least know exactly what to expect so we can plan the page layout.

-Similarly, even if you're late with the money or the artwork, we need to know next week what ad bookings are coming in.

-Finally, I need the five writers of the services pieces that are going into the magazine to e-mail the edited versions to me this week, so I'll have them in both inboxes after class on the 7th.

(Also: a reminder to edit our online writing and sign it, even if it's not going into the magazine.)

Happy Hallowe'en, folks!


Issue Based Article Submission

Pain in the Back
Physicians frown on fashionable gigantic gym bags. By: Abigail Jesion

Jessica weighs 125 lbs, and her cute, stylish, lululemon school bag is 35 lbs. She has three textbooks, a binder, her lunch and supper, school supplies and some personal items. She is walking from the station to school and is slightly bent over on one side, trying to manage her large load, coffee, and a cell phone. Can you relate to this?

Lululemon and Puma bags are all the rage for a choice of school bag. Have you given thought to the fact that these oversized bags can be detrimental to your body? Are you wearing your backpack properly? Are you carrying too many textbooks in your bag? It's become an all-too-common sight: students bent over from the weight of giant backpacks filled with heavy books, binders, folders, laptops, iPods, food and other assorted personal bits and pieces. Here is some information about the risks associated with heavy backpacks — and how to avoid them.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were more than 21,000 backpack-related injuries treated at hospital emergency rooms, clinics, and doctors’ offices in 2003. Shockingly, 55 percent of students carry backpack loads weighing more than 15 percent of their body weight, and one-third of those students said they have back pain. Most of the students surveyed are carrying backpacks weighing more than 20 percent of their body weight. Doctors say that your backpacks shouldn't weigh more than 10 percent of you body weight. Take your bag and weight it on a scale if you have to.

This issue is a bit controversial, as there's no proof that backpacks specifically cause back problems. However, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the American Physical Therapy Association have set various guidelines that should be followed with backpacks to reduce the potential risks associated with them.

A heavy backpack might also contribute to students experiencing posture problems due to leaning too far forward, rolling their shoulders and causing a more rounded upper-back. They are forced to tilt their head up to see properly, which strains the back and neck muscles and can cause nerve damage in the neck. Carrying a heavy backpack can be a source of chronic, low-level trauma.

Students might also lean backwards from the weight, which can modify the bend of the back and cause stress fractures in the spine. If they wear their bag on only one shoulder, they might walk tilted to one side and experience neck pain. In addition, if the straps on the bag are too thin, they can dig into the neck and shoulder muscles and potentially cause nerve damage in that area. This is especially relevant to the large growth of gym bags as a preferred choice to students. They are putting all the weight on one side of their bodies, causing a lot of stress and trauma for them on a constant basis.

One problem seen in nearly 6 percent of students complaining of back pain is spondylolysis, which is a stress fracture in the back that can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications. One could also experience apophysitis, which is an inflammation of growth cartilage, often found in the heel. It is commonly treated with plenty of rest, a brace, and stretching exercises. A backpack load that is too heavy also causes muscles and soft tissues to work harder. This may then lead to extreme strain and fatigue leaving the neck, shoulders, and back more susceptible towards injuries.

Always be aware of the warning signs of an overweight bag. A key sign is if you notice yourself complaining of back pain. There is something wrong if your posture changes ie. leaning forward, backwards, or to the side once you have your backpack on. In addition, excessive redness on pressure points such as shoulders means the bag is too heavy.

If these problems are caught early enough then back pain can be reduced or eliminated. Carrying heavy loads can cause serious problems down the road if it’s not corrected early. Be sure to be aware of how much your bag constantly weighs.

The first thing one should do is purchase the right kind of backpack. It should have padded shoulder straps, as it will distribute the weight of the bag evenly over your shoulders. Also, a bag that comes with a waist belt will help distribute the weight throughout your hips. Shoulder straps should be adjusted so the bag rests at the middle of your back. If the straps are too tight, it will be difficult to get the bag off; if it is too loose, it will cause you to lean back too far. A bag with a padded back can also be beneficial in removing some of the pressure. As a possibility, one should look into a bag with wheels that you can roll around.

You should always wear both straps and compartmentalize your belongings so that all the weight in the bag isn't in one place. Gym bags do not offer this type of support because they are lacking in dual straps. In addition, you should sort through your bag every night, choosing only what you need, so that you don’t have to carry extra baggage. It is recommend taking multiple trips to your locker rather than carrying six books around all day. If you must carry a lot of books, keep some in your arms to balance out that uneven weight.

It’s understood that these suggested bags are not necessarily fashionable or trendy. Shop around and try to find a nice backpack. If you can’t find one, decorate one! Or just downsize on the amount of contents that enter your bag. You don’t really need ten pens or pencils and five lip glosses in your bag. Rent a locker and drop off your belongings throughout the day.

Fashion need not clash with one’s health, or come at the expense of it. Plan ahead, and realize the dangers. It is your prerogative to safeguard your wellbeing. Will you?


Few can resist the temptation to save a few bucks, and much less a few hundred or thousand. When it comes to luxury wares, particularly handbags, frugal fashionistas flock to street peddlers and internet hockers to get their manicured hands on the season’s latest and greatest at well below retail. No matter how luxurious the leather, perfect the pattern or sturdy the stitching is there a crime greater than not having carrying the latest IT bag? The answer is obvious with global repercussions ranging from economics and security to humanity that put the price tag far beyond the imagination of even Louis Vuitton himself.

Faking it is big business and just keeps getting bigger. Consumer supply and demand has aided in driving it up over 10 000 percent in the past decade. With seven percent of world trade now in counterfeit goods, the International Trade Commission now estimates the market in illegitimate goods at least $600 billion and an enormous threat for the global economy.

In March of 2006, Washington acknowledged the need for international intervention with Bill 32, the “Stop Counterfeiting in Manufactured Goods Act”, the first threat to the Flendi bag in over 20 years. Revising federal criminal stature, this is setting a new international standard by adding the mandatory forfeiture, destruction and restitution of offensive goods not to mention increased prison terms by up to 20 years for the offenders.
Global response has stepped up significantly in the past year, with reports of hundreds of millions of dollars in seizures sending garbage bag toting vendors scurrying from Canal Street and Milanese marketplaces and lawsuits from Fendi, Tommy Hilfiger and Coach leaving retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club scrambling.

The economic impact can be startling when we take into account the depressed cycle created by counterfeiting that begins with decreased legitimate retail sales and ends in the loss of jobs in the manufacture, distribution and sale of legitimate goods. Equally concerning is that the FBI and Interpol estimated $250 billion in lost revenue caused by counterfeiting is money not paid into taxes and thereby schools and hospitals.

At the very heart of the issue is simply a matter of intellectual property. Though the idealism of recognizing and withholding the legally defined creative integrity of trademarks and copyrights can become cloudy when multi-billion dollar corporations are the benefactors, the principle remains unchanged. That LV Speedy bag was created by an artist whose monetary success shouldn’t jeopardize his right to exclusivity anymore than the fledgling designer in the studio on Queen Street.

This begs the question: if a bag isn’t making money for a luxury goods conglomerate, then who is it making money for? The answer is organized crime, terrorist groups and even dictatorships. Until very recently, the low risk of prosecution and enormous profit have built counterfeiting into an extremely attractive enterprise for criminal and terrorist groups to raise and launder funds. The China town Berkin is very often worth far more than its bargain basement price tag upon arrival, with illicit drugs smuggled in through its lining. The links between Al-Qaeda, Basque terrorists ETA and fake Rolexes, shampoos and high society handbags are charted in seizures containing terrorist training materials among the cheap couture and Montblanc pens. The business starts with imitation luxury goods and ends with narcotics, weapons, money laundering and grand theft which can leave us guilty of a crime far beyond simple thrifty materialism.

So criminals make the profit, but who makes the handbag? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the answer is always child labour and in conditions far worse than any legitimate Nike sweatshop. The International Anti Counterfeiting Coalition reports that factory workers are often handcuffed minors in the most dire of all assembly lines. The metaphorical blood stains on a knock off often set the bargain basement price.

As a concerned consumer, is it possible to build a guilt free designer wardrobe at a fraction of the Holt Renfrew price tag? Not likely. The biggest rule in honing your consumer instincts to match your fashion sense is that when the price sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. This means closing your eBay account and coming to terms with the fact that the designer discount warehouse whose wares come out of garbage bags does not have a Louis Vuitton licensing agreement no matter how flawless its renditions. Yes it is true that authentic stolen bags can be found streetside from time to time but the moral dilemma remains unchanged. When haute equals hot, it also equals plain theft. End of discussion.
If you are in doubt as to the authenticity of a legitimately acquired purchase, check out the advice of websites such as www.mypoupette.com, which can help point out the details to investigate or take it straight to the source at an authorized dealer.

If you simply can’t resist carrying the silhouette of the season, make sure it’s a similar, or inspired by bag, which are entirely legal, very well made, inexpensive and obviously not authentic, despite familiar details. These are available legitimately at many retailers and will often only vary in the trademark pattern.

Sacrificing a season must-have for a clear conscience is an effortless feat and only frees up cash to be spent on the wares of local designers and other beautiful and legitimate goods that don’t rob lives, ideas, jobs and security to line their own pockets. Also, there is absolutely no crime in finding great deals in consignment shops that flog the cast offs of the privileged or simply modifying your tastes to match your budget.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Red Red Line

Product Red: "Consumer power at work"

For many of us a typical day involves waking up for a day at work or school, a meeting with a significant other or group of friends, and perhaps a little shopping. Health and happiness are too often taken for granted in the consumer-driven culture of developed countries. And as we indulge in the fruits of our privileged society, people in Africa are dying by the million of AIDS, a disease that with proper treatment can be controlled. Amid the media’s constant stream of advertising and entertainment we are reminded that the need for donations to this cause is urgent. (PRODUCT) RED is a new and unique economic initiative that aims to eliminate this tragic issue by putting consumer power to work.

(PRODUCT) RED is a branded product line created by Bono (of U2) and Bobby Shriver, co-founders of DATA (Debt AIDS Trade Africa), the public sector of the global fund for AIDS relief in Africa. It was launched in the UK in early March of 2006, and next in America in October of 2006. Gap has also recently launched its (PRODUCT) RED line in Canada, France, and Japan, and other participating companies are sure to follow suit in the near future. Its main objective is to engage the private sector by using businesses and shoppers as a vehicle to raise awareness and money in the fight against AIDS. The plan is to have some the world’s most powerful companies create a line of products, and to contribute up to 50% of their profits to AIDS relief. Iconic brands such as GAP, Converse, Giorgio Armani, Apple, MTV, Myspace.com, American Express (UK) and AIM have all graciously signed on the dotted line, which means that these companies will license the (PRODUCT) RED mark. Companies that choose to market this brand make a 5-year commitment promising to produce unique products that reflect their individual personalities and appeal to their target market. For example, GAP and Armani are creating everything from t-shirts and jackets to sunglasses and belts, with fragrance lines to come in the near future. Converse has not only developed a line of (PRODUCT) RED sneakers, but has also decided to embrace its customers’ creativity by launching MAKE MINE RED, an online feature granting shoppers the opportunity to submit their own footwear designs. Motorola and Apple are the 2 electronic head liners for (PRODUCT) RED. Motorola has embraced this initiative by becoming its worldwide wireless partner, creating unique phones specifically designed for this cause. Apple has come up with a new, limited-edition iPod Nano with a shiny red enclosure and top-of-the-line features. Sound appealing? The incredible thing about this line is that it capitalizes on our consumer appetite; the products are everyday things shoppers already find in their favourite stores, but by choosing this particular brand, you’re not only helping yourself, but helping to save lives.

Shriver says that through this initiative "[w]e want to change history by writing its future. With (PRODUCT) RED, consumers can tap into the power of commerce to do something amazing and unprecedented. Our partners have created incredible products that consumers will want and need, which is the beauty of (PRODUCT) RED. We’re not asking anyone for a donation or for them to change their behaviour. People buy things every day. But now when they buy (PRODUCT) RED, they will look good and do good - and that’s good business."

AIDS is the leading cause of death in Africa, with approximately 3 million people dying every year. Another terrifying statistic is that 25 of the 40 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the world are living in Africa. More startling still is that 60% of victims are women who pass the disease onto their unborn children, who in turn become orphans when their parents succumb to the disease. Bono describes the serious need for increased awareness and support in the fight against AIDS in Africa and the symbolic nature of the product line’s name: "AIDS in Africa is an emergency. That’s why we chose the colour red. When you buy a (PRODUCT) RED product, the company gives money to buy pills that will keep someone in Africa alive. The idea is simple, the products are sexy, and people live instead of die. It’s consumer power at work for those who have no power at all."

Surely doing your part to fight AIDS in Africa by buying (PRODUCT) RED sounds like a good idea. However, you’re probably thinking "but I don’t want everything I own to be red!" Those companies who wish to stay true to the brand name may do so, but making products only in the shade of red is not a requirement. What makes an item (PRODUCT) RED is the red logo superscript that each product will bear.

One thing that must be made clear about (PRODUCT) RED is that it is not a charity. As stated earlier, it is a commercial initiative promoting awareness and contributing funds for the private sector of the global fund to fight AIDS in Africa. Their intentions are not for consumers to donate all of their money, but to help save lives while living a normal life. It is believed that many will purchase these items completely unaware of this organization or what their purchase means for AIDS victims in Africa. Professor Richard Feachen, Executive Director of the global fund, describes (PRODUCT) RED as "a brilliant and effective response to the greatest global crisis of our time – the HIV/AIDS pandemic. There is no one way to solve this problem, but (RED) has come up with a smart and unique way to do so." I couldn’t agree more.

For more information on the (PRODUCT) RED line visit www.joinred.com.

Feature Article Submission 1

Has the media gone too far? Is promoting body image better for the health of our economy or is it strictly the tradition of marketing ploys.

In recent years the model figures that are gracing the covers of our magazines and starring in the movies we watch, have created and immense confusion to the actual definition of a healthy body image. Actresses of such include, Heather Locklear, Nicole Kidman, Calista Flockhart, and Renee Zelwigger. And more are becoming stick sisters as we speak because of the high competition in the industry. But have these stars gone too far? Choosing frailty and fame rather than risk of being criticized for having curves? As quoted from this past years Emmy Awards red carpet, Jennifer Aniston, 30, adds, “My God, these girls make me look fat!” Feeling the pressure much, Jen? This is having personal trainers around the world fuming mad and losing work. Years ago working out was the only health conscious way to lose weight and now drastically reducing carbohydrates in your diet is the sure fire way. Here is the beginning of our serious dysfunctional journey. As the beautiful figures of our time take eating disorders to a whole new level. Diseases of poor nutrition like these can cause infertility and osteoporosis, just to name a few, which can put them at risk for fracturing bones depending on the type of activities they are involved in.

So let the beautiful-yet-emaciated beware. This year Pasarela Cibeles (Spain’s most important fashion event) has barred catwalk models with a body mass index (a weight-to-height ratio) lower than 18. After noticeably starved models took the runway at last year’s event, Spain’s health and women’s organizations as well as Madrid’s regional government pressured organizers to change the look of their shows. With further explanation, the Vice-councilwoman for the Economy in Madrid’s regional government states,
“Our intention is to promote good body image by using models whose bodies match reality and reflect healthy eating habits.”
With these new set restrictions it will prevent 30% of the 50 models that participated in last year’s event to attend in these years Cibeles. The girls must be taking it hard. For an industry that was difficult to get into from the start and traditionally having rake-thin models for hire, it’s making it more difficult for them to keep their jobs. Research shows that being tall and thin boned does not necessarily mean that your sick, but the World Health Organization defines a BMI below 18.5 as “underweight” and the show organizers have made exceptions for the naturally thin. So does this mean that we’ll be seeing models reaching for burgers and milkshakes? Probably not, but anything to gear the woman in the industry away from unhealthy eating habits is a great start.

On the FLIP side …
Jean Paul Gaultier has swapped size 0 models for size 20 models!
To define his comments, Gaultier found his own way to debate the reasoning of size 0 models by putting a larger model down the catwalk to show off his clothes. A somewhat amusing sight but the message was clearly made. The plus sized model dwarfed the other models in their place. Being a size 20 made the controversy known to all his viewers but at the same time, is it fair to say that overweight women should have the same opportunities as a thin women in this industry? Or is more of an exploit? In Gaultiers show the model was clearly overweight, and that could easily be considered an eating disorder as well. So, with plus-sized models gaining ground, what are the fashion insiders saying about this? Fashion, although having Health Ministers on top of height-to-weight ratio standards, cannot be regulated. Fashion cannot be regulated it is an art form. To many in France, they laugh at this controversy and feel super skinny will always be in. But in Countries like Britain and Italy obesity is becoming a larger fact of life. In the Haute Couture world plus-sized models are a rarity and we have yet to see more designers take advantage of the “real” women as their models. They tend to be sectioned off for ready-to-wear.

Who knows were this is going to lye in ten years from now, but the main message is to promote healthy eating to all those that are figures to our children. Actors and Actresses, Models and Singers, Mothers and Fathers, your roles are more important than you think. When huge corporations and field events are planned out, there is always over seen thoughts on the “what ifs.” But in the Fashion industry there is still and most likely going to always be snob appeal to this art form. There was an original form of the female body that we consider sexy and we all know that sex sells. There just comes a point when a higher decision has to be made when something could possibly be crossing the line. Women and men see themselves with their own eyes whether they are distorted or not, but there should be a line that people can understandably know is being crossed especially when it comes to being healthy. Majority of the people who suffer from eating disorders are proven to look up to a certain figure that they admire because of their insecurities. In an eating disorder such as obesity there tends to more depressed thoughts of themselves because of certain figures that they cannot imagine to posses in themselves. These thoughts come from trying to fit in to the norm. Everyone out there should know that they are the norm, they are beautiful and we all should see that in ourselves. In the Fashion industry the beauty should be held in the styles and medias we use to express feelings and emotions and not with the bodies underneath the art. And a person/body is what they make of it. You are what you make of yourself!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ad Sales Coordinator Contact Info

Hope everyone had a great reading week and sold lots of ads! Here is my contact info as Ad Sales Coordinator: email colleenmelissa@yahoo.com
cell 416.554.3859.

Monday, October 16, 2006

submission-hip beads


Beads on the waist are becoming modish.

As we all know, culture has had a big impact in the world of fashion. Before we know it, here comes another! Did you know people wear beads around their waist? Wait a minute. Before we go there, what’s the first thought that enters your mind when you hear the word “beads”? Jewellery right? You’re right. (Pins, beaded bracelets, purses) Beads have been around for a long, long time, and have been used in trade as a form of money and wealth for thousands of years. Many countries have developed their own distinctive styles, and even wore beads as part of their religious beliefs.
Body Beauty
So if beads are worn on other parts of the body, then why not the waist? Well, Africans do wear beads around the waist; they put beads on a newborn baby girl to differentiate the women from the men. They believe that beads shape the body, adding extra beauty and expressing culture. If you ask most Ghanaians why they wear beads, most may refer you to the Bible. Here’s the most common verse in Matthew, chapter 13:45-46: “Again, the kingdom f heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it.” This shows how valuable beads are. African men respect women with beads around the waist; they think it stands out, and find it very sexy and attractive.
Coping Culture
Beads come in different sizes and colors. Imagine a nude body with colored beads on the waist. Now this is fashion for the bare body and should be worn proudly. Many cultural groups in Ghana believes that before a man asks a woman’s hand in marriage, beads must be one of the gifts given to her by the men in the process of asking for her permission. Many other cultures have begun wearing them too (Indians, Spanish, and even the South Americans to name a few) not just in African culture. Similarly, nose piercing, which is part of Indian culture, is now being practiced by others as fashion. Wearing beads on the waistline is slowly becoming the latest in fashion because they are stunningly sophisticated. There are no disadvantages; they stay on the waist until you’re ready to cut them off. It has no effect on the style of your dressing; they could be worn over your underwear. I’m sure having beads on the waist will eventually be acknowledged for fashion in the world, because it is wearable and appealing to both men and women.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

submission - Find your sole mate...

Find your sole mate…What kind of shoe are you…?

Looking for that perfect fit? We’ve got the trick. Find your true match… at least when it comes to your feet…

1. What is your ideal vacation…?
a) relaxing on the beach
b) a wild safari adventure
c) a wine tasting tour in France

2. What is your favorite kind of ice-cream…?
a) French vanilla
b) Mango sorbet
c) Chocolate

3. What’s your ideal Friday night…?
a) A hot bubble bath
b) A night on the town!
c) Watching a chick flick with your best buds.

4. Where is you favorite place to shop
a) The mall
b) Queen Street
c) eBay

5. How often do you change your hair colour…?
a) I like my hair colour…au natural
b) I don’t remember what my original colour is…
c) A few highlights here and there

6. I can’t leave the house without…?
a) A sweater
b) My cell phone
c) Chapstick

7. You arrive in style on your wedding day in …?
a) A horse-drawn carriage
b) A spicy red corvette
c) A shiny white limo

8. If you had to wear glasses you would choose
a) Wire framed
b) Cat eyes
c) Colored plastic frames

9. On New Year's Eve you would most likely be found
a) a fancy dinner party
b) New York City…Times Square
c) In a cozy cottage with your five best friends

10. Your best friend wants to hook you up on a blind date with a guy she thinks would totally be your style, you say
a) “Sure, if he buys dinner"… (McDonalds doesn’t count)
b) “Yah, he could be my Prince Charming.”
c) “No way, blind dates are not my thing”

11. One of your best gals is getting hitched. for her wedding shower you give her
a) A silver tea tray
b) Sexy lingerie
c) An Andy Warhol work of art

12. your favorite snack is
a) Milk and cookies
b) Nachos and salsa
c) Veggies and dip

The results…

Mostly A…
Classic flats
Timeless says it all! You always seem poised, and elegant. You are a true blue friend. Everyone knows they can always count on you. You know that true grace comes from being true to yourself.

Mostly B…
Sexy Stiletto
For you, there is no dress rehearsal, you’re the life of the party and you love every bit of it. Your risky and to-the-point, and your friends know there’s never a dull moment when you in a room.

Mostly C…
Comfortable converse
You bounce easily between activities just like your favorite pair of Converse. You like to stick with what you know… while adding some colour to it here and there. You love adventure and challenge; there’s another quest coming, so you’ll have new ways to stay occupied and happy.

By: Rebecca Morin

Friday, October 13, 2006

Skinny Jeans

Service Journalism Submission # 11

Skinny Jeans

“Skinny jeans, are they the new boot cut?”

As many of you may already know skinny jeans are the new crave of the season. It seems like everywhere you turn someone has them on. Whether you are at a party or cruising the mall, people just can’t seem to get enough of them. Though many have already jumped on the skinny jean band wagon, there are still a few who haven’t. They’re still asking themselves “are skinny jeans for me?” Well I’m here to give you the skinny on skinny jeans.

“What are skinny Jeans?”

Skinny jeans are straight up and down. They are very narrow throughout the entire leg and are tapered at the ankle. They leave little to the imagination since they almost fit like tights. Skinny jeans come in many different colours and variations. Some are high waisted and others are low waisted. They are also available in all different sizes and materials (stretch, non stretch etc.). Also a lot of skinny jeans don’t cut off perfectly at the ankle so, they give a bunched up gathered look at the bottom, which is also very stylish and trendy.

“Who can wear them?”

Popular with rock stars and models, these jeans are a perfect fit for narrow bodies. Shorter girls with petite frames will love them for making their legs look longer. This cut of jean is perfect for boyish, narrow shapes, but they say if you have major curves on the bottom, they’re not the best choice. Curvy ladies don’t be discouraged though, because just about any shape can wear skinny jeans, as long as they’re worn right.

“How to wear skinny jeans?”

Skinny jeans can be worn with just about anything. Worn with flats, boots, heels or simple sneakers can be very flattering. Also when wearing them with boots, you have the option of tucking them inside the boots, giving you a new funky look. Wearing the right top with skinny jeans is also a key factor. If you are petite, you could probably wear almost any top and it will be okay. Though, if you are curvier on the bottom, it may be a good idea to wear a longer top. By doing so, you take away some of the emphasis you’ve created on your lower half when wearing skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans may not be the new boot cut, but they are taking over the runways. They’ve been in for three seasons now, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Skinny jeans are fresh, fun, trendy and hopefully this article has shown that. “Come on people, at least give them a try, you’ll never know if you like them unless you try them!” They are for everyone, so get up, go out and get you a pair of skinny jeans.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Important Date Reminders!

Next Tuesday, Oct 17: In-class multiple-choice quiz. More details here.

Tuesday, Oct 31 (Hallowe'en): Issue-based assignment or celebrity interview piece due in class and online

Also, after we choose the five service pieces for the magazine on October 17, you should edit and sign your piece on the blog so random readers know who wrote this polished piece of writing.


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Important note about Service pieces!

When you're reading the service journalism pieces, be sure you don't miss any! When the first page gets full, some of them will move to the second page. Click on the "Archives" for September and October to make sure you've seen them all (in the left-hand nav bar).

Also: We don't want to see names on the service pieces (yet), but you should sign your name to any other note or comment! So, if you've already posted, please go back and add your name!


Service Journalism Submission 10: Miranda Priestly

How to be Your Own Miranda Priestly

Get your Blog on with our definitive guide for the uber stylish and under technical.

Ever wanted to shout from the skyscraper tops how to buy the best quality cashmere, how to wear those new leggings or where to get the cheapest designer denim? No fashionista worth her American Express should be depriving the surfing class of her style or sensibility. You don’t need a journalism degree, an NYC address, an idealistic assistant or a collection of Hermes scarves to rewrite fashion. With a minimum of technical savvy and a maximum of imagination, it’s practically criminal to not have your own URL. Gear up in your Juicy Couture sweats, turn on your PC and find your fashion voice.

The Essentials: Just like any great Fashion Week party, every blog needs three things: a site, a host and a planner. The go-to gurus for easy blog design, sites like http://www.blogger.com/ and wordpress.com are one-stop shops for a painless passport to the blogosphere. Here you will set up an account, choice a name and select from some basic templates for your actual blogsite. The name will not belong to you and will look something like uglybetty@blogger.com., for example. Easy to use templates will allow you to add text and photos as they tickle your fancy with the greatest of ease and within a standard structure. These sites will host and provide the very basics for your site at no cost to you. A great option since the editor-in-chief position at this publication doesn’t start with a seven figure salary.

If your vision and your technical knowledge exceed the above, or you’re ready for the next step in self expression, consider your moving your party to a slightly swanker venue. Shopping for your own site, host and design tools can be fairly simple and cost effective and can add infinite credibility and cool to your blog. Make your way to http://www.godaddy.com/ to choice the perfect domain name and pick up a small hosting package for less than a pair of hawaiianas.. Owning the site will give you the ability to decorate as you see fit and take advantage of more sophisticated design services and templates at your disposal online such as http://www.typepad.com/ ot flicker.com that will up your ante on the web. Still on the user-friendly side, these can be easily downloaded to your site for minimal cost and are incredible tools for creating a truly professional, not to mention spectacular fashion function.

Most importantly, once the issue hits the electronic newsstands and the readers begin to arrive, become a gracious, knowledgeable, and generous editor. One of the most gratifying experiences of blogging is the social experience of sharing ideas and common interests. Keep striving to deliver the best of your own experiences to your audience and learn from theirs, no matter how long it takes for the Starbucks lattes and Fendi bags to start arriving at your desk.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Service Journalism Submission 8: Fool-Proof Trio

The Fool-Proof Trio
Three looks to save you for last minute dates

We all need a little spontaneity in our lives. One of the nicest things after a long day of work is an impromptu night out. Facing your wardrobe early in the morning is difficult enough; nothing kills the excitement of a potential soiree like having to face it for a second time that day. Like your old friends who are always around to save you in a moment of crisis, these three looks will come to the rescue every time.

“It looks better on me.”
It may be cliché, but one thing that is always hot on a woman is her boyfriend’s shirt. You know that feeling: you have just finished a hot and heavy session with your man and it is your turn to get the glass of water, so you slip on his J-Crew button-up and run to the fridge Risky Business style. Upon return to the love nest, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think: “Man, this really does work.” Well, you are right. And, if you do it properly, it can work for an evening out too. The key to this look is to wear the shirt the way you would wear it when you grab it off of the bedroom floor. Roll up the sleeves, leave several buttons open (you can even wear it falling off of one shoulder if you have a strapless on), and pop that collar! At this point you have two options: if you are feeling casual you can throw on a pair of tight jeans and some cowboy boots, or for a more sophisticated look, you can wear a cigarette pant with some pumps or even loafers. The final touch that will make you the hottest one in the room is the tousled hair. If you are going to mimic, you may as well go all the way. With the tousled bedroom hair and the boyfriend shirt, every person you see will look at you the way your boyfriend does after the big event.

The Low-Key Flapper
A second look that always comes through is, once again, based on men’s fashion. The difference is that this one takes its inspiration from the 1920s. There is something very powerful about the old-school gangster aesthetic, and it is a lot easier to achieve than you would imagine. All you need to have is a men’s undershirt (now referred to as a wife beater), a pair of suspenders, and a wide-legged trouser. The beauty of this look is that it works just as well when worn understatedly as it does dressed up. If you feel like going all out you can put some finger waves in your hair and pull it into a tight bun. Wear a big gold men’s watch and smoke a cigar. Heck, you could even throw in a fedora! Alternatively, this look works with nothing but some bright red lipstick and a pair of high top runners. Piece of cake!

A splash you say?
Stylists and fashion gurus always talk about adding a splash of colour to your favourite black outfit to give it some punch. This may sound simplistic but it is one of the best techniques for looking great in a hurry. Start by dressing in a few black pieces like a fitted skirt, a v-neck sweater, and some knee high boots. Once you have done that, all you need to add is an oversized strand of garnets, a big turquoise belt, or a colourful set of bangles and you are good to go.

So, next time your cell phone rings on your way home from work and someone invites you to go to the movies, relax and tell them you will see them in twenty minutes!

Service Journalism Submission 7: Winter Coats

Baby It’s Cold Outside
A guide to discovering the perfect winter coat

Winter is here. That might not be the most earth-shattering news but nonetheless it’s true. One of the most important items you shouldn’t be without this season is the perfect winter jacket. However, finding that ideal jacket isn’t as easy as it would seem. By putting a little time, effort and money into this you can definitely be comfortable, cute and carefree in your brand new winter coat.
Before you even step foot in a mall you should first discover your body. Every last one of us has at least one thing we hate or love. Your task now is to determine exactly what that is so we can take the steps to either accentuate or conceal them.

The Princess and the pea
For those of us who aren’t exactly hip hop video material the peacoat is a great option. The length and quality provides you with enough coverage to conceal your bum. If this isn’t necessarily a problem area for you personally, buying this coat is still a good idea. Its overall look of sophistication makes it a great pick.

Da Bomber
If you’re a woman with strong hips that you’re proud of the bomber jacket would be a great choice for you. Its length is minimal which helps to showcase your lower curves. On the other end of the spectrum, it is also great for that androgynous look. For those of you who do not have curves this jacket can still look fabulous.

The Parka
This jacket does an excellent job of creating an overall look of comfort. If you have a small frame the parka does wonders by filling you out and giving you the appearance of a thicker woman. This is a great casual piece for those of you who appreciate simplicity.

Fur and Leather
For you fabulous fashionistas who don’t have a single unlovable feature, a fur or leather coat may just be what you’ve been searching for. These items tend to symbolize confidence and status and draw attention to the wearer every time. These coats are perfect for the extravagant consumer.

Now that you know what style of coat best suits you it is time to decide which colour or pattern best defines you. For those of us practical consumers neutral is the best way to go. Neutral colours such as black, white and beige are very easily coordinated. For you unique individuals this is an opportunity to let your personality shine through. There are a wide variety of patterns and colours that will represent you the best.
Equipped with the knowledge you need to be successful, your next shopping trip should be a breeze. Remember that this is an investment. This purchase is meant to last more than one season so it is important that you pay accordingly. Quality is essential. If you have identified with more than one section have no fear because there are many combinations of styles to suit your every want and need. It’s all up to you now. Happy shopping!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

quiz #1

Just a reminder, if you (Sarah) can put guidelines on the blog of what we've covered and need to study for our first quiz. Thanks

Service Journalism Submission 6: Rock & Republic

Rock & Republic Renders Rears
“Victoria Beckham puts the victori in victorious by making jeans the new “it” with her line of Rock & Republic London Crown jeans”
In 2004 Victoria Beckham teamed up with Rock & Republic, better known as jeans, to make her own line of bottoms for women. The London Crown jean has been so far successful. The fit of the jean is meant to be long and slim, having a low rise waist and a tight fitted leg. The sizes range from 24-32, all having a 36” inseam; some say perfect for heels, others say a hassle to hem. Made of 99% cotton and 1% elastin, these five-pocket styled jeans have been made for comfort and long-lasted wear.
My overall destination was to find out if these jeans are all there cracked out to be, running for $300.00 a pop. So for this adventure I chose 4 well rounded and different opinionated candidates for my “do these jeans actually make my rear look P.H.A.T.?” interviews, including myself, Miss Sara, Miss Chelsea, and Miss Shallin. Arriving at the store of choice, Aritzia, Sara chose a 32, Shallin chose a 30, Chelsea chose a 26, and I chose a 28.
The first model was Shallin, coming out saying that they were “massive,” so she tried a size down, and what do you know? Too small! She found that the sizes jumped from one to another, she couldn’t find the right fit for her hips and legs, so to speak, she says, “they make my ass look flat.” Next up was Chelsea, the jeans looked fabulous. She said the fit was good, the waist was wonderful, and not only did she like them, she would spend her hard earned cash on those jeans, not because of the name, but because of the comfort. The next model was Sara, she wasn’t able to give an opinion of the jeans because the jeans were too small, very displeased to find out those jeans only go to a size 32. Comparing those of another Rock & Republic jean, they did come in a larger size, a 34, and they did fit Sara. The next contestant was myself, going in with an open mind to loving or hating the jeans. I liked the fit, but being a 5’2” woman without heels on, I found that the leg was approximately 5” too long for my leg, owning many heels, and loving a nice fitted jean, even that is too long for me. Although, this is not the first time a pair of pants has been too long, it is mostly always, so putting that aside, and thinking of a hem, I decided I did, infact, think those jeans were fabulous, although the dark wash wouldn’t be my first pick, I would pay the $300 for those jeans, and yes, it makes a fanny fantastic! So overall I found a half/half opinion of R&R’ Victoria Beckham’s jean, If the crown fits, wear it…

Cashmere Article

Just a quick note to say that today in class it was casually mentioned that we'd decide who would write the cashmere article for the magazine. It was a misunderstanding, when I mentioned the idea last week in class I was just sharing that this was my idea for my 1000 word interview piece, which I do plan on following through with. Thanks guys.

Advertising Notes

Full Page Vertical Advertisement: 150$
Half Page Horizontal Advertisement: 80-85$
1/4 Page Vertical Advertisement: 50$
Business Horizontal Advertisement: 20$

We'll be printing 1000 copies of Oh George.
Colour will only be available on the back cover advertisement and be sold at 200$ (usually to the student association)

Full Page advertisements are 5.0 x 8.0 inches
Half Page advertisements are 5.0 x 3.75 inches

When selling advertisements please request to recieve the logo or actual advertisement as a TIF file or a JPEG file. Also request that the size they give it to you be the actual size that will appear in the magazine. Pictures/logo's/any other image should be at least 300 DPI (dots per square inch)

What to do if we don't have any or enough advertisements:
1. Give space to someone that we support ( ie: city uptown or city downtown)
2. Run bigger pictures/titles with articles making a one page piece a two page piece
3. Insert a new article into the magazine

Our magazines advertisement rankings:
1. Best Position- Outer Back Cover - 200$ (usually to the student association)
2. Next best position- Inner back cover and Inner front cover (black and white full pages 150$)
3. Pgs. 5,10,17,19- Large or small ads available

-prepared by Kat Voye

Service Journalism Submission 5: Toxic Trends

Toxic Trends …
The fashion police are here to call a halt to all this season’s fashion felonies and faux pas. By: Abi Jesion

A fashion victim may be someone who is found stabbed by three-inch stilettos or suffocated to death by a corset. More often, it's someone who wants to so badly to be trendy that they’ll buy whatever the fashion authorities dictate or claim is in style. Although adhering to fashion is an admirable quality, being a slave to fashion is oft frowned upon. People like to see that you can display some initiative, rather than being enslaved, bound by the manacles of fashion. (Though, we have to admit, some guys rather like that!)

Think of the last five items you’ve purchased. If three or more are this season's must-have items, then you are in serious danger of becoming a fashion slave. Be a little more liberal and let some of your own personality shine through in your wardrobe.

The general rules for fashion pairings are simple. Don’t wear more than two of the current season’s must-have items together. This also applies to accessories. Avoid wearing more than three different accessories at the same time. A hat, necklace, large earrings, belt and huge bag are way over the top.

Fashion rules constantly change and evolve. What may be out one year may be in the next. Nevertheless there are some lines one should not cross if one’s name is not Johnny Depp.

1) Do not wear sunglasses indoors. Unless you’re holding the nut flush in a poker championship. Those of you who don’t know what a nut flush is, stay away from poker as well.
2) Don’t take your dog to your events. Please, while we all know that a dog is man's best friend, when your best friend is hairy, noisy, has bad breath, sometimes it's best to leave him behind.
3) Always wear your size. We realize that’s a do, rather than a don’t, but please, admit your size! Wearing a size too small actually makes you look twice as big.

Media, TV and magazines shouldn’t dictate what you must wear. Ask yourself if you really love all the trends in your closet. (If you say yes, go back and reread that sentence again. If you still say yes, I wonder what you think the word love means.) If you are not comfortable in the fad, then don’t wear it! If stilettos are too painful, then toss them. Are you self-conscious in fuchsia? Avoid it. Remember that you shouldn’t be sacrificing your health and mobility in order to look great. One or the other is usually enough.

Service Journalism Submission 4: Shopping

The Dark Side of Shopping
An ever-increasing addiction is being fueled by technology

Shopping is one of the most common pick-me-ups, especially for women between the ages of 18 and 25. A stressful day at home, a break-up or a bad day at work are all considered valid reasons to go to the mall and treat yourself to a new purse. For most of us, the excitement of this one impulse buy and the thought that tomorrow you’ll have a great new pair of earrings to wear is enough to lift our mood and put a new spin on the brand new day ahead of us. Unfortunately for some, this pick-me-up impulse buying is nothing but a vicious guilt-filled cycle.

Accessibility to credit cards, internet shopping and 24 hour shopping channels have given shopaholics unlimited access to their drug of choice.

The ability to purchase and receive by express delivery without actually seeing the amount of money they have available and without ever interacting with another person causes them to spin out of control. They are sent down a lonely and regret-filled path of endless debt, destroyed relationships, lost jobs and in extreme cases, the destruction of entire lives. With ever-progressing technology, for some, shopping has gone from being necessity, to a full blown addiction for some.

Compulsive shopping is categorized as a behavioral addiction and involves all the general symptoms associated with any addiction. Shopping and specifically spending release brain chemicals such as endorphins, which gives a feeling of happiness; serotonin, which in low levels causes depression, and dopamine, which is also released with the use of methamphetamine. For a compulsive shopper, the act of shopping and spending is associated with happiness and power and offers instant gratification. Shopaholics also experience the after effects of a high. They feel remorse, guilt and shame for what they have done, driving them to purchase again to achieve the brief but intense high once again. As with any addiction, the person becomes dependent on the behavior to relieve negative feelings, distress and discomfort. They feel the impulse to shop is absolutely uncontrollable. The combination of these symptoms leads to the worsening of the addiction and the need for professional help.

In the last few years, compulsive shopping has begun to be recognized by some psychologists as a genuine, destructive, and treatable disease. ALthough still doubted by some, many centres for addiction now offer treatment for this newly recognized disease, treating it in much the same way as an addiction to sex, drugs or alcohol. Recognizing that buying a new pair of shoes every time something goes wrong in one's life is a serious problem is a step in the right direction for those affected. But is it happening fast enough?

The increase in the number of shopping services available is ever-increasing and being made available to more and more people. This is a psychological disease with potential only to worsen in the future.

Michaele Laderoute

Monday, October 02, 2006

Edited Socialite Article

How to Become a Spoiled Socialite
Five social codes to join this established elite.

Elegantly Wasted : Attending social gatherings as a lady of society is a crucial part of your quest for Spoiled Socialite status. And during said gatherings, holding your liquor with poise and grace is essential, as a socialite's number one responsibility is to protect their reputation. Socialites everywhere would be destroyed if a member of the elite were accidentally to expose themselves in a drunken stupor, or be arrested on D.U.I charges. Behaviour such as this is a rarity in these social circles.

Canine Couture: As if the life of a socialite wasn't busy enough, they've somehow mastered the art of speaking pooch! And you must too if you want to become an elite member. Dogs have finally found their voice, and have demanded upper-class treatment in the form of jewelled collars and couture outfits. Also, to avoid any doggy tantrums or a smudged doggy mani/pedi, they've insisted on being carried around in designer purses. Socialites everywhere should be applauded for their triumphs on such an important discovery.

Artful Articulations: As a socialite, you must become accustomed to the idea of all eyes being on you in everyday life, at social gatherings, and most of all during a public speech. This being said, it's extremely important to develop a signature linguistic style that reflects your intelligence and oozes personal charisma. Popular examples are "that's hot" or "loves it!"

Graceful Grudge: With so many unique personalities in the world, you're bound to clash with a few of them, and that's ok - you can even make it work in your favour. The trick is to handle yourself in a manner of which your peers will approve. Most socialites remain hush-hush about their personal feuds; however, if Barbara Walters requests an interview with you and drills you about your latest enemy, by all means, dish. It's Barbara Walters. She has your best interests at heart, right?

Man Eater: As an elite socialite, it's essential that you become a heartbreaker. Attracting the man of the hourisn't always easy, so you must do whatever is necessary to lure him in. Nothing says classysocialite like a table or lap dance in the latest hot spot, or stealing your gent of choice away from another woman. But the second that he's wrapped around your pinky finger (and by this I mean he has tattooed your name on a visible region of his body) you must inform him that it's just not working out. This will instantly catapult you to heartbreaker status. And just a word of advice: any guy that's worth your time will never have the same first name as you. Do you really want to live your life married to a guy named Rebecca? Didn't think so.

*Note: "Man Eater" is a figure of speech. Don't actually eat the men in your life - they're way too high in calories and trans fat.

Written by: Kat Voye

Service Journalism Submission 2: Smokers

For all you smokers out there, aren’t you so tired of listening to people telling you not to smoke and how it’s bad for your health? Also have you wondered why the government would pay tobacco companies to put a warning message on every pack of cigarette? The pictures can be so disturbing that you might even ask for another one with a different picture.

Great, now that I’ve got your attention, you might as well read on. I am a smoker myself, but after doing a little research about the effects of smoking for women, I am trying to pass on a little more then just a message. What’s smokers face? The great wonders of what smoke can do to cause your skin to wrinkle and turn ugly like the wicked witch of the west.

First of all, tobacco smoke released into the environment has a drying effect on the skin’s surface. Secondly, because smoking restricts blood vessels, it reduces the amount of blood flowing to the skin, thus depleting the skin of oxygen and essential nutrients. Some research suggests that smoking may reduce the body’s store of Vitamin A, which provides protection against some skin-damaging agents produced by smoking. When you smoke, your mouth puckers on the cigarette and your eyes squints when you try to avoid irritation of the smoke. That’s what causes the wrinkle lines around the lips and eyes.

How to avoid deep wrinkles? Good news! A South Korean study of smokers, non-smokers and ex-smokers aged 20 to 69 found that the current smokers had a higher degree of facial wrinkling than non-smokers and ex-smokers. Previous smokers who smoked heavily at a younger age revealed less facial wrinkling than current smokers. Research has also shown that the skin ageing effects of smoking may be due to increased production of an enzyme that breaks down collagen in the skin. What is collagen? It is the main structural protein of the skin which maintains skin elasticity. Smokers in their 40s often have as many facial wrinkles as non-smokers in their 60s. In addition to facial wrinkling, smokers’ may develop hollow cheeks through repeated sucking on cigarettes; this is particularly noticeable in under-weight smokers and can cause smokers to look gaunt. Here are some other leeches that smoking can cause,

  • smokers have a risk or Psoriasis, but not life threatening
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Yellow teeth
  • discoloration of the fingers and fingernails on the hand used to hold cigarettes
  • blindness
  • early menopause
  • osteoperosis

If I were to go on about the countless effects smoking can cause, it could actually scare you. But if you’re interested in reading more, this is a good website that can

tell you more about how smoking can harm your body, and even hurting the people around you. http://www.center4research.org/ibrief-05-04smoking.html
Personally, I think its time to quit smoking. At least try to cut down and research around for different ways to quit. There are support programs, call centers, and even online help for support. Remember, quitting is to help yourself be stronger, and healthier. Its best to get rid of toxins to prevent heart disease. Here is a website where you can find more information on how to quit. http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/hl-vs/tobac-tabac/quit-cesser/ready-pret/index_e.html

Service Journalism Submission 1: Make-up

Make-up Your World

In our fast paced world, women do not have time to sit in front of the mirror for a half an hour doing their make-up. With a few quick steps, and some essentials, any woman can go from day to night as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Simply Irresistible
The day look is the kind of make-up anyone can wear every day to basic places like work, school, grocery store, anywhere else a woman goes on a daily basis. All anyone needs for this look is concealer, mascara, and something for the lips. Dab concealer onto any places of unevenness or redness, and tap onto the skin with your fingers until blended. Applying mascara can be personal, so experiment with different kinds and different techniques. Finish off this look by applying gloss, stick or balm using a wand, or fingertip. Every girl needs a little something to make her pout even more perfect. This look should not take longer than 5 minutes.

Glow For It
This look is for dates and other events like job interviews; when you want to look better than everyday, but still natural. To get this look, simply add blush and some neutral tones of eye shadow to the first steps. Using a powder brush, apply blush to the apples of the cheeks. Do this in a circular motion continuing into the temples, giving the skin a bright, fresh glow all women want. To apply shadow, sweep a light taupe or brown shade over the entire eyelid, then apply a light vanilla shimmer underneath the arch of the eyebrow. Adding the 5 minutes this step will take to the previous 5 minutes means you can be date ready in about 10 minutes. What guy wouldn’t love that?

Night Bright
For the night-out look, take time to experiment with new products, new colours or new techniques. The basic products needed to get the night look are darker or coloured mascara, eye shadows in different colours or with more shimmer, and a more colourful lipstick or gloss. The night look can be achieved by adding to the date look. It’s all about layers of colour. Mascara can be applied over all lashes or add coloured mascara to the tips of the lashes to make eyes seem more open. This is a good trick if you know you will be out until the wee hours of the morning. Shadow can be applied in a few ways; to use as a liner, use an angled brush to apply as close to the lash line as possible. Sweep a line across the lid until the brush reaches the end of the lash line, this can be repeated to make the line darker or thicker. To apply over the whole lid, sweep colour over the lid with a brush. To apply shadow to the crease, start at the outer corner of the eye and move the brush back and forth from the outer corner to about ¾ of the way to the inner corner. Eyes are the focus of this look, so make them picture perfect. Finish the look by applying lip-gloss or lipstick the same way as the second look, but with a heavier hand or layer with other colours. Five minutes with this step should take any woman from day to night in as little as 15 minutes.

Brainstorming Ideas from class of Tuesday, Sept. 26

Oh, George! vol. 3 no. 1 should be:

A: Serious, Sophisticated, Empowering, Professional, Inspiring, Helpful
B: Diverse, Interesting
C: Edgy, Fresh, Innovative, Flirty, Exciting, Shock Factor, Trendy, Fun + Games

Things that we would like to see involved in our issue of Oh George!:

• Sarcastic Humor
• Controversial issues
• Photography/ cartoons / drawings
• Baby fashion - what kids like to wear
• Nancy Huang interview - Winner of the White Cashmere toilet paper competition
• George Brown alumni - catching them out of their element
• Interviews of famous Toronto entrepeneurs

–prepared by Kendra Marshall