Tuesday, February 09, 2010


How to create this season’s look’s with last season’s colors. Spring cleaning in a new take!
*I hook up with Mac’s product specialist Michelle Los at Young and Bloor to get the latest scoop on what we will be expecting on the counter this spring and how to incorporate last season’s colours to generate the hottest trend.

Eye Spy...
Slate grey, vibrant green and violet starlet are just a few of the colors that are making an appearance this spring for the anonymous Smokey sexy look. Pairing multi coloured eyes and bright lips is usually a no-no, but the bold look of both are working this season on all faces. Strong bold shades such as passionate, purple haze, and electric eel are just a few of the flashy colors to load up on. Michelle says “Indulging in a vivid bold eye will be a definite trend that will represent the eighty’s”. Also incorporating softer colors will take the standard smoky eye from dramatic to delicate.

Quenching your thirst...
Golden nectar, Cherry Kracker, and Rock-a-dile red may be a few of the refreshing flavours from the early nineties, but lips this season are taking the juiced up shades from the original kool-aid! These bright colors are making an appearance this season and I don’t think anyone will mind. Punchy pouts are irresistibly sexy and can also act as an accessory for your outfit. Wearing just the lip colour or mixing it with a smoky eye is shaking up this spring. “We will also be seeing the usual nude lip, but this look is always a trend. Adding a bright gloss over-top will enhance the nude” says Los. Colours like MAC’s pink poodle, pink lemonade, and lychee lust are some of the popular shades to help to create this juiced up lip.

Cheeky Attitude...
Who said being a bronzed beauty is only for the summer? Not this season; no more April showers, the sun is peaking through. Having an ‘accidental’ sun kissed face is the new approach of the seasons look. Out with the (c)old, and in with the bold creates a fresh start to a fresh face. MAC make-up professional and product specialist, Michelle Los mentions that spring/summer is going to be very bright and romantic. No more of this wilted vampire look, instead we will be seeing a lot of warms, bronzes, and highlighted sheer tones for the face. Applying medium dark powder around the temples and the T-zone will perfect a flawless tan. Using your summer color lightly this spring will accumulate some extra cash as well.

Ace of Base
Acing the nearly naked look can somewhat be a challenge, especially in the brittle and dry weather, however using a moisturizer with soft diffusers and iridescent pigments will craft a soft, radiant light on the skin. Los recommends using MAC Strobe Liquid Moisturizer, “this product will reduce the imperfections on the skin and will provide it with a natural glow”. Sounds like this product will give your skin a boost in all the right places. Also an easy way to produce this look without having to spend the extra cash is to add a few drops of a sheer highlighter into your daily moisturizer and ta-da, iridescent beauty.

Oh La-La Lash...
Light up your eyes with cool tinted mascara. We all know that mascara is a must have every season, so why not spice up the day with blues, violets and plums! This look will enhance the natural eye color and give your eyes a natural luminosity.

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