Monday, February 08, 2010


What Works for Work: Get Your Closet Ready For Work.

As graduation is quickly upon us, some may wonder which of the latest trends are office appropriate. You want to be unique and show your own style; however you do not want to be uncomfortable and seem out of place. Follow these simple rules and you will have no problem dressing and accessorizing for the workplace.

Around the Neck

Picking jewellery to go with an outfit can sometimes be a task and picking jewellery for work can be even harder. To choose the right piece keep in mind you don`t want to be distracting with your jewellery, by being too flashy or with loud sounds it may make. You also want to be wary of long pieces where you may get caught on a co-worker; which can be awkward! Just remember to leave your big chunky or long necklaces at home and opt for more subtle pieces. You can get great pieces for a good price from Forever 21. Or for simple more expensive jewellery Tiffany & Co. might be the right place for you.

Back to Basics

Everyone needs that great basic suit, which never gets old. Because the suit is a staple item and you can get your use out of it season after season, it is an item you can splurge on. The three essentials you need in your basic suit collection are: a well fitted blazer, trouser pants, and a at the knee pencil skirt. How the suit fits is very important. You want a blazer which reaches the hip-bone or a little below, one where the button does up at the smallest part of your waist, and that the shoulder seam runs across the edge of your shoulder. There are many possibilities when it comes to trousers. Here are some tips for your body type. To balance out wider hips and thighs, look for straight legs to create a longer line. To look taller, go for straight or boot cut trousers for an elongating effect. To hide a tummy, look for a trouser that sits right below the belly button. If your budget allows it, invest in a great tailored suit from Holt Renfrew.

Inject personality

Now that you have all your basics you can add in tops with colour, textures, and patterns. This is an easy way to add your personal style. Because trends only last one to two years you don`t want to make a big investment on these pieces. Try H&M for some inexpensive feminine tops.

Low, High, Thigh

When it comes to your feet, you want to find something comfortable and something you can wear all day. You don’t want to be at work thinking, “I can’t wait to take these off!” The essential shoes everyone should have in their workplace wardrobe are: a pair of flats, classic high-heeled pumps, and a mid-calf boot. Flats are great for a position where you are on your feet a lot. They can be both particle and stylish. Wearing heels probably is not for the person who is on their feet all day. When wearing heels in the workplace, try and stay in neutral tones, nothing too flashy. When winter comes around a popular choice for footwear are boots. Just because you think UGGS are comfy and warm for winter does not mean you should wear them to work. Keep those for the weekend. Instead go for a simple leather mid-calf boot. You can go to Town Shoes to find all your basic shoe needs.

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