Monday, February 08, 2010

Painfully Pretty

Imagine what your beauty is doing to your body?

As ladies we've grown up with the saying “Beauty is Pain”, not realizing that this is unfortunately true. Now a days were thinking of beauty before our body. We go on with our beauty routines not realizing the harm we could be causing. Who ever said beauty is pain was saying it lightly. The effects of plastic surgery are known, but what about the everyday stuff that is missed. We as ladies probably cause more harm to ourselves then we know. For instance plucking your eyebrows, carrying that brand new BIG “IT” bag, or wearing those fancy new Manolo Blahnik, things we do everyday to be pretty.

The Big and Bold eyebrows are a thing of the past, now its all about the thinner the better. This is where plucking comes into play in woman's lives. Plucking your eyebrows may be doing more damage then you think. As we pluck each week we are not noticing the damage that plucking may be leaving. As we continue to pluck to be pretty we are causing our skin to become dry and terribly more harsh looking. Karen Eldridge, an esthetician says “ As customers come in we see a lot of attempts gone wrong at plucking that have caused the area to look dry, with pores being enlarged and ultimately not appealing”.

Don't get me wrong I love this trend, but just like every other women I pack way to much in my bag from books to a full size meal. The big bag is all the rave and continues to grow in popularity. The big bag unfortunately causes BIG problems. Women seem to follow the trend of the bigger the better, but this trend is leaving us with more lifetime effects then noticed. We are constantly carrying these bags on our shoulders causing our muscles in our shoulders to strain as well as causing terrible posture. Ending up like the hunch back of Notredome isn't what we want.

Imagine not being able to walk in the newest trend of high heels. Imagine not being able to place your foot into that new cute shoe. To most women this isn't a possibility and obviously for the most part high heels just cause us blisters, and the inevitable sprained ankle. Here comes the true, a common problem for women who decide to wear high heels everyday for most days is “Hallux Valgus” - described as being the condition where the big toes is inclined to curve towards the other toes ( ). This is due to the fact of our toes being pointed downwards with the pointed tips causing a crunch of our toes. Unfortunately no matter how gorgeous our feet look in the newest Manolo Blahnik, no band-aid can fix this and no pedicure can make it look pretty.

I'm not saying that we should stop following these trends, but i am saying that we should do it more safely. Why not go back to the BIG and bold while giving your eyebrows a break from the undeniable pain tweezers cause. Give that big bag a rest, retire it for something that is simple yet stylish like the crossover bag which are cute and doctor recommended. Another tip is to stay grounded ladies – I do mean in the area of shoes. Choose a more fashionable shoe statement like the flat. Take my words I have shared and maybe try to be healthy in body and beauty. Fashion hurts, but it doesn't always have too.

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