Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Shopping Rehab

Finding the loopholes

Spring is here, time to hide away the old and bring in the new. No more bundling up its time to shed it off and show some skin!
Before you decide you’re going to spend your next pay check at the mall, think about if you really need to. Maybe you’re still on a budget and can’t afford to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for the new season... But who really wants to wear all of last year’s gear when new and exciting trends are coming into the picture?
Ok, this is where we all confess and own up to our shopping addiction. Don’t you remember all the sweet clothes you bought last year, and the year before that? Chances are most of them are still in great condition. It’s time to revamp your style, get creative and have some fun! Maybe you will end up spending a little bit of cash on some new accessories or key pieces, but definitely a lot less than usual...

On the road to recovery

First things first, if you plan to save money you must make some rules for yourself. Set a weekly spending goal (less than you would regularly spend in a week), and track everything you buy in a notebook. This will help you realize where you’re spending the most money, what are necessities and what can be sacrificed on your list.

Wardrobe Revamp

Now that were saving money and getting into the habit of avoiding the mall, we need to start concentrating on getting creative with the apparel we already have. Classic pieces like a white button-down shirt or a sophisticated blazer are trends we saw in the fall but can also make stylish spring ensembles. Why not try belting that oversized t-shirt dress from last spring and pairing it with some fun coloured tights and knee-high boots? Bust out those scissors and a needle and thread to add some details to clothing that are usually blah. You can buy lace or beaded trims at fabric stores for very cheap that are really easy to sew onto tops or cardigans by hand. And isn’t it about time you got those vintage pieces you found at the thrift store tailored to your perfection. Don’t let them collect dust any longer; it’s very inexpensive to tailor a garment.

Spring Cleaning

When styling yourself it really helps to remember that less is more. Not speaking in terms of layers but what you have to choose from. For example have you ever spent hours searching for that one particular shirt only to find it days later in a pile that's been growing in your room. It was the last place you thought you’d find it. My point is putting together an outfit can be stressful if it involves searching. This is another good reason to clean out your closet for the new season. Recycle everything you haven’t worn in longer than a full year by donating it to your local thrift store. One man’s junk is another’s treasure. There are even some places you can sell old garments that are in good condition to like myexcloset.com. You simply tell them how much you want for it and they sell it for you online. In order to achieve a fresh start you must get rid of clutter. Another possibility is to have a clothing swap with your friends. Every one brings a bag of clothing they no longer want and trade it off with their friends.

Finishing Touch

Another good idea is to not only organize your closet but your jewellery box as well. You’d be surprised at how many accessories you’ve forgotten about over the months that are probably timeless and will work with many outfits. With a little accessorizing you will be able to make any old wardrobe look new. The key is to remember that fashion always repeats itself.

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