Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Trends of Time

How to revamp retro for 2010

We’ve all heard the classic cliché that “history repeats itself” and the fashion industry is no exception. We are constantly reminded by previous generations that they too “used to have one just like that”, and so they did. Our grandmothers were the first to wear micro-mini’s, bright colours, and mix matched patterns, our mothers went from bell bottoms to shoulder pads and acid wash jeans, while we have seen a combination of them all. The circle of fashion will continue to rotate throughout the years while each designer will continue to bring their unique style and interpretation to the mix. Here we will show you how to wear and pair some of 2010’s hottest trends in order to keep you looking fresh and chic throughout the year.

1. Prevalent Prints
More is more in 2010. We will be seeing bold, bright prints of different colours and patterns paired together to create that unique edge. In order to avoid the awful flashback of the 60’s go-go dancers and the 90’s “fresh prince” be sure to take extra caution with this trend. Choose graphic prints that complement one another. For example pair prints from the same colour family or balance brights by adding neutrals. Pair prints of similar emotional value and opt for quieter patterns and colours for a more sophisticated look (shopbop.com). Stripes, polka dots and florals are some of the most common combinations for spring but for those who are fearless fashion leaders try tribal and geometric designs.
Celebrity icon often seen in this style is Whitney Port.

2. Elegantly Exposed
What was once considered provocative and daring is now fashionable and chic. Exposed lingerie has hit the runways for the 2010 seasons. Drawing inspiration from the Victorian era with delicate fabrics, lace, and corsets this peek-a-boo style of the 80’s has been revamped to define the ultra feminine look of the year. The best way to wear this trend is with a sense of elegance. It may be the lace back showing on a lower cut dress, or a solid bra under a chiffon shirt. It is important to keep this look understated not overexposed. The idea is to create the look of confidence and strong femininity (Vogue).
Celebrity icon often seen in this style is Sarah Jessica Parker.

3. Minimal, Masculine, Modern
This mature style of plain neutrals, clean lines, and architectural silhouettes was brought to New York’s runway by some of the most well-defined, classic designers including Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, and Rag and Bone (Style.com). This look resembles the men’s suiting of the 90’s yet is now more refined to incorporate both masculine and feminine features. With this trend minimal is key. Limit accessories; keep hair simple and makeup basic. This style is uncomplicated and perfect for those who are not fussy but want the current fashion (Flare).
Celebrity icon often seen in this style is Gwyneth Paltrow.

4. The Denim Shirt
For those that desire the effortless, bohemian style your go to item this upcoming season will be the denim collared shirt (Flare). From country cowboy to city chic the return of the denim shirt will become a staple of 2010’s spring/summer season. It is best accompanied by girlie equivalents of pearls, soft pastel colours, florals, dresses or fitted bottoms (Club Monaco).
Celebrity icon often seen in this style is Mary-Kate Olsen.

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