Monday, February 08, 2010

Fake It 'Til You Make It

How to dress for the job you want, not the job you have

Let’s face it, work apparel can sometimes feel like a uniform. Many women in today’s workforce are sporting the same, standard outfit Monday to Friday with little to no thought put into it. However, for someone who strives to climb the corporate ladder, this is a major faux pas! It should be no surprise that, when you dress like a pro, it conveys that confident, professional image that the boss is looking for when searching for a candidate to fill the posh position that just opened up. The following are our tips for dressing the part...

Look Up, Get Ahead
When striving to dress for your dream job, look to the ones who hold those positions and take notes ladies! They all started somewhere and definitely know a thing or two about dressing to impress. Look for features like cuts and lines and where they hit the body. Take notice of the hems of their skirts and the height of their heels and ask yourself how you can translate this into your personal style. Look at the type of fabrics and colours that the higher ups are sporting as well and see where it fits into your own wardrobe. Make observations like are they wearing separates, suits, cardigans, dresses or skirts? You also have to pay attention to the details. Little things like jewellery and accessories make a big difference in a professional wardrobe and it is important not to overdo it. A simple thing like grooming habits can also be a factor. In terms of makeup, go with the old saying “less is more”. Blue eyeshadow may look hot at the club but, in the office, not so much. A new, sophisticated hairstyle could be all you need to become the more professional version of yourself. But remember, the idea is not to dress for work as if you are dressing for a costume party, but rather to look at these achieved women and strive to put together a similar professional image that still reads “you”.

Be Classy, Not Flashy
When attempting to become your new, professional self, it is important to keep consistency in mind. You do not want your boss and fellow employees suddenly wondering where your newfound fortune came from. Your best bet is to put your money into some key investment pieces that can work together and as separates. When searching out these new, sophisticated items, it is wise to go with basic colours in classic cuts. Jumping on trends is fine in moderation, but you should not base your work wardrobe on trends because they will not last. If you buy a few fun garments here and there to spice your basic suits and pencil skirts, you are on your way. By doing so, you can make your professional wardrobe last throughout the seasons and, when you get that big promotion, it will pay for itself!

Look Professional, Feel Confident
Everyone knows that, when you feel good about yourself, the confidence just naturally comes pouring out. Once you have taken notes from the ladies at the top you will be feeling like a million bucks (and hopefully making that soon too!) and your superiors will most definitely be taking notice. This new spring in your step can affect all aspects of your work performance. It may give you the confidence to bring up that new, brilliant idea you have been toying with or to approach your boss about that promotion that you know you deserve. You will be remembered for being the assertive go-getter who takes her job seriously and does not just consider her position a temporary nine to five. Upper management will love the effort you are putting in and inevitably take you more seriously and all there is left to go is up!

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