Monday, February 08, 2010

Extreme Minimalist

Put the spring back into your step— with less fashion pain for more fashion gain.

Fashionista’s do not fear, although we will continue to remain gaga for Gaga and her severe style spasms this spring will turn over a fresh new leaf of trends. Minimalism is back and rocking the runways in a big way. The issue of “dull and dreary” is finally laid to rest as an ongoing fashion query by proving us wrong with delicate yet dramatically delicious silhouettes. Make sure to push all excessively over the top outfits to the back of your closet as you’ll need room for a new collection of straightforward staples to take you through the spring. After all, having rung in a new decade why not start with a spotless slate?

Although we may be hesitant to admit, any true style savvy seeker looks to at least one reliable fashion muse. This spring put your faith (and your Visa--gulp) in the hands of designers such as Celine, Chloe, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein or Donna Karan and they will be sure not to disappoint. For those having frightful flashbacks of the minimal and unfortunately masculine look that lurked during the 90’s do not let them scar your spring. This time round will be a sexy, yet classy take on minimalism. Think clean lines amongst curious cut-outs, and subtle draping, all presented in an array of pretty pastels.

Burdened by a budget? Don’t let this bring you down; after all the true talent of a trend setter is the ability to make a weary bank balance seem like a million bucks. As much as we would all love to depend on the true divine designers responsible for this minimalist daze we are still among our trusty (and affordable) mundane stores. Zara is bound to offer you the perfect casual trouser followed by Club Monaco with their highly reliable straightforward separates, and finally diverting off to Holt Renfrew for a slight splurge on the must-have slinky yet structured Calvin Klein boyfriend blazer. Chances are this plan will be crushed all too soon by a sudden grasp of reality causing you to cross the street to that frequented H&M in search of something similar. Despite the prognosis of your bank account the beauty of going minimal this spring is that it is achievable by all; which is almost as refreshing as the trend itself. So, take a big sigh of relief and indulge in all that this season has to offer as your wardrobe and you for that matter, are in need of some well deserved spring renewal.

For those still not sold on the fresh idea of a naturally effortless wardrobe as opposed to over the top trend screaming garments consider this a challenge for you to evolve and truly adopt the theory of less being more. If need be take baby steps, remembering that you can always turn to accessories for quick colourful fixes if suffering from attention seeking withdrawal due to evolving into a new tasteful, yet stylish minimalist. Once you get the spring back into your step it is smooth sailing onwards among topes, pale shades of blush and soft neutral hues.

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