Monday, February 08, 2010

Big Shoulders


Big shoulders were extremely popular in the 80s, and now they’re back; still making you look chic, sexy and tough. It’s a spicy combination! Here you will learn about how to easily handle the big shoulders trend. Bubbles, ruffles, epaulettes – you choose how to spice up them big shoulders this summer! This trend will make you the one in control. It’s time to show the world that you are the leader!

Power Dressing: The 80s
In the 80s, the role of women in the workplace increased tremendously. Their status raised and they now had more power and control. This of course affected women’s fashion and resulted in a new look: masculine blazers with oversized shoulders. Just wearing such a blazer made a woman look and feel fierce. Shoulder pads became an irreplaceable and a must-have part of women’s wear. This look was also widely spread among artists who combined it with big hair and heavy makeup to create this strong, rebellious in a way, image.

Big Shoulders’ Comeback
Big shoulders stayed in style until mid-90s. However, after that they became reduced to smaller and smaller shoulder lines. The trend to shrinking the shoulders in the last years resulted in the ridiculously tight-fitting jackets. I even remember myself a few years ago looking for a professional blazer and finding nothing but shoulder-padless jackets! But as it always happens, fashion has made its comeback! Big shoulders are in again and we see them everywhere! Especially on celebrities. Beyonce has embraced the whole Viking-diva image. Her latest tour I Am...Sasha Fierce outfits were all about showing the woman’s power by emphasizing her shoulders. Rihanna’s on it as well. She’s been numerously seen wearing blazers and jumpsuits with oversized shoulders. Anne Hathaway has even pulled it off with a dress which looked quite chic.
The point is: the 80s look is back and improved. Big shoulders are hotter than they’ve ever been!

Bubble Sleeves For A Bubbly Personality!
Here is one version of the big shoulders: round puffy sleeves which look like bubbles. They are great on tops, blouses and dresses. You can wear your puffy-sleeve top with anything you want: a skirt, jeans, or formal pants. Rihanna smartly combined her puff-sleeved purple top with a pink bubble skirt, and looked absolutely phenomenal in that outfit! What’s great about this kind of shoulders is that they may look formal and playful at the same time! Perfect for a formal dinner, a date, or a girls night out!

Romantic Ruched Shoulders
Ruched sleeves are cute and girly. They are made by ruffling the fabric and result in a “princess” look. Ruched sleeves work great for women with all body types, because the volume of the sleeves instantly makes the waist look smaller and balances out the hips. Very flattering! Ruched shoulders are especially nice on cardigans with mid-length sleeves or dress shirts that could be worn to work.

Epaulettes for Miss Tough
Epaulettes are ornamental shoulder pieces which show the rank in armed forces. They are also part of fashion! You can see them on blazers and jackets. These shoulder pieces look especially hot on leather jackets. And they sure do show your rank, Miss Tough! If you’re wearing an epaulette jacket, remember to keep it simple: epaulettes speak loudly for themselves. They are big and shiny enough to get all the attention, so there’s no need for heavy jewellery. Enjoy, officer!:)

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