Monday, February 15, 2010

Beautiful Disaster

Here’s a tragic tale for you. Please brace yourself. I always knew it was coming; it was my inevitable departure from early twenties to mid twenties. My 25th birthday was quite major for me; it was a realization that sparked both interest and fear. I knew I couldn’t fight it so I willing accepted it with grace. My fears and reservations turned to delight once the presents began rolling in. My biggest surprise came later that night when my friend unknowingly surprised me with the biggest shocker ever. A shoe-sized box was sitting pretty on his coffee table as I walked into the condo. Eager to open it up but still keeping my cool I casually walked over to table and tore through the box. I mean the shoebox was a dead giveaway and all but it wasn’t the Aldo pump I was expecting. It felt like I was in a dream, all I saw written across the velvet bag was Christian Louboutin. You know that feeling you get as you’re on the roller coaster about to go over the big hill. Well that was I times ten over. I was that kid in the candy store. It was love at first sight. I slipped my foot directly into my very first pair of designer shoes. It was all that I thought it would be.
The following weekend was party night; I choose a sleek all black outfit to highlight my new black Louboutin booties with of course the signature red sole, and a red clutch to tie it all together. Not to take anything away from the beautiful evening my boyfriend had planned my shoes were the highlight of my night. He understood just as much as I did.
The night indeed turned out to be beautiful with Kai throwing me a surprise party at one of our favorite restaurants Harlem. After many laughs and many Sicilian kisses I was ready to go, as were my feet. New real leather feels so good, but is extremely tight so my feet had had enough. As I walked back to the car I put on my last strut for the evening, which proved to be worth it, because I was asked where I got my shoes. I gladly responded, its not where I got them, it’s whom they are. Christian Louboutin for my 25th thank you. I turned around, smiled and got into the car. Just as quickly and eagerly as I wanted to put them on, I wanted to take them off even faster.
Instantly my feet felt better however my eyes began to tear up and shake as I noticed the scuffed bottoms. No longer was it a smooth red sole, but an abstract variation of red and gray. The concrete had ruined my shoes! In my despair and sadness I thought of ways I could repair my shoes, and shockingly there was no way to repair them because Christian Louboutins are hand painted with a specific type of red paint. Upset and frustrated at the lack of direction when it came to these shoes I promised myself I will save what little sole is left by never wearing them outside again. I also promised myself that I will spread the word to any guy or girl interested in buying or currently have Christian Louboutins, please, please, please wear them on carpeted surfaces only. Suck up your pride and wear another pair of shoes outside, and change into those red soles when you get inside. The strut down Yonge Street isn’t worth it; I only hope to save you from this traumatic situation.

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