Monday, February 08, 2010

Heaven Scent

A guide to all the top perfume scents for the new season.

As we go into a new decade, many young professionals heading out into the work force are interested in finding their signature scent that will be both memorable and reflective of who they are and what they want to be.
Flower Power
Floral fragrances are young and fresh and the ultimate in feminine fun. Women who enjoy flowery notes are more in touch with nature and demonstrate a very carefree and joyful attitude. Try Lola by Marc Jacobs ($85). This perfume has notes of rose, fuchsia peony, and geranium, which travel from day to night and are trapped inside an adorable flower bottle for a little extra charm.
Sweet Surrender
Women who enjoy smelling sweet like candy are fun and youthful and enjoy spending their time remembering their youth. These women attract men like a bee to honey (or a cupcake!) and enjoy being a girl. Try Aquolina’s Pink Sugar ($59). This perfume smells like vanilla and caramel with notes of raspberry, licorice, strawberry, and cotton candy. The playful bottle is decorated with pink ribbon just waiting for you to unwrap it and spray yourself with glee.
Modern Mystic
Today’s modern woman is full of layers and dimensions. She is hardworking and determined, yet sassy and full of life. She needs an equally multifaceted perfume that will take her from day to night and last in between. Try Dior’s Hypnotic Poison ($68). This perfume, like its wearer, is full of contrasting notes that entice anyone to learn more. Smells such as bitter almond, caraway spice, cinnamon, vanilla, and musk all blend together in this beautiful perfume that bewitch the minds and the noses of everyone around. The opaque red bottle is sleek and sexy while still being minimal and instead letting the scent do the talking.
Classic Cinderella
The process of getting ready to go out can be quite an exciting and fun way for today’s woman to spend her time. She loves to pick an outfit and make sure that the end look is put together in such a way that will make heads turn. She is confident in who she is and what she wants and needs an equally strong perfume to stand up along side all her charisma. Try Stella by Stella McCartney ($98). This beautiful perfume encapsulates all the smells that a woman wants when she is the princess for the night. This perfume includes notes of rose, amber, and mandarin which combined a equally feminine and elusive. This perfume’s notes, found in a deep purple crystal-like bottle, continue to change throughout the day, emphasizing different parts and encouraging everyone to take a large deep breath in and enjoy the ride.

Health Hipster
Many women today are concerned with their health and wellbeing and are looking for a subtle perfume that will remind them of fresh breezes and the sweet smell of grass and rain. These girls are not looking for any type of smell that seems too manufactured or artificial. They want to be natural. Try Be Delicious by DKNY ($70). This perfume has a refreshing and unique scent that will perfectly complement the wearer. It includes notes of apple, cucumber, grapefruit, rose and violet and held in a apple-shaped bottle for the ultimate in fresh style.

Whatever your ultimate style is, make sure you have the matching smell to go with it.


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