Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What`s in Your Purse?

The Little & Big Wonders That Should and Always Be In Your Bag

We’re on the move; always in a rush. Go to school, go to work, go out with friends; only come home to sleep and shower. So what things will you survive with for all of your outings and adventures? Every girls different but these are the basics of surviving a life with eight a.m to four p.m classes and work from five to ten. Here are a few things that a busy girl should always lug around with her no matter what.

Gum & Good Ol’ H2O. For those times when you work a long shift and have a date right after. This is for those times when you’re dying from dehydration because work won’t let you take a break. These are the only things that’ll keep you full when you’re starving of thirst and hunger. Unfortunately, it’s crazy how girls can haul around 2 litre bottles of water in their bags.

Lip gloss, Lipstick, or Vaseline. For those times when you don’t put anything on your face because you’re running late for class. This is for those times when your lips look chapped and brittle. This is for not being the girl with the dry lips. The Vaseline is good for removing makeup after looking like a raccoon and not being told for after a couple of hours.

Bobby pins, safety pin & a tweezer. For those times when you have a bad hair day and are constantly being looked at for what you don’t exactly know. This is for those times when you spill coffee on your shirt and try to hide the stains. This is for being the one who can fix your broken bracelet, even when you’re not a jewellery technician.

Deodorant, mist, body spray or perfume. For those times when you are on public transit and the person beside you smells viciously potent to what you cannot pin-point exactly what can smell like that. This is for those times when you’ve worked nine hours straight and have yet to take a break after sweating bullets from running around all day. This is for not being one of “those” people on public transit.

$$$, Plastic Cards, & a Phone. These essential things anyone nowadays cannot leave the house without. Maybe sometimes forgotten but who can honestly survive without one of these necessities? How are you going to eat? How are you going to pay for books? How are you going to meet up with your friends? How are you going to BBM?!

These items are pretty much what you’d find in many girls bags and purses. Now guys stop asking why we carry large bags. Not only does it hold our essentials but it can also be a weapon of mass destruction. Who said girls need to carry around pepper spray for protection?

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Janet said...

Very light and fun! It held my attention to the very end and it also hit super close to home! Very easy to relate to and simple. I'd say well done!