Thursday, October 08, 2009

Walk that Shame Girl!

It’s the morning after a fabulous night of Toronto clubbing and you’ve awoken in the arms of the last night’s prizewinner. As you lie in bed reminiscing about the amazing time you had, a million thoughts run through your head.

Where am I? What time is it? Where is my cell phone? What was his name? He looks so good when he’s sleeping! --- And suddenly it hits you! Your doomed to walk the infamous ‘walk of shame’!

As most of us have experienced, the walk home in last night’s sequins and smeared make-up can be most embarrassing (especially if that morning happens to be a busy weekday!). It’s not hard to stick out like a sore thumb in your high heels and short skirt when you’re stuck in an elevator full of businessmen in their suits. So how do you avoid this shame?

The answer to looking your hangover best is the motto “be prepared”. Who knew something that was instilled on you since your Brownie Girl Guide days would come in handy during your nightclub era? Before the drinks are even poured, make sure your clutch is packed with a few survival essentials.

You won’t want to layer up when the majority of your night will be spent on a sweaty dance floor, but bare legs in the morning during the middle of winter is plain ridiculous! You’re going to need to stuff this seasons brilliant thick, knit pantyhose into your clutch. These tights will draw attention away from your high heels and keep you warm during the walk home.

You’re going to need to grab some extra bobby pins. Luckily messy hair is in style so no brushing is necessary. All you have to do is smooth away any fly-a-ways and braid your bangs to the side with a pin.

For make-up you will only need 3 things: lip balm for those chapped lips to look fresh and plump again, eyeliner to replace what ever got smeared off, and concealer to camouflage your red alcohol induced cheeks. You don’t need to over do it and you skin will appreciate the light make up compared to last nights extravagance.

What about that shinny sequin dress that looked splendid on you late last night but now seems ominous and silly to wear in broad daylight? Not to fear! That handsome man sleeping beside you is bound to own an over-sized wool sweater or dress shirt that you can slip into. Add a belt to snitch in your waist (either from his closet or maybe from your outfit last night) and your look is complete!

Now you can work that ‘walk of shame’ with your head held high! Foreign stares from strangers will no longer be looks of disapproval. Instead they might wonder, “Where did she get that great outfit?” Most importantly, if you enjoyed the alluring company of a certain significant other, don’t forget to leave your number on the bedside table!

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